Do size for reference here. The water bottle see that that’s the size okay. So what they’re? Probably selling you is something like this i’m going to share the screen, for you do a little research looks like looks like this right here, but all the ads look like they’re using one of these two one of these two here representing this uh s32 drone. So they’re doing a big massive campaign for like a forty dollar drone selling it for a hundred dollars, that’s, okay, the markup, but this is what they’re promoting that they’re getting you this right here waterproof and then every clip of this video looks like it’s a different Drone that they’re using waterproof they can drop water on it. Has a gimbal alludes to like a gps, because it can follow you a beautiful case drop it right in the water. It’Ll float drawn up right out of the water i don’t know. So this is kind of like what we’re, what we’re looking at here see s32. So when i look it up, this is mostly what it actually looks like that’s in the video one of these two here you know they’re, like for drones, to 1200 1800 drones and then you’re actually getting something like this. This uh 43 dollar drawn here so let’s, get back to the box here and we see what we’re actually getting here’s the unboxing. Of course, this comes from china. Look at that look at this monster.

This is a water bottle for reference. Okay, this is what you’re, really getting a little tiny thing, find it incredible that this is waterproof. Look right out of the box poorly built poorly built. What is this gap doing here? All gaps, maybe when you screw in the guards it’ll close the gap but you’re telling me that this is waterproof. This thing with all these holes, i guess mike, could be wrong. We’Ll, give it a shot. Well, look at this amazing amazing camera here. So we’ll put this stuff: aside comes with the guards a little tiny screwdriver and the charging cable propellers extra propellers. This amazing controller little batteries very much unlike the ones that they make. You think that you’re sliding the battery pack into the back of the drone not gon na happen, super flimsy. Nothing is labeled. It’S gon na probably use 127 batteries we’ll check that out, but that’s pretty much what you get and for your for your phone that’s. It that’s what you get this little tiny, tiny, tiny drone. If this is what you’re expecting then great congratulations, this is what you’ll get, but as far as the ad goes, the videos and everything that they’re promoting is this is not. This is definitely not what you’re getting um again. This is the the ad that they attach the video ad that they attach to every promotion. You’Ll get it in many different ways: big sail all the fun stuff that it could do through a huge box at it, comes in this amazing case and floats in the water take off and land right in the water um that even looked like a brushless.

So anyway, word of caution: if this is what you’re expecting what you see in the video that’s, not what you’re gon na get and on top of it, if you are looking for something um, something within uh, maybe like a hundred dollars, if you’re gon na have To spend about a hundred dollars to get a decent little toy drone and if you’re in the market for one your best bet is here, i’ll show you your best bet this year wondering what you want to get a snap team drawn. I actually just picked it up. I’Ll do a review on it it’s a great little great little drone one of the secrets to getting a decent drone is making sure that it has gps on it. This is the one that i got this sp 500. I mean video quality isn’t the best but it’s a it’s, a good drone. It helps you learn how to use the drone. It uses the gps, so it stabilizes very well it’s a a great entry level drone in my opinion, don’t go for something that does not have a gps feature.