Once again, a bike that i borrowed for the last week, ive been getting to know her and in this video im going to give you the pros and cons of the bikes, all the lessons ive learned about the bike since ive had it. So if youre interested in the new rt stick around stay tuned, this videos for you Music, so the brand new bmw r1250rt, then what a machine, its a bmws full dress, torah or one of them. Of course, they also make the big six cylinder k 1600 machine. But this one is their boxer based variant and, as i said, ive been riding this for last week, so ive been getting to know a little bit and in this video im going to uh bring you all the pros and cons of the bike, not just the Good things, but the little niggles about the bike as well. Now, if you havent seen my first ride review of the bike, i do recommend you go back and have a look at that, because thats more of a standard review where i go through the specification, tell you what the bikes like to ride. Take you through some of the features and functions that sort of thing this video is purely going to be about my lessons learned so without further ado lets crack on with the cons. What are the uh? Not so good things about the rt okay, so one area where i think bmw, maybe missed a trick on the new rt, is with the sat nav now.

As i said before, a lot of players been put on the big old um tft on here, which is lovely to look at and one of the things that uh bmw said that launched. The bike was that that had uh built in sat nav, or at least it did if youre connected to your phone bar and app and thats what i dont like about it. The fact that you have to connect your phone to it so theres an app. It looks like this. Hopefully, you can maybe see that a bit on my phone, you just pair it up its easy enough to pair up with your phone uh, and then that means you can actually have the sat nav built into the bike, and it looks a bit like this here. We go you can see at the moment. I dont know if you see it just says: hi wickham and north thats the way im pointing at the moment, because i dont actually have a route in. If you want actual maps on there, you have to download those two phones, so it takes up memory, so you have to uh do that beforehand. I have actually downloaded the latest map. So goodness knows why theyre not actually showing on there. Maybe that only comes up when you do a planned route – i dont know but uh. I just think they missed a trick there that you have to use an app to get the navigation to work.

Of course, its better than nothing and some people might like that. But i personally dont find connecting the phone up that straightforward. I didnt find the whole thing that intuitive i mean it is working. At least ive tried it on many other bikes where it hasnt worked, um so fair enough there, but i just think if it was built in native with a sat nav that would have been better on my gs. For example, i have that separate navigation device, which means i dont have to flap about. I just switch it on and uh ive got my navigation there. I dont have to worry about my phone charged up, whether its connected via wi, fi, bluetooth or whatever, but yeah. There you go so its got the navigation, its just, you have to use an app, and i dont like that thumbs down. So something that has had a lot of plaudits on this bike is the big tft and well talk more about that later, and what that means is bmw can bear an awful lot of functionality in there and one of the things i dont like about the bike Is the fact, although youve got all sorts of features and functions on here, some of them can be a bit of a pain to get at particular ones. You might need to use often. What am i referring to? Well, things like the heated grips and the heated seat on here. If you want to switch those on, you have to go through the menus on the tft to get them theres, no actual physical button on my um gs, theres a button for the heater grips just on the right hand, handlebar here, hello, sir and uh.

So you just turn it on off. You go if i want to turn the heat grips on here. I have to go uh down a bit. There we go and then i have to go across to vehicle settings. If i can just do that, while im moving here, we go around, we go up to settings and then i have to go into the settings and then i have to scroll down to heating. I dont have to go across in heating there. We are grip heating and then i go into it and then i could turn them on okay, now theyre on crikey and then ive obviously got to get out of all that again then so its a back up back across and then back to where i was So what a faff just to turn my heated grips on, how many button presses was that i dont know maybe a dozen by the time i got there and back so that is just a bit of a pain for me i mean i love the fact that Its got lots of functionality, but its a fact to get things that should just have a button and its the same for the seat as well heated seat. You have to do all the same sort of rigmarole, so yeah im not too keen on that. Okay. Next up – and this is very much – i know a personal gripe and it may not apply to you its very much a matter of personal taste, but that is the looks of the bike.

Does it work for you now? They have restyled this front end since the last version of the rt, and i think it is an improvement. Its got a bit of a sort of a raptorish look to me of dinosaur, type, um and uh. I dont know whether it works or not. I think it is an improvement, but overall, i just dont think the looks of the bike quite work for me. Im still finding that front end a little bit too bulbous for my liking. What do you think something that may surprise you if youve never ridden an rt before and all rts have been like this in the past? Its not just the new one that suffers from this is the fact that, when you jump on it feels like its a relatively sporty riding position. Your legs are quite tucked up on this bike. Let me just stop here and show you. The pegs are quite high up. Looking look at this angle of my leg here, its quite a sporty position. So if youre getting the rt, because you want some comfort dont, get me wrong its a very comfortable part, you might be surprised at the lower half of your body. Theres, not an awful lot of room there to stretch out so just be aware of that thats. Something im not so keen on on the rt blimey im, so gon na get rained on a minute check out these uh black clouds around it anyway.

So another thing that i dont like about the new rt and this one for me, is a big and important. One is the fact that its a big bike, but thats not so much the problem, but its actually uh living with it moving it around in your garage. It is a heavy old beast to move around. I mean it has got the plus that its got the low center of gravity of the boxer engine, but even despite that, i still find this much harder to move around than i do. For example, my gs now i dont know if thats, because its a slightly lower bike and therefore ive got a bit less leverage. I dont have quite as much problem moving my gs around, but getting this in and out of the garage moving it about shifting bikes around. I find this is a heavy old lady to move about and thats from somebody that not only owns a gs but a gold wing too. So for me, thats a thats, a really important downside of the bike. It just feels heavy to move around its fine when youre riding it but physically moving it around its a heavy old beast all right enough of all the negativity, then so theres a a few things. I found out that uh, maybe arent quite to my locking on the bike, but what do i like about the machine? What are the uh? The pros on this bike lets go through the positive things that ive learned about the rt, something i do love about uh.

These big touring bikes and the rt is no exception. Its just the level of weather protection youve got on these ive just come through a storm, as you can probably see im on the tail end of it. Now i put the windscreen up into its uppermost spot and its keeping all the wind and all the rain off of me or most of it anyway, and i absolutely love that about the rt. The screen on here is gargantuan, as you can see, and although in this uppermost position it means im looking through it, which i dont much like it does mean i am protected. If i stick it down now, the wind and rain is easing off. Rather, the rain lets put that down that button. There we go im getting much more wind blast now, which you might be able to hear through the helmet but uh. You know the lower half of me and up to my shoulders im completely again in my famous bubble of calm, and i absolutely love that about the rt. The uh, the wind and weather protection is excellent. Something else in my list of loves for the new rt, and in fact this has been in my list of loves for all rts ive, ive ridden, which has been, i think, two previous models, and that is just the comfort you get on board these things. Now, of course, these bikes are all about comfort, and when i went through my cons list, i did complain a little bit about the legs being tucked up and that uh doesnt mean to say its uncomfortable its just.

It might surprise you its not as roomy as you might think, but i actually find the legs being. Tucked up is fairly comfortable. It doesnt stop you riding for great distances for great lengths of time on the bike, but the other things that make it comfortable are just the seat on here is the padding is amazing. Super soft. The suspension is lovely, whilst were on the subject of the seat. As well its got that heated seat and you may think to yourself well, i dont actually need a heated seat on a boat. Ive, never thought! You know. My backside is cold when im riding a motorcycle, but thats not the point if it is cold weather and you start to get cold. Having a heated seat means that your core can get warm, and that means your whole body gets warm im. A massive fan of heated seats, i never thought i needed one either, and then i tried one in cold weather and it was brilliant, so uh, yeah comfort on this bike is top notch stuff, like the weather protection, the seat. The fact that its heated, the fact youve got heated, grips. Of course, all that stuff adds up to a lovely riding experience, just as the bike is designed for. You could sit on here for mile after mile hour after hour and do great distances in extreme comfort, and i love that about the bike. Something i definitely love about. This bike is what i sometimes refer to as the funny bmw front end.

This has got what bmw called their tele lever front suspension that effectively means theres a wish bone thats. What i was showing you before, let me have a look see if you can see it. There see here, thats, actually a wishbone near that steering damper, and it means that the the forks themselves arent directly attached to the um suspension uh in the way that they are on a normal forked motorcycle uh. Some people complain that that makes the, but these bikes feel a little bit vague, a little bit disconnected from the road. But i dont find that so much. I find that it makes for a very comfortable ride and for me, the big plus is when you brake hard theres, no dive on the front of the bike, so where having that tele lever front end means theres, no dive, no need for anti dive systems. Things like that, the bike is just stable when you brake, and i really love that about the rt. Something else that ive been surprised that i really have loved about the bike, its something thats brand new for the 2021 rt, something that were starting to see appear on some high end bikes like multistrada and the ktm super adventure, and that is the adaptive radar controlled Cruise control on these bikes, i presume its all pretty much the same stuff. I think its made by bosch theres a radar detector in the nose, the bike it can detect how far ahead the car is in front.

When youve got the cruise control on it can match your speed to it. When i did my initial impressions review go back and check that out. If you havent seen that, because i actually show you the cruise control in operation, there also cant show it to you here on this twisty road with no cars in front of me. But the reason why it surprised me is because im not in general, a big fan of gadgets, and i just didnt think that would be something i needed, but now having used it and seeing how well it works is something i can entirely see if youre on A long drive id know, maybe on the continent, going on your annual motorbike tour or something i can see how that adaptive cruise control would be a really useful thing just to add to the relaxed nature of the ride on the rt so thats. Another thing i love about the new bike, something that has surprised me a little bit about the bike and i suppose it shouldnt do really because ive ridden many big bikes before but thats. Just the handling on here on roads, like this big sweeping a roads, the handling is absolutely beautiful. I dont know if its got a lot of weight and that is obviously planted through the tyres, and that means it gives you great stability, but on bikes like this, you come up to corners like this. You just set where you want it to lean and around it goes as stable as you like.

It just feels right now by saying it as stable as you like, im, not saying that it feels stodgy or heavy when youre when youre cornering it far from it. It actually feels quite light and agile once youre moving the handling on the bike is just beautiful. I put that down partly to the boxer engine and its positioned low down, giving it a nice center low center of gravity. It never ceases to amaze me how good the handling is on the rt really really nice. I love that about the bike, so i couldnt possibly go through a list of my pros and cons of the newer rt. Without talking about this gargantuan tft on here now. Ive already said that they missed a bit of a trick with the the sat nav and not having it built in native, but uh, just forgetting that for a moment, just look at the size of this thing, 10 and a quarter inches. I think it is is a beautiful tft. Bmw are the masters of tfts now, generally speaking, im not a huge fan of tfts on motorcycles. Id rather have dials, but if youre going to have a tft have a bmw one, because they really do make them clear and they do clever stuff with them as well. Just things like the fact that the the rev limit goes up as the bike warms up stuff, like that, i really like now on the rt, because youve got such a lot of real estate.

They can put a lot of information on the tft at once. As you can see here, ive got all the usual stuff that youd have on a normal bmw tft on the left hand side here, the sort of things you might see on an s1000rr or or a bmw gs, but on the right i can have this split Screen affair, i can have all the trip computer information as well as a whole host of other stuff. If i want to so yeah some people have heard so it looks like a big ipad. Just stuck there in front of you, others think it looks. Cool like you might find in a tesla say: im, not sure whether i love it or not. I cant help but thinking i like a hybrid where youve got dials and a tft like they do. For example, on the new hayabusa, or indeed on my honda gold wing, i think thats the best possible combo, but if youre going to do pure tft, this is the way to go its the best tft ive, seen on a bike so far its massive its clear. I love it okay, so those are the pros and cons of the bike that ive identified at least the key ones theyre in no particular order – and you may agree or disagree with them ill, be interested to hear in your comments below whether you think ive got That right or wrong, if youve ridden a new rt or indeed, if you own one, what else? What have i missed about the bike? Unfortunately, i havent been able to ride the rt as much as i would have liked to have done.

Ive had it, as i say, for the last week. Normally these longer term loans are a bit longer than that. Unfortunately, because this spark is in great demand, i was only able to get it for a week and i was actually away for a few days during that week. So ive not been able to bring you the normal in depth review, which is why ive? Given you these pros and cons in a sort of a separate video like this, but hopefully thats uh, giving you a bit of insight into the things that i like and dislike about the bike. I mean my overall abiding memories of this bike, its its a beautiful machine. I mean theres very little not to like about this bike. It is quite expensive. I mean, i think. The list price on the bmw website is something like 14 grand by the time you spec it up, though youre realistically going to be looking more like closer to 20, which is a big chunk of cash for a motorcycle isnt it. But if youre serious about your touring, maybe if youre a two up person, then this is uh. Definitely one of those bikes worth considering. I know what a lot of people are going to be thinking and asking because they know i ride a gold ring. Do i prefer this to the gold wing? Well, frankly, no i dont uh, given that you know money, no object, then id take the gold wing the engine on that is sublime.

The comfort is a little bit more extremely. So if you like on the gold wing its got everything, this has got plus a bit more. If you like, plus, i love this six cylinder engine on the gold wing and, i have to say the gold wing, even though it is heavier. My goodness me this water outrageous, even though it is heavier, is a little bit easier to live with, because uh honda have equipped it with things like a ford and reverse creep mode that this doesnt have. But then you do spend an awful lot more for it. The gold wing tour, which is the one ive got, is 32 grand brand new, so its half as much as this again. So when youre, looking at value for money and im now thinking my gore tex kit was great value for money going through those puddles. When youre looking at value for money, then the rt definitely scores better than the gold wing, but yeah to just you know outright answer that question because i know people are going to ask me: do i prefer the gold? Yes, i prefer the gold wing, but its only a marginal preference, its not as big as that uh price difference would have you think, alrighty thats. It then for uh. My videos on the rt for now hope you enjoyed that and uh. If youve not done so already do hit that subscribe button that way, i can see you on the next video im going to uh negotiate these floods.

As i go back to my house now and uh, i look forward to speak to you again soon. Oh, my word sorry about that screamed like a schoolgirl. There do apologize all right catch you next time, im going to go and have a dry off till then this has been the mississippi flyer.