Todays reenactment request is from ivor. Well, this clearly needs the grim. Reapers touch. Weve got raf typhoon jet shoots down small hostile drone in syria. This is a few weeks ago. Obviously we were slightly behind. Here is a wonderful raf typhoon taking off. It is the first time the british military have downed another enemy aircraft since the falklands war. Technically the falklands complete nearly 40 years ago, 1982 wow – that is amazing id say we havent shot down another plane for 40 years, isnt that crazy and its good. But you know what i mean its just weird: 40 years is a long time. The mod said the drone, which was shot down on 14 december, posed a threat to coalition forces fighting the islamic state group in southern syria. It did not say which hostile group was operating. The drone defense secretary ben wallace said the strike was an impressive demonstration of the rafs ability to take out hostile targets in the air, really a massive 90 million pound jet taking down a drone. Okay, fine, two fgr4 jets were on a routine patrol from their base. In cyprus, when they were asked to investigate the small drone on tuesday, the pilots identified and destroyed it using an advanced short range air to air missile called the azram expensive missile. The incident took place near the al tan coalition military base close to the border with iraq, an asram missile which costs around 200 000 pounds about a quarter of a million dollars a bit more and has a range of 12 to 15 miles flies at supersonic speed.

Faster than the speed of sound defense sources told the bbc, this engagement would likely have been relatively close encounter, possibly with the aircrew in line of sight. I think it means visual range of the much slower flying drone. It is the first operational air engagement conducted by an raf typhoon and the first such engagement by the uks air force over iraq and syria right, so we shot something down now, as i was reading that i was thinking, why do you use a quarter of a Million pound missile, which i pay for with my tax money rather than a few dollars worth of mauser 27 mike mike bullets, and then i was thinking its actually quite hard to shoot something moving very slow drones move at you know: 40 knots, 60 knots or whatever, Whereas the slowest this plane can go is loaded up, probably 200 knots or something it is actually, as you know, very hard to shoot down these uh, these slow things with guns, the symbologies doesnt work properly. It causes all sorts of problems so yeah he used to missile use the cheapest missiles he had. I guess that kind of makes sense. Weve got to go and reenact to this. I cant literally find any way we can get this wrong, but we are asked any comments. No and welcome in we are at raf. Akatori in southern cyprus were going to change history just slightly because thats what we like to do here, rc over the other side of the water, is syria and in syria, southern syria, bordering on iraq.

It just so happens, theyre holding a convention. Do you know what convention is rt, no its the annual californias firefighting convention? Would you believe it theyre doing it in syria this time, but they are where they get together and they share stories of this years. Firefighting in california, which i know you had something to do with didnt you so here are their fire engines no theyre slightly different color cause. I had to paint them to fit in heres rc and his buddies, hello, rcs, hey im from california, or something its about right. Isnt it theyre there um now weve had this worrying inkling feeling that there is – and i quote, a small drone moving towards them and it is unknown currently who is operating it, but he does have missiles and were slightly worried. So what were going to do is take off and do a routine patrol cap, so uh turn left onto the runway. Please ill soon ill. Follow you. Why cant i hear you like my canopy is up thats. So weird, i dont know push the lever forward ill see the lever goes forward. There we go. Are you doing it youre almost doing it very good? Youve got meteors and azrams meteors and azrams say left yeah. I think. Oh, i i i i didnt run the brakes. I see i never bound the brakes. Oh i had to do it in a hurry. I had to set up america.

Not to worry. Oh dont worry brakes are losers anyway, elsa. You know that all right im following you, then all right, apparently, because i cant slow down and speed up and lost go down. You know me: i live my life a mile at a minute or whatever that guy says i shouldnt not even sure the brakes work. Even that was that oh, the brakes do and i cant brake. You know what, when i push the brake pedal down, the stick moves thats, why its not working for me im going to go and re, bind that ever so quickly. Oh yeah, you guys otherwise im not gon na. You know what ill see lets not even bother putting brakes on lets. Just fly right, come on with me. Three two one wet ive, been playing with kids all day five year olds, all day, so im full of sarcasm and stupidness gear up and airshow climbing three. It is a bit three. Two one go its a bit: it is its one of them, rt its one of them, my favorite kind of part, yes, its just for fun its just for fun. You just disappeared, yep ill meet you about the clouds somewhere. I didnt know: okay right im up at 15k um im heading on three zero zero. Until i work out where were going right, three zero, zero, yep youll find me im going to go and just check the annual californian fire conventions ever so worried about the annual california fire convention 2022, because this, no sorry it was 20 21.

This happened wasnt it because this drone is ever getting ever so close rc and its got two nasty chinese looking missiles on. Why would the chinese even be here? I see why do we do such stupid things? This is why no one takes it seriously. Anyway. Have you found me? No, pretty, of course you havent im putting it is a slightly powerful aeroplane isnt it im gon na see you when youre 11 oclock 10 oclock youre. Actually on my one oclock now i think uh yeah. I actually meant that, but i said something else right im watching the drone, its definitely not chinese. Its fired up chinese maverick ah ill, see why on earth is he firing on the 2021 annual californian fire convention? I dont even know why hes doing it here you are, i see youre supposed to be more concerned. Oh im, just trying to get. Oh, i see you see you as cause. You were trying to catch up with me right here. He comes chinese maverick, be like i dont like firefighter and boom. Oh youve lost a colleague. Luckily, he jumped out and enrolled in time because california, firefighters, are such buff heroes, but youve lost an engine and thats money, honey in the bank right rc weve got to go and give him some muck. Loving slash boom boom lets find out where these guys actually are right. Its on the board, oh sweet weve gone completely the wrong way.

Dont worry about that because were going to go 106 for 250 wow thats going to take forever girls. You me: can you see me yeah, im right on you right here, four pound, three, two one gate and leveling out and climbing slightly right lets go shoot this freaking drone down with whatever the heck we want to shoot you down with right. Have i got trim set up? Yes, i have im going to constantly slip to the left because i havent set my rudder up yet drone. That is definitely not chinese has only attacked once all is well so far. I dont think we can even another fuel to do this but dont mind lets try it 220 miles to go how far 220 but dont worry yeah well go mach. 2. Look were a mac 1.6 already yeah right. I have to know. I dont know when how to know when weve uh run out of our fuel in our tank, so i guess see what happens: im checking on the drone, its definitely not chinese, its okay. So far, the annual convention theyre going ahead, theyve lost a truck and a man has small skulls on his hand, but the convention is going ahead, thats just how they work in california, rc, which im sure youll agree with exactly. I really want to try dumping. My tank, this might go wrong, but im going to try to dump in my tank. Youll need to do the same if this works so left control and w yeah baby left controlling w once sends her off control yeah and we are speeding up.

Mark 2.3. Mark 2.3: we will cover this ground in no time. Oh drones, coming back in going as massive 60 knots. Look at that. Oh im, menacing Music map 2.3 with stores full stores that is a fast plane, ill, say wow. Look at that yeah what it could really do. No, you definitely cant. Definitely, i would like to say it could yeah. I dont want to be the one to give you bad news, but i think wing loon is coming in for the annual firefighting convention. Again. No, as hes acting hasnt improved, i see no hows that acting job going for you fuel 1500. Are you serious yeah? Have you found where it says the fuel yet nope? Just she just didnt have to do it all right. Just itll be fine itll, be fine! You worry a lot right, especially flanker, and they do it. You know: hey forgot about it with the euro fighter. Skin is what youre saying pretty much Music its not going to shoot a walk. He cant find them. The annual firefighting convention is hiding under thick cloud. Okay ill see the fuel rc yeah were fine. Where is it its like? On the ufc ufc yeah were fine were halfway. There were over halfway there. Oh, my goodness, a uh chinese maverick thats, not chinese mavericks out its actually a barrel bomb, no its going to go for the heart of the convention. This might actually hurt someone. Is that what you want to hurt someone? Oh! No, oh, luckily, because hes, a buff of muscle he jumped out carrying a child, ordered well ill, say god.

I wouldnt really want to be a uh, not japanese. Why are you californian firefighter 1200 gas were almost there rc 800 fuel 800 yup dude its definitely 800. You know what 600 actually for me, 600 wow thats uh problematic, but on the plus side, weve only got wow 132 miles to go. Ah, we didnt plan this out. Why didnt we dump the tank ill, see you im, not breaking it. Why did we dump the sample lets go for attitude, then im going for attitude ill, see you in hell thats gon na help me nothing can help. You ive got break 900. We are also getting their own way because im constantly going out with a cockpit right. Turning right, this is why they dont. Let us find real typhoons. Rc bingo fuel cant be serious, but one minute finger fuel means that youve only just got enough fuel to get home. I dont even think i can get home. Oh youve been a very expensive glider. Then werent you 100 miles to cover yeah. Sometimes i think of these ideas and i dont think it through. Do you know what i mean auntie? Yes, i know what you mean. Oh you know what im going to get rid of some drag. What can go wrong? Im going to get rid of some meteors meteor, one off our bulls, meteor, two off. Why didnt they drop the meteors okay ill, go in guns guns. I could kill the gun.

Okay. Ive dropped, my stores because i need to yeah. I need to get slick. They probably wouldnt have done that in real life rc, but well good luck! Oh im hitting bingo fuel well ill see! Yes, i am dead in the water youre dead, oh thats, problematic, theyre, rolling down right now, thats like you, should have dumped your stores. Well, you know what heres the good thing, though i dont think it would have meant those meteors will go over 100 miles, so you might even be able to shoot the drone with from here. You get a lock on him im going to start trying to lock it in my radar yeah ill. Try it oh sweet! I havent set any of my keys up so those i have whats the radar key. So i i only go out 100 miles and im further than 100 miles away. Okay, i cant see him. So if i cant see him, you probably cant see him not gon na lie. Hes got small rcs as well. Okay on the plus side 84 miles. For me, rc and ive got lots of you lots of you yeah. You are the radar um, my problems, value to you as minor minor problems. Why didnt, we ever think anything through. Oh, come on 60 miles, im gliding 60 miles right, whats, the glide ratio of a what are we youre a fighter bright night, great sweet, sweet, beeping, sound that wont get annoying.

Maybe i can drown it out with some air to make any difference brilliant right. Well, im gliding! Why didnt i put a tanker out here every other mission, its unlimited fuel, except for this one? Well, i dont really think about it. I was but ive been doing the children all day and it was like i had to get home quickly and make a mission for rc. Otherwise he goes theres nothing. You have a does anything refuel. I guess it probably does i suppose its flanker yeah. So it will do oh yeah im trying to think of something positive. I cant think of anything positive must be something positive with this. I didnt want it to come to this rc. I really didnt want it to come to this, but were going to wind up ways apart here because im, why why cant you catch me up, because i have no fuel ah right. Well, can i drop altitude? You were very inefficient with your feel right. Well, dont break the aeroplane for gods, sake, make sure theres a proper good landing good sturdy buck of a landing. I might even get there im 40 miles away. Oh its rough terrain, down there yikes yeah, i simply just said there might be a runway or a fuel. I didnt actually think oh wouldnt, i think of that ill see, go to rayjack, go to rayjack, no im, not gon na make it there unbelievable unbelievable commitment to the cause right im going to the nearest place uh, if its neutral can you refuel, i dont know.

I cant remember i made them, but i need to sit and think where am i going? Where am i going? I need to think about my road im gon na try and land on it, its not the best road for landing. Rc im not gon na lie. You know me, i wont lie to you. I wont lie to you personally. I dont always road. Really. Why im? Not this sure, though syrians are gon na, be that hospitable to a look youre, a lighter, piler, eject, eject youll, be fine itll, be fine all right! Well, cut that little bit out right, you need to help me now. You need to stop thinking about yourself for once and come and help supercap. So where do i land, probably south? I think why do you not have a canopy uh? It just got lost in the mix somewhere ill see. You know me im very emotional pilot 15 miles. I reckon i can make this one, which one the al dumar or the marge the sultan north thats. Not why youre going to the salt now no im going to marge 13 miles. Ive got 15 000 feet. Yeah yeah ive got this in the bag. Ive got this in the bag whoa. Here we go guys. There we go. Ive got a fun idea as well. Uh super cam, you devil, im gon na lie. This could take a while look at that glide ratio. It just collides itself guys how the boys are saying.

Hopefully i wont need the front. You know heres a great time to set the brakes up. Rc there. You go well, the question is: is that the right way around? Ah theyre, not animated? I dont know if its the right way around rc, either ill break really well or i wont break at all by the looks of things we shall see. Britain by the way heading is zero. Seven, eight, let me guess its 90 degrees, it is sweet. My favorite, oh dont, worry ill see at least were getting to see a lot of syria today, youre gon na have to come in on an unstabilized landing right. All of my landings are unstable. Four miles. Ah, four miles. Sweet and ive still got nine thousand feet. Valued humongous yeah, you got it so yeah. You are about 90 degrees on the runway right now, so you may want to turn get a wide turn. I might thought this one here we go right uh. Where is the runway valley? Viewers wheres the runway because i dont see squat its on your right. I believe, looking right, its oh, its a helicopter, see a helicopter. Oh well! That might be. I got ta go! Oh my god. Are they both helicopters? Oh, my lord right, okay, damascus is straight ahead at five miles: Music: damascus, no im not going to make it its too risky gear out theres a road right there. Interview is my gear out: uh, yes, thats a short runway for no brakes.

Why do we get in these weird situations, all the time thats? Not even a runway right there, im falling out im no longer flying im falling breaks. I dont know how to use them. Stop stop its still good, its still good youre good. There we go. Oh, it was no wheels. That was the problem. Well were just gliding and gliding arent. We ill see. Look at that hydraulic failure. There we go right, aussie were going to refuel and were going to take back off from. Where are we? Where are we south south right stand by for part two, so im gon na see you i dont, want you get the dance playing cause. You scratched you scrapped your nice bank id never pick up on these yeah on the road. Welcome back value viewers to part two: now i get my jet because its all refueled and reowned, because i landed correctly ill, see who didnt correct land correctly because he used all of his fuel up gets the dunce plane with one missile. Okay, rc! Yes! Now! Because because this runway is yes ill say can help you too ah go ahead, because this runway is far too small, were gon na have to go and find some uh roads. So follow me to the road hang on. I got ta set this point up. Sweet the brakes still dont work, even though ive clearly set them up thats fine, i wont get annoyed well.

Im gon na have a look around anyway right, theres a minor problem to solve here, but you know me: i like solving problems after rule. What is that minor problem? Um ill worry about that rc. Oh, come on yeah problem solved. Oh, come on, find a problem im just going to find the reverse gear and ill be back with you. I think i may have discovered a problem i think were locked in here. Rc i cant actually get through the door. Look ill, see, go why dont they put walls. Why doesnt everyone have to build walls im going to try taking up the runway. I cant actually get out. Oh you cant. This is the problem. With these milsim things, we do rc got a turning circle on it. Okay, thats a little bit silly, but he jacked um nothing happened. It did not. This did it right. I cant see a way out rc. Can you see a way out uh lets see down here you try that i found another way out. You try and youll see what happens. Oh yeah, its completely blocked huh. I got away okay wheres your way over here. Follow me ill see, follow me and dont worry: oh thats. What it does. Let me get a new point ill see. You worry a bit too much about life for my liking. Youve got to be more supercap about things all right. Where are you im over this side right watch this oh come on.

This is friggin plane. I thought i could go over the burn, but i couldnt this has become my life friggin mission. If we could fire on the ground, we could blow everything up. I dont want to be the one i dont want to be negative about this, but i dont think theres any way out of here. Probably not oh, i got an idea. I got an idea. Watch this its all about lift equations. Yes, oh, come on right were gon na need a part three rc out. We go okay, welcome in valued viewers im, not gon na lie, weve been here for a few hours and we cant find a way out so were going harrier right. I forgot how to drive this one as well ill see so take off check its like riding a bike like riding the village bike ill see you never forget come on this way. Are you gon na? Oh, you just got ta do a short field. I guess im not gon na lie. I cant really remember right: the nozzles go down dont they. This is good yeah. I can always say valued viewers. Just do it and then think about it later, bettys going on and on at me and im, not gon na. Listen here we go im doing a thing im doing a thing. Look at that straight up, rc, look at that right, pretty were pretty late. Now we are yes, we are right flaps when we, when do we come not hovering and flying thats about now isnt.

It transition slowly transition out right, im up party that was actually relatively easy. Im on heading of 0, 6, 0 slowly increasing altitude right. We finally got out of the base of death. We should make a new series called adventures with super cap and rc its all about how the stupid adventures that we do there. He is look there. He is hes off right, heavens, totally started me. That would be ridiculous. Okay, uh the badly waddies are uh 40 miles away, so we better go through uh on a heading of zero. Six zero magnetic were gon na go dons the clouds. I dont see you, but ive got your uh ir signature all right, im gon na turn. On my essay how to switch uh 400 knots in a climb? What a beast! Ladies and gentlemen, i give you the upgraded pegasus Applause. Syria is pretty this time of year rc we should go and visit syria im good okay missile in germany is raketa rakita from zambia, germany. I think i found him rc yeah. I found him. I got an idea before we shoot him. Why dont? We have some fun with him. Um im gon na see if im flying formation with vtol mode like 60 knots wouldnt that be fun if we could its going to get slow enough right, okay, initially, okay, here we go. This should be interesting value for humanoids britss altitude, uh 16k. I think oh so hes up there.

Okay, all right here we go nozzles are down, so i should slow down nicely. Ive got ta, make a turn to get in formation with him. Oh there. I thought it was moving fast, but it turns out im at 300 knots. Thatll, be why okay, sir the above the clouds? Oh, so i need to work my intercepts. This is going to be harder. First envisioned it. I see you more power gym more power. I cant get any frost up here. The pegasus cant get any thrust, come on little pegasus. When you see you do well right now, i dont think we can fire it at. You hes part of me hes, the cheeky son of a bee hes fine at the convention. Right it turns out. We cant find formation. You cant make the power you cant, make the power needed up here, theres, just not enough air. I cant even stabilize myself. Oh jesus right, okay, im gon na have to shoot him down ill see. Im gon na have to go to the rifle as wed like to say where i come from right. If i get my nose up so how do i get my nose up when im falling out of the sky? Okay, this should be an interesting shot. Oh, this is going to be weird im falling backwards. Do something jeebus ive lost him now. This is what happens when you screw around arsene dont. Do milsim missions said anything like this happen could have seen him ah come on jeebus quick, vip biff around fif around there.

I got him im, bipping im really doing it dad im doing it. Ah, i cant get on him hes, not making enough hes, not making any heat ill see. How did the asram track him? Can you get a look on him yeah? I got ta come around right now, jesus, how many grim reapers does it take to kill a friggin drone? Well, its a problem with drones. Isnt it. Oh, it really is. I cant have no heat. Everything works im. Just what im doing? Oh, my god, im pulling out skye every time i pull out the friggin sky, though ah stupid area, Music, all right, dont worry come on. Lets get marty we gang up on him stuck in the weirdest knife. Fight known to man is that oh thats, you heaven dont shoot me rc would be embarrassing certain forums. Is that what you want more embarrassment to the firm hes behind me now, okay, ive got him. I cant get locked okay. Finally, up firing thats sexy thats sexy. I caught a drone rc. I killed it with my own gun right, yeah thats, going to land at the fire convention, all right. Where is the fire convention? Next, you know what im gon na do: im gon na, take my shirt off glisten my muscles and carry a baby thats. What im gon na do when i get there? Why? What are you gon na do just talk to the boys yeah im, not gon na! Do that all right? Fine, did you find them yeah, theyre in a big, weird square down here right and its concentrate ill see if youll just stop yapping for one? Second, i could concentrate right here.

We go. I think ive burnt my water off no im good plenty of water. Anyway, if you ran out of water couldnt, you condense your own water up here. I think you could uh how many viewers will tell me how yeah honestly, as you know, im no big town, physics, professor, but stop saying caution. You turn your water on too soon yep and i dont work on my gear up or down apart from that were in excellent shape. Oh, i love me an annual firefighting, no, an annual californian firefighting convention. You know i love that hey boys, oh loads of air, down here, rc loads of air. You know my fondness: are there im coming in boys quick way come on? Oh theres, so many leave us to balance. Ah, nothing went wrong. Applause, yep, thats, fine, ill! Look at you doing all milsim rc just across the boys wont recognize that i may have ran one of the trucks. What do you mean im just lazy im, just saying it looks like youre following the sop, which is not grim, reapers sop, thats. What i was saying the slp is land like you, yep, no! Well, no, i didnt run into the men over how about that good im, not down. Yet i could have a problem im running out of water. You will need what go up high and condense. Some water yeah ill see the slowest lander ever as he likes. He parks his car like this hes like an old man.

He takes like three hours. Cat wants everything now now now i know he does well done. Rc were very proud of you, so we saved the day. Im not gon na lie across quite a quite a pretty some in airframe, but you cant put a price on a convention. It really really helps morale through the force. So im happy with that. Do you call it the fire force or the fire service its fire service? Isnt it source would sound wrong. It found sound too forceful wouldnt it thats mission, complete theres, nothing else to say it was pretty efficient, more efficient than normal. Anything you want out rc nope.