DJI Mavic Air 2: FIRST FLIGHT & INITAL REVIEW! [our new drone]

So what are we doing today? We are going to have our maiden voyage of the drone, and the jets are coming back so let’s go to that. Look at this good camera that mug look at that mug. Look how quick this focuses run forest run Music. So we found a pretty decent sized […]

Drone For Beginners..LSRC Mini Drone..#Unboxing#Review

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Shift IZI Nano Drone Review | First Review in INDIA!!!! | Best drone in India??| Review | DJI Tello|

Applause understand stuff, unnecessary, stuff, necessary stuff. So i know now all of you know whatever i ordered from amazon, but now for the video at least i should say guys: i’ve ordered a drone so before i destroy the box and get the drone out of it, let’s check it out. So at the […]

REVISED DEC 25 2020 Drone Year in Review 2020

Let’S, take a look of some of the flights from the drone information network Music. We traveled to chicago in september, let’s, take a look at the city, Music do Music and our home town of dixon illinois.

Review Halolo X35 Drone Gps Wifi 4k Hd Camera Profissional Rc Quadcopter Brushless Motor Drones Gim

If there’s any questions about the item, please contact us within 24 hours after placing your orders.

DJI Mavic Mini Drone | Unboxing & Review

Welcome back to my channel. Thank you so much for joining me on this video. This is another chat. Talks. Tech talks yes, i’m back with another one and this time it’s all about camera equipment and, in this case the camera equipment that flies now. I know a lot of you out. There are […]

Holy stone Chaser F181 drone (review)

Since it is the week of christmas, i decided to put up some decorations for this video, so i hope you guys enjoy let’s get into the review. Alright, so we’re going to start off with an overview of the drone. This drone uses brushed motors, so it doesn’t have the power of a quad […]

Christmas Drone review videos 👌👌👌 DJI MAVIC AIR 2 IN 2020

Music mavic air 2 can remain aloft for 34 minutes. A big jump from the 21 minutes of flight time on the original mavic air, the mavic air 2 camera ships with a half inch sensor up from the one and two thirds inch sensor found in the previous model.the new camera is still outputting, […]

Top 10 best Drone review channels on YouTube 2020 #2

. I know a lot of you wanted me to review this drone and i received it about a week ago from the dki store and i’ve been out, flying it every now and then and dull weather, sunny weather just to check out the specs and how cool it Is so you know, let […]

✅ Top 7 Best Drones in India 2020 With Price| Portable Licensed Drones Review & Comparison

3 kilograms, wi fi fpv, rc 2.4 gigahertz model algorithm 99999 based rupees. One verified reviews request second place that dj telugu drone by the pack nano drone, 5 pixel camera model up to 13 minutes of flight time 720p recording intel, processor, inbuilt, panapata product, smooth and stable aerial footage medium amazon line the […]


A verlo Msica e hola qu tal muy buenas, a todos bienvenidos, a un nuevo captulo de drones, yo soy eric y en el captulo de hoy os voy, a presentar el nuevo producto de insta 360 y de beta fpv vale la ssm, o 4k que es bsicamente Una ciencia de 60, wang r […]

HGLRC Wind5 Lite FPV Racing Drone Review 🏆

This one’s from hgrc it’s called the wind five light. Um i’m gon na go over the specs, really quick and then we’ll get right into the flight characteristics. So typical five inch for end of 2020 beginning of 2021. I don’t think i ever reviewed the original wind, five and i’m, not sure why […]