Once again on the honda cb650r, a bike that i’ve been riding the last couple of weeks got to know the bike a little bit and got to know some of the pros and cons about the bike. So what i’m going to do in this video is give you the things that uh that i not only love about the bike, but the things i don’t like so much as well. So this is my list of the things i love and the things i hate about the honda cb650r. So if you’re interested in this machine stick around and stay tuned, Music, okay, then so to the first item. In my things i hate about the cb650i. Now hate is a bit of a strong word, but this is one that does get on my nerves, a bit and it’s, not just the cb650r that suffers from this particular thing. What am i talking about i’m talking about the need for a tail tidy, so many new bikes to do this? Look at this so on the cb650r you’ve got this incredible monstrosity hanging off the back here. That just looks awful particularly from the side. I think if this was neatened up – and this lot was all up here – this will look so much better. The back end, i, like the sort of short stubby look on box. I don’t like this long look. This is only done because, when bikes are sold in the uk brand new, there has to be something further back than the rear of the tyre, so by putting the number plate back like that it’s within the regulations that’s.

The only reason why it’s like that it’s just absolutely ridiculous, but the problem is with the honda it has um. The indicators mounted on there so and also this bit here is actually quite complicated. It’S, not just plastic. Look it’s all this uh it’s actually metal here. As well so it’s quite a complicated one too um well not complicated to remove. I mean it’s easy to remove. I guess, but you know you’re doing away with quite expensive looking bit of kit just to get the tail tidy on there anyway. I’M sure there are aftermarket tail tide is available and that’s, certainly something i would do to the cb650r so that’s. The first thing on my hate list is hideous back end. It just needs sorting out, okay, so to the second uh on my hate list of things that i don’t like about the cb650r, and that is i’m just trying it now getting this into neutral can be a bit of a pain there. We go, went in relatively easy that time, it’s not a big deal, it hasn’t happened a lot, but i just find getting into neutral can be a little bit of a problem. It helps if you have the bike rolling. It might just be that this is a still a brand new bike. It just hasn’t loosened up a bit. Also i’ve had a couple of force: neutrals since i’ve been riding it, something that gets on my nerves, a bit, but not a massive problem.

No more probably than any other but i’m clashing at straws a bit to find things. I don’t like about the bike to be honest, but getting it in neutral and there are the odd force neutral so that’s. The second thing i don’t like about the cv650r so to the next thing i don’t like about the bike and uh. This is something that only happens really, but i have noticed it, and that is a certain rev combinations at certain higher speeds. There are some vibes on the bike, mostly through the foot pegs and the seat. To be honest, now, it’s not a big deal, but they are there and uh. If one of your big reasons for getting the 650r is the fact that it’s got a four cylinder smooth engine which is beautiful by the way, then you may be surprised to feel some vibes at certain rev combinations. It seems to be about four and a half thousand rpm in fourth gear seems to be when it hits in it’s only in that one spot every other time – i’m, not in that region at the moment, i’m doing 35 at the moment in fourth and the bike Is as smooth as you like so uh, yeah, again flashing at the straws of it for things that i don’t like about the bike, but there is a little bit of vibrations. It’S, certainly not enough to put me off the bike, though okay, so to number four on my list of things, i hate about the cb650r and uh.

That is something that uh particularly would apply if you’re a tall or large person, because what i’m talking about here is the relatively cramped riding position now: i’m, only five for eight, with a 32 inch leg and uh, i find the right position on it. A little bit cramped and by that, what i mean is the the way your leg is tucked up on the bike. Here’S a shot of me actually yeah sat on the bike, so you can see what i mean. The angle at the knee is quite acute. Now i don’t mind a sporty riding position, but if you’re going to ride the bike for a long time, that could become a little bit old. I don’t know, and certainly, if you’re, a six footer or something like that, you may struggle with this bike. It’S. Just the fact that the the peg is quite close to the seat other than that it has a great riding position and generally it’s a comfortable rider position, but that that cramped leg situation is just a little bit too cramped for my liking. Nobody locked a windshield, do they so let’s move swiftly on the top five things. I love about the honda cb 650r. Okay, to the first thing that i love about the bike then, and that is straightforward, it’s just the way it looks. I think honda have played an absolute blind of the cb650r it’s, a lovely looking bike. I mean it’s sort of retro um but it’s sort of modern at the same time, it’s kind of modern retro.

If you like. Let me just give you a little look at the bike here. We go, i mean it’s got the fuel tank in the place that it should be. It looks like a fuel tank. It looks like a motorbike um, but it doesn’t look like an old fashioned motorbike. I’Ve not tried to make it look like something, but it isn’t or pretend that it’s old it looks thoroughly modern. In fact, particularly with things like you know, the lighting at the front, the led lighting, makes it look very modern, uh, the shaping here the cowling, looks modern. I think the engine with this lovely bronze work looks really nice. I just think they’ve done a cracking job on the looks of the bike, so so that’s. The first thing i love about the cb650r, the looks of the bike, obviously a subjective thing, but uh. It appeals to me okay, so on to number two of the things i love about the cb650r, and this is something that’s common with all the four cylinder machines really, and that is that it just sounds epic when you wind it up so i’m, just going onto A bit of a faster road here have a listen to this, see what you think, hopefully it’ll be michael pick. It up sufficiently just sounds amazing. So generally it’s a great engine on this, but i have to say and yeah i love the way it sounds. It sounds like you’re in a formula one car, even when you’re only doing 50 in lower gears, it’s sort of uh eggs.

You want to thrash it a bit but because it’s a 650. It means you’re not going at ridiculous speeds. When you do that so that’s, the second thing – i love about the bike, this epic sounding engine. Okay on to the third thing that i love about the bike, and that is straightforward: it’s it’s, real world power, 650 cc machines like this – have, i think, exactly the right power for the road. You can unlock some of the bigger bikes, the 1000 cc sports bikes, etc, that you just can’t even tickle their capabilities on the road on a 650, this puts out 95 brake horsepower or 94bhp, i should say, but you feel like you, can exercise the bike and You can use most of that on the road without going at silly speeds, and i love that about the bike. Proper real world power there’s, never any lack of it there when you need to overtake. If you want to do some spirited riding around the lanes when they’re dry, which they’re not today and you’ve, got ample power to do it so yeah that’s something i love about the bike real world power out of this sweet engine. Okay on to number four, i think we’re at the uh five things i love about the cb650r and that is it’s, sweet, lightweight handling, it’s built for roads like this. This is a little b road back road, it’s, just great fun, chucking it around.

It feels nice and light there’s nothing difficult about this bike anyway, we’re coming to a 30 now, but anyway, what i love about this bike, oh it’s, letting me go bye. Thank you very much, sir it’s really easy to ride. It’S not intimidating for new or experienced riders alike on the road. You can have a lot of fun with this bike: great lightweight handling, that’s. The fourth thing: i love about the bike: okay, so the last thing on the list of the things i love about the cb650r and that’s very straightforward it’s, just the fact that it’s a honda and what that means. Is you get that legendary honda reliability? I personally have owned a couple of hondas in my time. I’Ve never had a problem with either of them in terms of reliability. I keep hearing stories from people about how bulletproof they are, and i think this bike would be no exception. So that’s a great thing about the bike. You can be pretty sure it’s going to be reliable, okay, so there’s the top five things i love and four things. I hate about the honda cb 650r during the time that i’ve had it. I’Ve really enjoyed my period with the bike. It’S, just a good honest, motorcycle, i’ve loved it it’s, a shame, it’s been so damp and wet during the period that i’ve had it. But i say a huge thank you to honda uk for lending me the bike.

So if you get to know a little bit, i hope you’ve enjoyed the video too. I don’t just do uh reviews here on the missing flyer, but i do bits and pieces in the garage about how to look after your motorcycle. I do trips and tours at home abroad when you’re allowed to do them. I do monthly bike news. Basically anything and everything to do with motorcycles and try and cover it here on the mission and fly hit that subscribe button. That way, i can see you on the next video okay. Until then, this has been mr flyer, cheerio, okay, so to the final thing that i love about the cb650r and that’s straightforward it’s, just the fact that it’s a honda – and that means this bike – is going to be reliable as you like. I’Ve, never had a honda. That’S, let me down yet i’m always hearing stories about how reliable hondas are. They’Ve got a reputation for being super reliable. This bike’s, under no great stress, i think, if you’ve got one of these it’s going to be cheap, to run it’s going to be dead, reliable and yeah it’s. Just i mean it’s a honda that’s a good thing. So that’s number five on my list. You can’t go wrong with the honda bit gushing. Let’S.