We covered about 2 000 odd kilometers over three weeks for the film that I was shooting, which I really hope you have seen. If not, please click on the link above and let us know what you think, but yeah that was solid, saddle time for us to decipher. If this one can hold a candle to its predecessor, which was undoubtedly one of the best road bikes that money can buy. This is the most amount of time. Ive had the pleasure of spending with a superbike right, so you can imagine my excitement, but that actually quickly turned into a matter of deep introspection and wondering if i had unknowingly signed up for an experience of masochism. Considering how race focused track focused. The modern superbikes have become how taut they are, how stiff and how angrier they get year after year, producing more and more horsepower., So a silent prayer and hundred kilometers after starting my journey, i was luckily again beaming from ear to ear, knowing that the new s1000rr Had my back and wasnt gon na bust, my balls now dont get me wrong. This is a 200 horsepower missile, so when unleashed it does warrant a mandatory change of underwear, but the shift cam technology has also made it incredibly tractable.. We have 100 newton meter of torque available from just 5500 rpm, and that means you can easily cruise along on this on the highway in the sixth gear, with more than enough poke on tap for those quick overtakes.

. But what truly surprised me was even when the revs dropped to 2500 rpm, it would still pull cleanly in the sixth gear with minimum juddering, and i think it was that this ability to ride along pretty much everywhere in sixth gear that allowed it to return a Fuel economy of … wait for it.. 20 kilometers per liter, extending its range to 250 kilometers from its 16.5 liter fuel tank, which i think is incredible and again its not that you mind downshifting, because the quick shifter and the blipper are buttery smooth to operate. The other thing i noticed was a heat management.. Now this is a high strung superbike. So, of course it heats up., But you can feel the system kicking in around 101 degrees and keeps the temperature in check up to 104, even if youre standing still or stuck in stop go traffic, which i think is quite commendable for a superbike running such high Compression ratios, because i was not expecting that the same way i did not expect the ergonomics to be as accommodating on a superbike.. I think BMW have nailed it in terms of finding that sweet spot between being aggressive enough to help you attack corners. At the same time, being upright enough to be easy on your wrists over long distances on the road, i also love how theres so much room to move around and the seat is undoubtedly the best I have experienced on a superbike.

Hell ill say its even better Than some of the seats I have experienced on adventure, bikes. Has the right amount of foam. Is the right width the right size to keep your butt ache free, despite countless miles on the road? A lot of that comfort also has to do with the exceptional ride. Quality that the s1000rr brings to the table.. Now i encountered all kinds of surfaces from Pune to Goa from really grippy tarmac to absolutely no roads in the forest. But this bike, with its dynamic damping control in the road mode, took everything in its stride, with only the sharpest of potholes making their presence felt, and that is commendable. Considering that this has 12 mm less travel compared to the Panigale V4s or the RSV4.., which is also the reason why the seat height is a lot more inviting at just 826 mm and completing the package. Are all the creature comforts which come as standard on this pro variant, which include cruise control? You have heated grips. You have tire pressure monitoring system. You have hill hold control stuff that you see on an adventure motorcycle and that, on top of the safety aids, like lean, sensitive traction, control and abs, as well as what bmw now have introduced the dynamic braking control which actually closes the throttle. If the system notices that you are trying to brake hard and the throttle is still left accidentally open now as good as it all sounds, there are a few chinks in its armor now for a motorcycle, which is packed to the t with electronics.

Im really surprised how the switches arent backlit, so you have no idea what youre pressing in the dark. Also, the ground clearance at 120 mm, especially with the bigger fatter cat con, is quite poor, making the underbelly of the exhaust susceptible for damage on our tall speed breakers. Also, the turning radius is quite long, as is the case on most super bikes. Making? U turns of pain in the butt, and also the windscreen can definitely be taller because it only provides you protection against the wind when youre, fully tucked and also, as was the case with the previous generation s1000rr. This one too, you can feel the vibes kicking in around 4 500 rpm settling down and again making their presence felt in the higher reps closer to the red line.. Now you can get around this problem by riding in the higher gear, but theres no respite for the mirrors which arent damp for vibration and they keep rattling the entire time, giving you a distorted view of whats happening behind.. But if you can live with all of these quirks, this one definitely takes forward the legacy of being an exceptional road bike and really surprised me by its versatility. No, it definitely cannot compete against the kawasaki zx10r in terms of pricing, but for this pro variant, which gets pretty much everything other than the carbon wheels, the lithium ion battery and the m seat, i think for 21.4 lakhs. It offers really good value because it still undercuts its european counterparts by a good margin and especially in the 2022 avatar.

It also gets the M chassis kit, which comes with the adjustable swing, arm, pivot and rear, lift so im really looking forward to riding it on a track. More so because ive also been told by bmw that there have been quite a few updates to the dynamic damping control which now intervenes less in the race pro modes, giving you more control over the suspension setup. Now, if theyve actually gone ahead and done that this undoubtedly has the makings of perhaps the most well rounded superbikes that you can buy today. So there you have it guys. Those are my impressions on the bmw s1000rr. Let me know what you think of this video. If you have any more comments, questions hit them in the comment section below and ill get back to you as soon as possible.