What a beast it’s going to be my first ever ride on the bike. Stick around stay tuned. I’Ll! Tell you what i think of it: okay, the uh hayabusa! Then what are their kind really so one of those bikes that definitely can be classed as iconic there. Aren’T too many of these sorts of parks around. I suppose you could argue things like the uh, maybe the fire blade iconic, maybe the gs, maybe the gold wing. These are the sorts of bikes that people have heard of even people that aren’t in a motorcycling and the high booster definitely is one of those. The park originally came out in 1999 and at the time it was the fastest production motorcycle you could get and it got itself a bit of a reputation of being a beast got a revamp in 2008, and then it disappeared off the scene, at least in the Uk, here about uh three or four years ago, when it didn’t meet euro four regulations and you could no longer buy them here. However, much excitement got building last year when it was announced by suzuki uk that a new 2021 model was coming out. This is the viking on now, this being the third generation hayabusa. Of course, bikes have moved on since 1999, and this one still very much a beast – puts out something like 188 brake horsepower. I’Ll go through the specs in a minute when we do the walk around, but of course, modern day naked bikes and super bikes put out that or more so it’s, no longer quite the king of the hill in terms of horsepower.

But it still has a bit of a reputation. It has to be said because it’s uh unusual looks, i suppose you could say now. The original high abuser came out before my time really in terms of bikes. I never rode the original high boosters i’m coming at this afresh, so this isn’t going to be a review about how it compares the old bike it’s going to be what’s a high booster like if you’ve never ridden one before, like i hadn’t until about five minutes Ago so, let’s go through all the stuff that you need to know about motorcycle if you’re thinking about building they’re buying it starting off what’s it like for a comfort point of view and by the way i appreciate i’m, not on a very exciting road here, hello, Sir, not a waiver, so i will get onto some more interesting roads in a minute, but uh yeah let’s go through the uh stuff. You need to know before we get to the more interesting roads, so comfort, wise, it’s, a big old bike, you’re feeling like you’re, laying down like if i move back on the seat. I’Ve got loads of room and i can get right down on the tank. If i wanted to and in that position, brilliant airflow, whether you like the looks of this bike or not, you can’t argue with the aerodynamics of it great protection when you’re top down hello, sir and then similarly there’s a lot of room to move forward.

I can sit pretty much upright, look incredible, upright comfortable and even then i don’t feel like i’m in buffeted airflow. So i would say this is one of the more comfortable sports bikes i’ve ridden it’s, not a classic sports bike, it’s sort of in a bit of a class of its own. Maybe sport tour hyper bike. I don’t know, but it’s, certainly pretty comfortable it’s, not an extreme riding position, not as extreme as a out and out liter sports bike. Handlebars are relatively wide for a bike that’s sporty in nature. Your legs are tucked up quite tight, so there’s, no doubt that you’re on something sporty and the sea, i suppose you could say, is quite hard, but it’s, nice and wide. It feels it’s a comfortable place to be it’s more comfortable than you think, it’s physically. Quite a large bike and i’m actually physically, not a large bloke, i’m 11 stone five feet, eight and it feels spacious and roomy for me, i’m used to much smaller bikes. Oh handling, is a delight around that roundabout. One of the things i like about the uh power delivery on here is it’s not done at stupidly high extremes. So even though it’s got a big engine and it’s a four cylinder bike, you don’t have to absolutely thrash the pants off it to get it going. I’M, just going to overtake these couple of uh cars here while i’m on a fast, a bit of road wow.

What a machine i thought the airflow was so much that i nearly lost my camera off. The end of handlebar serves me right, but yeah. This is uh. This is a fast bike, really smooth lovely to ride. It has uh. Oh, there goes a white van make a good point. It has three riding modes on it. A b and c i’ve got it in a at the moment, which is the most aggressive version and boy you can just tell this. Bike wants to absolutely fly. It’S also got a couple of user riding modes as well, where you can tailor absolutely everything. I’Ll talk more about electronics later back to the basic, so yeah comfort is all there. Nothing behind let’s just take this one, and it is incredibly fast. This it’s got a lovely sound set when you wander off, it’s, quite quiet actually, and the engine spins up really really quickly. It’S, not a four cylinder bike that you have to thrash it’s, just smooth and refined. The handling is a lot lighter than you’d expect for such a big heavy bike turbine smooth. In fact, it’s got a bit of a whistle to it. It almost sounds like it’s got a supercharge on it. It doesn’t it’s got that sort of whine about it. I love it. Brakes are absolutely phenomenal. It’S got the brembo stylers on here, so they should be good, but this, of course, a brand new bike. They feel lovely, oh it’s, so nice in the turns so balance feeling i thought it was going to be really difficult to move.

I thought you’re going to have to muscle it around the corners because it’s so big, but actually no it’s a lot more agile than that. Okay it’s got an up and down quick shifter, which i have to say works beautifully. Well. What am i doing here? I’M? In doing 35 miles an hour now, i’m in fourth gear bike is not complaining at all, even though i’m going slow in a relatively high gear, let’s just change down on the quick, shifter, ah smooth as you like down and up very nice, nothing wrong with the Gearbox clutch is nice, and light on here. Mirrors on the bike seem quite a while away, because they’re attached to the fairing unusual design they sort of hang down from the top of the arm there. They work very well we’ve got a great view behind. Certainly, at that right hand, one the left hand one. All i can see is the back of me gopro. I wouldn’t normally be riding with a gopro on board. Of course, man. Those brakes are sharp Music, all sorts of electronics on the high booster now and that’s. One of the main upgrades that the bike has had, although it’s now fully euro 5 compliant it’s, got an impressive electronic suite. I can’t remember everything. Basically you name it it’s on air. I will go through them when i do the walk around in a minute. In fact, i’ll tell you what let’s magic ourselves to a car park somewhere.

Let me do the walk around and talk you through the spec now okay, so i found myself a bit of a lay by just here, it’s quiet at the moment. Hopefully, no one’s gon na come apart, but and it’s gon na be a bit noisy to apologize, but let’s do the walk around in. Hopefully you can see that the splendid 2021 suzuki high abuser now the looks, do split opinion on this i mean there’s. No doubt it’s aerodynamic, looking isn’t it, but my missus described it as like a bike that flash gordon would ride. I have to say i’m, not a massive fan of the looks of the bike um, but now i’ve ridden it and got to know it a bit. I it’s kind of grown on me. It might be one of those bikes because it does ride so nice before we get into the details of the spec. Let me just show you uh some close ups here. The paint on here it’s got like a matte um silver, a color i’ve, not seen much of actually a little disappointed that i got this one rather than the black and gold one which i saw everybody else having on the launch, which looked absolutely amazing. I definitely have the black and gold. I think i prefer that to this this scheme, but actually yeah the quality of this is lovely, as i say, when you go up close, i don’t think you can probably see it um through this camera, but the actual sort of depth of this paintwork that fly Goes away is amazing: uh, not sure how you clean this sort of matte stuff, but there we go anyway, a couple of things before we get into the spec.

The hump on the back is an optional extra that’s about 180 quid, but i think just finishes the look of the bike off about right, uh, the exhaust i don’t, like the look of absolutely massive look. They sound quite nice, but they are quite quiet um, but i guess this is all part of euro five, but how ugly are those exhausts? I actually think the rear view of the bike is quite nice but has to say certainly splits opinion. You know that’s enough about the aesthetics that’s, all obviously very much a personal thing not for me in terms of looks okay let’s get on to that spec. Then the engine 1340 cc inline four now euro compliant, as i said, not much to see there but really really smooth but it’s. At 190 ps, that’s, 188 brake horsepower at 9700 rpm. So you don’t have to rev the absolute bejesus out of it to get this bike to go. Unlike many uh four cylinder bikes that you may have tried: 150 newton meters of torque at 7000 rpm that’s 110.6 pounds feet the brakes on here. Brembos is at the front, these are the styleemus but they’re finished off in black four pot calipers. Normally the stylemas are sort of a silver color i’ve not seen them like this before and uh. Those um discs on there 320 mil discs on the front at the back. It’S got a single pot, nissin caliper and if i can actually get the camera in there, we go just lurking in there, and actually i didn’t get a chance to try that yet, but um yeah the brakes are absolutely amazing.

On that front, in particular, as you’d expect from brembo seat height on here, 800 millimeters, so sort of medium sized seats, it’s quite a physically wide bike. But that seat is nice and comfortable, good, padding and plenty of room to move forward and back. If you are a larger person, almost as a fairly small chap – and i find it very – very roomy and comfortable weight of the bike – 264 kilograms, wet and suzuki boasts a 50 50 uh front to back weight distribution on this. So i guess that’s partly why the handling is so nice on this machine that tank on there 20 liters it’ll hold. I guess, it’ll drain it pretty quickly. I suppose 20 liters is about the going rate for a bike of this type, but i imagine it is quite thirsty, electronics. Well, i can’t really well, rather i can only scratch the surface on a first ride review like this absolutely laid down. Let me tell you some of the stuff: it’s got six axis imu, so it’s got lean angle, abs and a 10 level traction control. Would you believe it’s got bi directional, quick, shifter, three mode, launch control, active speed, limiter cruise control, anti wheelie system, anti rear wheel, lift system engine, braking hill, hold control, led lights, tft display uh riding modes, three user, definable ones as well as the inbuilt ones, a B and c low rpm assist suzuki, easy start. The list just goes on and on absolutely loads of electronics.

Well, let me show you the switch gear actually, while we’re at this end, uh nice switch gear on here, nice and positive. You know when you’ve pressed it. This button here is how you do the selection of modes, and so on works quite intuitively i’m. Not sure about these adjusters in here for the suspension looks a bit weird, the yoke here bit complicated for my liking, but i do like the view of the cockpit generally. Those dials look, absolutely amazing, really really nice um. What else to tell you about uh? Did i talk about the suspension i don’t think i did. Did i it’s fully adjustable, as you saw by those adjusters on the tops of the yokes that are hidden down there in that weird, looking bit they’re upside down, kyb forks on the front and kyb suspension on the back as well, not particularly sophisticated, i don’t think It feels lovely, but a little bit surprised that it wasn’t it’s, not electronic or um. You know semi active anything like that price, wise. The bike 16 499 pounds which, for a bike that does have such an amazing electronics, fit and is iconic and has the sort of awesome reputation that this has, i think, actually that’s, pretty good value, because uh, if you’ve got a higher booster, everyone is going to Come and have a chat to you about it and for six and a half grand. I think that is an awful awful lot of bike.

Alrighty that’s it for the uh, walk around let’s, get back on and uh ryder. Okay. So welcome back on the bike. You find me just uh, coming into the town of wind over here and it’s, quite a busy time at the moment, as you can see quite a lot of traffic around interesting to see how it uh handles in traffic and at slower speed here, i’m at third Gear doing 25 miles an hour, absolutely no complaints, the fueling on the bike seems really really lovely at all speeds. It just seems really smooth the suspension on it feels lovely actually, even though it’s not uh, perhaps as uh sophisticated as you might think, of a bike of this type in that it’s, not electronic or semi active, but it does feel lovely, it’s adjusted. You know at its factory settings at the moment and it’s, not uh. In fact, you know it’s on the soft side, i would say if anything, it’s, not wallowy soft, but for a sporty bike, it’s a it’s, certainly soft one stopped here, look and get my feet flat down on the deck either side on five foot, eight, with a 32 inch leg, so the bike certainly easy to handle easy to live with in terms of getting your feet on the deck doesn’t feel ponderous, even though it is quite heavy one of the things i really love about this bike is what they’ve done with the display Here the dash the cockpit – i think, they’ve got this absolutely right: i’m, a bit old school and i love proper dials.

Well, this one has got dials in abundance. It’S got a proper fuel gauge on the left, rev counter speedo and your temperature gauge on the right. All in analog dial form they look absolutely epic and in the middle you’ve got a little tft screen or it might be an lcd. I don’t know it’s full color, whatever it is, and that’s got all your riding mode. Uh information and a myriad of other bits of information. Besides, what a beautiful day to be out on a motorcycle eh recording this at the back end of april haven’t been out riding too much, of course, because of kobe, but now we’re opening up we’re allowed to it’s. Just such a joy and a pleasure to be out in this better weather looks like i might be stuck behind granddad here in his x type jag for a little while, hopefully i can overtake him in a second anyway, while we’re behind him. Let me just explain that this bike, actually i’m thrilled to say, is my next long term. Loaner i’ve got this for the next two weeks from suzuki uk. So thank you so much to those guys for lending me the bike. I opted not to go to the launch of this bike. You would have seen loads of videos of people taking this up the wrong way at uh, sidewell and suzuki very kindly said i could have gone on that launch, but i declined because uh number one.

I thought there’d be a lot of people doing the same sort of videos and uh. I think i was proven right on that. I i forgot whose video i was watching in the end, because they all look the same, but anyway that’s by the way, i guess that’s. The problem that all these manufacturers have at bike launches is that everybody gets the same sort of stuff. Well, i don’t really want to do that. I want to do my own thing, so suzuki very kindly said i could be one of the first to have a long term. Loan of the bike and they’ve been true to the word, so the next few days and weeks i’m going to ride this as much as i can and bring you all. My experiences on the bike now it’s a beautiful day today and the weather set fair for a few days. There is a little bit of dampness in the forecast so i’m, looking forward to riding this on a wet day through slough or somewhere, like that. Just to see what this thing is really like to live with, so if you are interested in the pewter hello, is this an opportunity? Yes, it is, then, do stick around and stay tuned to the channel, because there’s going to be a lot more videos coming on this bike before she goes back my in depth, review where i ride it in all sorts of conditions on all sorts of roads and Give you all the lessons i’ve learned about the bike, not just the good things, but the bad things too, but at the moment i have to say i can’t really find anything too bad about the bike.

My summary after this first ride, it’s a it’s, a lovely bit of kit. I mean the looks to be fair, not for me, but when you’re riding the bike, you’re not looking at it. Oh yeah, i mean it’s uh through these bits around here, handles absolutely lovely suspension. As i said, it gives a really lovely ride: it’s, nice and comfortable nice and roomy not intimidating at all for a bike that has this sort of reputation well protected from the weather comfortable. The sports bikes go my goodness me it’s fast. My goodness me. The brakes, work well and also 16 and a half grand for a bite that’s this well specked in terms of electronics. I think that is somewhat of a bargain. So far, can’t find anything i don’t like about it. I hate doing reviews where i’m just saying good things about bikes if you’re interested in the kit i’m wearing by the way, do stick around to the very end of the video after the sort of end titles i’ll do one of mine now, for his fashion segments A lot of people have asked me to do those i’ve had a few videos. I don’t do them on people saying oh there’s, a fashion segment, so i do them primarily to tell you about the kit that i’m wearing and to save me answering questions in the comments about what jacket or helmet or whatever i was wearing so uh i’ll. Take you through that afterwards, if you’re interested stick around and stay tuned for that, but otherwise that’s pretty much it for this video.

If you are interested in the high visa, as i say, do stay tuned to the channel, because there will be a lot more coming and we’re really looking forward to riding some miles on this bike and getting to know some more. If you’ve not been to the channel before, i don’t just do uh bike reviews here on the mission to fly, but i do anything and everything to do with motorcycles. I do monthly bike news. I do bits and pieces in the garage, but i had to look after your bike. I do trips and tours at home and abroad when you’re allowed to go abroad. I don’t just cover sports bikes, but adventure bikes bit off road every now and then tourers cruisers retros, you name it i’ll, try and cover it here on the vista flight we’re great to have you along if you’ve not done so already do hit that subscribe button And that way, i’ll see you on the next video. Until then, this has been the mr fly: cheerio, okay. Folks, thanks for sticking around to the very end of the video for the infamous fashion segment uh, the chance, i have to tell you all about the kit that i’m wearing, so i don’t have to answer all those comments saying what was that jacket, you’re wearing or Whatever alrighty, let me uh attach the camera to something and i’ll talk you through everything, okay, i found a gate to attach the camera to so.

First up, then helmet. Well, actually, before i do the before i do the helmet. Let me just show you these. These are my ear plugs that i wear all the time when i’m riding the bike. These are from custom, fit guards they’re one of the sponsors of the channel axis. So if you look at the links below, you can actually get yourself a discount off of these earplugs and the great thing about these is not only are they custom fitted, but you don’t have to go to a shop to have the moulds made. If you give them a shout, they’ll actually come to you to your house and take an impression for you. Then, a couple of weeks later you’ll get your custom fit. Um earplugs come back in the post, which is fantastic and, as i say, details below and a link as to where you can get them as well as a 10 discount as well so uh yeah, definitely worth having. These are called the cf autos that i use. I have them in orange, so if i drop them on the deck i don’t lose them all right, that’s, the earplugs. Next up, this is my tmf neck buff. You can get this from my website. Www dot, flyer www.themistonflyer.com, eight quid the gray one new for this year. You can also get it in black. This is my helmet uh. This is an hjc. Rather eleven i’ve got two of these brilliant helmets.

I just find it fits really well, my particular head shape. I think it looks sporty. This is a carbon style, one they’re great value for money, um and uh yeah. I think for the for the money you pay for these. These are a top quality helmet. They feel like a premium bit of kit. I also wear array and showy helmets, and i think that these are rougher from hjc are just equally as good uh quality, but costs significantly less again. I’Ll put a link below uh to this helmet as well all right next up: okay, next to the fascia segment, my gloves, these are from dane, and these are gore tex, gloves, they’re, actually winter spec gloves. I tend to wear them all year round, though, because what i like about them is the fact that they’re quite thin, so you can feel i can feel the buttons on my cameras easy to operate. I can feel the controls on the bike nice and easy. The great thing about these are they’re, actually gore tex as well so they’re properly waterproof. These are called, i think, they’re called skagen. Let me just check yeah, dane skagen gore, tex gloves these are again i’ll put a link below as to where you can get these thoroughly recommend them they’re great. If you’re only gon na have one pair of gloves, then you can use these all year round. Next up my jacket, this is from richard again can’t, remember off the top of my head.

The name of this particular jacket. Obviously it’s a leather jacket it’s got all the right padding in the shoulders and in the elbows. It makes you feel when you’re on a sports bike like you’re, properly protected and that’s what i like again i’ll, put a link below to the jacket as well. Okay, next up my jeans now you’ve seen these many times before, i’ll show you them here. We go. Sorry, a little bit camp there do apologize. These are from oxford products, they’re called original, approved jeans, uh they’re, just as protective as leather uh, and they look stylish as well. These are they’re slim fit ones, and you can wear these when you go out as well. They don’t look like something specific for a motorcycle i’ll show you them again. I think you’ll agree pretty darn attractive and then last but not least, something pretty new to my uh wardrobe ensemble. Are these boots check these out now? These are from tcx and their gore tex boots. Uh and again i can’t remember the name off the top of my head, but they’re out they’re. Quite new i’ve only had them for a couple of weeks and they are brilliant. They’Ve got d3o armor built into them. That’S, the armor that’s, soft and pliable until you hit it and then it goes solid. I don’t know if you can see, but even in the sole it’s got some orange bits. I’Ll show you can you see in there and in the sides? And the great thing is you do them up using this zip at the front, but they’re dead, easy to get on and off, even when you’re, just wearing gloves so uh again, i’ll put a link below to that as well.

So all those little some of those links below are what i call affiliate links, so full disclosure they’ll take you to sports bike shop and if you click on those links and you buy the products that i’ve mentioned here, i do get a small kickback at no Extra cost to you so just mention that so you know um, i would say, i’ve no other links with sports bike shop other than those literal links below, but their service and their value, i think, is second down to none all right, that’s it for the uh. For the fashion segment and by the way it’s entirely coincidental there’s been an a van parked beside me for the duration of the fashion segment. Nothing to do with the bike.