This is the two liter turbo supra. We drove this six cylinder not too long ago, and i really enjoyed that car. It was a fun grand tour fun sports car kind of somewhere in between this aims to be a lighter, a little bit more tuner friendly option and a little bit less expensive. This is 43 000 starting price. This car has the technology and safety package, which is about 3 500.. It has a 255 horsepower 2 liter turbo that makes 295 pound feet of torque thats all mated to an 8 speed. Automatic transmission lets walk you around this 2 liter supra show you some of the differences inside and out pretty similar on the inside to the standard six cylinder. We still get a nice carbon fiber inlay here in the center console area, slightly different seats that are mechanically operated instead of electronically operated, save some weight. This is about 200 pounds lighter than the inline six, which i think has its advantages in the handling department, and most of that weight is saved in the front end visually one of the only differences that youll notice between this and the inline six is just the Wheel size – this is 18s instead of 19s tires, are going to be cheaper. We have 275 40 r18s in the back two 55 40 r18s in the front and a pretty beefy sidewall. This will have some nice pothole protection and, as you can see, we have pilot super sports.

I havent seen a pilot super sport on a car in quite a while, probably because when this was being developed, this pilot supersport was still the michelin performance tire of choice. No electronic dampers, also in this two liter turbo uh, a simplified suspension setup. You dont have to go in and trick the electronics and this. If you want to change the suspension out, which is great a little bit more tuner friendly. We also have single piston floating calipers up front instead of the four piston floating calipers and the inline six, definitely more friendly to smaller wheels. If you want to run a winter tire setup, which i would highly recommend, this would be a fun car to drive in the winter, we still have a mechanical limited slip. Differential, not electronically controlled front end looks pretty much the same. I love this car on this red. It looks really sharp. The stance is just about perfect. These 18 inch wheels. Look good too lets pop the trunk still a decent amount of trunk space in this supra, no spare tire, but you do get a battery and a tire repair kit. A couple of speakers back there too cargo cover nice little handle to bring everything down. I love this duckbill spoiler in the rear, slightly different exhaust tips too. In this two liter, they look pretty good. In my opinion, i think this is a good looking car i wasnt as sold on the front end when it first came out just because that super concept was such a gorgeous design.

This, i think, does it justice but uh on the road in person. I think this car looks really good lets pop the hood and show you that engine a really nice torquey 2 liter 295 pound feet of torque and look at the weight distribution on this set pretty much fully behind the front axle heres where the engine starts and Heres, your shock tower very nice. A lot of room up front a little bit more room to work in this car too. I think, if you wanted a supra to modify, maybe set up as a track car or you just wanted a daily driver. That was a little bit less expensive. With still the supra looks, this is going to be a great option for those specific use cases. We have a great driving position in the supra steering wheel comes right up to my chest. I have a lot of adjustability in the steering wheel. It tilts and telescopes really nice clear, gauges, a very simplified interior in the supra, and i really like that. Ergonomics are very user friendly. You have one drive mode. Sport mode gives you some pops from the exhaust. Sport mode will also tweak the transmission tuning to be a little bit more aggressive, and if you want to individually select what you want to be in sport mode, you can in this individual menu right here, which is pretty nice. So you have the option to configure your steering engine and transmission response.

Weve got everything set to full sport today, pretty familiar infotainment here very typical, bmw weve got wireless apple carplay. No wireless charging, though unfortunately so youve got to use a usb to do that, but otherwise i love the usability of this cabinet. We have radar, guided cruise control as part of that safety and technology package and a jbl sound system which sounds pretty decent. I think thats, a pretty good walk around on the supra lets, go and take this thing for a drive. One of my few complaints on this car is the gauges seem to be really inconsistent with their brightness. Very often this center gauge display and the screen are just a little bit too dark, given the lighting conditions during the day and sometimes its perfect, sometimes its way too dark, sometimes its in the middle um. Im not sure if this is just a lighting sensor issue, but its been pretty common on every super that ive driven recently yeah see there. It went it just lightened, brightened up perfectly, not the best visibility out of the side and rear of the supra. Though i can see pretty well out of my rear view, mirror and the reverse, camera and blind spot monitoring do help to kind of mitigate any issues when youre driving in traffic so were just going to start off here in normal mode. This 8 speed, zf automatic, is just a sweetheart to drive on a daily basis shifts are super smooth, pretty quick when youre, not in sport mode itll default to just giving you the lowest revs possible, almost like its trying to hyper mile and be just hyper fuel Efficient, you can control the screen with this scroll wheel or as a touch display its really responsive.

Not a lot of settings are hidden in here and uh. You can see a lot of nice visuals like your weather and when the brightness is correct, its actually a really nice display when you dont have the car in sport mode stop start will automatically engage. You can disable that with a button right here before we get started with todays drive. I would like to thank our sponsor for this video phantom wallet. This is my daily wallet, its a well engineered product that i really have enjoyed using the last year or so. This is the phantom arts, their higher end model. You can bolt on a number of different attachments to the back. This is the key holder attachment, and i really like this because it kind of combines everything that i need out of my wallet. I can hold my keys. I can have a money clip on the other side that i bolt on hold some cash and i can fan out all my cards like this. There are a number of different finishes: color choices, card capacities, pretty much customizable to anything that you need check them out at and use the code topher for 10 off your order and 255 horsepower 295 pound feet of torque makes this actually a pretty quick car. Theres, a lot of torque off the line, its a very meaty power band, lets put us into sport mode. You can hear that this four cylinder sounds very similar to the four cylinders in bmws mini coopers.

You get just a little bit of a piped in speaker tone in manual mode, though the paddles are really responsive, which is great and then cruising on the highway. We can just set cruise control change our following distance very easily to the left of the steering wheel. Its not a lot of wind noise, not a lot of road noise, a pretty comfortable grand tourer. We get 32 miles to the gallon on the highway 25 in the city and im betting, its a little bit more efficient than that too. In the real world ride. Quality in the supra, without the active dampers is definitely on the firmer side, but i wouldnt say that its beating me up at all this week. You definitely know that youre in a sports car that youve got a performance suspension set up underneath you uh its active and a little bit busy, but for the most part, theres, no major, harsh impact or anything that would really upset you or your passengers. It just feels like youre in a stiffer little sports car, which you are all right, lets put us into sport mode here, see what it feels like with some acceleration runs on the brakes in sport mode. The transmission will downshift beautifully for you in a typical bmw fashion. The tachometer will shift a little bit quicker than the engine and transmission actually do. Music get a few subtle pops and burbles at lower speeds. Music. We have a couple traction control modes.

We have sport, traction which just turns traction control off, but leaves stability control on, and then i think you can fully disable everything with vsc off by holding the button for a few seconds Music. This isnt necessarily a car that you can slide around on the street. Super easily those pilot super sports, especially with 275s in the rear, put a lot of the power down very well. This is a pretty grippy setup Music. We have a very quick steering ratio in this new supra youll notice that on track and actually were not getting a lot of good spirited driving in this morning, theres quite a bit of traffic. So lets cut to that track. Footage and show you what this is like in a performance: driving environment, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, all right so pretty impressive stuff. I actually really like driving this car with the paddle shifters, its super responsive, the revs were a little bit higher than i anticipated. So i was short shifting through some of that, but at the end i put it into automatic mode in sport and the transmission just did everything perfectly just how i wanted it to, and that was a relief because i wasnt quite sure how it would act on Track you can see the front end on this. Car is just super sharp, really dialed in you definitely feel the lower weight in this 2d super versus the inline six. It makes a big difference with handling and turning Music, so this is a fun little car to drive.

You feel the short wheelbase. There is an agility and a willingness to rotate here. That is very satisfying feels a lot lighter on its feet than the six cylinder supra. Really. I think the only thing that youre missing out in this car is the sound that six cylinder sound and if the four cylinder sound bugs you, then you should probably get an inline six. But if thats not necessarily a big factor in your decision, this two liter supra, i think, drives and handles a lot better than the six cylinder and Applause i dont know i think thats theres something to be said about that. This is a much simpler and uh easier car to modify and to tune. You still get a really nice sensation of speed in this car. I dont feel like im in anything that is, the bargain basement base model uh. We still have really nice materials in here. The interior feels mostly the same as the inline six. I love this carbon fiber right here, uh with a safety and technology package. I have all the features that i really could want out of a sports car today and uh. I dont know. I think this offers a pretty compelling package for someone who wants an automatic sports car for this price point. I think its pretty competitive, too uh comes in a little bit cheaper than the caymans, and i wouldnt even really consider a z4 unless, if youre getting the inline six, this two liter is just much more exciting and a little bit more fizzy than the z4 is.

I love driving this car with the paddles theyre just about as responsive as it gets. Having a manual transmission would be great, but again would many people even buy a manual on this car? If it were offered, i dont know i dont know if they would. I think, after driving this car around for the last week, if you want an automatic toyota, 86 gr86, you shouldnt buy an automatic gr86. You should either buy a manual gr86 or buy this 2 liter supra its gon na give you the power that youve always wanted. That turbo, that youve always wanted in the gr86 and its gon na have much better automatic transmission programming. The automatic transmission. The gr86 is a bit of a mess, especially on track on the street. It just never does what you wanted to and using the paddles is a huge disappointment in that car, but this is just about perfect as an automatic transmission, its smooth its fuel efficient when you want it to be, and then when you want to rip and have A little bit of fun, all you have to do is just press a button and it does exactly what you want it to. I go those gauges again, getting super dark for no reason. Oh, i love the front end on this car, its so much lighter and more nimble on this 2 liter turbo than the 6 cylinder, and then it all just settles down and youve got a pretty nice highway.

Cruiser youve got vsc off. You set cruise control itll automatically turn back on for you, which is great youll, have to turn it off and then go into cruise control in sport mode on the highway. There is a little bit of drone from the exhaust, but once you put it back in normal mode that exhaust valve closes its pretty much perfectly quiet. You get a little bit of tire roar from these pilot super sports, but this is a surprisingly quiet and comfortable car to drive on the highway. You can make this a little bit of a grand tour and i think be perfectly happy with this thing. On road trips, and probably average around 36 plus miles to the gallon on this thing, the 2 liter b 48 engine in this is super efficient, all right back into sport mode. Well, give it some reps here, put into manual mode or maybe leave it in drive, but put it in manual mode off, throttle rotates wonderfully and lets talk about the steering for a minute. Its a super fast ratio, really quick, rack weights up pretty well around corners and the feel is interesting because maybe there isnt as much feel from the wheel as you would like or maybe get from some other cars. But the steering is so accurate and weights up. So nicely that you still have a really good idea of whats going on in the chassis. I know exactly how much front end grip i have.

I can feel the tires slipping kind of through the whole body of the car, and that really makes up for maybe what might be a little bit number of a steering rack, but i dont know i think overall, i really like the steering in this car. Its a little bit quick and that takes some getting used to, but in a performance driving scenario, its really nice, because you can control slides, really easily. You can slalom very quickly youll notice on that track, video when those little chicanes that theyve added under the straightaways to slow us down. This was just a really quick input to get things around those chicanes and, if youre doing any performance driving with your supra. That is a big positive. It helps a lot in your lap times all right so lets squeeze a 0 60 run in here test the brakes. First, we have traction control off and stability control on guys its quick, its fine nice power really smooth shifts. I was in sport mode, so if you put it into full manual mode, itll hold gears, but if youre in drive – and you engage the paddles itll, auto upshift for you – which is great its nice – to have those two options in each respective mode, Music, the brakes Are a little bit touchy a little bit sensitive in this supra, i would like a bit more ability to modulate the pedal theyre a bit light to the touch.

So how can we sum up this 20 21 gr supra, two liter turbo complaints? Well, i dont really have too many. The only major ones are. This gauge brightness is a little bit funky, but its a minor annoyance. To be honest, you can still see what you need to be able to see and the visibility in the supra isnt great. You definitely feel cocooned and a little bit cramped in this car. If youre a larger driver, you might not fit with a helmet uh im five foot, ten about 145 pounds and i fit in here perfectly. I definitely would sit in one before making a purchase decision and seeing if you uh fit, and maybe even bringing your race helmet to the dealer, if you uh, if youre gon na, be taking it out to the track. Otherwise, i think this is a really nice option for people who want just a little bit of a nicer handling package from the supra. This is a great starting point for a little bit more of a tuner car compared to the inline six theres less complexity. Here, less electronic complexity going on here and uh youre, not paying extra for parts that you may be swapping out in the future like suspension or brakes. This starts at a pretty good place for what the cars power capabilities are and with a light, tune and exhaust. I think you can match or even exceed the three liter inline six supers power levels, uh no problem.

The aftermarkets, probably gon na be pretty nice for this two liter supra and uh from a driving perspective, its a fun little car to drive really the only place its lacking is the noise it doesnt sound like a supra like the inline six does and um. I dont know i think otherwise youre getting a pretty good deal here. It looks about the same youve got great options, a decent, sound system and uh. I think i would recommend this car for someone who either wants to build it up as an autocross or a track car or someone who just wants a cruiser that doesnt really care about the more extra power and the bigger engine. Sport mode definitely makes things more fun to drive in this car and it has a nice dual personality. Besides the suspension being a little bit on the stiff side, its pretty good to daily drive, and you can just press one button. Put everything in sport and youve got a little bit of a different driving experience. I like that you can configure each parameter individually and kind of customize your sport mode to. However, you want it to be alright guys. Well, those are my thoughts on the two liter supra um, another enjoyable car this week and i think, a pretty good option for enthusiasts. We live in a good time for sports cars right now and im glad this gr super exists. I think well leave it at that, thanks for watching guys, well, see you later, oh and a bonus normal exhaust versus sport mode with the valve open.

Oh yeah, nice little pops all right, so you can see how quickly apple carplay starts up, which is great. This touchscreen is nice and responsive alright. So if youre still sticking around heres the sound system test well go into our music, i love how responsive the screen is. We have volume knobs and tune buttons. Nice volume controls on the steering wheel here too, Music. Okay, please Music wow Music. Now you can go in and change your tracks just with a scroll wheel.