The 2021 dji mini 2 drone offers a new viewpoint on your trips, so bring it along 2021 dji mini 2 drone features in specs pack. Light fly free, does the dji mini 2 very, very little. It is just the size of an average apple and weighs less than 240 grams, making it easy to carry in your pocket. The 2021 dji mini 2 drone is a perfect travel companion of its size and portability, and it will revolutionize the way. You record your most incredible experience, small but mighty as a result of its compact design and straightforward functionality. Dji mini 2 allows you to shoot anywhere and whenever you want, if youre taking photos of a family gathering or an empty beach mini 2 is up to the task powerful performance, it may be minimal. But this dji drone packs a ton of power. The 2021 dji mini 2 drone 31 minute maximum battery life is more than plenty for composing the perfect photo. It can withstand 29 38 kilometers per hour winds and take off at maximum height of 4 000 meters, allowing you to film even in the windy conditions. Ocusync 2.0 video transmissions explore the world without limitations, to fly farther and observe more clearly. The mini 2 has outstanding anti interference capabilities and offers hd video transmission of up to 10 kilometers quick shots instantly master aerial photography. The 2021 dji mini 2 drone automatically records and shoots high quality films that can be shared on social media, with only a few touches.

Whether youre, first time flyer or a season veteran the dji fly app offers a variety of tools to help you get the best shots possible panorama show off just how epic your view is: 2021 dji mini 2 drone will create a panoramic work of art from your Selection of wide angle, 180 degrees or sphere panoramas in a matter of seconds, enhanced photo why week to share the best photos. Intelligent pictures enhancement is impended right into the dji fly app after a picture is downloaded. The programmer automatically improves the quality of the image resulting in photos with rich colors and interact details, simplified flight for stunning content, the user experience and intelligent features of the dji mini 2 have been improved. Automation, precise hovering and smart return to home all contribute to smoother safer flight experience than ever before. When the sky is your playground, there are no limits to what you may do: direct download and instant editing. It is simple, as that fly spot discover a new adventure. Let us know how we can help takeoff locations are no longer sources of concern. Whether you use a dji fly app to map out your route ahead of time. You never know if you run across another ice spring aerial, photographer 2021 dji mini 2.