What am i talking about im talking about the honda pcx125, a little scooter, an amazing little thing completely revamped for 2021 and im one of the first to ride it. So stick around stay tuned ill. Tell you what i think of it Music, so scooters! Then i completely get them, and i completely understand why, in some countries that have slightly warmer climates, everybody has these because theyre just such practical things in terms of urban transport, theyre cheap to buy cheap, to run lightweight fun plenty of storage. You dont have to dress up like a power ranger to ride them. Nimble, parkings, not an issue very economical, to run, got a lot going for them and of all the scooters you can buy. This pcx125 is, as i say by far the most popular first came out. I think in uh, something like 1990, i think and since then they sold something like or was it 2011.. I put it on the screen. They sold something like 36 000 units here in britain, which is uh by far and away more than any other powered two wheeler. The pcx125 has had a revamp for 2021 lots of new features on the bike new engine with four valves. Its now got abs and traction control, its got things like uh idling, stop which has had for a while, but i just think thats a great feature in the urban environment. Lots to like about the bike, but anyway lets review it as if i hadnt ridden it before, because ive not ridden uh the pcx 125.

Prior to this, this is my first ride on one of these bikes im glad to say this is my latest long term. So theres gon na be lots more coming up on the channel about the bike, but this is my first impressions review. So if youre interested in a scooter such as the pcx one t5 theres some videos for you, so you join me in the on bronze. Well, not in the ombros im actually in high. We come here a local market town here in buckinghamshire, which is its a sort of intended environment in and amongst traffic. So i thought it was well worth riding out here just to do this first impressions review, because this is exactly the sort of place this bike was designed for and during the review im going to be giving you little bits of the spec as well. So, rather than do a separate walk around, i shall do little inserts every now and then and talk you through bits of the spec as well. Bit like this lets have a little look at the pcx125. Shall we she looks absolutely splendid in this red. Let me show you: it comes in a couple of colors. This is my favorite, along with the uh gray. I think it also comes in a black and potentially a white as well, but i think this red looks absolutely great. I love the way that theyve done. The design on this its got this uh big front end this blacked out screen this rather mean looking front, i think, which is surprisingly, though, when you ride it, youre actually quite a lot in the wind flow, which is unusual theres, not as much wind protection there.

As youd think, but i think overall, the design of the bike is really really nice. One of the things i love about scooters is, of course, the under seat storage. So let me just show you that if i just bring the bike alive by pressing this button here move this switch to seat press this button. Here i can release the seats and there we go theres. The storage and ive put in there a helmet just to show you that you can in fact store a helmet underneath the seat. This is actually uh. Mrs flyers hjc rafa 11, which is the smallest helmet that i actually own. I couldnt fit any of my crash helmets in here, so if youve got any peaks or youve got a big head like me or youve got cameras or anything like that on your helmet, you wont fit it under there if youve got a small head. Like mrs flyer, you can fit the helmet under there, okay, so back to the riding, then Music, hello, whos hooting, who what is the first thing that struck me as i got on the bike and rode it for the first time. Well, it was the riding position, as it often is, with uh with motorcycles and on scooters, its very, very comfortable. I thought id come up here actually because its quite a big hill just to see if the bike loses any puff up. We go engine wise. The bike puts out 12.

3 brake horsepower and eight puts 8.7 foot pounds of torque. The engine is slung really low, as, of course it is a scooter here. It is, it just sits here on what is effectively the rear swing arm. That means it gives it that excellent set low center of gravity makes it dead easy to move around. Uh makes it feel very, very lightweight, indeed, its actually 130 kilograms ready to ride. So if you take all the fluids out, youre – probably looking somewhere near 110 115, but it feels very, very nice and light to ride so youll have no problems, even if youre, a small wimpy person yeah the riley position, youre very much sat upright as youd expect. My feet off in front of me, like im, sat on a chair and because of the fact that youve got these sort of running board arrangement, you can put your feet out in front of you or you can tuck them up underneath you as well. If you want it a bit more sporty feeling so youve got a range of leg positions which makes for a very comfortable ride, no issues coming up that hill. By the way i was coming up there at 40 miles an hour just over no problem at all. I could have easily gone up there faster by the way, but the limit going up. The hill is 40 miles an hour, so yeah perfect real world speed, riding Music seat on here nice and comfy, big padded area seat height on here, 764 millimeters.

So nice and low youll have no problems at all, even if youre short legged and its a lovely padded seat as well plenty of comfort there and good room for your passenger as well. One of the things i also love about this machine is the fact that it has um keyless ignition, which, generally speaking i dont like, but in this case it makes a lot of sense, because the keyless ignition not only means that you dont have to faff about With the key to start the bike up, but it also operates central locking on the seat. So, if youre near the bike, you can just open that if you come away from it its locked and if you get the optional top box, but also centrally locks that as well so nice touch there honda. I think i imagine, if youre a big person, it might be a little bit of more trouble, so im five foot, eight with a 32 inch leg, let my feet flat on the deck here really easy for me to ride. But if you were bigger, if youre like a six and a half footer, then youre gon na feel a bit cramped on here. I think normal sized people no problem suspension on here pretty basic stuff, but uh feels fine nice smooth ride generally speaking and again, youre not gon na be hooting around like youre on a sports bike, so perfectly adequate in that respect. Brakes on here.

Nothing behind me. Let me just try the front yeah. It feels absolutely fine ill, try the rear as well. Actually, the rear feels very good. I suspect the brakes on here are linked. I dont know bike has got, as i say, abs and traction control, which is quite something and one of the features its got. That i really like, as i say, is the idling stop. If i just pull over here, look into this little lay by and i stopped the bike im stopped now any moment now there we go, the engine has now stopped and we can see. Weve got a little flashing a in here to show the idling. Stop has been activated, but now i want to pull away ill just give the throttle a bit of a turn immediately starts the engine. Again we see the flashing stops and im good to go right. I think i might need to turn around, because i can only do a right turn. There lets uh test what its like for? U turns Music? Well, its not feet up, but i have to say turning circle is very tight. Indeed, the new engine on this i mentioned is, of course, one two five and it puts out something like 12 and a half brake horsepower, so its not going to win any races, of course, but honda do say its been tuned for better acceleration and top end. Now, i have to say, accelerate its absolutely fine with these scooters, with their sort of continuously variable clutch arrangement, it always kind of feels like the clutch is slipping, which, of course, it is technically speaking so youre never going to get neck snapping torque on a scooter At this time, its perfectly adequate at the traffic lights, youre going to uh out accelerate most cars.

One of the things i love on here is when you stop and indicate or when you indicate rather look at this massive uh flashing right hand, because ive got the right hand indicator on the the fact that ive got that showing on there. I love the display on here really bang up to date. This got everything you need. Proper fuel gauge, look trip counter, uh various um bits and pieces like your miles per gallon, etc. Super frugal, its saying im doing 97.8 miles per gallon at the moment, but you should get 130 miles going out of this when youre cruising, which is just incredible, switch gear on the bike, nice and simple, as youd expect its proper switch gear on this as well Tactile you can feel your presses. Let me show you this side here. Look weve got a button here. This enables and disables that idle stop start, so you dont have to have it running if you dont want to, or if you have the button pressed there. Then you can use that this, of course, the hazard lights – and this is the starter over on the other side. Here everything you expect dipped and full beam on your lights, horn and indicators, everything you need nothing else besides and proper buttons. You know when youve pressed them. I like that about it. Yeah lovely little display that really modern. Looking, i think, handling in the corners is absolutely fine. Mirrors on here.

Work really nicely theyre, quite big great view behind me. No vibration in them, in fact talking a vibration. The bike is really smooth because, of course it is a single cylinder bike. Sometimes single cylinder machines are pretty damn vibey, not the case for the pcx125. Yes, you know youre on a motorcycle but uh, no terrible vibrations. At all, fuel tank capacity on the bike, 8.1 liters and honda claim 134 miles per gallon at the bottom as well, so super frugal to run this puppy. I know what youre thinking i keep saying its frugal. How much does one of these things cost well, according to the honda website, 3 169 pounds. Well, get you one of these splendid motorcycles right and now were getting into all this traffic, which is a bit of a nuisance. But i suppose it gives me a chance to see what its like to filter on the bike. Now the bike itself isnt giving out a very loud engine, though, or anything like that so uh cars cant, necessarily hear you coming so youve got to be super careful as you filter in case somebody pulls out on you, and this is quite a narrow section of Road, actually, so not an awful lot of room here, the gopro will probably make it look wider than it is, but its quite a narrow bit of traffic on filtering between here, but the little bike does it with a plum. It is, of course, exactly what this bike is designed for: yeah nipping through the traffic brilliant pick yourself gave you a bit of extra space.

Another thing i like about the pcx125: they thought about practicality, its got a little glove box. Just here. Look you press this. This flap comes down, and then inside there i dont know if you can see, youve actually got a usb port as well. So you can stick your phone in there and get it charged while youre riding along. This is what i love about. Motorcycles is unless youre, in a sandwich situation like between these two vans, you just dont, get stuck in traffic. One of the many advantages. One of the things i noticed, as i was riding into town on some slightly faster roads on the bike, is that actually the wind protection on it isnt? Quite as good as i would have expected its got quite a big looking bulbous frontal area. I think it looks pretty cool actually, but the windscreen, as you can see, is set really low and when youre on are on faster roads, you are exposed to all the wind blast, not a problem in town of course. But if you are doing stretches on dual carriageway or whatever, then you do get quite a bit of uh, quite a bit of wind and weather shooting at you, which is unusual for a scooter thats, probably the only negative that ive found about the bike so far. Otherwise, it just feels beautiful its agile. It goes well. I love this engine. Idling stop feature its really easy to ride, obviously just twist and go its got plenty of go.

I love this display its got a lot going for it. This bike that, coupled with that price, just a snifter over three grand just excellent value, cheap to buy cheap, to run super practical with the storage under the seat. What i would describe as premium features as well with the stuff like the abs and traction control, the idling stop central, locking its nice display. It doesnt feel like its built down to a price at all yeah, if youre in the market, for a scooter. Look no further, the pcx125 is for you. I tell you great little machine love it. So, as i mentioned, i have got this bike now for the next couple of weeks. Im going to ride as much as i possibly can get to learn a little bit about the machine and bring you some more videos. Everybody is perfect, im sure ill find some things. I dont like about the bike im going to try hard to anyway, and i shall bring you those in a future video, along with all the lessons ive learned about the bike. So, stick around stay tuned to the channel if youre in the market for a scooter ill be bringing you much more on this bike in due course all right, thats it for now. I hope youve enjoyed that look forward to speak to you again soon. Dont forget to subscribe to the channel if youve not done so already and that way yeah.

I can see you on the next video all right. Until then, this has been the mystery cheerio all right engine wise. Then the bike was at 12.7 bhp engine wise. Then the bike puts out 12.3 bhp and 8.7 foot pounds of torque and, of course, the engine being a scooter, slung, nice and lowly hit low rather hear it lets.