Cars are not getting any faster than this you’re watching throttle house i’m thomas and i’m james, and these are two of the quickest fastest bestest. Most daily, you name, the superlative it’s got it cars in the world right now and today is particularly exciting, because we’ve teamed up with omaze to give away another special r8 that’s in a limited run. Mijello blue we’ll talk about it more at the end, but all you need to know right now is go to r8 and donate for your chance to win best part. Is your entry goes towards helping a great cause? It all started with this. The 930 turbo 911 you saw in the intro a car that was known to occasionally spit an unknowing driver off the road propelled by an unsuspecting and violent surge of boost. Thankfully, porsche being porsche, took the formula of a turbocharged refined super sports car and over the decades tweaked it polished it refined it. The result: a 640 horsepower twin turbo flat, six all wheel, drive weapon, which is arguably the world’s ultimate everyday super sports car, the 992 turbo s Music – and we say arguably because the audi r8 exists for now, because the r8 and its v10 will soon be discontinued, Which is a shame because it also fights for the title of most livable super sports car Music. However, this is no normal. R8 it’s, the decennium edition celebrating 10 years of audi v10s installed in the r8 it’s.

Essentially, a v10 performance trim with some extra fancy stuff going on all that and it’s still not quite as expensive as today’s 265 000. Canadian 911 turbo s let’s have at it. We do car reviews track tests and quite a lot of messing around so subscribe and hit the bell Music ultimate daily performance, all right, there’s, a lot of things that go into that. So, even though the 911 turbo s is an absolute nutter when it comes to speed, i think the r8 has a fighting chance, because speed is superficial and there’s more to it than that, like you know, looks all right. That is quite superficial, but i’m gunning. For this one, because listen Music, okay james, put me in the 911 because i’m to be honest, not totally sold on turbocharged 911s. I think they’re better off being a little bit slower, a little bit worse and a little bit more naturally aspirated but that’s. Like me saying i don’t like poutine without going to quebec and trying the proper version of it because that’s what this is in terms of turbocharged 911s. This is the full proper gravy and cheese curd on a bed of crispy fries 911. from a daily livability perspective. In normal mode, it’s, smooth, it’s, predictable, it’s, comfortable there’s, maybe a little bit of road noise and it’s a bit choppy over the bumps but that’s, because when you put it in sport plus it can do this Music, any sort of maneuver.

You do in traffic. This car will allow you to do it. You, you think up a thing you want to do and the car will, let you do it any corner, any speed, anything anytime and it just crushes it. It’S, crazy and i’ve never been in a car this fast, where the visibility and the usability and the ergonomics are not compromised and you kind of can store stuff in the back too, from just a daily livability perspective. This car, with that ridiculous engine behind me, is just an insane combo. It just is Music. Okay, we’re gon na behave for a minute comfort mode. All right, thomas was talking about ride and we’ve, driven both of these today and we’re testing them for everything we can – and this is without question – a better riding car than the 911 it’s more supple you’re not going to be apologizing to your passenger, nearly as much For the shakes and the bumps and for the most part, it’s quieter in here until you do that, because where the 911 and the r8 massively differ is at my foot, i have a lamborghini activation pedal which, when applied activates the screaming v10 behind me. In fact, the only way that can be any better is if i was in the spider and some might see it differently. But one of my absolute favorite things about the r8 and what makes it so great is that it has this amazing ability to become just a car.

You could fool yourself around town or on the road into thinking that this is just an audi tt or an even an audi, a4 it’s just calm and composed. The only question, then, if this is the winner on the road in terms of comfort, can it come alive when pushed to its limits? We can’t really achieve that legally on the road, so we’re going to go to the track and find out and as usual, we are absolutely not going to drag race them. I’Ll give it to him it’s a good looking car doesn’t matter, though it’s not all about cool tomorrow times. Is it like carson, yeah, it’s, just part of the recipe cars are more than the sum of their parts. Sometimes – and you know this is i mean that thing’s going down right down the strip faster faster than that? Oh god that hurts oh, my face is distorting oh he’s off. He is off oh wow. That porsche is fast, oh number well, over 200, at the finish line there all right, they made a quick call, alarming that’s. The word alarming this felt quick like so few cars can make an audi r8 v10 performance slow. I don’t even know where you were. You were just completely behind me, yeah, looking real good sounding real good Laughter. This car is completely insane. It doesn’t make any sense it’s how a turbo s should be i’m, sweating, i’m, sweating now and it’s cold out today.

Well, fortunately, we have the opportunity to test these cars at their limits today track time. Now, the last time we were on this track in an audi, it was the rs6 and actually on the audi website. It says that the audi rs6 has nearly 600 horsepower. I know you’re thinking nearly 600. How can it be nearly 600 because it’s not as much as 600 and they’re trying to avoid saying 5? Something good news is this has more than 600 and it has a little button down here with a race flag, and when i press that i go into performance mode and performance, it does have Music. In north america, it gets 602 horsepower which is 38 less than that turbo s, but thanks to having no turbo chargers, its 5.2 liter, naturally aspirated v10, absolutely wails and it’s as easy to manage that power on the track as it is on the road. Thanks to its seven speed, double clutch transmission – that is a fun transmission up shifts, are so aggressive if you let it get to redline, otherwise, it’s actually really smooth and the engine. Oh the engine, don’t, get me wrong. I’Ve got a lot of love for the 911s flat 6. for the naturally aspirated v10. I mean this car almost had it in the bag from the start, because of that steering typical audi fashion light accurate, maybe too light even in the highest performance mode, but that accuracy i’ve said it before created by archers this stuff and the predictability of the power.

Because of that natural aspiration, i stay high in the revs i put my foot down, it puts a smile on my face bit of mid engined, understeer there’s, a reason this engine is also in a lamborghini and there’s a reason. This decennium version celebrates 10 years of it because it’s really something to celebrate eight and a half thousand rpm the virtual gauge cluster flashing at me. Every time i need to shift the suspension in this is so compliant. This is a bumpy track. We have a bumpy track and this car just takes it like a boss. You think it was good on the road should see out here. So as far as sports cars go it’s, obviously very precise. That said, i have tracked that 911 and this isn’t, quite as buttoned down it, is a bit softer it doesn’t it doesn’t go full track car. The way that 911 feels with its suspension, it’s, definitely more road leaning. So if that’s, where your priorities are it’s, going to do it in spades, and yet, if you want to take it to the racetrack so that you can experience it at the speeds that it’s capable of you absolutely can and by the way i’m talking more than 200 miles an hour, this car can do so that 911 might be quicker, but this is just as fast and because of the engine you get to experience more of it without going to ten tenths. If it were me, i think i’d probably go for the spider.

I don’t need to see a track in this. I just need to see a sunny day and the roof down and that engine closer to us, because when we drove the lamborghini huracan spider Music, it came alive what a car, what a car Music! Okay! As you would expect, this car is ridiculously stupidly, insanely impossibly to comprehend fast in a straight line: it’s, probably the fastest car i’ve ever driven in third. Fourth, every gear feels the same, but that’s not really. What concerns me you see. The thing is: is that there’s more to a car than just knocking out ridiculous quarter mile times, especially a sports car and on the road anyway, this thing is too muted. It’S too easy. It doesn’t scare you it doesn’t, make things difficult. It doesn’t inspire you to be a better driver. It just does it all for you, you almost can’t screw up, which is why we’re on a track, because i want to know if i turn every single thing off we’re in sport plus mode we’re, shifting manually the pdk by the way, is insane. What does this car do? Can it light my socks on fire rear engine 911s, a little bit different than what i’m used to so there goes the boy oh yeah holy. The g forces are absolutely absurd and you turn in and you wait for the rear to come around and you just get a little bit of that rear engine push.

I do like that that engine 3.8 liter flat 6 twin turbocharged it’s ridiculous there. It goes there’s. Actually, quite a lot of turbo lag don’t, let anybody tell you there’s, no turbo lag in this. There is, but you know what that 930 turbo, that we drove in that intro. This reminds me of that, because it did exactly the same thing back then that it does now it’s like oh it’s, okay, it’s, fine and then it’s. Not. We talk a lot about fractions on throttle house, nine tenths, ten tenths, eleven tenths. What does that mean? It means that, in order to get excitement out of this car i’m driving it at ten tenths, the absolute limit of what this car can do and to be perfectly honest with you it’s taking every ounce of skill. I have because this car is completely tame until it’s, not oh, my god, it’s kind of like john wick subtle calm keeps to itself doesn’t bother anyone, but if you piss it off it’ll take out an entire section of the mob toss it in the harder. I push the more the car rewarded me and when you get it right and use the mass of the engine behind you and settle it into a turbocharged fuel drift, it really becomes a proper sports car. The problem is, i had to drive it like this to really enjoy it on the road it’s too good and the engine, while powerful, just sounds like an angry vacuum cleaner, which is why i think the car for me is still the gt3.

What makes porsche good is not outright speed. What makes porsche good is the interesting balance of the chassis and the potential that across the lineup somewhere, there is a car with an engine in it that can damn near bring a tear to your eye and that’s. What the gt3 is – and i cannot wait to drive the 992 gt3 as i drove the previous gen it’s amazing, and i i think, with this chassis, this interior, these abilities and these capabilities in a car with a naturally aspirated high revving flat six yeah that’s, where I’M at so don’t get me wrong. The 992 turbo s is an absolutely incredible masterpiece of engineering. It is technically perfect in every way, but i don’t think it’s for me, so thomas jumped into the audi to see if that was more his style. While i gave the porsche a quick blast before we pulled over to talk about the styling it’s ridiculously fast isn’t, it ridiculous it’s so stupid it like it it i love it. It just breaks physics, it creates g forces, it creates, like just yeah. I can’t believe how quick it is. This is still very quick. This looks like it should be quick that doesn’t really look like a supercar. You know, apart from the intake, obviously yeah we’ll get to the aesthetic stuff, but i mean like this is okay i’d rather have this over huracan, i think, honestly, ah it this is softer.

This is more audi like than i thought it would be on the track. It didn’t quite come alive, i mean the engine. Is there but there’s a softness whereas, and i think that’s, where the huracan wins. I would find the money. If you already give me no, i don’t, i don’t agree because i don’t think that the huracan is really that exciting on the track. They have the same type of engine note and they’re, both just kind of audis right. So this for me, with the livability of whatever and the in the and the space inside, is very nice it’s very livable it’s very, however, when it comes to livability that absolutely wins. Absolutely we just said the ride in this is the ride is better but there’s more to it than just the ride. James. I have a. I have a demonstration that i’ve planned. Okay, you ready, would you mind opening the front of the 911? For me, i feel like i’m, this dirty assistant right now, yeah, you are okay. Here we go you ready, oh he’s broadcast. I have i have it. I have a a very important point to make we’re in the middle of a field. This is standard issue. Carry on luggage, okay yeah, it fits yeah but hold on. So what are you complaining about i’m complaining about the fact that if you have a friend or a spouse or any other person that is interested in riding with you, i’ve never come across.

That problem yeah see that will still fit no yeah. No, i see what you mean and watch this now. Does that fair, any okay, yeah that’s one that’s one and minimal minimal difference and there’s rear seats and there’s actually space behind the seats? Yes, yeah, but but what there’s? No butt? Can you see your engine? What do you mean? Can you see your engine? What does that even mean? Oh, oh yeah, fisturize, and this opens as well, so you can check it out even better than through the glass. That is just so cool i i know i know it there’s a wing and stuff and it’s the turbo but like – and this is covered in matte bronze that’s, not gold, that’s, matte, bronze, not bronzing, because it’s the cenium version the decennium. So what does the decennium come with? Well, let me take you back 10 years, no audio bailey with the tails they’re celebrating the v10, so they made some special edition. They made 222 decenniums okay right, and this is number 82 and actually, when you open the door, it shows it on the ground. The number decennium that it is. Oh really, so it has these these 20 years, like at night at night time yeah it has these 20 inch milled wheels, though yeah they match the balls of the engine there’s some of the stuff like this, the side skirts and this front spoiler are black. This is carbon fiber and more important than that.

Each country that got them. I think there’s, like 15 in canada, yeah got one specific, color, so yeah so like the us, it’s all they’re, all mythos black, but in canada we got kamora gray. I like this because there’s like a red metal flake in the paint – yes it’s, really nice, i think, in terms of the color game, the porsche is doing pretty. Well, i mean it’s chalk. I love that sorry, what chalk chalk that’s like the most posh british accent and then all of a sudden you go full peaky blinders on the word chuck, oh it’s shocking. How did the queen say that you’re the chalk? No, i think it’s a it’s, a good. Looking color all right, i don’t know straight up, then yeah, supercardness, okay, look is important to daily supercar, yes, which one looks more like a supercar. This one looks more like a supercar. It absolutely looks more like a supercar. I will say, though, that there’s aspects of this design that i don’t really like – i don’t like these kind of like vent things here. I thought the previous gen r8 looked better than this and i think as a silhouette in a shape. The 911 looks better. However, this wins because of the flash supercar stuff in the descenium version. It’S got the wheels it’s got the carbon fiber it’s got. The blue it’s got something serious: oh cool yeah! No, this this wins in terms of presence for money.

Well, the 911 is the more undercover supercar yeah you don’t know why? Because it looks like every other 911 ever, but we said, look the intake on the side that high off intake yeah, the intake means it’s a it’s, a turbo. That means that, as the italians say, it has it’s a it’s, a spicy meatball, i think it’s a spicy meatball. I was trying to avoid that that intake means don’t mess with that porsche. Yeah don’t you’ll lose as we found out the interiors yeah. Is it a supercar on the inside the 911 no yeah? So this is a 992 interior it’s, not supercar, but it’s it’s, so clean it’s not much different than a normal carrera um. Well, that’s, not true! There are some things. For example, you get this really cool center tack, it says turbo s on it and it’s. You know there’s the chrome yeah, but it reminds you i like the white tag i like it. I think it’s really really good matches the white sport, chrono club, yeah, exactly okay, so there’s, some funny things and we’ve pointed this out in other porsche reviews, but i for the people that have never watched this review before before. I have to point out that for no matter where you put the steering wheel, you can’t see the outside gauges james. I just don’t understand this concept i feel like. Am i missing something? Do you need it in the ethos of porsche it’s, a body it’s, a body system? I need you yeah, okay, so, oh so turbo s right.

There that’s super cool right, that’s, an experience that’s an option. I don’t know if i’d spend it, it is it’s 380 dollars. You’D spend money on that. I would spend money on that because that’s correct these look great i’ve, seen more expensive crests that are worse than this. Did that make sense yeah. I would take these because these look, fantastic speaking of options, here’s an interesting one: everybody in the 992 generation hates this little pdk gear, selector right, because the standard version looks like a like a leg, shaver right yeah. This one is upgraded for 850 dollars, milled aluminum, Laughter, it’s right here, it’s for speed it’s for speed. I don’t mind this because it’s an automatic. What was the alternative buttons? Well, it’s funny because in the uh in the uh the 992 gt3 they’ve gone to a gear, selector complained enough, but in the 902 g3 it looks like a manual shifter yeah. No, exactly there’s people complaining about this stupid little thing right, oh choke, seat belt. Chalk is choked it’s chalky in it choking cheese anyway. I really do like this interior. I just personally think it doesn’t have enough like pizzazz to be how much money is this car. This one’s opened to 260. 260 dollars, it’s germanic it’s, like it’s it’s, dramatic it’s supposed to be oh yeah of a system. Oh it’s, very good. The seat goes incredible. The driving position is amazing. I like it’s all so well made right like it’s all so strong.

Those rear seats are are playing with the definition seats yeah, but they go flat, so you can store stuff in there, so it just becomes this. This becomes a huge cavernous storage space. Okay, so what’s up no listen in terms of usability. I think this just wins out over the r8. Does it, though, should we go absolutely absolutely yeah, but i don’t think it wins in flirt. Okay, let’s go look talk about cavernous storage! Look at that! I think boom all right, there’s! Nothing there! No, just forget that admit it. This is more of a supercar cabin. This is way more of an occasion like look at the roof here with the stitching. Oh, this is so cool, it’s, just so low. This is. This is cheating slightly because it’s got some detenium stuff going on. Okay, so it’s got the cenium badge there. It’S got copper stitching here. You know all the way around it’s got this in there leather noon. Marker here, yeah right, i i don’t think i would option the descendium unless you’re in love with the the idea of it and obviously they’re sold now. But if you were to buy an r8 v10 performance, it ends up being cheaper than the 911s um from in here just from in here. I would take this over the 911.. I think this is way more exciting, like the steering wheel is full supercar. These like hanging down like adjustment things this the design of the dash.

I was wondering where you’re going to name them yeah. Well, i didn’t have a proboscis is what i usually use and that’s the word. You said doesn’t exist and it does by the way. I remember saying that who’s going to believe you um, okay, calm fibre, it’s lining the cabinets, i think it’s, very good, no it’s, really the seats are very comfortable and like most importantly, this is a daily supercar test right. There is so much space in here. Yes, we spent time in the huracan and when you’re in the huracan, you feel like this. Well, the huracan spider, the the top of the this. The windscreen is at your eye level, so you either have to go like this to see yeah or a crowd. I’Ll be honest right: no, this is like there’s tons of bedroom. You could easily be six feet and sit in an r8. Well, interestingly, audi’s now in new aldi’s they’re obsessed with screens everything’s a screen and yeah it’s weird to be in one like this yeah. Well, i mean give them time, it’s, just the virtual cockpit next there’s, nothing going on down here, yeah! No, i know this is very clean and very simple. I like that very much and no shaver shifter yeah yeah, which doesn’t pull them in. This is weird, though, right, because this is the thing you use to control, but then it controls that, as opposed to the screen that’s on the center here right yeah, but you guys yeah, exactly there’s, no central there’s, no center screen yeah.

So so the apple carplay appears on here, yes right, which is kind of weird, but also cool at the same time, it’s a new vision, it’s a new position. No, i there’s not much more to say about in here. Can i do a special shout out? Okay, the feeling that you get yeah with the way this is driver centric. I think the new c8 corvette has done really well to not to mimic, but just like their own brand of it for way cheaper. I i think the c8 deserves a shout out. I absolutely agree, and in terms of like what you get for dollar in terms of livability, the c8 is right up there. If you study the trim in the ca and the stitching it doesn’t come close. No, it doesn’t! No, but i mean yeah. I agree: the c8 is definitely a card to to honestly consider, but the thing is: is that most people that buy these are not buying c8s right? No, no, they don’t consider it. This is the ultimate. This is yeah. These are the ultimate daily supercar things, and should we do a conclusion and figure out which one we would choose: yeah: okay, Music, okay after the day thomas and i found ourselves in agreement, if forced to ignore the far cheaper, yet still incredible: 911 carrera s and Regular r8 v10, which are almost every bit to the daily sports cars. These are our choice between these two is the more characterful and charismatic r8 v10 performance, but we’d both be wrong.

This was, after all, a quest to find the ultimate new performance card that you can still drive every day at this price range. If you want the last word in performance, technology, visibility, practicality and total road superiority, it’s the 911 turbo s, despite our personal preferences, it is the ultimate daily performance car thanks for watching and if you find yourself sharing our love for the screaming v10 and fancy one In your driveway then go to r8 and enter for a chance to win a brand new one of 15 mijello blue audi r8 and 20 000. Us not only do your entries give you a chance to win, but they also go toward helping the eastern congo initiative, a group that is wholly focused on working with and for the people of eastern congo to achieve abundant opportunities for economic and social development.