¿Los drones FPV te marean? ft “Pongamoslo a Prueba” su primera vez con un drone FPV |DRONEPEDIA

Ve aqu la pantalla, no, no es la experiencia de cuando, ah estn tocando la en ese momento toc como que ya estamos viendo Msica y bien sabes que siento que no sabes por qu creo que no me mara, tanto porque es como ver una pantalla de cine Que est, ah no est todo […]

Poniendo sonidos reales y malacate al WPL C44KM, simplemente mi kit favorito! |DRONEPEDIA

A conectarlo para que vean cmo. Es que, va y que vean cmo. Se controla desde el control, como es que esta tarjeta le da la posibilidad de tener su sonido y ms adelante nos va, a permitir poner las luces que vamos a poder controlar desde el control. Valga la redundancia, pero bueno, esta […]

Mavic Mini; modos Quick shot, Dronie, Cohete, Orbita y espiral |DRONEPEDIA

En 1080, a 60 cuadros por segundo, pero abajo tenemos la opcin de quick shots; ahorita; no la puedo, activar porque la aeronave, o el mini debe de estar, volando entonces vamos, a despegarlo vamos, a dejarlo que suba a su posicin y entonces ahora s, vamos a picar De nuevo ah vamos a quick […]

Cómo empezar a volar con el Mavic Mini (activación, calibración y primeros vuelos) |DRONEPEDIA

Ah y bueno me pide que confirme la cuenta de vinculacin, ah est mi correo si ustedes no tienen una cuenta aqu el sistema les va a pedir que la creen con su correo que puedan poner una contrasea sus datos se crea la cuenta una vez, hecha la Cuenta entonces ya, se puede activar […]

Unboxing Fly More Combo del Mavic Mini |DRONEPEDIA

No lo, he abierto lo voy a abrir junto, a ustedes y pues me haba tardado en conseguirlo porque literalmente, estaba, agotado, ahorita ya, se est normalizando y bueno si haba el mavi mini normal pero si se dan cuenta este es el fly more combo que es el Que yo les recomendara que comprarn […]

I put a FPV camera and transmitter on a cheap toy drone.

It fpv so stay tuned. So, first of all, if you're new to this channel, I hope you will subscribe and hit the notification bell, because we do a lot of videos about toy drones. A lot of videos about fpv DJI drones, a wide variety of things. So if you like drones and RC […]

Tool for Discharging DJI Batteries for Storage and Longer Lifespan

The first of all, if you're new to the channel, I hope you'll hit the subscribe button so that you can get more great content about drones and other RC Hobby stuff. What I want to talk about today is how to store lipo batteries. Now this is a tattoo for cell that's, a 4 […]

First Friday Live

It still takes all dang day to get to get it done and and I'm still, not completely ready, there's like 50 things. I wanted to do, but hey I'm here you're here, we're here together and I'm super happy about that. I want to give a big shout out, first of all to everyone […]

Buying a DJI Drone in 2020? Watch this first!

This video is designed to give you an overview of the different consumer drones that DJI makes and help you pick the one that is right for you now to be clear. I know that these are not the only drones available on the market. Today there are hundreds of companies making thousands of different […]

Relaxing Video – 4K Drone Footage from Europe + Music + Apple TV Style + Slow TV

FPV RC Race Car – EMAX Interceptor

This is a toy grade, fpv race, car, so stay tuned and we'll check it out, alright, so for anybody who's into fpv, this is going to be a real treat and, if you're not into fpv, this is actually a great way to kind of get. The hang of it on the ground, because […]

Skydio 2 Unboxing Live

Thank you for tuning in to this impromptu livestream. I know it is awesomely crazy out there right now and by awesomely I mean hugely crazy, with people staying home from work and school and all that kind of thing. But I thought I would make the most of it I'm actually here at my […]