At least, i think its called that words of that type, maybe not necessarily in that order. Anyway. This is uh an awesome machine. Ive been riding for the last couple of weeks and i thought ill bring you this little video to sort of sum up. My thoughts on the bike, so heres three things i dont like seven things. I love about the daytona 765 moto 2 limited edition Music. So, first off i must apologize for this appalling dull weather. You can see not much i can do about it im afraid. I hope you see. Okay, theres a little bit of drizzle in the air ill. Give you a little bit of a clean hope. You see all right im actually recording this on bank holiday monday, the 30th of august. This is actually a british summer and it has been absolutely appalling this year. I have to say so depressing. I know us brits always go on about the weather, but this is why? Because we have long dark, cold winters, we desperately look forward to summer to do all the things we like doing in my case riding motorcycles. Then, when we get to summer, we end up with weather, like this theres, really not much, you can do well, theres, nothing. You can do about it and theres, not a lot. You can do with it. So here i am. I found myself on this awesome motorcycle in damp conditions, so uh yeah, im not gon na, be absolutely thrashing it anyway.

I digress back to the bike, so lets get the uh things im, not so keen on out of the way. First, should we its one of the things im not so keen on on the daytona 765 special edition is the fact that its still using the same old, daytona design, i mean its not an ugly by any means and um. You know its uh, the old daytona wasnt, a bad looker was it. I just think they missed a bit of a chance here, because if you look at this, it looks exactly the same as the old original daytona did, and i think trump just missed a chance here to bring it back up to date. So something im, definitely not too keen on on the 765 daytona, something that surprised me a little bit for such a special bike. That is just the general level and some of the fit and finish on here. Things like additional leads coiled down here, where theyre a bit too long for this particular bike. Theres loads of it and its just tied together with a bit of cable, tie its the same on the other side, but theyve actually got a loop of cable just there, because its uh, i guess theres just uh its just longer than they than they have on The street triple uh and therefore theyve just wound it around there um things like the fact its got the horrible plastic brake reservoir youd have thought they could have put on there.

The anodised brake reservoir stuff, like the um, the tft screen, is just angled slightly too forward for me. So when youre actually riding the bike, it doesnt feel like its facing you. It just feels a little bit, sometimes like a parts been special, probably being unkind there, but just the attention to detail isnt. Quite there all the time on this point, something im not too keen about this version of the daytona is its cost 15 765 pounds. This will cost you here in the uk. It is a limited edition. They made 765 of these for the rest of the world 765 for the us and canada, but nonetheless, 15765 seems like quite an expensive price for a midsize sports bike. When you consider what else you can get for that money, but there you go, i guess you pays your money and you take your choice. Dont you all right! Well, thats! Quite enough of all this negativity andy, as you know, if youve watched any of my videos in the past, i generally slow down a bit. I generally love all motorcycles, and this is no exception. Its a lovely bike so lets uh lets. Forget those whinges lets move on to the things i love about this motorcycle. I guess the party piece of this bike really is the 765cc triple cylinder engine. This is uh derived from the street triple its got. Some lighter parts in it the internals, have been changed. Its got a little bit more power output, and this is uh the engine that the moto 2 bike engine is based upon so yeah.

Something very special about this bike, and definitely very much in my lubs list. Is this triple engine trying to really know how to do triples, something that is a standout feature of this bike, and i guess what its all about is. Despite these really bumpy hideous roads around here, the handling on this bike is absolutely amazing. Its a little bit damp under tire as you can see, but it just feels confidence inspiring as it sticks to the roads around here, its one of those bikes. You can just flick around think where you want it to go and off she goes handling on. The daytona has always been, and its no different on this absolutely brilliant. I love that about the bike, so im gon na be a bit hypocritical. Now now, when i was talking about the things i dont like about the bike, i said that some of the um attention to detail wasnt quite there. Well, one of the things i absolutely love about this bike is the amount of carbon on here theres a bit of attention to detail that they have got right. Its absolutely everywhere check out the fairing here. Look beautiful carbon fiber finish on here with the badging and just absolutely everywhere: acres and acres of it right the way down to the tailpiece as well, where it says moto 2, on there absolutely beautiful. That is something i love about. This bike, theyve theyve, not spared the carbon, and that is brilliant.

Something i love on these trunk triples is the sound they make just check this out, as are you just thrashing up this road for a moment check out that induction noise? What an absolutely awesome note this fight makes yeah pretty darn addictive. That definitely goes on the list of things. I love so one of the things that ive said many times about motorcycles, and what makes them good is how they make you feel and thats one of the great things about the daytona. There is no doubt this bike has a degree of specialness and it is a bit of an occasion every time you ride it, not only because of all the all the uh carbon and everything but uh things like on the yoke, its got uh. It says its a special edition or limited edition at number 74 of 765. little things like that: the lovely machines top yolk here, the exquisite suspension on here, the top spec brakes um everything about the bike does make. You feel special and thats a great thing. As about how a bike makes you feel the daytona makes, you feel darn good when you ride it, something i love about this bike, thats very noticeable when you ride it, have a little uh. Listen to this as a wind up sight here and then, as i slow it down again, i dont know if you heard that much through the microphone, but basically its the quick shifter on this.

Its absolutely awesome ive got a quick shifter on my street triple r, which is up only and it works beautifully well, but they really have come on some, since that one was done, because this is both up and down on the daytona and its completely smooth, and It is just brilliant, so thats something i very much love about the daytona, the awesome, quick shifter. So another thing on my loves list for the uh daytona is the weight of the bike. 165 kilograms dry. This comes in as and um. You know, as you get older, lightness of bikes becomes more and more important. Not only does it mean that you know the handling, and so on is good, but also it just makes it easier to live with when youre trying to hunt the thing around your garage. So were yeah 165 kilograms, nice and light. I love that about the daytona, so there we go thats three things i dont like and seven things. I love about. The trout, daytona 765 moto 2 limited edition, must say a huge thank you to trump uk for making this bike available to me. Once again, they actually lent this bike to me after i raved about it. Having ridden it up the hill at goodwood at the festival of speed, if you havent seen that video go back and watch that ill stick a link in the corner, i think its one of the best videos ive made thoroughly enjoyed it.

I went there with the astronaut tim peake and we both rode this bike up the hill. I liked it so much i suggested to trump they might like to lend it to me, and they did indeed so. Thank you very much to those guys for coming through with the goods hope youve enjoyed. The video dont forget to hit the like button and subscribe if youve not done so already, and that way i can see you on the next video, if youre interested, if youre a regular viewer about how. I think this bike compares with my panigale, which lets face it being an 899. Is a similar sort of machine stick around till after the credits and uh ill have a quick ponder about that all right, okay, thats it now! For the meantime, all for now – and i look forward to speaking to you again soon until then, this has been the mistleton flyer cheerio, all right, so ive jumped straight off the daytona and onto my panigale for by way of a comparison. Well, i can tell you the panigale is definitely faster. The suspension is way harder. The trough is much plusher ride. This one just feels like it wants to spit you off all the time, but that adds to the drama. What about the noise? I said how much i love that noise that triple engine which i do, but he has to be said this big twin when you wind her up it sounds absolutely awesome.

I think i prefer the sound of the big twin, not there on the comfort stakes for sure suspension and the seat isnt as good as the triumph a little bit right here, quick, shifter, hes excellent, all be up only brakes, nowhere near as good. So what is my quick summary then, based on a quick plat on both, which would i rather have well? I think the triumph is probably the better bike in terms of its technology, its comfort, its sophistication its smoothness, but given they both cost similar money. Sorry trump im going to take the ducati every time. Mr ducati just feels super special, its not a special edition, its a bog standard 899. This, but my goodness me what a machine i absolutely love it! Oh and how can i forget, looks as well. There is no doubt that panigale looks nicer than the daytona, at least to my eyes. I know thats a super subjective thing, but i think the panigale is one of the most beautiful bikes ever made.