Video will show you the latest products, hot products, best drop shipping, winning products, all products links below the description subscribe to my channel and click on the bell lets go now: Music, Music, Music. This is a ufo unmanned aerial vehicle. Without remote sensing it has flexible mesh barrier made by abs material, which is environmental, friendly and resistant to crash start the aircraft through to make it fly, no need for remote operation, simple and convenient inferior. The induction device is at the bottom and around it. It has the function of automatic avoidance within contouring obstacle at the button. It will rise automatically hand, sensing interactive aircraft. It can be played by many people. The grip turns over to stop flying click on its power button to switch into high speed mode led lights, make it shine in the night sky, usb charging safe and durable, add flying fun, ufo induction vehicle without remote sensing, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music Applause, the Aircraft, strong quality and the durability, Music unlock and fly instantly by one key and single hand can also manipulate intelligent fix the height mode flying control system automatically detects hovering height, regardless of how you pull down or push up aircraft will automatically restore the original height match. Vr, glass, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, the operation course for gps aerial photography, aircraft replacement and assembly accessories, replace the aircrafts fan, blades, remove screws, take out the plates and pay attention to a and b blades put them in the corresponding hole and tighten the Screws camera installation press and hold the clamp, pull out this module and finally push the module in to install the camera.

After a frequency matching, the camera can be controlled to move up and down through the steering gear on the remote control press, the left and right buttons of the battery to pull it out. Use the usb charging cable to connect the socks to battery charging and adapter. Usb and its indicator light will be on after it is full presses, left and right clips push it into its uav base, make sure it is in place, press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to start up, and the prompt sound indicates that power is On the remote control uses usb charging cable to connect the charging socket and adapter usb interface. The usb light goes out, meaning full power. Preparation before flight frequency matching, firstly expand the lower wing of the aircraft, his upper wing, then the four legs of the wings press and hold the power button for three seconds to start the aircraft and place it on the open and flat ground Music. Before matching, please make sure the horizontal arrangement of the machine body standing at its right back turn on the remote control switch. Then its indicator light flashes, push the throttle lever up to the top and then the button. Then the indicator light is always on meaning successful frequency matching. At this time. The remote control displays mode 1. The indoor optical flow mode, gyroscope calibration press, a remote control lever to the lower right corner. Then the indicator light flashes quickly, meaning the completion phones are connected to aircraft.

Wi fi use mobile phone scanning qr code to download app software and connect wi fi in its settings. After a connection open the app software open, the remote control mobile form bracket and pull it into the phone for convenience, geomagnetic correction, press dual magnetic correction key and indicate the light of the aircraft flashes quickly. Then pick the aircraft up horizontally, lift it off the ground and turn it three times clockwise at this time, the remote controller beeps pull the camera downwards, erect the aircraft and turn it three times clockwise after the controller beeps again, the indicator. Light of the aircraft will always be on meaning the completion. If operating indoors, you need to press and hold the handles and hold the headless key to exit gps mode. It is recommended to fly outdoors gps positioning and the number of gps satellites can be checked through the lcd screen of the remote control. When the number of satellites is about 10, the remote control will send a prompt home indicating the completion of positioning at this time. The remote control displays mode 2, the gps mode and can be used for outdoor flights, basic flight operation function, aircraft, unlocking push the throttle, lever and direction lever to the lower right corner and the lower left corner at the same time to unlock the aircraft press. The key to take off the aircraft automatically hovers at a height of about 1.5 meters, then press the key again for one key landing and the aircraft will land on the ground automatically in flight.

The aircraft can rise, descend turn left turn right. Advance retreat fly on the left, light on the right, speed gear adjustment, speeding up and slowing down press the headless mode button. The remote control will give a prompt tone starting catalyst mode press again to cancel the mode click. The remote control video button to record video and click the photo button to take photos open the album to view the recorded content waypoint flight in gps mode open the app map draw the flight waypoint and the uav will fly automatically according to the waypoint encircling flight. After determining the encircling center point, control the surround radius with a remote control and the aircraft will fly around the center point following flight gps return press the return key and the aircraft will automatically return to the takeoff point. Gesture shooting get v shaped gesture and take pictures automatically three seconds after successful recognition face the camera close the five fingers and raise one hand horizontally after successful recognition, start automatic video, recording, make gestures again and stop video recording Music do Music, Music, Music Applause, Music, Music.