This is a bike that ive definitely been wanting to ride for a long time, because today, im on trumps, most popular selling, retro bike – this is the street twin and its not just any old street twin. This is their special edition, its the gold line. So, stick around stay tuned if youre interested in this bike ill tell you what i think: Music, okay, so the uh trump street twin gold line, special edition, then limited to just a thousand units came out in uh. I think february 2021, something like that. We heard about it so a little bit late to the party. Sorry about that, but uh. I have ridden street twins before so i was in no massive rush to get on the bike, but i do love the looks of this thing. Uh trump have played a blinder here because theyve done it in my favorite black and gold color just take a look at this bike. Okay, so here she is, then, how splendid does this bike? Look in its uh limited edition, uh gold line paintwork? It looks absolutely beautiful, i think, check out the details here. Look on the tank, weve got uh, it says gold line, so we know its got to go on here. Weve got a hand painted coach line that trunk kind of specializes in theres only a few chaps in the factory that do that apparently, and apparently you can contact trump and find out who did it? I think there might even be initials under the seat.

Im, not sure i havent checked yet another gold line around that bit of um lovely brushed aluminium as well. Youve got the old school um logo on here, which i really like um and then down the side panels as well. Youve got another hand painted gold line, hence gold line, and i just think she looks lovely. You got a gold line as well on the on the wheel, rims i mean the skill to do. That is quite something um and uh yeah. I just think she looks absolutely beautiful all right back on the bike, all right, so so much for uh how the bike looks. How does the thing feel from a comfort point of view, thats? The first thing that always uh strikes me when i jump on a new bike to ride is how comfortable is it well, this thing is super comfortable, as you can guess its one of those upright riding positions, classic bonneville its quite low this bike. So my legs, my knees, are fairly sort of acute, maybe a little bit more acute than they are on some of the other bonnevilles, but very comfortable the seat on it, for some reason feels soft and padded somewhat softer than on my speed twin, which is weird You think theyd be the same, but no. This feels nice and soft and theres plenty of room as well to move around im, not uh, a very big person at five for eight, so uh, smaller bikes are no issue for me and this, i suppose youd.

Think of as a smaller bike, but if you are a longer person, you have got some room to move around the seat, so youre all right there. So talking mentioning that low seat eye on here. Here is the seat, of course, and it is a very low. 765 millimeters this one um, nice and padded, as i say, nice and squishy, and this bike actually at 765 millimeter means its one that uh really short people. So somebody strings of mine immediately is mrs fly, shes five foot four and she can get her feet almost flat on the deck on this bike. So uh, that is a is a great thing. There arent that many bikes around that shorter people can actually get their feet. You know properly on the ground. This one is kind of the first really nice retro bike, bigger engine uh that we found that mrs flyer can do that on so uh yeah great low seat height on here, 765 millimeters. Why dont more manufacturers do bikes like that? Handlebars feel exactly like the same as uh on my speed swing particularly wide, not particularly narrow, but uh. You know nice and comfortable. Your arms fall to place where youd expect them to yeah its comfortable place to be naked bike, or so youve got wind blast on you, but the wind that im getting down this road here im doing what 50 miles now is completely smooth. Theres no turbulence on me at all so uh, so thats, absolutely fine.

This is just one of those bikes that brings a grin to your face. I can entirely see already why, as i say, this is trumps. Most popular retro were just riding around the lanes on a sunday afternoon, absolutely perfect loads of grunt on this bike low down as well. I think this is the engine that trump called the high torque one ill double check that but uh its the 900cc. The smaller unit that you get in there in some of the bonnevilles but low down feels really grunty. So here we go yeah no lucky grub there and there we go up to uh silly speeds already, actually so for going around on the back lanes. Ive come back down to more reasonable speeds. There we go thats, better, absolutely fine in terms of the specs. Let me talk you through those okay, so to the specs on this engine, then ive written them down. So i dont make any mistakes and i was right. It is the high torque variant of the bonneville engine thats fitted on here is, of course, a parallel twin and its got that 270 degree firing order. So it sounds absolutely magnificent as well. As i said, 900 cc, the bonneville high torque engine in terms of those specs horsepower wise uh, 64.1 brake horsepower or 65 ps triumph, uh, say and thats at 7500 rpm and it puts out 80 newton meters of torque at 3800 rpm, so uh, nice and low.

Where youre getting that torque and thats, why it feels much more powerful or more sporty than youd think low down. It does run out of puff once you sort of hit 60 miles an hour ish, but you you know, for those riding around the lanes on a lazy sunday afternoon. You really dont need more power than this has got. Okay. What about the brakes and the handling of the suspension that sort of thing on this bike well lets just check nothing behind me front, brake single disc on here, but ample bike there, its not one of those on off ones, either its nice and progressive, so uh Yeah nice feel to that. The bike does, of course, have abs as well as all bikes do these days, you just check behind rear brake, actually rear brake very good, nothing wrong with those, whilst im checking by these mirrors, by the way, although theyre sort of stalky and mickey mouse looking they Work really well theres, no vibrations, ive got good situational awareness behind me. Im not looking at my elbows or shoulders got a great view behind and theyre nice and stable. Well, as i say im, not that keen on the looks of these, maybe i would change them with some bar ends or something just to make them look a bit nicer, but they work fine anyway, back to the handling around these corners, it feels lovely and balanced. I mean its not an expensive bike, so its not got uh super top notch suspension and top notch brakes and all that stuff, but uh.

It feels absolutely fine for the sort of bike that it is its not a high power super naked. Then yeah. The suspension feels fine. Its these roads are pretty bumpy and potholding around here. Its not a tall crash, its a very comfortable ride so talking to the brakes and suspension and the specs again lets hop off the bike. Ill show you them talk you through the specs on those okay. So here are those uh brakes, then, as you can see, its got a four pot brembo caliper on the front and thats on a 310 mil uh floating disc lets, go to the back end down. Here weve got a two five five mil disc and its got a uh two pot, uh nissin caliper on here uh and taking a look at the suspension, its very retro with this dual spring setup: no suspen adjustability much except for uh preload at the bottom of The springs there on the front, its got 41 mil forks. These are non adjustable once again, looking very retro with the gators here, which i think looks good and unusually, these are right way up. Forks arent, they with the you know, youve got the the shiny bit at the top, which is quite unusual these days in the world of upside down forks. But these are conventional forks, as i say, they feel absolutely fine weight wise. The bike comes in at 216 kilograms wet, which is a sort of a middling weight.

I suppose it actually feels a little bit heavier than that when youre moving it around the garage yourself, but when youre riding the bike, because its got a relatively low centre of gravity, it doesnt feel weighted at all. All right back on the bike then lets just try yeah that clutch its lovely to light the clutch on here. The gearbox on here yeah ive been smooth, as indeed all traffic gearboxes. Are these days nothing wrong with that at all used to be a time when you bought a bike and one of the things youd have to test, or certainly i did was what does the gearbox feel like? Are you getting false neutrals? Is it jumping out of gear? Is it hard to find neutral? Well, those things are in the past now, certainly as far as traps are concerned, because the gearbox on here is lovely and the clutches are safe, lovely and light, of course, its a new bike. So youd expect it to be good, but uh yeah. It feels nice and i dont know whether the microphone is picking it up, but just listen to the sound of this engine as well. It just sounds lovely on here standard exhaust on this bike. Its got a lovely low throaty rumble to it all, thats the fun factor of this bike, and i guess thats what this bike is all about. For me, its just one of those grinning juicing machines really easy to ride, not intimidating, because it hasnt got a ridiculous amount of power, but its got loads, as i say, for real world riding on the back lanes, which is where i want to ride the thing That nice, low seat height easy to get your feet on the deck doesnt feel particularly heavy.

Now i like this very, very much and i entirely see why they sell in shed loads. I guess its the sort of bike – thats uh is maybe aimed at people buying their first big bike or maybe commuters new riders. That sort of thing, but i think its uh, maybe doing it a bit of a disservice to think of it like that, because uh, if i didnt, already have a retro bike in terms of my speed to it and my royal enfield interceptor tell you what this Would be top of the list? Listen to this thing, just fantastic and also eminently open to customizing, of course, in the case of the gold line, its sort of customized already in with that lovely paintwork, etc. That i showed you earlier, but if you buy the standard, uh street twin and thats an excellent place to start customizing the boat. Well, what else to say well switch gear, very simple bike on here: it has got right, um, riding modes, its got rain and road mode thats. All you need really the switch gear, nice and simple over on the right hand, side you just got your engine start and kill, switch and the hazard lights and on this side, youve got your indicators. Youve got your riding modes and youve got your little information battle. Button that cycles you through trip counters things like that and the instrumentation itself is in the form of this single dial im, not a massive fan of this actually ive said before.

When i originally wrote the street twin a couple of years ago, when they first came out that i would have rather that was the twin dial set up like youve got on the t 100. I think that just looks nicer, twin dials, always look good on retro style bikes. Having said that, the actual face of it is quite nice, its nice and clear its got everything you need, including im thrilled to say a proper fuel gauge, so thats excellent use. So many modern bikes still dont have fuel gauges. I just dont get what thats all about okay, so just a few more bits about uh this bike that i wanted to tell you um in terms of specs, so the fuel tank capacity on this bike, its uh, 12, liters, uh and uh, believe it or not. Triumph quote a massive 68.9 miles per gallon on this as well, which is incredible so thats going to have an excellent range on this. You can get the bike with the optional heated grips and tire pressure monitoring. This doesnt have that unfortunately, uh on today, itd be quite handy on a day like today, but uh yeah, you can get heated grips. I would recommend them theres that switch gear that we talked about earlier and a closer look as well at that dial should. I turn it on, for you see it sweet go on, then there we go, it does its a its usual thing, talking of accessories on the street twin and the gold line uh, you can actually get something like 120 official trough accessories for this bike.

So you can really make it your own as well Applause. So i know what youre thinking, how much is one of these street twin gold lines? Gon na cost me well, this will cost you 9 000 pounds on the road that compares with 8 400 for the standard street twin. It is, of course euro 5 compliant, and you can get an a2 license kit for it as well. If you need one of those yeah, these roads are really quite bumpy, but its nice soft seat eating up those bumps a tree is a really nice place to be wearing some new kit today by the way. So if you are interested in the kit that you see me wear on this video, the sticker and stay tuned to the very end of the video, i will be bringing you one of my fashion segments and talking you through all the kit that im wearing and Ill put some links below to it as well. If youre interested im one of these people im a bit of a tart, i like to uh, dress an appropriate kit for the bike so uh it is a cold day its about eight degrees. Today, so i mean what i would call a winter retro ensemble today, so ill tell you all about that, after the credits, if youre interested all right so whats. My conclusion, my summary on the street twin gold line, having ridden it for the last uh half an hour or so this is really a first ride review.

Well, as youve gathered, i like it a lot its a lovely little bike. I say little bike. It is, of course, 900cc its not little is it its got, plenty go loads of grunt, it sounds fantastic. It looks great with that paint. Job very, very comfortable place to sit, sounds lovely other than the slightly stalky mirrors theres, nothing. That strikes me as being unpleasant on this bike. It really does tick all the boxes for me and, if youre in the market, for your first big bike or a retro, a second bike, maybe to supplement your sports bike or your adventure bike, do give this a look, not hugely expensive and a really really nice Bike, i cant really think of any other retros, maybe with the exception of the ducati scrambler, that sort of fits in this category. I suppose you could argue the royal enfield interceptor, but this is a much more refined ride than that. The interceptor feels a bit more old school. This is a much more modern feeling, bike, lovely and smooth this engine as well. You never well, you would know its a twin because of the sound but theres. None of that thumpiness that youd expect you should certainly get more of on the on the interceptor, slightly different ride to that yeah overall, very nice. So i must say thank you very much indeed to trot uk as usual for lending me. The bike for this review hope you enjoyed it if youve got one of these, if youve been riding a speed twin for a while, stick your comments below on anything youve learned because of uh help to other viewers, other people looking at these bikes anything you think Ive missed, or particularly, if theres anything you dont like about the street twin.

What is that? Because i really cant find anything i think its a great little bike, all right, thats it for now look forward to speak to you next time. Until then, this has been the mr fly cheerio as soon as i stopped the camera rolling. I remembered another bike that, of course, is in this category a definite competitor for this, and that is the new kawasaki z650, of course, which also is a beautiful looking bike in that green and gold looks really really nice. I cant really comment how that compares to this because uh i havent ridden that one yet but uh. Hopefully i will do in time, but yeah thats uh, another bike. That, of course, is a competitor in this segment. So just thought id have that in all right. Over to the uh, the fashion segment that i uh promised you, okay, thank you for sticking around to the bitter end of the video and for another now infamous tmf fashion segment. Ive got some new kit, as i mentioned in the video, and i thought id talk. You through what they are, so let me just give you a little look at the whole ensemble to start with. As i said, this is my sort of retro winter ensemble, pretty snappy. I think youll agree lets start off then, with these gloves. These are from segura and ill. Just look at the details of them right. I forgot what theyre called these are called the sultan glove theyre ce level.

One approved theyre made of goat skin theyre, waterproof theyre, very comfortable dont need any breaking in theyve, got little um touchscreen bits on them as well, which are fantastic for using your phone and what have you? I just find theyre, nice and tactile. I can use my camera with them: okay, easy to fill controls really nice retro gloves. As i say quite new to me, these will cost you 84 pounds. 99 from sports bike shop ill, stick a link below if youre interested in a pair of the sultan gloves. Okay, next up is my jacket. This is also from french from segura. This is called their leone jacket, its 349 pounds 99. It is waterproof its a lovely piece of kit, as you can see, its lovely and comfortable uh loads of pockets on it, um its um c e, a a rated and, as you probably know that there are three levels of aa rating, a a a a a A triple a is the top spec and thats whats referred to often as the sort of racing spec. A a is kind of for touring and a is sort of urban. Normally youd expect this sort of jacket to be in the urban rating, but this one actually beats that, as i say, with the double a rating so uh its nice and you know in terms of um, not only comfort, is it good, but also protection, which is Obviously, something very important – and i think it looks really good – as i say, 349 pounds 99 from sportsbook shop once again ill.

Stick a link below to this one right, moving down the ensemble in and talking about, uh a ratings. My jeans here they are ive, seen these before these have some jeans that ive had for about six months now. These are kind of my go to everyday jeans, theyre, actually from a company called pmj, theyre italian, and these are called their d jeans d e. U x, as in the number two in french um, they are super comfortable, so i wear them on and off the bike now um and they they are actually triple a rated. So these are better than the sort of leathers that you get to go on a racetrack with, so they are quite expensive but theyre, a lovely, looking, lovely, fitting, comfortable and safe jean. Let me just check the price for you. 206.98. I know it sounds a lot of money for jeans but, as i say, they are very protective. Compare that to how much a pair of leather race jeans would cost you, and these just you know, work with this kind of urban style talking to which moving down lets go to the boots. Again, ive been wearing these now for about six months. These are from falco and uh. These boots actually ive forgotten. The name of, let me look that up as well. Actually i havent got a note. The name ill stick the name of the boots on the screen now, but these again, nice and protected got all the right labels inside them, theyre great for day to day, wear as well as on motorcycle wear.

I just think theyre a cool looking boot and they go well with this jacket now once again, ill: stick a link below and uh just for full disclosure, the links below for a sports bike shop or called affiliate link. So if you click on those and buy something youll end up benefiting the channel ill, get a little bit of a kickback, but no extra cost to you, and i would say that i find sports bike shop, their service, their delivery. Their pricing is all excellent. They dont pay me to say that sort of stuff. In fact, i have no contact with sports bike shop whatsoever, but um they. I just think they are an excellent supplier, so do go and check those out. If not, if you want to find out other local surprises, if you want to go and try things on, do check out the biker heads website, sponsors of the channel go to and you can find your local dealer for all the kit that im wearing today. Last but not least, of course, there are two items that im wearing that. I must show you difficult to show you actually, because it was a cold winter day, but underneath here is my tmf base layer, i cant show you this is rubbish isnt, it 18 pounds. If you go to and also my neck buff, which is a great bit of kit little tree prezi for somebody at christmas, maybe eight pounds on the website again www. I think it is all right. Thats it for this fashion segment speak to you soon and uh for the now infamous fashion segment that bit that youve all been looking forward to lets.