So i apologize but its a bite that ive been looking forward to very much riding this bike is the r1250rt from bmw ive ridden one of these for about five years. Its come an awful long way since then i loved it. When i last rode it lets. Uh check this out now and see what the improvements are all about: Music, okay, so this video is very much going to be my first ride. Review ive literally just jumped on the bike. Ive been on it for about four minutes so far, and the first thing that struck me when i jump on is the sort of uh. As far as your lower half of the body is concerned, youre the sporty riding position – your legs are really tucked up on this bike, which i actually quite like, but uh. If you buy an rt or youre thinking of an rt, because you think youre going to be stretched out and comfy on a roomy bike, you might be a little bit surprised at how tucked up you feel im used to riding the bmw r1200gs thats. What i own and that one is much straighter in the leg. It feels a much bigger bike. I also ride the honda goldberg, which is probably maybe even a competitor to this bike, and that feels much more roomy as well, thats, not to say its uncomfortable in any way im just saying it doesnt feel as roomy as it looks now, since i last rode One of these its had massive changes, as i say, i guess the biggest and most obvious change is.

It now has the uh 1250cc shift cam engine which gives the uh boost. Uh gives the bike a boost in horsepower and torque ill go through the detailed specs. When we do the walk around a little bit later. It also feels a lot more spritely. As a result, and its nice and smooth as well, this engine, a really lovely unit, okay, im just gon na stick the uh screen up to its maximum extent, because i was in a bit of wind blast. There we go screen goes up miles. Im gon na have to tilt that camera back. So you can see me again there you go. I hope you see me right with the screen, as you saw, which is electronic in its fully upward position. Im sat here in a lovely, calm, air, absolutely beautiful. A little bit of that suction effect on my back, which you get on bikes like this, when you put the screen up im used to that, but its actually lovely place to be, i could put the visor up and theres absolutely no wind on my face here. Im doing 48 miles an hour and you can hold a conversation quite easily like this, so beautiful wind protection from this colossal frontal area and then the next thing that strikes you on this bike is this massive tft that uh bmw have now installed. I quite like the older dash for one of a better word on the older rt, but this tft is, i think, a beauty.

Bmw really know how to do tfts. This one, i think, is a 10 10.5 inches, something like that. Absolutely massive uh loads of real estate to show stuff on and its quite nice and easy as well to use its quite intuitive ive, not read the manual yet, but because youve got the whiz wheel here and the menu button you can flick down to the various Options that youve got you can move along with the whiz wheel to whatever you want to look at, and then you can check out the various options that are available to you. This is one of the things i dont like if you want to, for example, change the heated grips or the heated seat, both of which this bike has you have to go into it via the settings, so its a number of uh presses of buttons. Until you get there, i would rather, you just had a physical button for that, but thats a small point, and the first thing ive noticed about the bike that i dont like so much im a fan of physical buttons for things that youre going to use a Lot so we talked a bit about the riding position your legs are tucked up, but you are set up right. Nice and comfortable handlebars feel about the same width as the gs quite wide, no sensation of weight once youre moving on the bike. It is a heavy bike at something like 267 kilograms, as i said, go through the all the spec, when we do the walk around shortly hello, another bike with a similar type.

Oh sir, that was the k 1600 appropriate enough, not a nodder. I dont know if that comes as standard with bmw touring bikes, that you dont know others, but there we go so yeah. I find the riding position very comfortable seats, huge nice and comfy the things you expect of a big full dress tourer. This has definitely got eye comfort and wind protection mirrors on here. Work beautifully theyre mounted way forward low down on the fairing. I, like that great view behind me. Yes, a very nice place to be sat here. You can certainly cruise for hours and hours, which is exactly what these things are designed for. This bike is in le spec and because its a press machine, its got all sorts of extras thrown in so its fully laid in this one. With things like the sos system, heated seat and heated grips ive already mentioned its got the uh adaptive cruise control with the radar sensing on it. This is my latest long term loaner from bmw uk. So thank you to those guys for lending me. The bike for the next uh week, or so so ill get a chance to uh, get to know a little bit better. So im going to be bringing you some more videos of the lessons, ive learned on the bike. No bike is perfect, ill see what i can find about the bike that i dont like as well as a good stuff. In the meantime, a little bit of a faster road.

This is sort of its natural habitat. If you like lets come up here, lets turn the cruise control on there we go cruise control is on lets, see what happens if i hit the radar button there we go its now sensing. The car in front lets see what happens if he slows down. In fact he is slowing down slightly, you can see the bikes gone down there we were cruise control was set to 73, were now going to 68. Look as the car in front slows down. That is absolute witchcraft. Now, if youre doing a long tour on motorways, maybe on the continent in france or something that is going to take well, not a stress out rider but its going to make again for a much more comfortable ride once again that the bike now has gone up In speed to 73, just as were matching the speed of the car in front, i like that a lot really nice, ah first van of the day, splendid so initial impressions of that uh adaptive cruise control, very good like that im, not sure i want to shell Out for it as an option on its own, but if you get a bike with it fitted, then thats great one of the things im, not so keen about on the bike. Ive already mentioned that the tft is splendid on this, which absolutely is, but one of the things that im surprised, bmw, dont do is build in an integrated, sat nav into the into the bike.

Now youve got all that real estate. You can easily do that. You can get navigation on it, but it relies on you using your phone and a bmw app and connecting your phone up to bikes and using apps and all that sort of thing i know its. You know maybe im just a dinosaur and stuff, but its just a bit of a faff. In my experience, it really works and its just something i could do without id. Rather it had a native sat nav built in. I hope in the next iteration of a bike with this big sat nav. They do that. If i get a chance, i will uh download the app and i will have a go of it. I might eat my words if its really easy to use or something im, not a big fan of that idea, its just one waiting for this traffic to go. Look. My feet are on the balls of the feet and get my feet down fine on this bike. Nice and low seat height coming through now folks. The seat is quite wide, as i say so, even though the seat is quite low and, as i say, ill go through the specs in a moment i am sort of tippy toe, but because its got that tremendous boxer engine on here, the center of gravity is Nice and low, so it doesnt, feel ponderous when you come to a stop like, for example, i found the k1600 does.

So if youre, not a particularly big person like myself, im only five for eight, then this bike when youre on it feels easy to handle right. I really want to overtake this car absolutely laden with electronics. This, as i say, its got everything thrown at it because its the press bike, its got, the uh gearshift, assist pro all the riding modes. So if youre a fan of electronics, you can knock yourself bandy on this bike. The sp suspension feels absolutely beautiful on here. Of course, its got. What i call bmws funny suspension, so the tele lever and paralever front and back end in effect, wishbone suspension, as opposed to telescopic forks like most microsoft, was a particularly on the front, and what that does is. It means theres no dive on the front when you brake hard on the bike, and i love that about it. Talking to the brakes. Theres. Nothing behind me lets just try the front brakes. Oh wow, yeah front brakes are amazing on this lets just try the rear. Oh well, the rear is very good as well. I have a feeling that uh when you apply the rear, you get a little bit of front and when you apply the front, you get a little bit of back im, not sure about that. But i think that may be the case. That explains why the rear is so good, excellent brakes on here that suspension. Of course, you can adjust its the electronic suspension on here.

That means you can stiffen it up or make it softer. According to your want, and in fact in the case of this bike, i think it automatically detects how youre riding and does that for you, unlike my older gs, where you actually set whether you want hard or soft suspension, this boxer engine makes a lot of sense On the touring bike number one because of that low center of gravity that makes it easier to handle, but also just because youve got grunt everywhere on its got so much torque on this engine. Some people dont like the boxer because it looks a bit funny. The way the cylinders poke out well, i get that im, not a big fan of the looks of the engine, but my goodness me as a tractable workhorse. It really does work well. When i get a chance im going to have to overtake this car, because hes slowing my progress a bit ill, tell you what im waiting to overtake lets uh use the magic of youtube, lets whip away somewhere else. Ill uh show you around the bike. Talk you through the spec in the usual way. Okay, lets take a look at this bike, then walk around it and uh talk you through the spec in the usual way. Okey dokey then lets uh start off then, with this engine, its a 1254 cc boxer twin now with the shift cam, you can tell that because it says, shift cam on it, so its exactly the same as in the current gs, for example, uh.

In fact, a lot about this bike is very similar to the gs the frame looks similar to me, um and uh. Obviously, the engine of course does and the way that the layout works with the wheels and the funny bmw suspension, etcetera, mainly its a fairing differences and things like where theyve got this plastic covering on here uh, which is different to me. But anyway, there we go so thats. The engine puts it 136 hp at 7, 750 rpm, 143 newton meters of torque at 6250. But what i like about it is its basically got grunt everywhere, which is perfect for a bike like this really good. If youre carrying a pillion and lots of luggage, whilst were talking about the front, end, lets go and have a look at the brakes on here, because i see this has now got the bmw branded calipers they used to come with brembo brakes. Then they went to these ones, which i think are made by haze im, not sure um, but anyway they look nice in the gold, but they work absolutely brilliantly. On here, 320, build discs, four pot calipers on the back is a single 276 mil and you can see its got. The single sided swing on, but you cant really see it there under the pannier and the chromed exhaust, but the wheels again exactly the same as those on the gs. I wont be talking about the panties actually quite important if youre interested in tourists lets have a look at those one of the things i dont like about them is the fact that you have to lock them separately, theyre, not part of the keyless ignition uh, like They are on some other bikes, which is a bit of a shame so to get into them.

You have to actually press the button, lift this flat and then you can open them up there. We go thats the size inside theyre, not actually huge, and, of course they are these side opening ones. So you might want to put stuff in bags uh. There is an optional top box. I believe, which i think you definitely probably want to invest in. If youre going to do some touring, but they do look nice ill, give them that uh alrighty. What else is there to say about the spec uh suspension? I mentioned bmw tele lever at the front para lever at the back. Has the optional uh esa, which i suspect this bike has as its the press bike thats the electronic um adjustment uh see height on here i mentioned it was quite low 805 millimeters of standard, but it can go down to 760 mil with the low seat option Or if youre a taller person, you can get an 850 mil one nice and comfy. I find it fine at five for eight, this is the standard seat. I wouldnt need to go to the low one, its quite wide, as i say, though, so i end up on the balls of my feet as it were. Uh weight of this 279 kilograms curb weight, so it is heavy, but, as i mentioned, that low center of gravity really helps moving it around when youre actually on the bike, i must say at a standstill or moving around on the driveway, as i did earlier.

It does feel heavy and im used to heavy bikes, but this does feel quite heavy to move around. I dont know what you think about the looks of this. Now the front has been quite heavily restyled. I think its got a bit of i dont know. Raptor type dinosaur about it still very bulbous. My criticism of the old rt was the front end was too bold for my liking. Well, i think this is an improvement, but it still doesnt quite hit the spot as far as looks concerned, but thats very much a subjective thing. The tank on here, 25 liters, so not huge for a touring bike. I guess: electronics, its laden with three riding modes: traction control, hill, start control, abs, of course, dynamic cruise control, uh, optional, dynamic, electronic suspension, massive 10 and a quarter inch tft, led lights. Heated grips heated seat. You know the list goes on price wise, and this is where it gets a bit bit naughty. I think so, according to the website, the price of the bike, fifteen thousand eight hundred and twenty pounds uh, but that is a bit naughty, as i say, of uh. Bmw, i think, because nobodys gon na buy the basic bike. I had to go on the configurator and spec one up to a similar spec that id have and it came out at 21 380. um, and that was just the sort of stuff that i thought would be useful. So i think really youve got a budget if youre going to go for, say the le bike, which this is which has most of the stuff that youre going to want, that is 19105, so really budget around 20k.

For one of these bikes coming in various um packages, exclusive uh gives you um variations of fancy. Paintwork blingy the blingy brake calipers knee covers etcetera loads of options like active cruise control, um, the daytime running lights, adaptive headlights to the headlight pro all that sort of stuff um just again adds all to the price. Once you start adding them. Even the gear shift assist is another 400 pound. Anyway, there we go competitor, wise, uh, im thinking, bmws own k; 1600, perhaps uh very similar in many many ways, different engine, of course, and slightly more expensive. Of course. Maybe the honda gold wing again much more expensive, different engine and then, i suppose, also slightly cheaper, something like the um kawasaki s1000 sx. You could argue as a competitor, but anyway there we go thats uh, thats, the specs of the bike and what she looks like literally walking around it. Okay lets jump back on and see if ive managed to overtake that car. Yet, okay, welcome back. Just as i overtake that honda got me chance at last, oh wow, this engine, its got so much more, go now and its 1250 guys. I will slow down there, though, because i want to go down some slightly more back roads just see what its like on a bit more of the twisties, but yeah cruising along getting to your destination that youre touring on you can really cover the miles and lots Of comfort on this, which is what these bikes are all about, but what about when you get to your destination and you want to explore the twisties – is that good on the rt well lets find out.

This is a bit of a twisty road coming up bumpy and twisty, but im convinced this suspension is gon na eat it up, yeah, lovely much more agile than you would expect for a bike of this size. A little bit damp on the roads around here obviously been a little bit of. Recent rain must have been a passing shower because it was dry when i started a little bit of gravel and stuff here. Just makes me think about things. A little bit yeah around the twist is very nice. Indeed, when you get to your destination, you can have a lot of fun on this bike. Youll get there quickly and in comfort your pillion will be happy and then you can enjoy it when you get to wherever youre going. The quick shift assist pro works. Really nice on here thats definitely an option. I would spec up again if youre going to have a bike that really you want to do relaxed long days on then that again, you might think doesnt make sense on anything, but a sports spot, but it does on a tourer to me, makes for a more Relaxing ride and bmw now have got that nailed even want to come down the box into third into second nice and smooth. If you do need to use the clutch nice and light as well controls on the bike. Classic bmw youve seen these before whether its been on an s1000 rr or on the gs.

They all have the same sort of buttonage. What i call the pcb type stuff you cant really feel when youve pressed it im, not a massive fan of that and i suspect too its not lit on the rt. Hopefully i might get a chance to try that out. So youve got to kind of learn what the buttons do, having criticized the buttons a little bit, because they can get a bit sticky with age. I know through experience, they get big brownie points when it comes to bmws, whiz wheel here on the left. This is such a great way to make selections of things. I love the whiz wheel again like the tft, which bmw make the best. No doubt they make the best controls as well, when youve got lots of complicated things to do on a bike. Yeah lots to learn about this bike, as i say very much. First impressions review, but my first impressions yeah very favorable, its not lost any of its old charm. When i first rode this back in 2017, i think it was on a much less sophisticated bike. I absolutely love that bike and i wondered why i bought a gs instead of it. Well, if youre never going to go off road, it does make sense to consider the rt has to be said over the gs. But if youre a taller person, you may still want to go gs just because of the more room that you get on the gs that is kind of the primary difference, but otherwise this is a beautiful bike.

Great wind protection, all the goodies you want great handling, looks maybe split opinion im, not sure about the looks personally, its not an ugly bite by any means, but i wouldnt describe it as beautiful either hello, sir another, not a nod. What is it with people? These days i never get nods, i dont know but yeah a beautiful bike. So if you are interested in the rt, as i say, do hit the subscribe button, if youve not done so already, because theres going to be more videos coming up on the channel in due course about this very machine. Okay, i hope you enjoyed that uh. First, ride: look at the big bmw rt if youre interested in the kit im wearing by the way do stick around to the very end of the video till after the credits where ill be doing one of my now infamous fashion segments where i take you through All the items of a kit that im wearing just to save me answering all those questions in the comments below about what was that uh jacket, youre wearing or whatever so stick around stay tuned for that all right. So i look forward to speaking to you again soon until next time this has been the mystery flyer cheerio. Well, thank you for sticking around to the bitter end of the video once again for my name from this fashion segment, where ill take you through the various bits of kit that ill be wearing during this video, so that i dont have to explain it all in The comments below and repeat myself several times so, if youre interested in what i was wearing stick around to this bit right, ive made notes about costs and stuff lets start with my earplugs.

These are from custom, fit guards one of the sponsors of the channel. This is called their cf moto ear plugs if i get them out, theyre a great fit because of course they are custom, fit theyre, brilliant little things. I wear them all the time, particularly when touring these ones. As i say, theyre called the cf moto block. Theyre 79.99, but and theres two great things about custom, fit guards number one. If you use the code flyer 10, you can get 10 off of the casper pick guards and the other thing is they come to you to take the impressions of your ears. So you dont even have to go to an audiologist to get the impressions taken. You just give them a shout. They come to you, they take the moulds and then a couple of weeks later they send you your custom, fit guards so recommend those to the house. As i say, 79.99, 10 off with flyer 10., all right next up, my crash helmet, which is my trusty hjc, rafa 11.. This is one in nacre. Carbon ive actually got two of these helmets. I love them. I just find them a really comfortable fit and i think they number one look good and also theyre great value as well. Theyve got they feel like a premium helmet. I also wear showy and arrow helmets, so these are my third choice of helmets. I use this one a lot for uh vlogging.

Obviously now this particular one, as i say its the rapha 11 in nacre carbon, and this will cost you 499 pounds 99, so quite an expensive helmet. But it is a premium bit of kit and i just love it. I wear it a lot, as you would have seen on some of my other videos. There is a link below to this helmet where you can buy it if youre interested in one and full disclosure, the links below some of them at least, are to sports bike shop and those are what called affiliate links. So if you click on those links – and you then subsequently buy something um, i actually get a little bit of a push back or a kick back to the channel as well, so youre helping out the channel and now it should cost you – and i have to Say: sports box shop their service, their delivery, uh their returns policy. It all works, really really well uh. They dont sponsor me or anything other than these affiliate links. So you know i never have contact with them. They dont ask me to say these things. I just challenge you to find a better surprise than sportsbookshop. Anyway, there we go thats, the raffle 11 helmet next up is my neck tube. This is my tmf black neck tube. You can get this on my website, a bargain at just eight quid. You can get them in grey as well.

Okay onto the big expensive stuff, my jacket. This is the dane nimbus gore tex pro jacket. It is an expensive bit of kit, i have to say ill, wear it all year, long in fact, its a bit of overkill. Today, because its quite warm out here today, you can wear this in the winter and it keeps you properly warm because thats, what gore tex pro does its laminated with three layers of cortex and they keep you properly waterproof. It keeps you properly protected as well with all the right protectors, and it is a lovely bit of kit, but it does cost 874 pounds 99 again ill, put a link below if youre feeling flush, but once youve tried gore tex pro. I challenge you to ever. Go back to anything else, laminate your jackets, all the way forward, mashing this on my trousers. These are the dane lingby trousers. They, as i say they match the jacket. They made the same gore tex pro material, and these will cost you 344 pounds 99, so were getting on for a grand for the trousers and the jacket alone, and last but not least, for the fashion segment. My boots – these are new, actually relatively new. This gore tex pro is so stiff. I can barely move my legs. There we go. These are called the uh tcx osakis boots. I think theyre called uh again. These are waterproof, theyre, obviously a street style boot. But what i like about this number one.

They look quite different, but theyve got d3o armor in them thats that stuff. That only goes hard when you have an impact, so theyre quite comfortable to wear, and i think they look stylish and just a little bit different. Let me just check the details of those for you. Yes, theyre called the akazu boots, ik asu and they will cost you 143 pounds. 98.