I was in walmart yesterday with the wifey. You know how it is in walmart man you going for one thing: you come out with a bunch of things, man, so long story, short man. I was in there you know grabbing some stuff up and uh. I decided to take a little walk through hell. No walk through yeah yeah on the walk through on the walkthrough uh. I went through the uh rc section and i found this little thing here. Man, you guys know. I, like my little small flyers man, i like my little small flyers, so i decided to pick this so just to do that. It was like 20 bucks man, its the voyage voyage aeronautics. I know ive never had one of these quadcopters, but that transmitter looks familiar. Looks more like the propel ive had a little propel transmitter looks like that. You know what im saying so maybe they do some work with propel. I know propel sells a lot of quads through walmart as well, but i had a. I have a propel quad that i got from my guy brian tdr, its a little wolf style quad, and it has a transmitter like that. You know what im saying uh so yeah shout out to my boy b over there tdr drones, man, yeah man, uh yeah man, so yeah. We just gon na check this little dude out man. This is the voyage aeronautics. The va 2080 ultra compact folding micro drone yeah.

It is yeah, it is yeah yeah yeah yeah, so it says it has altitude hold im sure because it says new training mode helps. Beginner. Pilots learn how to fly im, not sure about that special feature. New training mode helps beginner, probably learn how to fly well well, see with that, but that is six axis. Gyros 360 stunt rolls folding arms, so it can fold thats nice. I, like my little pocket flyers, especially when i be able to take them to work and stuff like that. You guys know me, man, three speeds, which is always nice to be able to change the rates and control on the side, which we can also see right here in the box. So thats, pretty cool man lets see ready ages, eight plus guys. Now you guys typically know that i do my unboxes in the rc cave. You know im saying you know it usually goes down in rck, but theres, not a lot. That comes with this little guy, so you know im saying theres, not too much tells you about the voyage. You know what im saying, which is cool about the voyage aeronautics voice. Aeronautics was created by a team of engineers, passionate about the wonders of flight. Okay, with more than 25 years of combined experience and building incredible custom drones, rc airplanes and helicopters, we dreamed about a day where consumers could get our high quality finely tuned products at an affordable price. That day has come guys.

Oh, that day has come. Thats, nice man thats a nice little message: man thats pretty cool. Now you know theyre theyre telling you a little bit about themselves. Man, thats thats, pretty cool, you know. So it tells you a little bit about the drone there on the back so thats nice. So, like i said, i usually do my unboxings in the rc cave. You know im saying but were going to just go ahead and do this here without too much more to come to this guy, so were just going to get this guy out the box here. In three two one, all right guys, so we got everything out of the box heres. What you get get this nice little controller here and spring load it so altitude hold lets, see, got a couple bumper buttons there lets see the zoom in on there. You got a stunt button speed button. There lets see a couple trim buttons there. Four back trim, left and right trim on and off switch. You know, yeah pretty much thats it the voyage aeronautics. You know what im saying its gon na be lets. See its gon na be a couple aaa batteries in the back. It seems it was a little dastardly child protection screw there we go. We have the drone here im doing this guy with one hand, so you guys got to forgive me im doing this for one hand uh the drone is actually foldable, so you can fold this.

Guy up looks like it might have a power switch here. Of course, im trying to turn it on, but its not theres, no power to it. Oh there we go, we got a led in the back, led in the back white led in the rear, so thats, pretty good thats, pretty good, go ahead and turn the power switch off so wow. It has a goodie box right there. So let me get the contents out of the goodie box, so heres the contents of the goodie bag. Guys, look like you have a card in here got some prop guards. There looks like its uh um and heres the drone i folded it up. I went ahead and folded it up for you guys. You can see it all folded up and here is its our charger port there. So it looks like we need all right. Look its like a pinhole charger there so yeah. So we got a usb charger. We got a phillips screwdriver to get that safety screw out some propeller guards there guys, which is nice check – that out pretty cool instruction manual here for this v8 2080 guys, oh and some extra propellers. This is always nice as well contents of the bag. There other box, the goodie box, and then we have our instructions on the v8 2080. Here we go bam so lets get this thing on the charger for your dig dig. You already know how we rocking man, your boy, drawing dogs, get this boy on the charger and well get out for a quick fly lets.

Do it all right guys, so we got the little voyage aeronautics, the v8 2080 all charged up ill fold. It out ready to go im gon na power. This little dude on got a red light. Blinking in the back got a white in the front like i showed you on the unboxing lets go ahead and turn the transmitter on do up down binds us now. It is a little bit windy out here guys. It is a little bit windy. Lets see how we can calibrate it, both joysticks down into the right corners. Well, calibrate it. You see the lights flash and were going to see if we can just take off im, not even sure about how we take off this middle button right there. The middle black button here takes off this little thing is tiny. There we go first rate right here, a little breezy get over here, keep going over here. This is our first rate, so lets check out the yaw theres, our yacht first rate, yall theres, our fourth flight right there in the first rake. I like this little thing: real, nice and nimble. A little flyer is for a flight first rate, so lets increase the speed speed. I think, flies pretty good. 20 bucks a little walmart flyer, 20, holla all right. So this is the second rate here and its very nice for orientation with that bright white, little spotlight up front, thats, really nice, that you got red in the rear lets check out the yall second rate: yall wind blowing it get away from that tree there.

The wind kicks up theres a little breezy for this little thing, so theres our yall second rate, yall Music. All right were, in the third rate, the third speed. So this is going to be, hopefully our win fighting rate because its getting windy now its getting a little dicey for the little dude there, its a little zippy little guy too. So this is third rate for flight here, flying with the wind flying directly into the wind in the third rate and is able to fight through it because its so tiny, nice theres our yaw third rate yaw. So this doesnt seem like the yaw increases much in the rates it might increase just a little bit but not much lets. Try flip oh die that flip was kind of aggressive. So you got to press and hold the flip button. You cant just tap it. You got to press and hold nice little flips. The flips are nice and snappy, with this little guy for altitude whole not like that. Look at that thats, not thats, nice and snappy on a little dude, its got a nice little like green color to it like an olive, green body, shell on it lets get it all up. In your finish, yeah i like this little thing: 20 holla man yall, run out the walmart man run out the walmart yall tell them your boy. Drones and dogs sent you for that little 20 holla that they got in the aisle right now before they sell out.

I think im like 20. whats, that man, you tell them that man. I want that little v8. 2080. I want that little v8. 2080 yeah. The flips are crispy on this little joker and the transmitter feels pretty good for a little one, its not the little peanut style, one that youre used to with, like the the more comics little micro ones that came out in the beginning. This one is actually a little larger and it feels pretty good. The sticks feel pretty good and im quite surprised at how this thing is flying for altitude hold its flying. Pretty good im gon na have to do a versus this versus my um. My other little favorite little foldable flyer, my my jj rc, my h345, the jj one. I think the jj one is quicker than this because it has no altitude hole. This has altitude hole, but this fly is great: its really stable nice little pocket joker man. I like this, the only downfall i could say and which is with a lot of these little micros, is embedded battery. You have to charge it with a little quad copter on a charger. So pretty much when that battery tuckers out you youre gon na, have to try to get up inside there and get that battery out or just check this guy away. When youre done, when this battery uh completely dies out, but you should get, you should get a few flights out of this guy, maybe a hundred or so flights before that battery completely disperses.

If you treat the battery right, Music, Music and its quiet, because those are direct, driven props on the motors theres, no gears or nothing. So you notice this guy is really quiet like a little mosquito, its really quiet and because those are direct, drive, props and thats. Also why it flies so nimble and fast is because of that too, as well direct drive, props, also or direct drive motors, i should say, perform and are a lot more efficient than the the brush gear motors. I mean these are brushed as well, but theyre not brushed to the gears that is directly driven on the motor. When the brush gear motors, you hit a lot more winding noise and you get a lot more susceptible theyre, more successful of what you want to say. Uh theyre more theyre more prone to breaking. I should say this thing is flying great 20 holla man walmart man. Sometimes you can find a gym. Sometimes you can walk down the rci and find a gym, and i think i did this. This is a good one. Wow i like this im, not hating walmart im, not hey, im, not hating at all. This is nice for a little one. Im surprised how little this thing is its flying great man, nice and long flight time on it. You know nicest zippy. Look at that! Oh big, a zippy man, Music, nice funnels, let me get on over here. The wind is blowing.

It give yall a little final action. Look at the funnels nice funnels on it. Where is it your boy, drawing the dog hitting you guys with the bangers you im? Not sure if that light has flashed off an arm, i think it might be Music yeah. I think it might be a lvc, because that light is kind of flashing a lot now it was flashing a little bit in the beginning, but i think we are lvc. Im going to hit this black button in the middle, which i think Music hit the grass. This little thing is awesome. Man, the voyager, the v8 2080 man go to walmart pick you one up. 20 holly boy, jones dog tell him.