Beginner Quadcopter Syma X21 RC Drone Quadcopter Unboxing, Maiden Flight, & Review

I got the simon x21. This is not the fpv version, even though the packaging indicates that they’re, both shipped in the same packaging and i’m, going to show you that when we open the box coming up next, all right guys. There are two layers that come inside the box. As you can see […]

Top 10 Best Drone review channel on YouTube 2020

Here we’ve got all the heather out as well, which you hopefully see when i fly this. This is the eachine e520s it’s got gps on it. Altitude hold um, hd camera, but we’re going to see how it performs and how it keeps up with things like. I said: Music, hey everybody, it’s flying […]

DJI Mavic Mini: a $399 Drone that Packs a Punch (Quick Review)

This is the dji mavic mini. The price is going to be changing, especially with the release of the second one, but i’ll be putting up the price and the link to the drone in the description. But this thing is positively tiny. It fits into the palm of your hand – and i consider […]

The $70 Mini Orion Camera Drone Review!

It comes with, i believe, a four gigabyte micro sd card with an adapter for microsd to usb so that’s very convenient. It also has a return home feature. So if you lose the drone, you can hit the button on the controller and it will return home as well as two different flight modes, […]

Review – Mini Strobes for Mavic Mini or any other drone.

I got these things on amazon for 15 bucks, i’ll put a link below comes with two strobes four batteries and stickies to mount on the drone. So wait for nightfall see how they do. Okay, so drones on its way back, went up to 400 and easily could see what this little strobes i’m […]


It seems fine, yeah it’s, all good. So this all started when i got my hands on the new mavic mini 2. little did. I know the city was about to go into lockdown before that happened, though we went on a little adventure Music. We started the trip outside the city, walking through the […]


This is the golden hours. The time is seven o’clock and it’s a very chilling morning. The temperature is around five degrees centigrade and i’m here to have my first flight of dji mini 2.. So the takeoff is permitted and we are ready to fly. Take off the home port has been updated. Please […]

Top 5 Best FPV Drone Review in 2020

Let’S get started at any time. You can click on the circle for more info and real time deals number one most popular holy stone: hs 200 fpv rc, drone Music. Although the holy stone, hs 200 targets, beginner drone pilots with flight features such as headless mode, one key takeoff and landing and return […]

Endurax Camera – Drone Backpack Review

The folks at indorex sent me this, and this one is a little different than than anything i’ve seen before number one. You can tell it’s a lot more stylish uh, it’s kind of a canvas looking uh bag with with i don’t know if it’s real leather, but it looks like leather accents on […]

TMotor FT5 MKII 60% – review del drone PNP della T-Motor !

I troni al digitale perch grazie, a lui ho voluto sperimentare dopo un anno nuovamente il digitale perch, come saprete, noi avevamo, provato, un anno e mezzo fa e vi; lascio il link dei video del nostro, il nostro primo approccio al digitale, gli ho deciso di dargli fiducia. Ho visto l’avevo provato sul micro […]

DJI Mini 2 Review: el DRONE para elevar tus vídeos/ ¡El MINI DRONE más POTENTE del mundo!

As que sin, ms vamos con el unboxing bueno este primero vamos, a comenzar con el unboxing como que vamos a donde nos vemos, abril necesitamos, entender la tela y le quitamos, la tela es tambin, un jamn dentro de eso que de verdad me. He visto muchsimo, no existen noticias acerca de eso y […]

Ryze DJI TELLO Drone Unboxing and Review 2020

I don’t care, i can’t believe it. I cannot believe it look at this box here. I actually have this box in here in my office for five months already, and i haven’t touched so guys, as you see obviously from the title in this video we’re gon na unbox this cutie here this drone, […]