SMT10 Raw Builders kit de Axial Racing Proyecto Monster truck RC Capitulo 4°| DRONEPEDIA

Nmero 8 que coincidentemente es la que, quiero armar as que vamos a abrir, esta belleza y vamos, a armarlo porque me tiene, muy emocionado de este bout de ver bien as es como, llega nuestro, smt, 10 row builders, kids, escala, 1, 10 de axial racing enviado, por Hay son jvenes son como una […]

Amazon Smart Plug – Complete Review & Setup

Why don't you do a review of it. I thought you know what product's pretty solid i've used it a long time, it's been reliable, i've never had any problems with it, so i thought i'd put a clip together and explain the benefits to what this product brings to the market. Now, in general, […]


Hovercraft de RC HHY7805296 no fue lo que esperaba :( | DRONEPEDIA

Lo ped de color rojo, tiene un nombre medio, largo pero tambin lo podemos encontrar, como 6649 desilu y pues como, no lleg tan golpeada la caja aunque si est un poco rota, pero vamos, a abrirla hay que cortar todas estas cosas ustedes alcanzan, a escuchar los truenos Est lloviendo muy fuerte y afecta […]

UPDATED – Ready Set Drone Remix Contest – Winner Gets A Mavic Air 2! MORE ENTRIES

All you have to do is play it on whatever instrument sing it acapella do a wrap of it play it on the slide. Guitar do some drums, whatever you want to do, and the winner will get a dji mavic air 2.. Now i have actually received at this point, five entries and all […]

2 New Quick Charging Options For The Mavic Mini

Now, if you love this quad as much as i do, you're out every sunny day, there is and you're putting the quad up in the air, and you want to keep it up there as long as possible and the one problem we all wrestle with is the Fact that it's hard to keep […]

First Friday Live With Ready Set Drone – September 4, 2020

Drone live on first friday september. 4Th. Can you believe, it's already september i'm, having a very hard time with that myself, but it is already september. I am so happy because the heat in texas is finally broken uh. When i got back from new york, it was all a hundred degree. 100 degree. […]

Ready Set Drone Song Remix Contest – Winner Gets a Mavic Air 2 – We Need Your Vote!

I am at my office by myself and i am getting ready for first friday, which is going to be tonight, but i wanted to remind everyone about a contest that i'm having for uh the ready set drone song and what i'm doing is basically asking people to Remix the ready set drone song […]

Jackery Power Station 500 Full Review – Incredible | Portable | Powerful

¿Drone de carreras con GPS?, te explico como y para que sirve con el Sector 5 V3 de HGLRC|DRONEPEDIA

Para estos drones de carreras, pues empiezan, a utilizar mucho, para hacer long range en viajes, ms largos entonces el gps nos va, a ayudar, a saber en dnde estamos es un uso completamente diferente al que le damos a los drones de fotografa as que vamos a sacarlos De su caja vamos, a probarlo […]


I really do all right. Ladies and gentlemen, i got several requests since i did the toy boat video to do another boat video on the pond, and i thought one of my favorite boats has always been the jet ski, even though it's propeller driven there's, no jet on it. So it's a prop […]

WEIRD BUT AMAZING!!! – BetaFpv 95X V2 Naked Gopro Edition – REVIEW & FLIGHTS

Here we go Music right, Music. All right guys welcome to today's review. We do have two versions of this quad, which is cool. You have the hd dji version it's around 279 dollars and you have the analog version with the eos 2 version 2 on here and that one's around 179 dollars, but […]