The whole thing was locked down for like blocks so its like. Whenever, when else do you get the chance to uh to go, do this Music post it all right! So you guys, on the last video, was talking about doing a little bit more freestyle, doing a little bit more content about what goes on on a professional fpv shoot. Well, today were going to touch upon both of those things because on this particular job we got to the spot early we were all set up waiting for the director and the dp and downtown la is just completely shut down like how often does that happen. So i wanted to go out for a test flight, because you should do that when you are able to that. Doesnt always happen on every gig and because this was downtown la and this never happens. I decided to make my test flight a little bit more of kind of like a freestyle video now. The only thing here is that we were completely set up for the shot, which called for a super 2.4 to 1 wide aspect ratio, which is why youre probably seeing the borders not completely filled up and what youre going to see is in full 6k. The only thing also is that i changed the lens over to a 9 mil lens and we were ready to shoot with the 14, which is a little bit heavier and on this particular job. They also wanted us to run an hd transmitter, which is basically a means to transmit the feed coming out of the komodo out over to video village, so that added a super heavy box on the back.

So basically, this whole thing is completely rear. Heavy youre going to see some of that in the wobbles and some of the normal style flying that you do having it so back. Heavy really isnt a problem, but it definitely manifested itself on this light, as you guys are about to see. So without further ado. This is a raw uncut freestyle, ish footage of a red komodo 6k in downtown l.a roll, so ah so so so! Ah, ah Music, Music, hey you made it to the end of the video. Thank you for sticking around thats. How i know use a real one. Now heres the thing i want to make more content talking about being on set its just that i dont know exactly what everyone back at home wants to uh to watch so drop it down the comments. Let me know what questions youve got about being on set. How you prepare uh, whatever uh and and uh itll itll, come out itll come out on the next one. All right! I dont know how to do this outro, because jadens not here today so were just going to talk about um, happy holidays and happy new year. Peace out downton la downtown type of damn it. I dont like this sorry and uh, see on the next next one dammit wheres jaden for an outro back at home or girls wants.