I have reviewed and flown thousands of drones and taught millions of people across the globe far and wide how to fly. Drones and work on them and maintain them today, we’re not just going to talk about the top five drones we’re not going to talk about just the store bought, dji anaphy, the autel drones we’re, not talking about the super expensive ones. Today that will cost you a thousand dollars or more we’re talking about the ones that are under a thousand dollars that are my top picks for the last 12 months on my channel. This video will really kind of summarize everything for you. If you’re looking for the right drone and we’re gon na feature top five today in all different drone categories, so this will cover pretty much everything in all the bases. If you’re looking for a beginner drone to a camera drone to an fpv race drone with a long flight time, it’s all in this video, so if you’re watching this video right now be sure to like and subscribe down below and comment, let me know where you’re From because in this video, if you do those four things, you’ll be able to get entered into june 2021’s, drawing for the insta360 go and the flywoo firefly hexacopter here it will be shipped free to your door. If you win so coming up in june, be sure to like and subscribe comment below – and let me know where you’re from to get entered into this drawing so this video is an updated, mid, 2021 video that is going to really summarize it for you and help You out probably save you a lot of money and a lot of heartache, so let’s go ahead and get started with the first few honorable mentions before we start the top five and then we’ll do our countdown now, starting out for honorable mention for a really cheap 4K drone one of the cheapest ones out there is made by a company called jjrc.

It is the x19 gps drone and for 129. This is a great one to start out with, if you’re on a total budget and also worth mentioning on my channel that did extremely well and it’s super popular with the fpv community and the drone community is the gap rc crocodile 5 baby. I tested that with a lion pack it’s a 3 500 milliamp pack from zod getting us close to 30 minute flight time for long range. If you want to pair it up with the radio i’ll put the bundle down below for that one. If you’re looking for something ultra light under 250 grams, you can also fly it freestyle or cinema. You can fly it with a lipo and get around 12 minutes flight time with a 4s 850 pack, and also guys very popular on my channel was the gap rc. Smart 35: it is a 3.5 inch drone with super freestyle capability very similar to the emax baby, hawk 2 hd, but we decided that the gap rc1 was a little bit better than emax’s offerings with a little more reliable onboard flight controller and motors. So this is the top pick if you want to go wild for under 250 grams and do some amazing, freestyle or cinema videos with the gep rc smart 35, now it’s time to jump into our top five drones for 2021. But before i do, i want to let you know that each drone in the top five you can look down in the video description, and you can see my full review on each of these.

So we’re going to start out with number five, and that is the eachine atom rc seagull ready to fly bundle. This one comes in around 300. It has a nice long, 12 to 15 minute flight time. You can also fly this with the included fpv goggles. You can record your videos or you can put a full size gopro on top of the seagull. It also has smaller motors and thinner prop guards around the edges here, and this gives it a nice long flight time, but it also creates no washout in the drone. When you’re doing power maneuvers, if you want to learn how to acro and fly freestyle like the pros, this is a good choice to begin with, because it has replaceable prop guards and it doesn’t have that tumble. In the flight controller, like some of the other center loops with the deeper style ducts, this is basically what we call the poor man’s protect. 35.. The protect 35 from iflight did not make this video because well, this one was just a better value and for the beginners we’re talking about the best beginner bundles here. So this one is my top choice because of the accessibility of this one, the long flight time and the beautiful tune on here it’s just a winner in my my eyes, around 300. This one is a great pick and did amazing on the channel with a lot of popularity and a lot of clicks on the seagull.

You can check this one out in the link down below now. Let’S move on to number four next up is a huge crowd. Favorite at number four, the gap rc tiny, go 4k ready to fly bundle. This one sold really a lot of units and it was extremely popular on my channel with a lot of comments. You can check out the review on that one. The full review is a link down below this one scored extremely high because of the versatility that it is so small. It is great for beginners, it is better than the other bundles because they do have brushless motors and on board 4k dvr. So this one, it just does things that the other beginner bundles don’t, do the emax tiny hawk 2 ready to fly did not hold a candle to this one because of the onboard video and a little bit bigger motors, offering a little bit better freestyle training for Acro mode later, if you want to learn how to fly freestyle, so this one can fly indoors or outdoors 4k video and a beautiful tune on here and ultra reliable flight controller and motors on there they’re from gap rc and super high quality. So i highly recommend that if you’re beginner, that you start out with the gep rc tiny go ready to fly, bundle record, some 4k learn acro and have some fun number three in our top picks. Is the mjx rc bug 16 pro? It is a 4k gps.

Drone with three axis gimbal on board, shooting 4k at 30 frames per second also 1080p, at 60 frames per second, it does have optical flow on the bottom brushless motors, folding arms, and it has a three axis gimbal with electronic stability control. So, in conjunction with stabilized mechanical video, as well as electronic stabilization, it gives you ultra smooth 4k video. This one did better also than the sjrc f4. So this one is the top choice for around fifty dollars. It looks very similar folded up to something like the parrot anaphy, but much much cheaper. That parrot and a fee is gon na cost you around eight hundred to nine hundred dollars. Some of the bundles on amazon are over a thousand dollars, but this one is going to set you back 250 and does virtually the same type of video. You can see on the screen here some of the video that i shot with this drone. I just tested this one last week and it did phenomenal on the channel so i’m recommending this one for your best pick for 4k camera drone for under 300 at 250. This one can also come with two battery bundle and it will get you 28 minutes flight time, so this one tested very, very well and scored extremely high on the channel. This is definitely my top pick for a 4k folding drone. If you’re just getting started out flying drones, this one is phenomenal number two in our top five countdown is the iflight nasgol v2.

This is an ultra fast, smooth, durable and reliable fpv racing drone. So, if you’re, looking for something super, ultra reliable and high performance iflight last year released the nasgol one. The nascal v2 has even better motors and flight controller on board. So this one is one of our top choices for guys that want to rip and learn how to fly fpv, freestyle or race, with something that’s going to be reliable. As far as the flight controller is concerned, super smooth tune on there and wild wild freestyle capability. So this drone is beautifully made. It feels great in your hands and it is around the same price as something like the eachine wizard v2, which i’m not going to recommend because of reliability. Factor that one is not quite as reliable as something like the iflight nascal v2. The only thing about the v2 is that you’re going to have to get controller to go along with it you’re going to have to buy a battery. It is not a ready to fly, bundle it’s what we call a bind and fly, so you have to bind up an external radio to it. You can get tbs crossfire and make it go miles out. If you want to get a tango, 2 controller or you can get a tx12, which is a great multi protocol, 12 channel radio that will bind up to multiple drones, i’ll put a link down below for a bundle for the nazgul v2 that one is hands down.

Everyone’S favorite and top choice for 2021 in the fpv community as far as binding flies go and reliability factor the alternative choice. To that one for number two would be the gap: rc uh, the mark iv. You can also get that one in gps version. So in that top two category, those are my picks kind of sliding them all together there, because they are all very extremely fast fun and reliable drones that shouldn’t cause you any problems out of the box and fly beautiful and have a great stock tune on there. So you can check out those links below for the gap rc mark iv, the mark iv with gps and the iflight nascar v2. Those are my top fpv racing choices for 2021. number. One choice for 2021, mid 2021 is the ishii novice 4.. This drone comes with everything on here. It can pretty much do anything and it has a longer flight time than even the thousand dollar plus drones that you can buy in best buy or in big box stores. This drone is amazing, 38 minutes gps return to home. On here it is under 250 grams. You don’t have to register this one with the faa and it can fly miles out on these low kv motors. It has a very low amp draw. We did test this drone with a 4s 1p 3500 milliamp pack from zod, and it was amazing that this one got 38 minutes flight time.

I mean that’s longer flight time than something like the fpv drone sitting back here from dji, the mavic mini and even the mavic pro the new dji drones. Don’T fly this long, so it’s kind of amazing i’ll tell also coming in around close to maybe close to the same type of flight time, but it also varies on the wind conditions now what’s awesome about this drone is not only does it have a 38 minute Flight time it can also fly freestyle or cinema, so you can do cinema videos with this and straight ahead. Beautiful flying shots with your insta 360 go 2 on top. That is my recommended camera for this particular drone. I’Ll put this combo in the links down below and you can check out this camera. It is beautiful. Video and i’ve been getting great results with this one. So i highly recommend this one. This one is around 250 dollars, but it is very lightweight and it will not cost you the same type of weight as a full size gopro. If you want to put a full size gopro on the novice 4, you can also do that. It is big enough to handle a full size gopro, but it will cut back on your flight time and if you want to learn freestyle, it can also do that. With the 4s 850 milliamp packs in the box, you can fly around 15 to 18 minutes with real world flight time flying freestyle and flying over trees.

Doing power loops, like the pros so also replaceable, arms on here they do come on and off and they’re four inch props on this one with an extended long range antenna so fly miles out, do freestyle and cinema. You also get some fpv goggles in the box with this one, you get the radio master tx12, which is one of my most recommended beginner radios out there, because it is multi protocol it’s, a four in one multi protocol chip in there and it will bind up To almost any drone on the planet, even some of the wl toys drones or hub sand. You can fly just about anything on that radio. Also in the box, you get some accessories and you get a 3s to 4s charger. This drone will fly 4s all day. If you’re a beginner, you can start out on a 3s 850 pack and you can still get a nice long flight time of around 13 to 14 minutes. So this one at the 400 price point again: half the price of an anaphy or anything out there. That is dji. This one will have you amazed and get you hooked on flying drones and fpv. This one is the gateway drug to fpv, so the novice 4 should sell out across the globe. It is my top choice for 2021. So, thanks again for watching my reviews, guys, you can check out all the full reviews down in the links down below and i’ll put my recommendations and links for each of these drones in the video description now also be sure to make a comment and get entered In to win that insta360 go and the firefly from flywheel thanks again for watching my channel, please subscribe guys, stay humble and kind out there and keep them flying stay high on the blue.