Chad. Colby has an update, who remembers the phantom drones and how about this old relic an original phantom with a gopro hero, 3 plus and a gimbal hi everyone, i’m chad, colby and on this week of next week here in the tech segment we’re going to talk about The go to drones for 2021., the first one is the dji mini 2, and if you recall, we actually had it in the christmas segment this year. I love this little drone. This little drone weighs basically less than a can of diet. Coke about the same size when you fold it up, but some of the imagery we’ve got from this drone are amazing. I recently had it on a construction site and this thing was phenomenal. Look at how small the case is for this drone. It’S, wonderful and this case is packed full of things like the controller, the battery all the cables. You need it’s, a great little drone at a price point: that’s, even better. Remember that old phantom i showed you. It cost nearly 4 000 dollars to fly for 8. Maybe 10 minutes, this thing will fly nearly 20 minutes for 750 bucks with way better quality. Moving on from that, the second drone i want to talk about is a new drone it’s also from dji it’s, the fpv drone, and what that means. It has first person view you wear goggles, like this they’re really attractive, but you’re, looking at the same view that this drone has now as far as the application goes, i think that’s still a little unclear.

You can see on some of this footage we took here in the last week. It gives us a completely different sense of the footage, and i really like that price point with the case it’s under two thousand dollars, but this one’s pretty special and very high speed. Lots of performance, but here in the back of my truck i’ve, got two other workhorse drones and we’re going to talk about those in great detail next week. The main things about them is it’s carrying a different payload, a better camera, better sensor, bigger batteries for longer flight time, including that quanix and get this. You can fly 400 acres on one battery with that, but the image quality is amazing. On those two drones be sure to join us next week, as we learn more about those as well as we prepare for 2021. thanks chad it’s amazing. How that video footage continues to improve and stay with us. We’Ll have more on this week in agribusiness Applause, Music. Increasingly, american farmers are finding more uses for drones down on the farm. Last week, chad colby brought us half of his update on the new drones for 2021. This week, he’s gon na give us the other half welcome back to part two of drones in 2021, hi i’m chad, colby and i’m really excited to share a couple of those workhorse drones. As we look into the spring season here, the two drones we’re going to talk about this week are the dji mavic 2.

This is the one with the hasselblad sensor and we’re also going to talk about arrow environments, quantix drone, so first let’s jump into the mavic. The mavic is a great system very robust, been around now for over a year, it’s kind of my go to drone price point about 2500 you’re gon na run this from your smartphone. You can run it from your tablet. Whatever you want, it’s got a battery life. You know in that 20 minute time frame. The thing that’s nice about this drone is just how robust it is and how easy and compact it is for transport. It’S super nice now this case this one’s a little bit unique because i have both controllers. This is the standard controller. This is the one you would use to use your smartphone or a tablet with you can actually store the tablet in the bottom of this case, and then i also have what’s called the smart controller, and the smart controller is really nice, because in 30 seconds you Can be airborne with these two devices, two buttons wait for the satellites to initialize and you’re flying in 30 seconds takes a little longer if you’ve got to hook up your phone or your ipad. The thing i like about the most is, though you can do a lot of great mapping things with this drone as well, which a lot of people are doing across the midwest. The big drone behind me, though that’s the workhorse that’s, the aero environment, quantex, and it has vtol technology, so that means it can take off like a drone and then lay over fly like an airplane.

You know we’ve covered as many as 1500 acres with that in one day from 10 in the morning till 2, 30 in the afternoon. You run that with a tablet and it’s so easy, because you can put all your farms right in here or your construction sites. Whatever it might be, when you get to the site, push a button and it’ll fly the route and when it’s done comes back and lands literally a couple button clicks, as you would expect, with a big battery life, this you’re going to get a good flight time. As well so that’s, one of the great things about this, the other part of both of these systems they’re, going to let you harvest data and use it a way. We’Ve never seen before with such platforms like drone deploy, you can take all this data, send it in and get this they’ve been testing it already this year we can easily do stand, counts now. So if you’re not excited about some of these offerings in 2021, maybe you should revisit. I know for a lot of people. It’S been a long way since we came from drones like this. It cost as much as four thousand dollars to what we can do today with substantially less will get us a lot more for this week in agribusiness i’m. Chad colby. Thank you. Chad! Keep that beautiful drone footage coming.