Review Klub Bunga Boutique Resort Pasca Pandemi Covid 19 Drone Dji Spark

Oh, i can feel it, but i Music, deep Music, uh, Music, Music, foreign Music Applause. Is god, Music to say: Music, oh Music, okay, Music! Oh Music, uh, Music, uh, Music, uh, Music, there’s a place Music sick of waiting on Music i’m sick of waiting without you, Music, oh Music, am Music. I […]

If your drone ever catches a RADIOACTIVE CLOWN run away fast! (caught at abandoned power plant)

What even is this: where are we right now? Where did everyone go? Dude he’s like this is all banished. They took these humans and they kidnapped them and they put them on the ground. Dude that’s freaking, chucky yo, get away from him, get away from him, go back to drone yo. He almost […]

Jailbreak Drone Review| Roblox

Now this is the one in two of the vehicles of the one million dollar vehicles that i have uh. The drone is the other one. I have actually sorry, not the drone, the the vault pike that’s, another one i have, and i do have to say the drone is one of my favorite […]

Mavic Mini Drone Review #mavic #mini #drone #dji #mavicmini #review #djimavicmini

Now i just want to let everyone know. I am not being paid to promote uh this product and i do not have any affiliation with dgi uh i’m.

SG 906 pro2 drone (review)

If you purchase it and we’re going to be discussing whether it’s worth the money so make sure to watch the entire video until the end and anyways let’s get into it, alright, so not to state the obvious, but it is obviously a gps drone. But this one has a three axis gimbal, which […]

Snaptain SP650 Drone review – BEST BEGINNER DRONE

It has gestures for photon video, one key return, one key take off and landing and you can perform 360 degrees flips with it right. So let’s take a look inside it Music. All right, so we’ve got the instruction manuals. The packing list will tell you what everything inside it is some bits of […]

INSTA360 ONE R Review // Cinematic FPV Drone Footage

Let me explain so insta360 sent me this camera to test how it performs on a fpv drone, and you know what i did. I crashed it on my first flight and scratched the one inch mod lens. So this is the reason why you’ll see a blurry spot in a few shots depending on […]

Unboxing Review de mi Drone

Lo vamos a hacer el boxing y retiro de misin mi primer, grado Msica bueno vamos, a abrir y que ms y que ms que abrir como confiable lpice, o s; Msica no inventes el manual, pero viene, pura, tontera japonesa, as que viene, 5 como, siempre, Msica Aplausos. Ah Aplausos control, Aplausos Msica de […]

GunVsGun! TERRASCOUT Nerf DRONE Review & Battle Demo in 4K!

This thing features a rechargeable battery from what i see is this a first for nerf. This is amazing. They’Ve never actually figured this out and they’re, including rechargeable batteries with their products like that. Would be amazing, wait! No! No! The actual chair scout. The drone has a rechargeable battery, but the remote that […]

Review Eachine Ex4 Rc Quadcopter 5g Wifi 3km 1km Fpv Gps Drone Profesional With 4k Hd Camera 3-Axis

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Review 5g Gps Sg907 Drone 4k Professional Drones With Gps And Camera Wifi Fpv Smart Follow Me Wide

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Sharper Image Glow Stunt Drone Review

Glow stun drone look at this there we go now it’s very stable. Look at this thing here. It comes you don’t move. Oh, my look at that i’m saying ufo: do you see how stable, yes, that’s amazing? Look at that holy cow yeah what’d, you think of that this thing glow stunt drone […]