So i was in london yesterday and today. So whilst i was in london, i did actually put something something together: um that ill be editing and getting up on my channel either tomorrow or monday. Itll probably be monday. If im honest by the time i manage to to edit it and get it on um. So thats thats something to look forward to for you um for now, though, really quick one tonight um, as you know, on my my one of my latest videos, the axa training center to anfield, which is liverpools training center to their their um stadium. I done my next drone giveaway to win for somebody to win another brand new sealed dji mini 2 drone. So i hit my next milestone of 2 000 subscribers, which is great. Thank you all very much for subscribing and sharing and liking and supporting. I really appreciate your support cant. Thank you enough um, so that was my next milestone, 2000.. So what i? What i asked you to do was comment hashtag, dji mini 2 on that video um, its been watched up to now, uh 1 600 times, or something like that, but only 156 people actually um put that comment: uh, dji mini 2. So, im really glad i did it that way, because it was much easier to to type out and cut out 156 names than it would have been to do 2000, so um. So here we go so this is its completely random.

So what im going to do now? Um, a blind pick im going to pick out free names now, just to show you there its. It is free, its completely separate names and theres no fixing going on. So here we go im, not even looking so theres one. Two free now these three people havent won anything its just to show you its all random okay. So the first one is brad g. If you can see that you havent won anything brad, sorry not yet anyway, you still might the next one is mystical rhythm and the last one is. I owe you okay, you guys havent won anything sorry, its just youre going back in now, but its just to show you that its completely random okay, there you go, you are back in, were going to give it a good mix. There. You go everyone in so its. This is completely random. This is the draw now okay, so the person that has one the dji mini 2 drone is a subscriber named ghost in capitals. Okay, did you all get to see that that is ghost ghost in capitals? G h, o s t in capitals, so you are the lucky winner, ghost thats one, the dji mini 2 drone, okay, so ghost what i need you to do is i need you to send me an email on my email address that ill put down here. Now. It is mr drone ltd but ill put that right there.

Now you need to send me an email ghost for instructions of how i can confirm that you are the the genuine winner, okay um. I will go through a little process to make sure its the right person to get to the drone, so nobody trying to get in touch claiming to be to be this person because you wont get away with it. I did have that last time. Uh somebody tried to do that, but this one ghost ghost and capitals youre the winner, get in touch. Send me an email and well sort it out unlucky everybody else. There can only be one winner, but i will be doing another giveaway a better one. Actually, when i reach the next milestone, which is 10 000 subscribers big jump, i know um but um well, get there im sure well get there.