Now its been a long time coming, it was first shown at auto expo 2020, but its finally here and theres a lot to talk about, because this one is built on a new chassis, its new on the outside its new on the inside. So theres a lot of ground to cover the promise is of a hardcore off roader thats also got a very easy going and user friendly side question is: does it deliver on that promise? The new gurkha sure looks to business with its boxy shape, cliff face sides. Clamshell bonnet round headlights and all the new gurkha carries forward the old ones g class for the masses look, however, the overall treatment is far more sophisticated and something that becomes very evident when we see gurkhas old and new together. Every panel is new and whats. Also clear is that quality is vastly improved. There are tighter shut lines all over, and this impression of enhanced quality alone helps elevate, the gurkha from a rudimentary off roader to something more life styley. The loud shade of orange does its bit too. The new model has its share of eye catching details as well. It wears the new gurkha lettering on its grill as a badge of honor and the dual like led drls on the sunken in headlights. Work really well worth noting is that the headlights are full led units, which is a first in the segment. The high set position of the indicators hasnt been tinkered with, but the bonnet is chunkier the front.

Bumper is fuller and theres a heavy duty bash plate too. That gives the gurkha sufficient street cred and, like the previous good car, this ones snorkel is standard with official weighing ability rated at 700 millimeters. Of course, theres heavy cladding around the wheel, arches and whats nice is that the standard fit footboard has been neatly integrated into the look at the sides. However, its the single pane rear glass in place of the three part windows that does the most to distinguish. The new gurkha flush, fitting windows, higher set tail lights that sit on the bodywork rather than at the bumper and a new bumper, are the changes of note at the back. A full size spare tire that sits on the tailgate completes the look, the scope to personalize. Your good car, too, our test car is decked up with a rear ladder. Roof rack with a cherry, can holder and all terrain tires and therell be more on the accessories menu as well in size. The new gurkha is marginally wider and taller than the old one and is identical in its 2400 millimeter wheelbase too. But overall length is up by a substantial 124 millimeters, primarily courtesy, the longer front overhang that was required to incorporate structures to meet the latest crash and pedestrian protection norms at the gurkhas core is a new high strength, steel ladder frame chassis that uses cnc construction that Force says, offers best original rigidity in the segment. The frame is designed to support four length configurations and importantly, will also found the base for a five dog car that comes soon like the last gen gurkha explorer and expedition.

The new one features an independent double wishbone front suspension and a multi link live axle arrangement at the back, theres anti roll bars front and rear and coil springs at all four wheels before we go any further. Let us know what you think of the new gurkha in the comment section below and if you havent already do like the video and subscribe to the autocad india channel for the latest from us. Youll need a ladder to work. Your way into this ladder frame off roader its that high set off the ground, thankfully force has given a side step as part of standard fitment, and you also get this chunky grab rail to all your way into the cabin. Before i give you a tour of the new good cast cabin heres, a quick look at what the last one was like inside and viewed in this perspective, the new good cars cabin is light years ahead of the old ones, but by modern standards. Its still. What youd call functional and not fancy you get modern stuff like a touchscreen, though it does look aftermarket, but on the other hand it does feature android, auto and apple carplay and gets the job done. The dials are also fairly simple by modern standards, but the fact is that you get a tachometer at the traditional instrument console and not at the center console, as was the case with the old good cup. That the dashboard extends to the floor is a big upgrade in its own, its finished in hard and shiny plastics.

That look and feel very basic, though. However, what is nice are the seats theyre really large and supportive and ergonomics have also improved vastly the steering, for instance, gets both tilt and telescopic adjust, and even things like the aircon controls. The rotary knobs are in easy reach. Theres also plenty of storage space on the center console. There is a handy glove box and you also get four usb slots, two up front and two right here: theres an aftermarket, looking tire pressure monitoring system as well that sits near the instrument. Cluster other features include front power windows, the buttons for which sit near the gear lever, central locking and a rear viper, while dual airbags, speed, sensing door, locks and rear parking sensors are part of the safety suite. A mahindra tar will get you more kate and also has the more up market interior, where the gurkha scores big, is in rear seat comfort. The rear seats comprise two forward facing chairs access to which is, via the side, hinge rear door. A footstep helps with the steep climb up and you will have to duck walk your way through the passage between the seats too, but it sure beats entering via the front door getting to the force. Gurkha second row is relatively easy, as three door suvs and off roaders go and once youre inside youll also find that comfort is pretty good. Now the front passenger seat is set to a comfortable position for someone of my size im just under six feet tall and at the back.

I have enough room for my feet. There is a decent amount of knee room and what is a big surprise? Are the seats themselves theyre really comfortable? The large and supportive get a good range of motion thanks to the backrest adjust, you can also adjust the angle of the armrest and the seating position itself is really nice. You get a nice natural armrest with the window sill as well taller passengers will find the top of the windows at eye level, so you will need to slouch down a bit to get a really good view out now. Speaking of the view, a big change on the new good car is the switch to a single pane window at the back theres, no way to open it, and given that there are no aircon vents at the back. The impression is that this could be a rather stuffy area. However, the view out is good. You have a lot of space inside the cabin and air conditioning is also really really impressive. So a stuffy place this aint, the gurkha, also impresses in terms of luggage space. You can store large suitcases behind the rear seats, but will also need serious might when its time to load and unload heavy items. The new gurkha already feels superior to the old one and we havent even turned a wheel. Yet could there be more surprises in store? A quick look at the specifications wouldnt suggest so the new gurkha continues with the long standing mercedes derived 2.

6 liter diesel engine thats been upgraded to bs 6 spec. Before you ask the 140 horsepower, 2.2 liter diesel engine from the old gurkha extreme has been dropped and there wont be any petrol option either in bs6 after the 2.6 engine sees a mild bump up in power and torque, though the 91 horsepower and 250 newton meter Figures are strictly average that the max stock is available from 1400 to 2400. Rpm tells you much about this units characteristics, the gurkhas power and torque figures might not seem like much, but on the open road. What really gets you is the ease with which the gurkha just pulls forward. There is lots of pulling power at your disposal, but this engine just does not like to rev its happy at low rpms thousand fifteen hundred two thousand, but at three thousand five hundred rpm. The party is over, it does not rev beyond that. Its almost like a commercial vehicle engine in that sense thats, because its designed for that role too cool trivia is that the unit also powers the force tracks. People mover the easy access to power means you can get by with fewer gear shifts, which is just as well, because the 5 speed unit isnt the nicest to use and the shift action occasionally leaves you second guessing gear changes. The clutch is light, but a more progressive action would be nice. A dead pedal to rest. Your left foot on would also be a welcome inclusion.

The gurkha gets up to speed in an unheard manner and will maintain a steady cruise, but its not punchy. On the plus side. You wont lose momentum as theres. No need to slow down for broken patches of road bombed out roads make absolutely no difference to the gurkha the suspension, the chassis they just feel like theyre built to take a pounding ride. Quality is also quite nice, its fairly cushy and soft when the road is smooth, but when the surface deteriorates that ample wheel travel really comes into play. That ladder frame typical jutter to the body is also well contained, but do remember not to wrap your thumbs around the steering wheel because on really bad bumps, the steering kicks back and kicks back hard. Theres also play at the steering and quick cornering isnt. The top heavy gurkhas forte, which is only to be expected at low speeds, the steering calls for many turns locked to lock, but its easy enough to twirl and the 11.3 meter turning circle is manageable too. A reverse camera would have made life easier, though, on the whole, the experience behind the wheel is vastly improved and theres an other aspect to its newfound user friendliness as well. The new good has taken a huge, huge jump in terms of refinement and comfort. Now it will not be comparable to a modern day, monocoque suv, but given what the good car was to, what its become theres almost a decades worth of difference between the two, the engine in bs6 after runs quieter, and you also hear less road noise less from The suspension and in general that makes this a easier vehicle to live with, and it does make a stronger case as your only vehicle, but more civilized as it may have become.

The gurkha remains a hardy off roader that comes into its element, as you leave the road that skyscraper high seating suddenly makes a great deal of sense in the wild visibility. Is everything and the good cast goes really really well? On that front, you sit high up the upright pillars, equal a great view all around and with the indicators on the bonnet, you also have a fair idea of where your good extremities are theres more. That adds to your confidence in the wild. We at the tail end of the monsoons. It hasnt been raining all that heavily so theres no flooding in the areas where we are, which is good, but i must say that the gurkha seems almost ready for any eventuality on that front, its got this snorkel. That gives it immense water waiting ability. I cant show it to you today, but if you, google, and search for a few videos of the gurkha in river crossings, youll get what i mean the slushy pits and hilux on our path. Dont challenge the gurkha, the gurkha. Just charges on and on on an off road trail. It feels indestructible as you want a hardcore off roader too, and you know what i havent yet needed to get out of two wheel drive so far. The good car will achieve more in two wheel. Drive than most suvs will, in their most hardcore setting four wheel, drive unlocks a new level of ability, so the first gurkha is fairly straightforward.

In its uh off road settings, you have a four wheel: drive lever, get eight to four high and uh thats, where the fun starts in four high. The gurkha dismisses the stomach churning side incline far better than i do, and thanks to its short wheelbase 205 millimeter, ground clearance and good off road angles. It tackles a series of large humps like an invertebrate and were out no good. Cars were harmed in the making of this video. I have to try to do something stupid to get the good kind into trouble and its a hump taken at an awkward angle. That, finally, does the trick the independent front, suspension doesnt offer enough articulation to let the tires all the way down, and what that leaves me with is a front right, tyre hanging, mid air and spinning furiously, but to no avail. Nothing to do but back out and dip into the good cars off road box of tricks, theres rear and front differential locks and its the latter. That should see me through okay. So now i will engage the front differential, lock its a fairly old school arrangement. With this lever, pull up twist, wait for the symbol on the instrument cluster and ready to go absolutely light hand on the steering full marks for effort to the force. Gurkha four low comes into play. As i attempt a steep hill climb, the gurkhas low end talk is your best friend when you have a steep incline like this.

Its just chugging along no questions asked the gurkhas low speed. Idling has been calibrated to allow it to climb without any throttle inputs. Theres. No off road screen to tell you the incline angle, but the gurkha can climb up to 35 degrees. Okay, now the gradient is getting a bit more serious. I can feel my body push harder and harder against my seat, but when you have a view like that, it is worth it. In fact, the gurkhas ability to get you anywhere makes it one hell of a picnic vehicle, the good car thrashes its way to the hilltop, which is a martian surface of loose rock and mud, its a vehicle that will take you where few others can. Now that the gurkha has summitted time to summarize the gurkha, how a thor would do on the same roads and on the same trail is a question for another day. Whats certain is that the massive mainstream interest in the thar will have a positive rub off on the new gurkha too, and force motors is upskilling its sales and service staff to better cater to a more urban clientele. However, if theres one takeaway of the day with the new gurkha its that its not a one trick pony like his predecessor, was that is great off road but compromised in every other respect. The gurkha has become more practical, friendlier and cooler even and has evolved to the extent that it can be thought of as your only vehicle.

Make no mistake, though, because the gurkha is still no softy its very much a hardcore off roader, first, whose natural habitat is the real jungle and not the urban one. Those looking for the latest of gizmos and car, like comfort, need not apply. An automatic transmission would have made the good car easier to live with, and the plastics need an upgrade as well, even so theres a likable. What you see is what you get honesty to the package likely to be priced at around 13 lakh rupees ex showroom, which is base thal money. The gurkha remains a committed buy, but one thats become a whole lot easier to commit to, and i dont know why.