Its the wildest Raptor yet and were in the wildest city in America. Pahrump. Its not really wild. Vegas is next door., MUSIC PLAYING, So maybe youre looking for something that can help you travel across America without ever touching. The pavement. – Or maybe you just want the biggest baddest vehicle in the parking lot. Or perhaps you just really love vehicles that are named after Jurassic park characters.. This could be the one for you and were going to take a close look at this. The most off roadable version of the Ford F 150., But before we do click the link in the description below for more information. Plus like and subscribe., Really helps us out.. And if you want a cash offer on whatever you and your neighbor Fred Flintstone are driving to work these days go to edmunds.comsellmycar. MUSIC PLAYING Before we get into the details of what makes this such a special truck worthy of a dinosaur name. Lets talk about the price.. This one starts at 65000 or around there, which is 6 grand less than a Ram TRX, but it is using a little bit less power.. The Raptor carries over with the same engine as the previous generation, which puts out about 450 horsepower. 510 pound feet of torque, which is around 250, horsepower less than its biggest competitor.. Now there are significant differences in fuel economy between these two trucks.. The RAM is rated at 12 MPG combined, and this truck is rated at 15.

. Neither of those are super impressive., But when you think about the fact that this has a 36 gallon fuel tank, its going to have a pretty big difference in range, when you take it off road., So it might be more usable, even if it has less power.. Then theres all the stuff that makes it stand apart from the regular truck.. Does it justify that big price tag Well, theres, quite a bit of equipment on this., You essentially start with an XLT level trim of the F 150 and then add a bunch of off road goodies. Standard 35 inch tires are already pretty big, but optional. 37 inch tires are simply massive.. This 7500 option gives the Raptor even greater clearances, but their size means a bit less suspension. Travel.. Thankfully Ford hasnt just slapped a set of 37s on here.. You get a completely retuned, suspension. And whats. Even more impressive is you can still fit a full sized spare under the bed., Where all Raptors have an electronically locking rear differential. The optional torsion front differential helps that traction automatically by ensuring equal power delivery to the front wheels in slippery off road. Scenarios. Beadlock capable wheels are optional with the 35s and standard on the 37s.. Beadlocking is a means of mechanically attaching the tire to the wheel rim, helping them stay connected when youre running super low tire pressure or if you get a flat tire off road.. There are differences to the chassis, the frame.

. There are differences to the suspension., It doesnt have leaf, springs anymore., Well talk about that later. And there are lots of cool little bumper lights, because these fenders are six inches. Wider. Well well get more into the details as we drive it on and off road., But this is a way different truck, so you are getting a lot more stuff for your money. MUSIC PLAYING. One thing that this Raptor has done and F 150 has never had. Is its tossed out the leaf springs.? This thing has rear coil springs. Now thats a big deal for anybody in the full size truck world., But to do it on an off road truck means. You can have more control when you hit the dirt and it allows for a little bit more travel in the rear. Now whats. It feel like to drive on road Well its plenty of power.. It gets up and goes. And its the carryover engine from the previous generation, so we know how this engine works. Nothings, changed.. The power ratings have stayed the same and were still fans of it., But well talk more about what its up against and how that might be a problem depending on the Raptors future. On road. This is a really quiet and comfortable truck.. Now, Im on a pretty rough road out here in the desert, with 35 inch tires, not the upgraded 37s and I am getting some noise., But on the highway out here.

This thing was really quiet. And there are selectable modes for the suspension. The steering and the exhaust. I can turn the exhaust all the way down to quiet or leave it in its loudest mode, Baja or somewhere in the middle in sport. When it comes to the Raptor versus other F. 150S. Yes, its more capable off road., But there are also some capability differences when it comes to towing and hauling.. The most amount of weight that a Raptor can tow is 8200 pounds, which is almost half of what a standard F 150 can tow at the top of the range.. Those ones are looking at about 14000 pounds., Then payload drops significantly too. Just running a standard, single cab. F. 150. You can have as much as 3200 pounds in the bed., But this thing max of 1400 pounds. Thats, just the price you pay with off roading equipment.. You lose some truck capability., But its still impressive, because its more than the last Raptor could tow and haul and its more than the current Ram TRX can tow and haul. And its always a numbers game with these two competitors. It steers and handles like a big Truck., Yes, there are different steering modes. You can change it to be a little bit more loose or comfort. Mode. Go to sport. Things get a little bit heavier., But the steering is still pretty vague, not uncharacteristic for a truck., Then theres the ride quality. With such big tires and so much suspension travel from an off road truck like this theres, not a pothole in the world.

Thats going to bother you. It isnt exactly serene in here, but you wouldnt expect it to be. Its quiet enough on the highway that you could easily daily commute this truck without any problems and still have a lot of fun on the weekends. MUSIC PLAYING Weve thoroughly Reviewed the F 150., We saw it our first drive of the standard truck and the interior of the Raptor isnt very different.. There are some different seat options and there are some different looks and things about the interior.. You have to look pretty close to find the Easter eggs., But its not a bad thing that its no different than the standard F. 150.. These two big screens are really impressive: good to look at. Theres a nice little shelf. To rest your hand when youre pressing the touch screen., Then theres a lot of redundant buttons, so it makes it easy to execute commands without having to look around for stuff.. The steering wheel is made out of nice. Materials. Feels good and chunky in your hands., And there are some of the cool quirky features that the F 150 gets here in the Raptor.. So, for instance, you can do the little fold away, shifter thing which Im still not a huge fan of, but its fun. And as a result, you can then open up the center console to make a table desk combo if youre not working from home anymore and Youve decided that your truck is the best place to set up your laptop.

Or, if thats, how you do it every day. Anyways. Theres lots of space in here. Crew cab configuration only in the Raptor.. These seats have plenty of room and theres a really good driving position. And in the back plenty of space for adults, too., MUSIC PLAYING, Really early. Its really early. Its almost five.. I wish we were sleeping a little later, but Im very excited. Thats, not what my face says, but its. What my heart, feels. MUSIC PLAYING It is day two and we are out in the desert somewhere with some sand and rocks waiting in a line of other Ford. Raptors. Weve already had an adventure with a flat tire, potentially based on driver error or potentially just based on big rocks.. Right now were going to do. The first of Fords off road modules. Theyve, got to strap into these harness devices because thats how serious the work is that were going to be doing. All right. Time to test off road handling., So were going through a wash. Were in Baja mode and basically were Just following some cones., This is pretty high speed stuff when you consider off roading. And weve put the truck in Baja mode, but we leave obviously no lockers on four high and it really bounces along in this stuff., Its super easy to drive. Steerings, pretty light.. I mean, obviously, you get a ton of bumps because youre in a wash. Its what you get kind of rain, rutted.

Theres rock crawling capabilities, which are great. But this is the kind of stuff that I like high speed going as far and as fast as you can. And thats. Why you like a truck with a 450 horsepower turbo charged V6., Its really enjoyable to drive. And youve got a camera. Not that is really useful at this speed., But Im going 150 miles an hour and the front camera still on because were in Baja mode, which is an off road. Only mode.. You cant really turn that on in the street or youre not supposed to., But when youre in Baja mode you get the extra lateral exhaust. You get the changes to the steering and the suspension., And you get that full 12 inch screen filled up with a forward Facing camera. MUSIC PLAYING All right. Were doing loops and were supposed to move up to 45 or 50 miles an hour.. Let the truck do its thing.. I mean these are massive. And the amount of movement thats going on inside is really small. Compared to whats happening on the outside of the truck. Were going to try and get a shot of that.. It is impressive how much travel this thing – has. Short lived, but man you feel like a hero, doing that kind of stuff. Either that or a villain.. I dont know which one. SPEAKER 2. Well, how was it TRAVIS, LANGNESS, Yee, haw, haw., MUSIC PLAYING – Were not doing the rally course, which means they want us to go 40 miles an hour across some pretty big sections of the dunes which is great.

. They want us to keep our foot in it, because that way you dont get stuck in the sand. Were really moving really moving. There we go. This is the stuff that is on bedroom posters or at least in the PR catalog, for this truck. Going sideways at 40 miles an hour., Its bone, stock. And Im barely doing anything, you know Youre not having a hard time., Its, not difficult to control the truck.. It moves around on you sure, but its very predictable at these speeds. And thats part of the fun of off roading is you can really reach the limit of at least the drivers potential, and especially somewhere near the limit of a vehicles potential based on abilities without Going very fast. To do this in a sports car to reach these kind of limits. You got to be going way. Faster. Here we go. And were up in the air.. The truck also sounds pretty amazing. When we were going through the wash earlier. I talked about it a little bit, but this exhaust really opens up in Baja mode. And one of the things that Ford did when they redesigned this Raptor is they changed the exhaust to be equal length.? They did whats called the trombone design or basically did a twist in the exhaust and then changed the location of the X pipe so that they made this V6 actually sound, pretty gnarly. Its got a good growl to it and its really hard to make a V6 Sound good.

: Normally you get this kind of engine note from a V8. It doesnt scream or have the supercharger whine of a TRX but boy, oh boy, it doesnt sound bad. And you can just switch the exhaust mode with a button on the steering. Wheel. Quiet it down for highway commutes.. I dont know why youd want to do that, but maybe you dont want to wake up your neighbors in the morning. Thats. Probably a good reason right. This place exists for trucks like this., And this truck exists for places like this.. This is the reason you spend the extra money over a standard truck andor, any other vehicle on the planet.. The smiles per miles are real high out here. MUSIC PLAYING. So lets recap our time with the Raptor.. Yesterday we had a fun on road drive.. We got to see what it was like on highways and a little bit in the city., And this morning we started bright and well dark and early and got to off roading before the sun even came up. And had a little bit of a misadventure with a Flat tire., SPEAKER 2, Be honest. Is it his fault, SPEAKER? 3? Oh, that is so someones fault right, there., SPEAKER, 2. Is it his fault right there TRAVIS LANGNESS, The Raptor took a licking and kept on ticking., And that leads us to our next two big questions.. One, how did the Raptor hold up to sustained off road abuse And two whats it like to drive off road? Well, it holds up really well.

, You throw everything at this truck and it just keeps on going.. I mean this is what its built for. Its specified for off road use, and it really does justify the extra price you pay over, something like an FX4, F, 150. Whats. It like to drive off road. Well, it doesnt feel nearly as big out here as it does in the city. When youre in an area with so much space feels like its ready to roam., And it actually feels kind of like its the right size. Now dont get me wrong.. I would like something thats a little bit lighter.. This is almost 6000 pounds, but that doesnt mean its difficult to drive. The steering the handling everything comes into its own out here in the element of off roading and its a really fun vehicle to drive.. How does it compete against the Ram TRX Well thats, not really a direct competitor. Sure theyre, both expensive, full size off road trucks, but weve got an upcoming, Raptor R and will likely have some version of the predator engine which is going to put out somewhere north Of 700 horsepower fingers crossed., So the real comparison is going to be between this truck in its R form. The TRX and the upcoming Silverado ZR2. Weve got a comparison in the works for those, but were going to have to wait to see just when the ZR2 shows up and when the Raptor R makes its debut.

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