1 MILE RANGE ULTRA-NANO RADIO! – Radiolink T8S BT Radio – Review & Overview

This is the t8sbt. Alright guys welcome back to the channel. This is a pretty interesting radio. It is sort of a smaller format, radio that would probably most likely be used for tiny, whoop or micro brushless. You could probably also fly on five inch or bigger, but i think that this would probably […]

SpinUp 2020 – Live – Learn, Laugh, Win Prizes – Tune In For The Fun!

INSANE IN THE BRAIN – BetaFpv X-Knight 3″ HD Fpv Racing Drone – FULL REVIEW & FLIGHTS ?

Here we go Music all right guys. Here we go today's review we're going to talk about this beta fpv x night. Three inch edition now on the channel recently, if you're interested in the five inch version of this under 250 grams 6s x night, amazing ripper go back and look at that video. […]

Remix Contest Update – SpinUp Update – SpinDown Tickets Available (limited number)

So, first of all, uh. If you don't know about the ready set drone song contest, i've got eight entries so far and all eight of them are awesome in their own way. If you like the ready set drone song or if you just like music in general, i put links down below. Please […]

DJI Mavic 3 leaked specs ( releasing this year?)

Hi i'm paul from dronesgate.com and this time we're taking a look at some mavic 3 leaks and what specs it might have. First of all, why would the gi want to release a new mavic drone in the first place? Besides the fact that we've been used to see a new series of drones […]



That is a ripper what's up guys happy friday, and it is labor day weekend this weekend, but we have a pretty fun review here for you today. This is the heiress hobby chameleon. This is around a 220 millimeter frame and what's cool about this frame. Right away is that it has really really […]

The Best Beginner FPV Quad Comes In 2 Flavors

If so, if you're at spin up 2019, you would have seen him speak about his amazing adventure, landing a big big uh, uav yeah on and moving boat. Yes, so, but he's here today, because he's actually never flown the gepp, rc, uh rocket or rocket light, and so we're gon na do a […]

Drone Tag!!

What this is is a system of transponders and a ground station that enable you to play different games of tag that are automatically scored tracked. What you're supposed to do is put these things like on an arm strap and then you run around and tag each other. You can play like zombie tag, […]

Don’t Wait For The DJI Mavic 3 – I’ll Explain Why

Drone fans rick here again from drone valley in today's, clip i'd like to explain why. I think, if you're waiting for the mavic 3 to be released before you buy your first drone you're, making a huge mistake – and i know i'm – going to get grief for saying that, but i've thought […]

Autel Evo 2 Review – Part 1 In Depth – (Unboxing, Inspection, Compare, Setup, Updating! Pros & Cons)

40 minutes of flight time. What claimed 9 kilometers of range and fully autonomous 720 degrees wow really interested to see. How really close it comes to that 40 minutes of flight time and really how autonomous this is and if it can crash into anything you know i'm going to be testing it. This […]

WLToys XK A160 Skylark Flying Model Piper Cub Flight Test Review

Remy was first to say first in one of my recent videos and thus was a shout out. So congratulations good morning, quadcopter 101, here with a review of the new wl toys: xk a160 skylark. Now what is the skylark? Well, if you look at it, you can see uh for those of you […]