The bike actually like to live with. Well, stick around stay tuned and i’ll tell you Music, so this video, then, is going to be my in depth. Review of this awesome motorcycle. This bike has got a lot of legend about it. Well, is it warranted? Well, i’ve been riding this bike now, for a couple of weeks got to know the bike as well as i can i’ve ridden it in all sorts of conditions on all sorts of roads and in this video i’m going to bring you all the lessons. I’Ve learned not just the good things, but the bad things too, so uh stick around stay tuned if you’re interested in the 2021 suzuki hayabusa. This video is for you Music. So how about going on tour on the hayabusa then? Would that be an option? Well, yes, of course it would, you can go on tour on any bike. I suppose the things to consider are what’s it like riding to your destination. Then, are you going to have fun when you get there well, in the case of the higher booster, it scores both or scores well, on both accounts and if you’re going to ride, say down to france or spain or something you’ve got to do some big miles. Then, on a motorway, this bike would be absolutely fantastic for that loads of power, good protection from the wind and so on. So you can knock the miles off and then, when you get to where you’re going to somewhere picturesque and lovely like this, then you can have a bit of fun, maybe not on these loose chippings.

I won’t. Oh, these chippings, all up the lovely new fairing. Sorry suzuki but yeah. If you were going to the alps or wherever, then you could certainly have a lot of fun on a high booster. So definitely you could uh it’s good for touring. In that sense, i guess the bit where it’s, not so good for touring is on the baggage front in that uh. Obviously, it’s, not good for fitting panniers and top boxes. Things like that, so you’re talking, maybe some soft luggage slung over the back seat. If you took the seat cowl off and or a rucksack in the tank bag, so it could be done if it’s just you, but obviously you’re not going to go too up touring on the high booster. But overall, i think touring. This fight would be absolutely fine for that Music, so what’s the high booster like in town, then in the urban environment what’s. She like riding at slow speeds, well pretty good. Actually, after so, i thought she was going to be quite jerky of being a big old engine, but here i am look just taking over 20 miles an hour second gear smooth as a lot. The fueling on here is very, very nice it’s, not particularly day as i roll through amisham here it’s, not particularly busy, so not great to check for things like filtering and so on, but uh not the ideal bike for weaving through traffic, because it is quite long.

Quite big, so i can think of better bikes for filtering, but you could do it on here. There’S, certainly slow, speed riding, definitely not an issue on the high visa, so another thumbs up for riding in the urban environment, on the big suzuki Music. So it’s a little damp under tyre today out on the high booster. How does the bike fare in the wet? Well, i call modern bikes, it’s laden with electronics. The electronics are there to help you so i’ll switch this down into a softer riding mode. I’Ve put it into mode c: it’s got three modes on here: a b and c aggressive, basic and comfort, i think, is what it stands for, so no real rain mode, but in mode c it turns the traction control up to 10.. So that’ll do me so that’s it’s, a kind of most intrusive mode, if you like so you’re, not going to spin the wheel up in the wet, so the electronics are all there to help. You tie wise. The bike is shot by bridgestone battle axe. Hypersport. S22S. I think they’re called – and i think i’m right in saying that they were tired, specifically developed by bridgestone, for this bike and they’ve got a special compound special new compound that’s supposed to make them good, both in wet and dry circumstances. Now, i’m, not going to be. Obviously, thrashing the bike through here when it’s damp and a bit of drizzle in the air, but you know i’m, going over these white lines and stuff no moments.

They feel pretty confident. It’S inspiring i’ve only been out on the bike in the damp front. No 15. 20 minutes and i haven’t had any of those moments where i thought. Oh, these tyres feel a bit iffy. So, even though it’s relatively cold out today and the tyres are still relatively cold, no issues with the tyres in the wet at least i haven’t found any and the other good thing about the hayabusa. If you are going to ride it in the wet and let’s face it, not many of these are going to be ridden in wet conditions. I would suspect, but if you do, you’ve got this massive frontal area and this big fairing so you’re pretty well protected from the worst of the weather and if you’re, actually in driving rain, i mean it’s pretty much stopped at the moment. It’S just drizzle, as i say, but it’s wet on the roads, but if you were in driving rain, i think it would you’d pretty much be protected by the fairing and the screen on this. So surprisingly, perhaps for a bike of this sort, riding in the wet is actually a bit of a thumbs up i’ve been on much worse bikes in terms of riding in the wet okay let’s get on some uh practical matters about ownership of the high booster then Show what’s it gon na be like if you actually live this bike, what are the little niggles that make there all the difference between ownership being a joyous experience or a bit of a pain? So there are a number of things that people often ask me to cover on these videos, starting with what’s it like to pump the tires.

Can you access the valves? Okay? Well, on this one? Actually, it doesn’t have those right angle valves, look at the front wheel here. Look you see. The valve is right in there. It’S, not right angle and you’ve got the brake discs here as well. It’S actually quite difficult to get your uh pump in there or your tyre pressure gauge very difficult. In fact, so uh that’s number one uh you might want to fit. Some of those aftermarket right angle valve stems on there next up what about lubing the chain? Well, on this bike, actually pretty difficult. Of course, it being sort of a sports bike means it doesn’t have a center stand. You wouldn’t expect that so you’re gon na have to uh put the bike up on paddock stands or wheel, the bike around to actually access the chain and then talk about accessing the chain. It’S actually quite difficult on this bike, because it’s got a bit of a chain cover on it and there’s, not actually much of the chain exposed, so uh yeah lubricating the chain on there is going to be a bit of an effort. I mean it’s doable, but a bit of a pain. Okay, next up something close to my heart cleaning, the bike is the high booster, a pain or easy to clean. Well, i put this into the easy category because this bike has got an awful lot of fairing and a lot an awful lot of it is actually enclosed.

So you can’t see much of the engine. For example, there’s not a lot of the frame exposed it’s. Actually pretty easy uh to give a once over to make it look good as i’ve done for this video, for example, uh. If you want to give it a deep, clean, then you’re going to have to take the fairings off so that’s a bit more tricky, but in the main i’d say this is one of the easier bolts to keep clean. Okay next practical matter. What about checking the oil? Is it dipstick or does it have a sight glass well, i’m, pleased to say, hi booster has a sight glass, so we’re nice and easy to check at a glance. You might need a helper because you have to get the bike upright. Obviously, to actually check it, but no faffing about with the dipstick on the high booster you’ve got a side glass to check the oil all right next on a list of matlab’s practical. Something else that people often ask me is: can i demonstrate the horn on a bike, so here we go bog standard on here, it’s a little bit wimpy. Actually, i think a deeper horn would be nicer on there on such a big bike, but it’s perfectly loud enough, just the same as any other motorcycle horn. Really so next practical matt a seating position on the bus. So now i’ve already talked about how comfortable the bike is in my first ride review if you’ve not seen that going check out the link in the corner – and i talk there about what it’s like from a comfort point of view, but often people say well what’s The bike actually like uh in terms of your position on the bike.

What does it look like on the bike? Well, here’s, a little bit of a shot of me sat on the bike. As you can see, my leg is a little bit at an acute angle. It’S more of a sports bike thing than anything, but i can get my feet flat on the deck as well on five foot, eight, with a 32 inch leg and get my feet on the deck, no problems at all, so we’re sitting position on this. It is sporty, but it is comfortable. Another thing i often get asked is what’s under the seat of a particular bike. Well, in the case of the buser, the seat itself, you have to undo some bolts to get the seat off, so you want to take it off, but the rear hump does come off. You just use the key to do that. So let me just show you what’s under here pop that there there we go got a little bit of space. The manual is there, but you’ve got enough room there for a chopsy to put one of his macadas. So a little tiny bit of storage underneath the hump at the back if you’ve gone for the hump, otherwise you’d have the rear seat here, but uh yeah you’ve got enough to put your sandwiches basically that’s about it little torque in there as well, by the way. How about fuel economy on the bike well i’ll be lying if i still actually worked it out by uh, actually measuring what i put in the tank of what i’ve used, but during the period i’ve had the uh bike, i’ve rode it on all sorts of roads.

In all sorts of conditions, as you’ve seen and according to the trip on it, i’ve been averaging 37.6 miles per gallon, so we’re fairly thirsty as you’d. Imagine, but i don’t think 37.6 is too bad for that type of bike. Oem tyres is another question that comes out. What is the bike fitted with? Well, this is got bridgestone, battlax s22 hypersport tires, which i think will develop specifically for the hayabusa okay, the mighty high abuser at night. Then – and i know those uh observant amongst you – will have noticed – it’s, not nighttime. I just want to show you the lights on this before we actually ride it at night and show you what they’re like during the day. So if i turn the bike on the lights that you get kind of by default, look here we go. Hopefully, you can see it on the camera, the main middle light which is properly on and nice and bright and you’ve got these two running lights at the side as well, so where that’s all well and good, if you want to put it onto full beam. This is the uh the button for that you just push it fully forward, which i like brings us onto full beam here, which is this little light on the bottom here as well. Hopefully you can see that and then, if you want to, you, can flash as well just by pressing the button back so that’s how that works during the day.

Let’S use the magic of youtube and now see what the bike is like at night. Okay, so here we are night, time has fallen, let’s check out what these lights are like then. Well, i have to say they’re very good. Now, as ever i always make this disclaimer. The gopro doesn’t show up the lights at all. You might only just be looking at a dark screen fall, i know, but actually these lights are excellent. They’Re on dip. At the moment, of course, they’ve got a pretty good spread. I don’t know if it’s, because of those side lights, i showed you actually makes the light spread quite wide, but uh yeah nice nice throw of light let’s go to the full beam there. We go and that’s made a massive difference to what i’m looking at wider and longer let’s go back down to dip and back up to full yeah. That is amazing. They are, of course, led lights, throwing out that clean sort of light that you get from them. Yeah excellent lights, those some of the best i’ve used and then in terms of the display at night. Hopefully, you can see here nothing different about the display, but it’s, not too dazzling it’s lit in this nice white design and it looks really clear. I love what they’ve done putting the little um. I don’t know what you call them, but the little white bits of plastic by each number. I think it looks great everything’s, nice and clear doesn’t dazzle you really nice job let’s just see what it’s like on dip through this dark, bling yeah, looking good so yeah riding at night.

If you’ve got to do it, the high booster is absolutely fine switch gears not lit up. Not many bikes do that and i suppose it could do with that on this, because it’s quite complicated but other than that no problems riding at night on the high booster. So, on the dual carriageway, the hayabusa can be absolutely ballistic, as you can imagine, riding this bike on faster roads is an absolute privilege or pleasure. You’Ve got such good wind protection over here. The airflow is going right over my helmet. This is where the aerodynamics of the bike come in. I’Ve got no wind buff, it whatsoever in top gear i’m in mode b and i’m doing uh, just a snifter over 70 miles an hour, and the bike is just so relaxed. It’S got so much water to give if you’re on an auto farm, you can absolutely rip it along. So no surprises at all on faster roads. The high abuser is just a joy Music. All right, let’s come into my favorite local train station here at great missington. The only local train station at great missington and do what is now becoming my infamous lugging about test. This is where i try to move the bike around in the car park in an attempt to simulate what it’d be like if you’re moving the bike around on your driveway. It also gives me a chance to see what the turning circle is like as well so let’s.

Stick: it slap bang in the middle of one of these standard parking spaces and see what she’s like to turn around so that’s fine neutral, very easy to find neutral on here stand is nice and easy to find as well. It goes over quite a long way on the stand, the hayabusa, but never to a point where i felt worried about it going over anyway, i’m going to move it around here then, as usual, no grab handles or anything like that. So you’ve got to hold it by the cowl or rear seat if you’ve got the rear seat option, in fact, let me just hold it by that seat. He’S quite heavy. To get off the stand feels quite a lot well, it is a large bike for sure right, let’s wheeler out here, i have to say it does feel quite ponderous i’m going to go full, lock, oh i’m, leaving the stand down because i don’t want to take Any chances with dropping this beast and the turning circle. He says he scrapes the stand. Sorry, sorry, sorry, suzuki, sorry, it’s quite wide. Actually, look at that that’s two whole spaces. So let’s just leave it. There stay there. There we go so that was uh. I think it was the middle of that one, actually all the way around to there on full, lock, so quite a long or wide turning circle and i have to say, i’m, just a sort of a medium to small size fella.

I find it quite hard to move around in fact, because it’s starting to go uphill there, i kind of run out of puff going there. So i think, if you’re a bigger, bloke it’s going to be fine to live with this, but if you’re, a smaller person or or dare i say, a female, actually it’s quite hard to uh quite hard to shift around. I think so just bear that in mind. If you’re a smaller person quite difficult to log about okay, so at the start of the video i said that i bring you all the lessons. I’Ve learned on the bike, not under the good things, but the bad things too, and i’ve written down a list of the negatives and positives that i’ve spotted during the time that i’ve had the bike so let’s crack on. Without this, the first thing i’ve got on this here are the looks aren’t for me now, it’s, obviously it’s a very subjective thing, but for me this bike just looks too bloated. It reminds me i don’t know of a victorian, pram or or a shell or something just just doesn’t work for me. So looks of the number one thing now that might be, that is subjective and it may seem a little bit shallow. But to me how a bike looks and whether it you know has that factor of you having that look back at it in the garage that’s. A big thing of owning a bike, so a bit of a major negative for me, is that one next up i’ve written here, weight when moving around now the bike is pretty heavy.

It has to be said now when you’re moving on it. It handles beautifully and you don’t notice the weight that’s the case with pretty much all big bikes in my experience, but when you’re actually moving this around on the driveway, it is a big old lump. So if you’re a smaller person, you might want to consider that another thing i noticed was the clutch action on here. Just found it a little bit um you have to let it out a long way before you get to the biting point, it’s, just a little high. The clash action for me, i’m sure you could probably adjust that out. But as this bite has come to me, i’ve just found the clutch action. A little high clutching at straws here now see what i did there another one that might seem a little bit odd of written here. Maybe too many electronics. This is absolutely laden with electronics. I’M, not convinced you need 10 levels of traction control. I know if you’re a track god – and you love that sort of thing, then all that stuff will really matter to you. But for me as a normal road rider, i don’t need as many electronics as this bike’s got does, make it a little bit um complicated to ride. You can be a bit distracted by it. You may not see that as a negative, but for me i think simpler is usually better and last but not least on my negative list of the exhaust on this.

They look absolutely hideous. So i posted some pictures of this bike during the time. I’Ve had it on my instagram account if you’re not following me, there do go and follow me um and uh. I think the biggest number of comments that i had back was the looks of the exhaust on this. They seem to not be lights. They are, of course, euro five friendly somebody said um. What on earth is euro 10 gon na do to bike? So i completely agree. The exhausts on this thing are absolutely hideous. All right, that’s it for the negatives let’s move on to the positives right. Should we try and be a bit more positive, then he says sat in front of that hideous exhaust, okay, so again written down the positive things that i found out about the bike here so first off. I want to just mention the paint work on this now. This isn’t my favorite color. I really wish that suzuki sent me the black and gold bike, which i think looks absolutely epic, not so keen on this grey paintwork. But the thing about it is, it is very nice quality it’s just got a depth and finish to it that you don’t see on many bikes these days. It’S got like a metal flake in it, and it just looks brilliant, so yeah. The paintwork depth is really good on the bike. Uh next up, we’ve written here as a positive folklore surrounding the high abuser it’s one of those iconic bikes, people that don’t even know about motorcycles have heard of higher boosters and there aren’t that many bikes uh that uh, that that is the case.

For maybe things like the honda goldwing, which i would mention uh, i can’t think of that many others that people, maybe the fireblade uh but yeah. Certainly, on the fingers of one hand, you could mention all the iconic box, maybe the bonneville as well anyway, i’m thinking more and more to think about it, but anyway, higher booster is definitely up there with folklore. So i think that’s a good thing uh next up in terms of riding the quick shifter on this bike is beautiful um you can actually adjust it. It’S got two levels of adjustment of adjustment, which is uh really good. I’Ve not come across that before, and i think that adjusts the timing uh, what that it takes for the gear shift to actually um change and the quick shifter on here both up and down, is really really lovely. So that’s. The next thing, uh next up, effortless power and predictable delivery. Great fueling at all speeds, is what i’ve written here uh, because it’s got this big engine, because it’s got loads of torque, because it’s um, lovely and smooth as a four cylinder there’s just power available everywhere. Here i just love that about the bike, handling it’s got a really planted feel of spot again. It might be because of its weight and again uh. Lots of big heavy bikes do feel like this, but uh in the corners it’s. Just you sort of set and forget it feels uh solid in the corners.

It doesn’t feel jitterish uh, like a light, skittish bite might do you set it and round. You go it’s, just a planted feel on this bike, and i love that about big bikes. It’S. Just the way that they feel the handling on this is much more nimble than you’d expect of a heavy bike, but yeah, so the handling is lovely on it. Next up, i’ve written here, price 16.5 grand one of these will cost you now. That is a lot of money, but when you consider uh what you get on the bike for that, i think that’s, pretty good value actually yeah. I mentioned already the electronics i’m, not keen on having quite so many of them, but actually uh a bike with that. Much electronics for six and a half grand is pretty good value. I reckon uh next up instrumentation. I think they’ve played a blinder that the way they’ve done the one of a better word dashboard on a high booster. I love the mix of classic analog dials and the tft screen in the middle, giving you all the extra information that you need. I think that’s beautiful. I hope other manufacturers take note and follow suit and then uh last, but by no means least on the positive list. I’Ve just said here, smooth engine again, four cylinder, creaminess, uh, no vibrations on the bike. If you like, uh a smoother ride, then the higher booster delivers that in space, so there we are that’s.

My in depth, review of the 2021 suzuki hayabusa. What an incredible machine! This is it’s a bike. That’S got a massively loyal following, and i dare say that that following they’re going to absolutely love this bike, because it’s got to everything about the bike that i’ve heard about the original hayabusa is still here. It’S got that massive power, massive acceleration, incredible stability and aerodynamics. For me, the looks just don’t quite do it, but uh. If you can get past that, then it really is a beautiful bike with its electronic suite now it’s up there with the best of them and fantastic value for money, i think at 16 and a half grand for me, though the standout feature i think, it’s just Going to be not only the engine, the way it sounds and its smoothness, but also the handling of the bike on roads like these sweepy b, roads it’s, just an absolute joy to ride. So if you’re interested in these bikes do go and get yourself a test drive, i think you might be quite impressed all right. I hope you enjoyed that look forward to speak to you again soon. Until then, this has been the mystery flyer.