Then came out in 2015. Well, the bike has been upgraded several times since then, and this is the latest brand new version of the bike. So stick around stay tuned for interest in this machine. I’Ll tell you what i think of it: Music. Oh, what a glorious day to be out on the motorcycle i’m recording this in june and summer has happened at last here in the uk, i’m, so glad to say: it’s been a long time coming and uh it’s an absolute pleasure to be riding a yamaha as Well, so don’t often get to ride these on the channel, so really uh chuffed to be riding this. So thank you so much to yamaha uk for making this bike available to me. It’S only just been launched and uh. Yes, the sort of bike that appeals to me so really happy to be having a go, all right, initial thoughts, then, as soon as you jump on the bike, it’s all about rider position and comfort, isn’t, it well riding position absolutely beautiful on here, i’m sat upright Very very comfortable position: my legs are in a slightly acute position, but not particularly uh, but my back is bolt upright, very, very comfortable place to be hands. Are nice and wide on these bars no problem at all there a couple of things i would say, though, first off the seat seems pretty hard it’s sculpted quite nicely on the back side, it’s not uncomfortable by any means, but it does seem quite hard as standard.

So i’m not sure how that would fare over a longer ride and the other thing is there’s. A lot of wind up off. This screen is quite a big screen on here, but uh it’s, almost as if it hasn’t got a screen at all Music. I don’t know if it’s down to the shape of the screen or because there’s lots of bits of the bike protruding or what have you but uh. Generally speaking, yeah, there seems to be quite a bit of a turbulence off the screen. I’M, relatively short and i’ve got this in his uppermost position, and i said that, as i speed up a bit down here, it’s got a little bit smoother, so we’ll see how that goes. I’Ve only been on the bike about uh five minutes and i’m. Already at my first white van look at that, any traffic jam that’s uh that’s riding in the southeast, for you oh well, gives me a chance to ride the bike a bit slower and to try this quick shifter out. The gt comes with a quick shifter and, i have to say, it’s, absolutely beautiful. I mean i’m only riding slowly here what 25 miles an hour and up and down the box. The quick shifter works absolutely beautifully right where all these vehicles going Music and they all go in the same way. I’Ll make a late decision about where i’m going to go based on where these are all going now, they’re all going that way.

All right, i shall take a right, then Music, the clutch on the bike, nice and light feel to it, but a very um, wide biting point if that makes sense so i’m taking me a little bit of getting used to when i’m moving off from first gear. But after that, you never have to use it again, because that quick shifter is so good. The engine, of course, has the 900 ish cc triple engine from the mt 09. What a great engine it is too. I love triple uh engines, best of both worlds. Bit of smoothness, like you, get on a four cylinder bike, but the early grunt of a twin engine and, of course, or twin cylinder engine i should say, and of course you get that great triple noise as well yeah. It seems a really nice unit right, let’s. Go up here, i’m, going to attempt to do my little that little bit of road again, hopefully this time without the traffic really bumpy up here. So this is a good test to see what the suspension’s like this is the bumpiest bit of road. I know and i’ll tell you what it feels really smooth up here, almost as smooth as my gold wing coming up here. This version, the gt has the fancy semi active suspension, and it works really nicely i’ve just got this set up as it came from yamaha. So out of the factory as it were and yeah it feels lovely and smooth.

The suspension is great on here, Music. The bike itself seems the perfect size for me: i’m, five foot, eight about 70 kilograms, i’m, a sort of a smallish fella, i suppose medium sized to small, and it feels the perfect size for me. It’S not so big that it’s unwieldy, like some bikes are, and it feels nice and light and flickable when you’re riding it. What i would say, though, is it actually feels quite wide, so your legs, you know my knees are quite wide apart here. I quite like that, because it allows you to grip hold the tank, gives you a good feeling of security on the bike, but, conversely, also when you’re moving the bike around on your driveway. If you’re sat on the bike, your legs are sprayed out quite wide. So even though i’ve got this this seat on its lowest position, i’m sort of on my tippy toes this fellow’s waving me through. Thank you very much, sir. So i think, if you’re much shorter than me, you might find the bike a little bit tall, even though the headline numbers for the seat height are quite low. I think it’s. Between 8 10 and 8 25 millimeters adjustment i’ll go through the specs in a minute. When we do the walk around in the usual way right, i get another crack at this road now, just to see what the handling’s like and it’s very light, actually lovely handling and nice and stable as well.

You have to sort of initiate the corners. I wouldn’t, if i said yet, to muscle it around the corners that’d, be exaggerating you don’t, it’s, nice and light, but once it’s set, it seems nice and planted rear brake seems to work quite well. The front’s got a nice progressive feel actually on the brake as well. When i initially jumped on, i thought the front brake was a bit rubbish, but actually it’s nice. It gives you good feedback right, there’s a chance to do a cheeky overtake yeah. That engine’s got a lovely note to it. Hopefully you can hear that through the microphone. Okay, yeah great engine on here, something like 120 horsepower or 117 again i’ll go through the details. When i do the walk around, but perfectly adequate power for the road you don’t need any more for that than that. The bike itself comes in a couple of flavors. So there’s the normal tracer 9, if you like, and then there’s this gt version, the standard bike, i think, is 10 197 pounds, which is blooming amazing value for a bike. This well spec’d now for two grand extra you can get this gt and this comes with some really nice bits and pieces for that. So, first off you get the side cases which i’ll show you in a minute and the old tray. So they were something like two grand on their own or certainly over a grand you get the semi active suspension, six axis imu, lean angle, sensitive traction control and all that gubbins.

So actually, if you can stretch the gt it’s, almost a no brainer on this bike, it’s great value at just over 12 grand being laden with that much tech. If tech is your thing, nothing behind yeah the gearbox on here beautiful for a sort of an adventure style bike. It really is quite sporty actually Music. This particular segment of the bike market is quite crowded with excellent bikes. Things like the bmw was it the f900xr. I really like that, when i rode that last year that was new last year, that looks cute very similar in a lot of ways and then my sort of favorite bike in this segment until now has been the tiger 900 and 850. Also an excellent bike, and this is definitely up there with them, if not surpassing, in terms of its uh of its spec for the price yeah, if you’re in the market for this sort of bike, you really are sport for choice at the moment. So good luck with choosing which one you want to go for definitely test ride them all. If you can something that’s a little bit different about the tracer 9. Is this dashboard on here or instrument display, whatever you want to call it? In fact, i suppose instrument display is more accurate because i believe the designers of yamaha did this because they think it makes it look a bit like a fighter pilot’s uh, cockpit, i’m. Not so sure about that, when you look at this in its whole, if you ignore my gopro there, the whole thing actually looks a bit like a comedy face.

Looking at you, and once you see it with the two eyes and the nose and the mouth it’s kind of hard to unsee, so i’m kind of a little bit unsure about the split tft, they’re, very, very clear. They work well and it’s easy to get between the various functions on there using this little rotating wheel on the right hand, side just rotate that and then press it to select things it’s, actually very easy to use. I hate joysticks for some reason for doing things. Like selection they’re very hard to move joysticks when you’re going on the bike, but that wheel works really well almost as good as the bmw wiz will i’m always on about. I like the way the screen adjusts by the way. Look you can literally just grab it and move it yeah it’s weird, this screen seems to actually be more effective at high speeds strange. I know that yamaha put quite a lot of thought into the aerodynamics of this bike. Maybe that’s part of it. It works more effectively when you’re, giving it the beans but yeah there’s a bit more wind blast off there than you’d expect mirrors on the bike. Nice and big nice and steady, great view behind i’m. Not looking at my shoulders or anything which is always good – and i mentioned the tech on this bike – the fact that it’s laden with it it’s again for the money for 12 grand this gt is incredible.

It’S got anti wheelie control. It’S got a special braking control, lean angle, abs, lean angle, traction control, 10 level, heated grips led lights all around, including the leaning lights that come on. It really is a well spec bike for the money switch gear on the bike, typical yamaha proper buttons, which i like a little bit complicated on the left hand, side where you’ve got the cruise control and the various mode buttons and so on, but it’s just a Matter of getting used to it, it’s not it’s, not that bad a lot. The fact that you can actually feel it when you press it, it doesn’t feel flimsy at all one of the things i do like about the bike when it was delivered to me this morning as soon as it rolled off the back of the van it’s. Just the the finish on the bike: it’s beautiful yamaha’s have a thing about their paint. I think it’s just deep and lustrous looking. It looks really nice in this gray and blue on the gt alrighty i’m, just coming to wendover one of my favorite little spots. To do my walk around i’ll pull into the train station up here, i’ll show you around the bike and i’ll talk you through the spec in the usual way alrighty. Here we are a uh, quite quiet, looking wind over train station i’m pleased to say, because it means i can do a little check. What the turning set was.

Like somebody mentioned on a video the other day, i should ride down the line and then do the turn so let’s go down the line on this parking spot. Nothing around let’s, see what i can do in terms of turning circle. Okay, i’ll be lying. If i said it’s feet down it’s, not there, we go look at that exactly two parking spaces with the turning circle, which is quite tight actually for a bike at this time. So turning circle’s good let’s stick her over there by the hedge and i’ll show you the bite, talk you through the spec in the usual way nice and easy to find neutral. Yeah. One thing i would say i talked about the the width of the bike. Being quite wide between your legs and when you actually want to paddle the bike around the foot, pegs kind of get in the way of your ankles a bit to me, they’re, just in the wrong spot. So, even though i’ve got the seat on its lowest setting, as i say, i’m on the balls of my feet, because i have to have my legs so wide spread out. If that makes sense anyway, let’s uh turn the bike off i’ll get the other camera out. Show you around the bike. Okay, here she is and starting then with that engine which, for me, is one of the highlights of this bike triple engines. I love them. This one has to be said: it’s got a little engine cover, which is an extra this little bit here is not standard, so you can buy that as an extra.

If you want a bit of protection on your engine, it’s an 890 cc liquid called triple cylinder. Cp3 engine it’s from the mt 09, as i say, 119 ps, yamaha, quote uh, which is about 117 brake horsepower at 10, 000 rpm uh, 93 newton meters of torque at 7000 rpm. So you don’t have to rev the absolute pants off it. To get the thing to go, it’s uh, it feels pretty lively, as you saw hopefully in those overtakes that i did. Uh let’s have a look at the brakes on here. Uh on here, it’s got a 298 mil front discs or two front discs. I should say the brakes themselves here we go uh, they look like uh, two or three four top calipers. I think they look like four top calipers on there uh and they are uh nissin brakes. Actually i believe, although or are they yamaha, i don’t know don’t. Listen to me, what do i know these wheels, though, are a bit special. These are what are called spin forged, but if you look at them closely, in fact, it says they look spin forged uh, they look like they’re machined they’ve got some remnants of casting on the inside here uh, but and then they’re all machined and basically it’s a Clever process that yamaha i’ve painted that makes the actual molecules in the paint line up not in the paint in the metal itself line up and makes them much lighter and stronger for the amount of metal that you’ve got in them.

So reducing gyroscopic forces. So it’s not quite as good as a properly forged wheel as it were, as in stamped out and forged, but but getting there so pretty clever, wheels on here uh. You know that sounded like. I knew what i was talking about, but hopefully you get the gist. Um suspension on here, as i say this been the gt it’s got the clever kyb semi active suspension. If i’ll show you at the front here, you can actually see the adjusters somewhere. Can you see those down there adjusters down there for the uh, adjusting the preload etcetera, and then you see the wire coming out that does the automatic or semi automatic stuff and that works really really well. As i said, seat height on here, i mentioned 810 mil to 825, so it’s all medium seat height, as i say, i’ve actually got this on the low setting. Although it looks quite high doesn’t it. Maybe i haven’t quite adjusted that right, uh i’m, finding it that i’m sort of on tiptoe at five foot, eight um weight, this 220 kilograms wet which for a bike like this isn’t uh isn’t too bad. I mean it’s, not particularly heavy, not particularly light either, but not particularly heavy uh. I guess uh, you know without fuel you’re, looking at some around about 200 kilograms, um tank capacity on here, 18 liters, uh, yamaha, say 56 miles per gallon. I suppose you’re going to be looking at sort of a 200 mile ish range out of that which is pretty good.

Um let’s show you some of the other bits. Let’S show the panniers. Actually people often ask about those. Let me just get the keys here. We go, let me show you the panniers here funny funny looking things has to be said, but they are quite capacious. In fact, i’ve already put just to prove that you can a helmet in here. I can do this. One handed they’re a bit strange to use, but there we go there we go. We can see. We’Ve got my array helmet already tucked in there just to prove that you can fit a helmet in these side. Cases which, as i say, are a bit weird to use i’ll have to sort that one out in a minute. Before i get back on the bike, but uh yeah useful in terms of storage, you can get obviously a helmet on the other side as well. So if you are prone to carrying helmets and canyons, who actually does that i don’t know, but it seems to be a bit of a benchmark doesn’t it handsome looking thing. Another thing: i’ve noticed that i don’t quite like about it. Is these lights on the front when you turn the bike on um, you only get one of these one of these lights on uh. I just kind of know why they do that it’s, the old you know you want to know. You’Ve got a motorbike approaching thing, but when you’ve got two lights on a bike, i like them both on so that’s, just a little niggle for me, but nothing major electronics.

On this, as i’ve already mentioned, it’s uh got loads of electronics. Six axis imu three level lean angle, sensitive traction, control, slide, control, system, front, wheel, lift control, brake control system; it’s got the twin three and a half inch tfts up front slightly obscured by my gopro on here and jury’s out on those they’re, nice and clean all Nice and clear, but it does look a bit like a face isn’t it. When you look down there with brand some big sunglasses, um it’s got led lights. All around it’s got that quick shifter that i talked about heated grips with 10 levels, uh and riding modes. What they call d modes and i’ve got this in the most aggressive mode at the moment, which seems excellent price for the gt, as i say, 12 199 yeah really nice. My first impressions are that it’s, a pretty nice bike, all righty let’s uh jump on and ride some more and i’ll. Do that case up. First. Okay, so excuse my insta 360 camera which i’ve not used yet, but i will try and use that in a minute. Let’S uh, this is very weird to do i’m sure there’s, a technique to this, which i haven’t quite got the knack of yet there we go that does want us that’s not going to come out excellent, all right back on the bike, all right. It feels quite nice and light to uh get off the side stand, which is a great thing it’s.

I think this would be a relatively easy bike to live with it. Doesn’T feel heavy at all to move around, which is great. All righty, let’s uh get the show back on the road it’s. The first time ever i’ve got my new insta 360 camera filming, which is just here out on this pole, i’m, feeling a little bit self conscious about it. If you see any pictures from it, that means it worked. Okay, if you don’t, that means i’ve still got some work to do on the editing. Oh, what a beautiful day to be out on the bike this summer has been a long time coming and it’s just so nice to jump on the bike wearing your light summer. Kit not wearing you know your thermal underwear and goodness knows what is that too much information, but just enjoying enjoying the ride in a light jacket brilliant. So this particular bike i mentioned uh. I don’t often review yamaha’s on the channel that’s because uh up until now, i’ve not really uh not really talked to yamaha but i’m, absolutely thrilled to say they are talking to me now and they’ve lent me this bike as my next long termer. So i’ve got this for the next couple of weeks, so we’ll ride it as much as i possibly can get to know as much as i can about the bike and bring you the lessons, i’ve learned about it. So if you are interested in perhaps buying one of these i’ll give you some of the details that you only learn when you’ve ridden the bike for a few hundred miles and actually live with it for a while it’s all very well, isn’t it having a one Hour test ride, but it’s never enough to properly get to know a bike.

So hopefully i can be some help to you if you’re in the market for a bite like this so huge thanks again to yamaha uk for making the bike available to me and by the time you get to see the next video on the bike boy, it’s, A bit warm out here, i’ll leave that open. Hopefully you can hear me, okay in the airflow, by the time i get to make that next video. I will have had a chance to ride this in town at night, maybe perhaps in some inclement weather, and i can bring you how the bike performs in those situations, but on this first ride. This first impressions review really not much to not like about the bike. I hate doing reviews where i’m only positive about machines. There are a few things about it already that i can see would be maybe a little bit annoying, but perhaps you get used to so the width of the bike. The fact that you know when you’re puddling it around your legs are poking out quite wide, if you’re a short person that might become a bit tiresome and the jury’s out on this seat, whether it be too hard on a tour i don’t know i’d have to. I need to ride it for an hour or more and just see how that goes kind of interesting she’s like standing up actually standing up quite nice. You can uh hello. Indeed, you can uh balance your legs against the tank and that’s, where actually the fitting wide is quite nice, because you can get a good grip on it.

So if you want to stand up and stretch your legs, which actually if you’re on a tour, is sometimes really nice to do yeah very nice in the standing up position, the engine on it sounds great. It goes lovely the handling on it is lovely and light comfortable seating position. I think the windscreen maybe needs a little bit of work, maybe get one of those deflectors like an mra vario screen or something would probably fix that i’m sure there’s. An aftermarket fix for the screen and with the pricing as it is with just i say just i know, it’s a lot of money, but two grand extra gets you a lot of extra on this bike. So if you can stretch the gt, i’ll definitely go for that anyway. That’S it for the first ride on the bike. I hope you enjoyed that. As i say, if you’re interested in the tracer 9 gt stick around stay tuned to the channel, there’ll be lots more to come. If you haven’t done so already hit that subscribe button that way you won’t miss it all right.