Many were very excited for the future. Just seeing familiar faces again in person was exciting for many Music. At the same time, some were still fearful and would proceed with extreme caution as well. Is change always a result of external factors that are out of your control, or can you shape the path of your future to create that change, not knowing what the day will be? Like is a constant theme for me. Each year it seems, and 2021 was no different. One thing that has been familiar in recent years has been the wild animals that i encounter, regardless of what has been happening around the world. These little guys have been consistently a delight to be around as evident this year. Their frequent encounters with them has created a level of trust that one would normally only expect from other people. Ive always been warned to stay away from wild animals when a parent is around their baby, as they simply wont, trust anyone as they arent smart enough to discern the difference between good and bad people, but what, if they actually embrace your presence thats? What happened this year, various animals that recognized me have now started families with that they were delighted whenever they saw me around a familiar woodpecker carrying birds offspring with me being right. Next to it, is there a way to explain how special this feels Music? How about the geese that has a reputation of being aggressive towards everyone, but for myself they always treated me how i treated them by taking the time to understand how they view the world it made communicating fairly natural.

It was perfectly normal for me to hang around their family as they welcomed it during rough weather times, they seem to have welcomed. My presence. Ive often heard the term bird brain as a way to imply that all birds are dumb. That doesnt seem to be the case from what ive experienced, how about meeting the raccoons this year. I may not be able to speak their language, but communication doesnt always need to be with words, regardless of what others may say. If you genuinely take the time to learn about others, you may learn new things that give you a completely different perspective in life Music each year. I attempt to learn new things that i didnt know before, but it seems that for some people they want to remain the same while making things worse. Music, there was a massive increase in reported crimes towards people of asian descent. Last year alone, anti asian crime rose by 717 in vancouver, i repeat, 717 alone. In one year i often express how i feel that the mass majority of people are good. However, for my observation, most people will simply do nothing when they see that something is wrong. The best example this year was reading a story on how an elderly asian woman was attacked as a doorman in a building simply watched and closed the door on her. These issues generated a protest that was being labeled as stopped asian hate to think we still live in a time where people feel that the color of your skin automatically makes you a friend or foe to them.

I even had a family member that got attacked this year in broad daylight, okay. I cant believe what i read last night with all these stories of these asian hate crimes and stuff, like that people wondering if its a thing i learned, apparently one of my family member, was actually attacked by someone just around the area. It was basically unprovoked again. It seemed like the person was just going up to people, and in this case they got smashed with a weapon and they had to go to the hospital and everything like that. What the heck is this something that will ever change it makes me think without saying about a bird brain again, considering this year showed me that birds are smart enough to be able to judge a person like myself, not by my ethnicity, but rather my actions. Does this mean people who insist in being racist are dumber than a bird? Is it too hard just to treat each other with respect? Even the animals know how to quote get along with other people, Music, its easy to just say: everyone else is crazy or selfish. Right but as i go through life, i often look for new perspectives. This year there were a lot of protests. This must be mass protests in vancouver day as all different subjects. My knowledge, everything from the environment, to discovering the horrific past of children being buried at residential schools. As i explored these protests, one common theme is how people felt there wasnt enough work being done for their cause.

Could it be that there are just so many issues in the world where everyone is left to fend for themselves to try and create that change? People even invited me this year to get a first hand look into why they do what they do come on in check out our application. Are these signs all made by you guys here, yeah weve, streamed, silk screen screen printed, all these signs? Okay! So at this point we feel that we dont have a choice. If we let this go for seven to nine years and we reach irreversible tipping point. You know we dont have a choice. We have to act now. Many people were even willing to be arrested just to try and force that change to happen. But can you ever truly change issues that seem bigger than one person could ever do on their own? Should you just sit back and wait even when it came to the animals, i saw them fighting with each other at times as they felt the need to in order to survive in the world. Oddly enough, there were even times where animals would simply watch each other fight versus getting involved. So maybe this is a universal behavior to avoid the problems of others, but while groups of the same kind are fighting amongst themselves, even i noticed in nature that there is always someone in the background who was a real threat to them, Music. That was actually a test for me this year, as i went about with my day, life took a twist as a large music company in india decided to harass me.

This is literally a giant corporation known as t series. It just says here on the wikipedia in terms of how the company was founded and stuff. It says t series was founded on 11th july 1983 by gulshan kumar at the time, a fruit juice seller in dera, gange, neighborhood of delhi. The company initially sold pirated bollywood songs prior to releasing original music. As it turned out, it appeared that their company claimed copyright for some music that they did not own but believed they did. I just happened to be the person who uncovered this instead of graciously investigating this. On their end, they decided to issue legal takedown notices on my videos, regardless that i was 100 percent in the right. Was this simply a case of a juggernaut feeling they can do as they please, as realistically, a smaller person like myself would be crushed financially. If i dared to challenge them, surely i should just leave it and hope things work out in my favor correct, sometimes in life you need to take a stand and be that change which is needed. Imagine all the people they have potentially bullied in the same way. What does it take for someone to do? Something call me crazy, but i decided to fight back. I initiated a legal response process, which meant i was opening myself up to go through the daunting legal system to prove that i was in the right. The ball was now in their court as it turned out they backed off and i won so ultimately today i got the result and yeah.

I guess i defeated t series david versus goliath. I guess so they actually released the claim and all that. Well, they didnt release the claim, i guess youtube decided well like they didnt act on to it. So yeah theyre reinstating the video and stuff like that and theyre removing all the strikes and whatever. So maybe sometimes you need to fight the good fight where no one else can help you, but yourself, Music. One thing that was definitely a change. This year was the adventure i went on that came out of nowhere. I was asked if i would be open to traveling to an area called barkerville to help film a show about a bunch of people trying to find gold. Very little of they say that only ten percent of the gold in the world comes to you as a nugget. Now you see that isnt that impressive, that is impressive, yeah, not as impressive as this one. So here we go, have a look at that and, while youre passing that one i agreed – and it was definitely an experience. Oh this is fun utilizing my skills, such as filming with a drone. I was able to help capture unique perspectives to help them tell their story more effectively, so we got some great drone footage. It almost didnt even feel like work since i enjoyed it so much and all my days of practice made everything feel natural. It was a change going to an area that literally feels like the middle of nowhere compared to a busy city.

My gosh, the internet, was so slow over there. They even got me to use a firearm for experience sake. I like that one thats, a good guy. Oh no alans coming up next, what the yeah you are try without one i felt calm. I felt comfortable being american come on. We will take over here. What in the world did i get myself into? I did not sign up for this. I didnt expect that i could have said no, but sometimes you need to experience different things in life. There. You go video games there, you go. You need better. Writing push it against your shoulder. Nice, one, nice, one, nice one go again, go ahead! It there. You go push it into your shoulder: thats hanging, fire, atta boy, excellent! I even got to see animals. I dont normally see such as a moose Music. Just visiting the area and learning about his history can put things into perspective as well its easy to say how, with all the things happening in life, it can appear that each year not much has changed. But when you really look back like here that couldnt be further from the truth, Music, perhaps each day, we truly do change and grow a lot. Sometimes we just need a different perspective to see it: Music, Music, Music, Music Applause, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music.