Monster Truck Grave Digger de Axial RC SMT10 ¡IMPRESIONANTE! | DRONEPEDIA

Ms fan de bigfoot pero bueno hoy es el da de esta camioneta que viene lista para correr aunque creo que no trae batera entonces vamos, a abrirla; ok, quiero que vean esto de este lado tenemos algunas bolsas la primera son las instrucciones en dnde viene cmo podemos Armar toda la camioneta, despus tenemos […]

Speed Dial Ep 19 – Oz By Drone

We have absolutely beautiful weather this whole past week, it's been sunshiny, it's been great, flying weather, i've, actually gone out and gotten some really really cool shots of some flags that are backlit and some artwork uh, big, murals and stuff, like that, it's been fun, been flying. More good to hear and just […]

DJI Pocket 2 – How Good Is The Audio?

. Now we got a ton of questions from viewers asking things like: does the quad microphone set up inside the pocket 2 really improve the audio over the original osmo pocket? Other people wanted to know about external microphones, because the all in one handle has got an audio port in the side and […]

DJI Mavic mini 2 – All the specs revealed (19 things you should know about it)


Cheating that's goes we're here, that's how he wins: nice Applause jackknife, so we're waiting for rookie to dock up here, Music flat off to the forklift, yes it's, just competitive everything's, a race forgot it behind the line. Well, that'll cost them that will cost him that cost and away he goes don't get […]