The Devastator Rock Crawler is the most popular RC Truck under $100.

This is a 124 scale, rc crawler, so crawler means it can go over, rocks anything it can climb over everything but here’s. The cool thing i want to show you about it. I’Ve got it in a type of four wheel: drive now that’s gon na. Allow me to i’ve just gone up the […]

Hot Toys Spider-Man Far From Home Mysterio's Drones Unboxing & Review

Now are we? What we have in front of us right here is the three pack of mysterio’s drones from spider man far from home. Now i personally kind of have an issue with hot toys, calling this mysterious drones weren’t, they stark tech that’s. What i remember from the film at least nevertheless we’ll […]

The DJI FPV Drone For Beginners | The Review

This is a pretty damn popular product inside the box. You have the dji fpv drone, the goggles v2 remote controller 2 ac power, cable and intelligent flight battery headbands for the goggles control sticks, goggles, power, cable, propellers, a goggles battery ac power, adapter, a usb data cable, a top shell, four goggles antennas, […]

DJI FPV Drone Best Camera Settings for Cinematic Footage – Part 1

Well, this is the ultimate camera settings guide to the dji fpv drone in this video i’m, going to show you what all those settings mean in your goggles how to make them work for you, so you get the best footage. Now, let me tell you this right off the top. I love this […]


Now, if you don’t know what fpv drones are fpv drones are not like your regular drone, so fpv drones are more crazier than your regular drone, with regular drones, like the ones that they released before they have sensors and propellers, and everything so regular. Drones are a lot easier to fly, but with […]


To mitigate these threat, Lockheed Martin has come up with an armed drone named MORFIUS MORFIUS is capable of blasting enemy drones out of the sky, with a High Powered Microwave HPM. Lockheed Martin presented the system as part of the AUSAs Global Force. Next conference. MORFIUS is a reusable drone that and can fit […]

I review LIVE your #DJI #drone footage

So, first and foremost welcome everyone to tonight’s live stream, where we are going to look at footage from you guys and anybody who does come on if i can just check this and make sure that it is public. Yes, it is. That will mean that we should be able to see comments as […]

2021 Brand New ❤💯 Xiaomi Fimi x8 Mini drone 4k Ultra HD Video Review + Specifications + First Flight

Let me tell you some more information about our dream. I Were You can use the city of cameras, mini XP, mini hack, APK, amin, strange ATV, prius, michalak, Gumball food Cake and exterior three minutes with time you hungca claim of life. Gps, Global Seed torrent, Altis faces apk, lament messenge annually of bread, […]

CSF100 Drone True Review

It makes aerial photography, not a dream. Together with high tech, sensors 4 000 watts ultra clear camera. It makes every photo a highlight Music with self stabilized 3 axis mechanical pen tilt. It is easy to shoot aerial film, with this machine being collectible and portable novice can easily control it. Music, its intelligent […]

DJI FPV | A Mavic Pilots Review

There’S, this Music, well ben there’s this. This is your fpv flying mad, doing acrobats, spins, whoopty, whoops and all that kind of thing, and for some that’s a lot of fun and believe me, it is fun, but in recent years, it’s almost like the sort of camera drone stuff got together with the […]

What Happens After You Crash Your Drone into Water? | DJI Care Flyaway REVIEW

We had a flyaway case up in here my drone jumped into the waters and would not return. Unfortunately, i couldn’t recover Music. It so i’ll tell you about my process on getting this replaced, but also show you what you get with commercial packaging because you get commercial packaging. You don’t get the you […]

DJI FPV RACE DRONE first flight filming sports – Court In The Act #VLOG 159

The last 10 days have been confined in the house. Doing not much. To be honest, the last 10 days of rest has been a godsend. Let the body heal up in quarantine and i’m still recovering from my elbow injury that i got at the end of the last trip. But today is a […]