Uh. Follow me all kinds of neat little features supposed to be in this packed in this little thing for about under fifty dollars, so what i wan na do is find out. If that is true, not only did i go for the better copter i bought three battery pack and i bought the uh case. Everything uh. I went with the best package they had, so it also has a 1080p down firing and a 4k camera forward. Firing lets find out how true that is Music, so i guess first, we need to open this up. I can already feel that its already packed in the case that i bought, so it probably is the better way to buy it just in case traveling and whatever and things get broken but well see see if this one didnt get broken. Ive had a few problems with aliexpress lately, um normally aliexpress and me are pretty good, but lately ive had a couple. Little issues and hasnt been cool im in a couple. Little fights right now, so i dont know what that really says there, but im guessing. It was probably based on what i ordered, so it was probably a packing tag to say this one is ready for that type of thing, so right off the bat we get this semi hard case protective case, which is nice. I mean youre talking like everythings in here the charger, the quadcopter, the controller, the batteries everythings in here so lets find out if it survived Music, okay.

So so far, i guess everythings, looking okay, so straight off the bat were greeted with uh looks like legs im. Gon na guess, thats legs lets open it up. Take a look. I was gon na say it looks smaller than i thought, but i dont think so. I think its exactly what i thought it would be as far as size goes, because i mean lets face it. Its not going to be that big, a copter okay, so youre greeted with a little mini screwdriver, probably junk, but its there um looks like landing gear or protective, maybe flight gear, thats. Probably what that is probably goes on to protect your uh blades. I shouldnt need that technically considering i have flown before a usb charging cable, which is a micro usb. So i kind of wish it was usbc but its not and a bunch of extra blades. So that is definitely a bonus that i can see possibly needing. If something goes, oh – and i noticed something else here, so there are blades in here and theres – also these knobs and from what im seeing they need to go on here. I noticed it right away. I was like huh looks like theres, nothing on those things and i automatically assumed the flight sticks must need them. So here we go. I dont know if theyre really on but well find out. So lets take a look at the batteries first and the instructions here.

So apparently i bought this with three batteries. So far i only see two. This is just your instruction booklet. I will go through that, if i have to but well have to see how this works out so heres one of the batteries and oh so they charge right off the usb uh micro right on the battery kind of interesting, which means they must have a voltage Regulator and everything all built in for the lipo, so theyre, probably just like a simple two cell or one cell im, going to say one cell lipo, is what im thinking 3.7. So there should be a one cell and then uh, you know, converter everythings, all built in here and balancer, whatever theres no need, because its its just a single cell battery lets take a look at the controller, very simple. This comes down to put your phone on. If you want to have a video while youre flying and wow, this is really feeling cheap. That is the antennas wow that feels absolutely horrible. Takes three aaa batteries. Im going to tell you, i really would love it if this would hook up. Those are hard to hold this feels like crap this. This is cheap, not gon na lie. This is utter cheap, so lets take a look, and hopefully they didnt skimp out on the helicopter. Now, from what i understand is you should be able to fly this as well with your phone and not have to use that controller if you dont want to so basically here we have the firing down 1080p camera, the 4k camera apparently and has a pivot its Feeling pretty cheap theres an antenna for the 2.

4 or for the camera, and this must be the other battery. So here we go. This is the other battery, so that slides in like so boom, and we have the battery now for this, its just basically supposed to be just a pull out system. I guess that needs to be pulled out first and away we go. It is an extremely light. Quadcopter, okay, so theres, so many of these on the website boasting what they can do and the features that are in them and and so on, but wow that is light now, of course, i do not expect this to have brushless motors by any means. My question now even is if this is even good enough for battery is dead, so that tells me that um im not totally sold on this yet um. Overall, i mean its one cool. Looking copter, i mean thats kind of badass coming at you, you know, and then its got the lights here. Ooh p5 pro theres, nothing pro about this people i mean i dont know what to expect from plastic on a flight helicopter im guessing it has to be light anyway, but i dont know how durable this is going to be so thats kind of bugging me and And how well its going to fly so what were going to do is were going to charge this bad boy up and were going to take it through its paces and find out. What is it really worth it like? Is this a piece of junk? Is it just a kids toy or does it have some promise? I just want something ill call it a perimeter drone just something to fly around my house.

If i want to look at the roof or anything like that – and so i do have some smaller hobby ones, so if you guys are wondering why im buying a drone or playing around with a drone or showing it in the video we used to me and My buddy used to have a hobby store, computer store combination, so were not strangers to this uh jeff the hobby revolution channel. If you go there youll probably see some of the stuff we were flying around and playing with way back and and its just common. For me to still have a want to play around with this stuff, so i havent quite given up on the rc hobby as such, but more to the flight. Now, instead of the uh rc car racing and stuff like that, so anyway lets charge. This up lets. Try it out and lets see how good or bad this really is. Okay guys. So we are outside here now and were going to try to fly this thing um. I did do a test prep to see kind of what i was getting into um. This does not come with any. I guess bad, so, first im going to do this without the phone connected. Lay it down on a flat surface, like any quadcopter doesnt matter how expensive, how cheap or how good, if they have stabilization built in they have to be laid down in a flat area, come on turn the controller on while a helicopter is on.

First, we are now connected now there is a one button touch where i can actually just take off, which is really nice and its supposed to kind of hold altitude. You see it drifting still working on that. I feel that in this copter one of the motors is a little weak, causing some instability, but its actually pretty. I dont want that hitting my camera Applause. Hopefully the cameras getting this, so it is pretty stable. I mean im not going to say it isnt, because it actually is pretty easy to fly so far anyway, and i mean i am kind of you know a bit of a hobbyist, so i have flown quadcopters and everything before this one is just a little bit Finicky ive tried playing with the like stopping drift and Applause, getting there its getting there and keep in mind, theres, wind, right and, and this little area that im in here that i built this summer or had built um, is a bit of a wind tunnel. So its not overly windy today, so its its actually doing really well considering it is not a brushless helicopter im pretty impressed with that, because i expected a lot less trust me so now i can do the one touch, land and shut down, which is really really Good and safe, apparently, if you press and hold it its also a recovery. So, if youre about like a quick kill, if the helicopter is about to do something completely, not cool uh, you know kind of fly away on you.

I guess, or do something nuts you can do an emergency recovery. Quick look here! You have a couple headlights which is really cool. I dont think that really lights up, but actually it does. It does light up. I dont know if the camera sees that and then you have a tail light. A blue tail light. So youre gon na hear noises around here because well were outdoors and uh people drive by so now im going to turn the camera on. I want to get some camera footage, so first you download the app which is in the pamphlet you just scan it, whether youre, ios or android, very simple and youre up and running, and i mean very simple. Then you go into your wi fi settings on your phone and you just simply select this as a wi, fi itll say that youre not going to have internet continue anyway and away you go so now im going to go down im going to start up this App now the flight time on this is supposed to be pretty darn good um. I know when i played around with the first battery just coming in from china not charged. I still five six minutes of flight time before i noticed maybe its also safe to keep flying it as it looked. It felt a little weaker um so anyway, lets go and connect connected without internet. We knew that so were connected with our internet. The phone cant necessarily try and drive everything.

So here we go hit play and now youll see that actually the camera quality is a lot better than i expected youre gon na see. I dont know if the cameras really showing you too much but look theres. My foot right im actually getting a little impressed here. I expected much worse so im going to hit record so that we are recording now im going to take my foot and put it in front here just for reference for quality, see if i get this kind of hover there for a second Applause. Okay, we are now recording Applause now well, be able to see im not even going to look see what kind of quality were getting at all im just going to play around, and it can also do snapshots. So if i hit a snapshot button boom oops and i wasnt paying attention and crashed now, if you crash just like that, just happened so far, i havent had anything break and i have crashed quite a bit away. We go pretty good so so far i have to give a little bit. I wasnt thinking very durable, but the blade design with the folding blades is actually good. That is what is saving this copter right now, when the crash happens, its lightweight frame definitely is saving. It um at first i thought wow. This is really cheap. This is really built, funny um, but now i know why its built the way it kind of is for lightweightness um.

I think Applause whoa, that was cool. Did you see that so i was able to do a flip Applause. This one controls speed, see how much faster this choppers gotten now much more responsive. So the left trigger controls, speed of power output and the uh this trigger will. Let you do some fancy flipping again safe landing, okay, guys so im gon na go back into the office and im gon na give you my thoughts and everything i wasnt gon na fly by phone for the simple reasons. Actually, you know what lets just give you. My thoughts here overall, the controller is responsive. It does work. You do need to be ready to adjust your trims immediately when this thing first takes off its all over the place, so highly recommend that um this trigger here is your flip. This trigger here is your your performance mode, how much faster or slower its going to go. These here, of course, theyre your folders. These are hope for holding your phone. You want to hold your phone in place, not really into that. It was cool to record absolutely but uh overall thats, not for me um this right here. I think uh never really played with it too much, but i think it does take you into a different mode of performance or whatever, but anyway, these here this was my wow that feels cheap. You know the fact that this takes three triple, as did not impress me at all um it.

It just makes it more feel of a toy than a what they boast now as far as quality on camera. Let me check that out because, according to them it was a 4k camera and, according to me, i dont know if i believe that so lets find out where this records lets see it records in gallery and it does its not bad video, maybe its the motion. Um its its acceptable, i mean were talking about a a quadcopter that actually fits in your pocket. Do i think its 4k? Absolutely not absolutely not um. Do i think its worth 50 bucks, yes um! So i put out some news to the manufacturer to the seller of this drone and had a chat with him about the overall. For starters, i said weak motor i find one motor in my opinion is a little weaker, but i was still able to fly pretty good now. It took quite a while for me to trim out to rectify it. At the same time when i was starting to copter up one blade wasnt turning and i had to kind of give it a little bit of help at first and it could have been just a jarring during shipping, it could have been anything that caused it not To turn or or scrape on something to cause that issue, but anyway that has been seemingly rectified, but i find that motor is the weak one and why i say that is i find it doesnt spin as freely as the other three uh overall ill see what The seller has to say about that.

I will update in the comments below later on in my video, if its already up, let you know my thoughts with this overall experience with this seller and whether or not you should buy. I will also leave an ali affiliate link to this copter down below thats right. I finally figured out my alley affiliation. Maybe i can get a few bucks from it for the channel who knows, but anyway, i thought this was a good neat. Little idea for just something fun to play with when youre bored and you just cant, be fooling around with a computer non stop you need to get outside so guys. I know im a gamer. I know im a big computer enthusiast, but sometimes you need to just breathe and get some air so guys till next time.