Review drone horizontal terbaru . game play top global awal season Mobile legend.

My weakness comes and goes, my weakness comes and goes. I’M comes and my goes comes and goes Music, my body aches to be satisfied. My weakness comes and goes. My weakness comes and goes i’m reaching out for the easy height, please of mine. My weakness comes and goes. My weakness comes and goes […]

Best F11 PRO Professional 4K HD Gimbal Drone REVIEW

Let’S wrestle with the upper air currents to try to discover a whole new vertical world to access 4k hd stabilized gimbal camera make more stable in high definition. Shooting bring me into amazing new perspective. Music. Super long battery life and gps, intelligent tracking system, give me opportunity to explore the world to my […]

Learning FPV Drone Freestyle (In One Week!)

For about a year now, i’ve learned a lot gotten. Some cool cinematic shots and overall they’ve allowed me to explore the world around me from a completely new perspective, but there’s a whole other side of the fpv world that i haven’t really explored freestyle, while the type of cinematic flying that i’m usually […]


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My review of the hs510. range test and speed test! (Brushless 4K GPS drone)

Basically, where you map out a flight uh, you can do it in drawings or just points most people don’t trust it, but i do um the drone. Usually backs up after the first waypoint and then continues on its path. Uh, please enjoy alrighty i’m. Bringing this thing up for a wi fi range […]

Aircraft six-axis gyro drone review

It comes with four of these props um for landing gears, which you put down here, six propellers. Well, i only have five because i lost one there’s, two which which are um, which are in case if you lost any of them a controller and the i don’t know what this is called, but […]

Hover star hand motion sensor drone review

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Best X Pro Drone Review | How to fly Drone?

I just came to film a drone video. I think i’m gon na start, probably a drone series. I’Ll, maybe get a couple more drones, uh. So today, i’m just doing a review on my dji clone and uh we’ll see how it goes so, as you can see it’s a beautiful day outside plenty […]

Mavic Mini Drone – Review + Flycam

As you can see here, this is the mavic mini drone. It comes with four propellers in a center area of a battery and camera. The camera is placed right here with a glass protector. It is also optional to put the glass protector on. If you want to record there is a battery socket […]

Dragon Touch drone review bought on Amazon Prime

Here we go so this is what the dragonfly’s drone looks like. In the box, i’m trying to touch logos opens up, go comes with two batteries, one’s already pre loaded in there. Remote control does have a screw here, secure the cover that stays on there, but this is actually battery operated, um, not […]

Best Beginner Fpv Goggles for 2021 – SKYZONE COBRA X – REVIEW & RESULTS 🏆

It says cobra high resolution screen steady view receiver, which is very good because it does have a removable receiver on here and it is still its diversity here. But the great thing about this pair of goggles is that it is a pair of box goggles but it’s. One of the first goggles i’ve […]

Does the Skydio 2 Drone suck? Skydio 2 drone review

I decided to take it out and mess around with it. There was just one major thing i was looking for distance. I decided to make a quick not in depth review of the skydive 2 drone. To sum it all up, it was a great drone, except for that one flaw. I know at […]