This is paradise, a place which greets you with its arms, wide open hands. You a cold brew and urges you to sit back and let life happen in konkani, its called su segar, which roughly translates to living your life to the fullest, a philosophy designed to free you from the tentacles of time and one which permeates every nook and corner Of this coastal state, so theres no escaping it. Music life here just cannot be rushed, as every moment is meant to be lived Music, and if there is one more cycle that fits the bill of the quintessential go on bike. It is this your new royal enfield classic 350. Music and it clearly looks the part, its distinctive post war, styling inspired from the g2 characterized by this teardrop tank. You have the cascade headlamp. I think it blends in perfectly with this old, beautiful portuguese architecture that goa is renowned for, but then again goa is also the party capital of india and the classic. Two in its defense is now young at heart. The brand new 349 ccj j platform engine, which we have first seen on the meteor one, which delivers a riding experience that seems to be tailored to thrive on the streets of goa Music, for the aim here is not to arrive quickly but to arrive in style. The early bird doesnt get the worm here. The most patient one does youll, be hard pressed to find a cup of joy first thing in the morning on your early morning.

Ride because the locals love to watch the sunrise as much as you do. Music theres. Also. No point charging into the serpentine road because youre guaranteed to find a herd, a gang of cows chomping on in a blind corner. You might as well just put your hair down, enjoy the empty highway that you have to yourself and feel the warm glow as the first rays hit you, and there are very few motorcycles which do this as eloquently as the classic 350. Music. The ergonomics offer you a commanding view of the world ahead in front of you. You have 27 newton wheels of torque at your back and call Music and, of course, the intoxicating bubble of the long stroke, 349 cc single, just guaranteed to put a smile on your face as a return heads as you finally, roll up for breakfast Music. As i sit here and finally have this cup of chai, i cannot help but think about this time. The last few months that ive lived in goa and the impact that has had on this review when youre used to the fast life it takes you a while to come to grips with goa and the pace of the life here, Music. But once you embrace it once you really embrace the concept of suicide, you start living in the moment and truly enjoying it Music, a lesson which has also helped me understand and look at the classic a little bit differently, because, to be honest, i never could understand How the classic was the highest selling bike in res lineup, maybe because i could never look past the vibrations, but now with the j platform engine and the refinement it brings to the table, i can finally see you know the beauty of the old school engine and Have that all that experience that people talk about in its purest form, they have made a very, very big step in terms of refinement.

There are barely any vibes, even when you are riding it at full chat. There are barely any buzz on the bars or the pegs, even when you have the throttle completely pinned and the same refinement. Also, moves on to the gearbox, which shifts in perfectly its very precise and also finding neutral, is very very easy. On the tech front, i love how they have seamlessly integrated the usb charger and how you can also buy the tripper, the navigation port as an accessory. Then you have the ride quality, which is nice and plush, with only the sharpest bumps getting through to you and is also really spacious and really comfortable to accommodate a pillion Music. Ah, but having said that, theres still room for improvement, starting with the clutch, the clutch is still on the heavier side, especially in stop go traffic, so that can be lighter. Also, on the stopping front, you have a 100 by 90 wider front section tire you also get bigger 300 mm disc at the front and a 270 mm disc at the back. So that has of course improved the braking performance, but i still feel the stopping power. All our stopping power can be better, especially at the front to bring this 195 kg juggernaut to a stock Music, and then you have the seat. I do miss the springs but its a cool seat. Nonetheless, the rider seat, but it has not really been designed for long distance touring Music.

In fact, if that is your intention, if youre looking for a touring companion, then the meteor 350, i think, makes a more convincing argument because uh its lighter it has a bigger fuel tank. It also gets better wind protection and the ergonomics, too are more touring friendly. But if you are willing to forgo some of that practicality and purposefulness for some old school panache, if youre truly truly willing to embrace this suse guard form of riding, then i think the classic 350.