They’Re too compromised. They aren’t sports cars and they aren’t good suvs, they’re dumb. But if you make them really really dumb, they become good. Again, we present to you the dodge, durango srt. What happens when you take the guts of a trackhawk? Stick it in a durango and then spend three more years perfecting the formula. Not only is this the ultimate durango it’s, currently the american car maker’s ultimate suv, with upgrades that even the trackhawk doesn’t get the cost of such an honor, 81 000 u.s and in canada for some reason, one hundred and sixteen thousand dollars. So we want to know, could it possibly justify that price because it looks pretty evil james? We talked about this. You you can’t, do an evil, laugh it’s, probably better. If i do it, i can Music that just sounds like you’re enjoying a cookie. If you’re new to farmhouse, we do car reviews track tests and quite a lot of messing around so subscribe and hit the bell see right away. This is where things like the x5m competition fall down, because they just don’t seem to settle, and this one feels like it does it’s a bit like the trackhawk in that sense, and so, if it’s, a big cushy, six seat, suv that can actually then suddenly go Really quick, it could be a massive win i’ll. Let thomas talk about whether it accomplishes that task, because he’s been living with it, but so far this is very nice.

And yet, when you want to mash it that hellcat engine roars – oh it’s, addicting, v8, supercharger, it’s, perfect, the two of them together becomes an amazing thing and like the trackhawk, this is all wheel drive. So it can put down all of its power, unlike its charger or challenger brethren. I would love to try a demon all wheel, drive and, by the way, when i say horsepower, it’s got a lot 710 horsepower. It also has the same 645 pound feet of torque. However, it has access to that torque even lower in the rev range than the track. There. You go vis a vis, concordantly it’s, freaking, quick. How quick well dodge say: 3.5 seconds to 60 miles an hour 3.5 seconds 5700 pounds and they’ve got the balls to say 3.5 seconds we’re gon na put that to the test, because this is throttle house launch control, left foot on the brake, applying pressure. Here we go: oh wow, 3.3 seconds. 4. 60. Oh it’s, quick, 11.5! Oh i got a break. I’Ve got a break, oh grateful for those srt brakes. Oh didn’t have much runway left there. 3.3 seconds, that’s stock, that’s, rs7 performance level, not rs7 performance performance performance, it’s. The rs7 performance level of performance in a 5700 pound family hauler. What have they done? I mean this is one fat bastard, yeah it’s heavy, but it still has the same claimed 0 60 time as the jeep trackhawk. But is it the ultimate performance suv? Because something like this is the ultimate performance, suv assuming you don’t have to live with it or look at it.

So with that in mind, maybe the jeep trackhawk is the ultimate performance, suv except i’ve, driven it and it’s kind of bode. Sometimes it feels like trying to navigate a container ship to the sweze canal, so with the durango they added an internal rebound spring, which is supposed to give it more performance but prevent the ride from getting too stiff. So has it worked well naturally we’re on a race track, because i can’t seem to drive anything without taking it onto a racetrack and uh guess what this car doesn’t belong here that said, it’s ridiculously controlled in the corners. Look at that. Hardly any body lean from what is a three three row: suv all right, we’re gon na go full track mode. Everything at this point right is uh it’s, getting a bit stiff, yep jittery. I just made fun of that x6m. I was maybe a little bit too harsh on it. It is garbage on the road full stop. However, out here i drove that car and it feels like an m5 it’s, a full sports car. You can drift it around, but it also reminds you that suvs do not belong on the track ever. For some reason, manufacturers can’t seem to stop adding stiff suspension and powerful engines to these things, because well people buy them. You know what i kind of get it, because this well big and dumb and stupid feels like it handles just about as well as a challenger.

I don’t know if that’s an insult to the challenger or a compliment of the durango yeah. You know what it it can do. The track this dodge durango, this family suv, can do the track, but you’re not going to go on the track with this. That would be stupid, so we’re going to calm down we’re, going to put it in auto mode right, because everything in the street all wheel, drive stability, suspension the whole thing and, as james said, i’ve been living with this here’s. What i’ve found it’s kind of addictive this car truck suv whatever it is? You just get used to every little foible it has you learn to love its problems? You learn to love its strengths and you end up with what is one of the best performance suvs that money can buy full stop. There are areas that i would fault it to be fair. I would say that the interior isn’t quite up to the level of the trackhawk we’ll, talk more about that in a minute and even though they didn’t stiffen the sway, bars and upgraded the dampers instead, there’s still too much side to side motion over the bumps is In a world of x6m competitions and gls 63s, all those other nurburgring focused idiots. This reigns supreme, it didn’t stiffen it too much. They gave it a whole crap ton of power and just enough handling prowess that it can control its mass. This is how you do a high performance, suv and guess what from a dig, it beat a lamborghini urus, and you know before i go meet james i’m, going to celebrate that with uh with america’s favorite meal that took you longer than expected.

Oh what’s that stop mcdonald’s mcdonald’s yeah we’ve we’ve talked about this i’m. Sorry it’s, the american tradition. I want you to live to enjoy more american traditions. How many have you had today? I feel like i saw eating two earlier three. That was the third that’s three. Well, sorry, everybody in the spirit of excess yeah, exactly the srt hellcat durango yeah. This thing consumes as much fuel as i do at mcmuffins, it’s, really fun. It is really really fun like i haven’t got out of any of the super suvs. Having just had this much level of fun, yeah it’s, just it’s, really dumb yeah. Well, who thought the 710 horsepower could be enjoyable? Okay, it looks awesome, yes, really looks good for 2021. The durango got some updates. So now it looks more like the wide body charger um, so it’s yeah. It does look like a charger. Exactly yeah i mean these led headlights are aggressive, still got the two two stripes two center strikes. This is absolutely. How much is this that’s fifteen hundred dollars? Fifteen hundred dollars is so worth it yeah. The problem with mustangs do the same thing where it’s, really expensive from factory and those sort of things end up making more sense after market part yeah. If you want it rolling off the line with a ribbon on it. From your dealership, then that’s the way to do it. It comes complete with this wasp as well. It looks really aggressive i’m trying to think of the other super suvs, yes and which one kind of tackles aggressiveness the best and i i’m, maybe the urus but there’s.

The x5m competition yeah there’s, the gle 63s, yes there’s, the audi rsq8 yeah, you can go to like range rover, super billet, autobiography look at the front. None of them have that angry front. No, they also none of them. Have this honestly? Does that look bigger to you than the normal one, that’s a big looking logo, you know what you might be right, i’d, say it’s uh, like look at my hand compared to it yeah. Well, look at my hand. Maybe i’ll show you in case you ever know. James is the hand model on throttle house. I got these stubby little yeah. He keeps telling me to get out of his swamp, but no it’s a it’s, a very aggressive looking car. It still looks to me, like that kind of classic home alone, where’s kevin vibe. Well, it’s, a three rows: american suv except the front except the front um two more things i’d, like to point out before we go inside, is that the paint is really nice. Yes, this has got a really nice metallic flake. It does 20 inch wheels and the two piece brake rotors, the brembos look, really really cool as well. It’S got the full hellcat treatment all right. The only thing i could wish for dear santa is to be standing out front of a pacifica or, or you know, hellcat i’m waiting for the minivan. We want it we’ve seen renault really. We really wanted it all right: interior yeah, because that’s updated too.

Okay. No! No soft clothes, unfortunately that’s, not one of the updates. You mean the one time i remembered well, you know maybe for the price it should have it, because we kind of get fleeced on this in canada. We really do yeah. How much more is this than the the non supercharged version it’s, the srt more than the srt it’s ‘ grand more, whereas in the states i think it’s, like 15 grand 15 grand us, which is like new 20s 2020s yeah, so it’s like a significant difference. If you’re in the us, congratulations, you can get one of these for yeah no different. The car is no different. We just pay more for it, which is a shame because actually, challenges and charges are built right round here and we get them about the same price. Yeah, yes, this one is nice. This is bill. This is built in detroit. This one it’s bull, it’s, rubbish, it’s garbage is it is it no? The price is garbage. The price is coverage. This is obvious. This is like 130 grand, oh it’s, so much money for a durango it’s. A lot just give us soft clothes. You know yeah at least at least soft clothes. Okay couple things to point out: normally: normally we get these fca products or stellantis stalantis, sorry, stellantis and it’s uh poor quality, but but this is not really that i mean it’s, not necessarily on the level of the germans, no probably not, but it’s.

The stitching is good: it’s got some fun stuff going on yeah. I mean this is demonic, red interior, sorry, that’s, the name of it demonic red. They have fun yeah yeah, they have fun the black against the monochrome, which fits the two stripes. I think this is specked really nicely. Actually i do i i. This is nice. This, like this, reminds me of the carbo composites on the laboratory, so that – and this is actually part of an expensive option – that’s part of the srt appearance package. Okay, so it’s like three grand, so you get the carbon fiber, you get the premium buttons. The with this is this new uconnect, 5.? Okay, because if you remember, you used to be able to press srt, make breakfast and then change the track. Yes, however, this is faster, but that was simpler. No, this is funny. I don’t think this is fine. It it’s still slightly very quick. It was really good, it would for ages now, but this is not. I thought this system is not super intuitive compared to the previous one, like you got a home and then there’s apps right, you, like a couple of these menus, went to the same menu when we were figuring things out before yeah they did. My drive modes. Are the same as that button down there? It’S, okay, it’s, okay, it’s it’s, a massive improvement. You know, what’s, not a massive improvement. What the rear view camera it’s, terrible like that’s, where it doesn’t even come out: okay, yeah, germans um the steering wheels from the dodge challenger it’s, just a challenge and the the the gauge cluster i mean.

What is that speedometer? Well, okay, listen. The speedometer looks cool like it looks cool, but you would never read. You have to have. Oh sorry, that’s badami, yeah yeah. The actual attack, like you, have the digital readout. Look how small those numbers are it’s completely pointless. I wonder if it’s there, for like regulations or something because like why would you ever use it? If you’re someone like me, who only hangs around from like 280 to 320, oh yeah, you just leave, i can’t tell i’m on the fast side of life, this guy right here, yeah yeah, it’s, like in the fast lane. No, i really don’t have a problem with this car. The seats are comfortable. The seats are comfortable. However, i find they’re a bit hard they’re a bit hard like a bit stiff, but they’re heated really really adjustable like you can like this leans way back like not the back. I mean the bass part yeah, which is nice. You can get like this kind of like oh yeah. You forget that this has three rows. When you i haven’t played with an srt screen, that’s all this stuff and yeah there’s still, and that there’s still three rooms yeah. But there is also another option you can get in. The second row can become a bench, so it becomes lighter, it’s, a performance package to make it lighter, and then it deletes the third row. Okay, there is a version of the durango hellcat, where you do.

A third row delete why it’s called a trackhawk people, yeah it’s gon na just get the trackhack yeah. Why, oh, i would i wanted the actual. I guess it would be massive boot space it’d be the ultimate a companion for a track for a track. I guess yeah i mean you could do the track day in the car that you towed there and then do the also the track day in the car that you towed with. But you wouldn’t be able to take any more people than no than the one in the bench five. This is a weird vehicle. It’S really weird, like your flight is in it, but you know what all these super suvs are. So silly yes, but this wins by just being the most silly it’s, the most silly it’s, the most fun. I think it is, and yet, amongst the three row, power suvs it’s, not the most silly in price, as is tradition, where the germans offer a classier. Maybe stuffier higher end experience. The durango hellcat makes its case as the performance oriented cheaper american option and if you saw our drag race with it, you’ll know that it really makes its case. So while we generally don’t go in for this whole super suv thing, we are constantly on the lookout for a manufacturer who actually manages to pull it off.