Today, a bike ive been waiting to ride for ages, im late to the party with this one. This is the 2021 v strom 1050. This is the xt model, its a sort of uh adventure, star bike, but it doesnt make any pretensions about being an off roader, its just a good, proper motorcycle. Anyway. This is my first ride on the bike. Stick around stay tuned, ill. Tell you what i think of it: Music, all righty. So as i say, this is uh. The first time ive been out on the 1050v strum. I have ridden this bike or the old v strom thousand about four years ago, a long time, and i really love that bike. This one came out uh at the start of um 2021, so im a little bit late to the party riding it, but im here now uh. This bike, i suppose, is what you call a kind of a value for money bike. Its had massive updates since the last time ive ridden it, notably on the electronics front and some styling updates as well, but which more about those later but lets start as usual. The first thing that strikes you when i jump on the bike – and that is comfort. Well, the seat comfortable enough uh, possibly a little bit hard, but its not too bad the thing that strikes me about it, though, from a comfort point of view is uh your leg position theyre a little bit tucked up a little bit sportier than you might expect, Or are the pegs a little bit higher, i suppose thats good for ground clearance purposes, but uh your legs, maybe arent, quite as stretched out as youd experience on other adventure bikes that ive ridden anyway handlebars nice and wide as they often are on this type of Bike, which makes for a very comfortable position, okay, so here, is that big old seat and, as you can see its quite thinly, padded um, but its quite comfortable when youre on it.

If you look down it in that angle, its quite narrow at the waist and im a relatively short guy at five for eight, i can get my feet uh almost flat on the deck just slightly on the balls of my feet, but its uh, its not bad. Um, the seat height on it is 855 millimeters, which is sound relatively high, but on the xt that is adjustable, i havent had a chance to work out how to do that yet, but so adjustable on the xt a little bit tall 855. I can almost get my feet flat on the deck, but it seems relatively comfortable Applause. The engine on the v strum, as the name would suggest, is a v twin, 90 degree v twin and i have to say its lovely. Sometimes big twins could be a little bit too captive, thats, not the case. The v strum, i mean you know youre on a motorbike theres a little bit of vibration, but its nothing at all, intrusive and its just enough to give it a little bit of character. I think yeah, i love the way the engine feels on this bike. Its got loads of grunt, just where you need it lets just see what shes, like acceleration, wise, yeah bags that go on this yeah. I love that engine. It sounds nice, its nice and smooth as well. Its got a bit of character about it kind of the sweet spot, its not the most powerful of the adventure bikes its got more than enough power on the road.

Let me show you the engine ill talk you through the spec on it. Okay, so here is this big uh v twin lump, then uh ive written down the figures, so i dont get this wrong. This bi this engine is a 1037 cc motor, its a 90 degree v twin uh. It puts out 107.4 ps at 8, 500 rpm and the torque numbers are 100 newton meters or 73.7 pounds feet at 6000 rpm. So all that stuff, basically, is exactly where you need it, so you never feel like theres, a lack of power on this, its proper real world power. I like the engine on here a lot okay. What about the brakes on the v? Strom 1050? Then! Well, let me just get around this corner here. Nothing behind us well, just give them a go to the front break. Oh plenty of uh plenty of bite there a little bit of fork dive, not sure if you saw that, but she does dive a bit, but the front brake seems absolutely fine. Lets try the rear. Actually, the rear is quite good, so in use the brakes to me seem absolutely fine. Lets take a look at them, so lets take a look at those brakes then, on the front here i dont know much about these, but theyve got what a branch to kiko calipers as you can see, twin discs and the calipers look like theyre four part: each Caliper dont know the size of the disc, but they seem to work perfectly well, so thats the front brake on the back its again, a takiko, caliper, single, disc and thats, a two part caliper on the back.

So lets just talk about handling or think about handling. On the bike whats that all about well a bit of gravel and stuff around here, so im just being a little bit careful. But this is a pretty bumpy bit of road. I have to say the suspensions all right. This is the xt version of the v strom its got adjustable suspension on here. I dont think the standard bike has this um adjustable suspension, not sure, but it feels fine. I mean its a fairly weighty bike, but once youre going, you cant feel that weight. At all my handling point of view, i mean im, not an expert rider by any means. I cant detect the nuances of different bikes, but i have ridden a lot of different bikes and i say this feels just as good as any other adventure style bike. Ive ridden no issues with the handling whatsoever. Let me show you the suspension off the bike, though. Okay, taking a look at the forks on here on the front here, you can see, weve got upside down forks and they are adjustable. Weve got a little adjuster down here and again. If we look at the top here, you can see the adjuster as well and then at the rear. Uh youve got a single uh spring type shock in there and there is pre load adjustment and i think around here here we go one of these manual preload adjusters, so youve got a bit of latitude with adjustment on the suspension on the bike in terms of Weight it comes in at.

Let me just check my notes: 236 kilograms curb weight, so thats fueled up so thats, quite heavy um, but the bike doesnt feel heavy when youre riding it um and it doesnt seem too ponderous when you want to move it around on your driveway either ive not Had an issue at moving this in and out of my garage, so uh weight wise handles well and uh its not difficult to live with in terms of the weight, even though on paper, it sounds like quite a heavy bike. Next up: how about the controls on the bike? What are we looking at and what do we get to use? Well, weve got this display from me, which is sort of old school lcd. It is technically black and white, so not a tft, and i have to say these days that is looking pretty dated, but its got everything you need its got: a proper fuel gauge, im glad to say a big. What looks like something out of the 1980s stereo for a rev counter gear position indicator all the strip counters battery, etcetera, etcetera. Everything you need is there its nice and clear dont have an issue with that. Just that it does look a bit dated by todays standards. The switch gear on it on it itself is nice and simple all the usual stuff. On the right hand, side start stop uh hazard lights at the bottom. There youve got the cruise control setting button, which i dont like having, on the right hand, handlebar actually because youre trying to hold the speed with the throttle whilst trying to set it.

So, i think thats a bit of a rubbish way of doing cruise control. The actual cruise control buttons are over here, look together with the mode button on this bike. Its got three riding modes, theyre called a b and c, where a i think is the most aggressive, so ive got it in b mode. At the moment, the mid set one and those are set by this button. Here i find the um indicator button a little bit flimsy, but you know when youve got operated, it so thats all right and then of course, youve got the haul at the bottom. Youve got your lights flasher there and thats it so quite simple, quite easy to use no real problems with the controls. So let me just show you the startup procedure on here. Some people like to see you know the graphics you get so when i turn the key. This is what you get. It does all its whizzy stuff, all good fun and id say perfectly good to use uh easy to understand when youre on the move, heres a close up of the buttons that we just talked through uh. Nothing complicated about this got hazard lights on here, as well as your cruise control. The mirrors on here, which i didnt talk about, look a bit like barn doors, but they work really really well great visibility out of here. Great situational awareness, no vibration, quite like those on this side of the handlebars youve got this complicated, looking button, which not only does the resume is setting procedures for the cruise control, but also it changes some of the settings on the main screen as well.

Its a bit complicated, but not that difficult ive got a man and ive worked out how to use it. Uh indicator button feels a little bit flimsy, but you can tell when you used it um. You know i wouldnt uh. I wouldnt necessarily say that its got premium switch gear on it, but its perfectly functional gearbox on here is lovely theres, no quick shift or anything like that, but ive not had any false neutrals or any problems with the gearbox. It feels nice and snickable as i like to call it, and the clutch is nice as light as it is on many suzukis, so yeah gearbox feels lovely, but then its a new bike, so it should do now. I mentioned at the start of the review that one of the big changes for the v strom 1050, in its xt form in particular, are the electronics that suzuki have added to the bike. This one is absolutely laden in it, which is uh amazing, theyre, pretty good. Almost class leading electronics really, particularly when you consider the price of the bike. This thing the xts got six axis i mu, so that gives you all the lean angle. Abs, lean angle, traction control, its got. Uh hill hold brakes, its got, suzukis easy start thing where you just press the button and the engine starts: youll have to hold the starter. Its got led indicators, its got a little uh 2 amp usb port down here.

So you can charge your phone thats, really handy and its in a good spot as well, because youve got this handy little accessory bar. That ive got my gopro mounted on. You could mount your phone up there for nav and have it plugged into the usb port to keep it charged so thats, excellent, so yeah from a electronics point of view. This bike is well sorted. The standard bite doesnt come with so much though so thats one of the reasons, maybe why you want to go for the top spec bike, while im riding at slower speeds here, the fueling feels just lovely no problem with that suzuki nailed it slow speed handling is Fine love the sound of the engine on here. Havent talked much about the fuel tank on here. This one on here is a 20 liter fuel tank and because suzuki quotes something like 57 ish miles per gallon, so expect a couple of hundred miles range out of that fuel tank uh. In terms of other options, you can get luggage for this, which adds on a bit of cost, obviously about an extra 1300 quid. It comes with a three year warranty, which is excellent from suzuki. There are various accessory packs available lots of accessories you can buy. For this comes in different colors as well, of course, mostly combinations of yellows blacks, blues whites. I think this looks pretty good in this grey and blue uh. What else to tell you uh? We mentioned the adjustable seat or hand guards.

These are extras on the for the xt model, and also i mentioned earlier its got that little socket on the side here. This is a usb socket, which is a two amp one, which is quite unusual, which means you can actually charge up fairly heavy duty things. Um, its got the easy start, as i mentioned um, and i think thats thats pretty much it for the additional things to mention. Well, let me just show you the bike generally. What do you make of this? From a looks point of view, because these are quite divisive – these looks, i must say the fit and finish on it is beautiful, uh, theres, absolutely no problem at all with the depth of paint and just the you know, the quality of the build on the bike Is beautiful, so ive got uh the windscreen on the bike in the fully up position at the moment, so im just gon na find a bit of faster road and just see how she fares at higher speeds in terms of protection im looking right over the screen. As well its not one of those screens, you look through so im glad about that im uh just for reference, five feet, eight and at the moment, at uh, im just doing 30 miles an hour behind this car im feeling no wind buffeting at all thats. With this peaked helmet as well, so that bodes well come out just at the wrong time to do this review its a lovely day, the suns out, but i think its just schools picking up time so plenty of traffic about so that wasnt very good.

I have to say that the sort of bike this is this is one of those bikes that you buy. If you want to do it all machine which often you know people say and its a sort of a disparaging remarks, doesnt seem very exciting and uh. Well, i dont think this is an exciting bike, but its an eminently practical and sensible choice, and if you want something to do it all, take you to work every day in all weathers and let you come out. The weekends have a bit of fun, maybe go touring, then this spike can certainly do it all at a good price. Almost forgot didnt mention the price on the bike. The xt, the fully loaded version of the bike comes in at 11, 699 pounds the standard bike without all the electronics package. Uh comes in at nine thousand nine hundred, ninety nine, which is excellent value but uh. I think if it was me ill, try and find the extra money go for the xd, because thats got all the bits on it that you want okay, slightly bit of faster road national speed limit lets wander up slightly and yeah. That screen seems pretty good. Ive got a little bit of wind around the shoulders at the very extremes. Nothing too bad and i dont have any wind until above these sorry for the little giggle there very childish until above my head, so thats a five foot, eight some medium sized fella yeah wind protection is pretty good on the v strum.

Okay, so thats. My first ride on the v strom 1050 – absolutely chuffed – to say that this is my next uh loan bike from suzuki uk. So thank you to those guys for lending me. The bike ive got it for a couple of weeks and uh. I intend to ride this as much as i possibly can. I want to bring you one of my in depth reviews at the end of the period where ive ridden it. You know on all sorts of different roads in the rain on motorways. All that sort of thing through town, i really get to know a bit about the bike, and in that video i should be bringing you all the pros and cons about the bike, the stuff that ive learned, the sorts of things that you dont necessarily know. If you just take the bike out for a one hour test ride a bit like this right now sort of stuff that you only got to sort of get once youve got under the skin of the bike. So if you are interested in the big suzuki, stick around stay tuned to the channel hit subscribe, if youve not done so already, and that way youll see my uh in depth, review in a few weeks time and ill, give you a warts and all review there. Its not just the good stuff, but the bad stuff too no bite is perfect. Is it for my summary for now having ridden the bike for you know about an hour? What do i think of it? Well, not really anything i can find immediately to not like about the bike.

It seems comfortable. It goes well that engines got some lovely character, great price, its got ample electronics on it yeah at the moment, nothing not to like uh, i think, possibly on to a winner. I guess the only thing about the bike that, for me would potentially say be a bit of a challenge is the looks. The v stroms looks have always been a little bit divisive. Its had a a change for this latest version, its gone from the round headlight to the square. I think maybe i prefer the round headlight before i dont know, but thats a very subjective thing and to be honest, when you see the bike in the flesh, it actually looks better than it does in pictures. So even the looks dont grate on me that much, but it is something obviously that is a big part of bike ownership that youd have to take into consideration but yeah overall, so far so good im liking. The v strum tell you more in that in depth. Review well thats it for now look forward to speaking to you again soon until then, oh before i go nearly forgot, stay tuned to the very end of the video and ill give you one of my uh now infamous fashion segments. If you want to know the kit that ive been wearing in this review, stick around till after the credits and ill take you through all that stuff, all right, thats it.

Where was i oh yeah until next time this has been the mystery fly? Cheerio. Aha, thank you for sticking around to the infamous fashion segment, as i now call it lets start off this section with my helmet. This here youve seen this many times. This is my array tour x4, its one of my favorite all time. All time helmets ive got three of these. Actually, this one is getting a bit longer. The tooth ive had it since about 2013, so whats that eight years old, its definitely due for a replacement so array. If youre listening, i joke i actually bought this one. I bought all my array helmets uh. This is a lovely bit of kit anyway, its my tour x4, its brilliant on adventure style bikes. The peak on it is great. Just gets the sun out of your eyes, particularly if its sort of autumn or late winter, whatever when the low when the sun is low, is excellent for that its beautifully padded. It also also makes a great vlogging platform, which is why i like it – and i think it looks good as well – and this peak doesnt get caught in the wind, its really odd. Anyway, its a lovely helmet itll cost you uh. They start in the various forms. At i think, 499 pounds ill stick a link below i dont think you can get this particular pattern anymore, but theres all sorts of those available to say, link below to the tour array.

Tour x4 helmet its brilliant all right next up, then these things in my ears youve seen these many times. I use them all the time. These are my custom fit earplugs uh there you go. They look like that. These are called their cf autos uh custom fit guards just for full disclosure are sponsors of the channel by the way, but uh they only started sponsoring me after ive been singing the virtues of these. These are their cf autos, as i say theyre about. I think theyre 99.99 again ill put a link below in the description, and if you use the code, flyer 10, you can get 10 off of these as well. Whats great about them is theyre very, very comfy because of course they are custom fit and, unlike anyone else that i know of um, the guys at custom fit guards actually come to your house to take the mold. So its hassle free way of getting yourself some custom ear plugs so do check those out, as i say, link below dont forget flyer, 10 for 10 off next up. My gloves these here you see me using today. I use these a lot in the summer because they are summer riding gloves, as you can see by the venting they come from oxford. These are great value for money. These are their brisbane gloves and they come in at 29.99, once again ill put a link below to these. I just find they dont need any breaking in theyre easy to use the buttons on my gopro and indeed on the handlebars theyre, just comfortable excellent um great value summer riding gloves.

Those are the oxford brisbane links below well, by the way, some of those links below take you to sports bike shop and just again for full disclosure. They that is a whats, called an affiliate link, which means, if you click on something and you buy something from sports bookshop. I get a little bit of a kickback at no extra cost to you. Um so youll be helping out the channel, but by the way sportsbookshop they dont sponsor me or anything, but i just think they have excellent service. You wont find any better returns policy, their prices are keen and the delivery is good, so i do recommend them anyway. Right moving on next up the neck tube, this is my own from my website. Can you go and check it out? Not only for this, this is eight quid. If you want a nectar comes in gray as well, but theres all sorts of other stuff there. On the website, not just merch and stuff to buy, but information about the channel frequently asked questions that sort of thing go and check it out. If you havent done so www dot, all right. Moving on to the big stuff, then this here jacket is another great value product from oxford. This is called their hinterland jacket, its from their advanced ride, aware, series, um and uh. What i mean by that is its um, its kind of oxfords version of gore tex pro so its what they call tri laminate, that is a3 sorry somebodys having some sort of a screaming attack.

Next to me lets do that again, all right. Moving on to the larger items and next my jacket, this is another value for money item from uh oxford. This is called their. I think its called the hinterland jacket, its from their advanced rider, wear range and whats great about it. Is its oxfords take on gore tex pro now im a massive fan of gore tex pro, but its very, very expensive. You can pay like a thousand quid plus or more than that, in fact, for a jacket and gore tex pro, but this one in typical oxford fashion, great value for money, comes in something like 240 quid. What do i mean by tri laminate and gore tex pro? Well, basically, there are three waterproof layers bonded to the surface of this material, so theres no sort of zip out waterproof layer, its built into the jacket. So its really i mean these do keep you properly properly dry. If you cant afford gore tex pro, you want something: thats stylish warmer weathers keeps cooling the sun as well lots of ventilation protective. Then this is one way to go. 240 pounds again ill put a link below to where you can get this at sports bike shop. Now i purposely got a slightly larger hinterland jacket than strictly i need, because underneath it ive got my airbag. Let me show you this Applause ill, give you a twirl. So this is one of these newfangled airbag vest things.

This one comes from furygun uh, in partnership with a company called inmotion who make the technical governments which is in the back here. I dont know if you can see a flashing green lights that mean its all operational. What i love about this airbag is its tetherless, so it works by using the magic of gps. It understands through a very, very clever algorithm. Thats been tested multiple times whether i have a crash um, which is great, i mean ive thrown it around my room and i cant get the thing to deploy. But if you come off your bike, im told it definitely does deploy now. Airbags can be very, very expensive, and this one, i think, is pretty good value its. I think 349 pounds if you buy it, but there is an annual subscription and which is about another 100 quid and the reason for the annual subscription is this: what connects your wi fi when you take it home and it does updates every now and then updating That algorithm as more and more people sadly crash wearing the jacket, it learns from all their experiences and you get that algorithm downloaded into the airbag as if by magic, its very clever, its very comfy and its got an amazing built in back protector anyway and uh. I wear underneath all my jackets now i just i never ride without an airbag now makes you look a bit like the michelin man, but you know it makes you safe, so thats important, isnt it so again, thats a furry gun airbag again ill, put a link Below to sportsbookshop, where you can get this one right moving down my jeans here, we go, i dont know if you can see them, probably not, but uh.

These are from italian manufacturer pmj theyre rapidly becoming my favorite go to pair of jeans. Let me give you lets tilt the camera down, give a bit of a twirl in these. Can you see those there? You go come in fact they come with a belt as well. They are quite expensive. They are quite expensive. Um theyre about 200 pounds again ill. Put a link below, but these are just particularly comfortable theyre, my go to pair now i have to say and whats really important about these. They are aaa rated. That is the best uh protection rating that you can get makes them. In fact, more protective than any of my leathers that ive got um and they i think they look good both on and off the bike. As i say, italian design, they fit really well theyre, slightly long in the leg, so that your boots dont um, get um uncovered when youre sitting on the bike. So there you go see theyre slightly long in the leg. For that purpose, and well, i just think theyre great jeans and ive actually taken to wearing these day to day. So i dont have to keep changing kit when i get on and off a bike through the day so yeah, i recommend them from pmj link below like everything else and then last but not least, the boots again theyre italian. Here we go, i dont know if you can see these ill put a picture up, but these are called ikazu theyre, say from tcx made in italy, theyre waterproof, theyre sort of street style boots.

I just find them supremely comfortable theyve got d3o armor in them. So if you hit them, they go um. You know they go hard and strong and protect your ankles theres, a womens version available as well and theyre pretty good value. I think at 149.95 once again link below all right. I think thats it for everything. On the fashion segment, whatever forgot anything, i dont think so uh anyway. Hopefully that stops. You answering all those questions about the kit.