HOTTEST 2018 Drones – Top 2018 Best Drones for the money. $50 to $1500. See each fly, camera quality, range, battery life, and more. A full overview by …


  1. waw………not using an fish eye lens ……at very high altitude……………earth looks ACTUALLY FLAT ……….HMMMMMM !!!!

  2. The biggest problem right now is the battery time ,if they can improve the battery to an hour and more theyll make millions


  4. Pushing the mavrick, But ive seen the phantom go a lot higher without loosing connection. Hopefully mavrick will step up

  5. Great video but gear best takes way to long to ship and the batteries for the spark are less expensive on Amazon.

  6. It's a big shame that DJI's customer "service" is WAY behind their engineering genius, otherwise, I'd go for a Mavic Air.

  7. I don't know what's going on, but the sound quality is not good. My ears kept popping, tried turning the volume down, still popping. Weird.

  8. All these expensive drones and it sounds like hes recording through a toilet paper roll….

  9. For someone who is climbing a lot and in usually in low light conditions, which would you prefer. I think I will go for the Mavic Pro platinum. But I really want quality and good low light abilities

  10. I really care about the lens quality and low light

  11. I'm looking for a camera drone to film additional footage for my paragliding videos. I always have a helmet cam but would like some new angles to help bring some variety. "follow me" mode sounds great but can you just set it and then let it return to home when the battery gets low? I usually fly coastal sites that don't lead me very far from my start point. Also sheathed props would be essential so as not to accidentally cut the lines holding me in the air. Advice on the best drone would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

  12. The spark with the fly more package is a really nice unit. I have both Mavic Platinum and Spark, Love the spark for some things. For the money It is a really nice small drone. 1080P is excellent also. Remember that 4 k is not much good if you don’t watch it on a 4K device,ie: TV/ laptop etc.

  13. I want to buy this drone pls help

  14. Excellent video. Many thanks.

  15. How much per unit and how many kilometers of distance

  16. looks like a DJI commercial

  17. The way to get back at FAA for drone laws is to refuse to buy a airfare and ban flying.

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