We got off of amazon and were going to be showing you this. So first thing were going to do is were going to unpack it, to show you guys how long it takes to unpack this drone from its case, all right ill be transported all right, ready. One two were done all right, that was, that was actually a joke. If you guys wanted to have download joystick of the left joystick on the bottom, have that turn on itll beat twice then move it to the top and move it back down, itll beep again, and that should be ready to fly and then thats good. And then, when you just take it off the fly away, just you just pull up on the joystick and itll start spinning and get ready to take off and there we go so as well as far as the flying goes. It flies decently, well, ill have another pic video later of it flying, but its kind of it just goes back and forth and up and down because its such a small drone theres not really any anything special going on its twenty dollars from amazon, china, so theres. Nothing special but its a good kids drone and you can drop it. I flew it up above the tree. Our tree, the other day lost connection. Nope went on the ground, i picked it up flipped over and then just kept flying it didnt matter, because its such a light, small drone that it would be completely fine one downside is we bought this drone and it came in amazon and the first two drones.

We bought were broken, and so we bought two more and then those two did work and then the other one breaks, but i mean it is twenty dollars, so its not expected to last for, like multiple years im surprised this last this one ive had this drone For five years now i havent flown much for it lately, but ive had this drone for five years. So lets go to the next clip Music. It kind of has three modes you put in mode one and itll. Just itll fly with really subtle corrections and then well put it in mode two and itll be, and you can turn it into a turn even more and then most three ill just go all the way and go real, quick and then, if you hit the other, If you push down on the right joystick, it doesnt flip every once in a while, just depending on what happens like, depending on how it feels itll do a flip, but it wont always do it, though, because like i said it is a 20 drone. So but it flies okay, i mean, if i theres no way to like make it like stay in one spot like its always going to be going up or down so yeah, all right guys. We have bonus material, and this is our bonus material. This drone, actually just stuff i forgot to put in the other videos and im gon na put it now um.

The drone has about this year, its six three minutes of flight time, just if its always in the air flying around and it has it takes 10 minutes to recharge. The other thing is: if you want to fly this drone efficiently as possible, you get it to about right, Music, all right where its not hopping right there and then itll stay right above the ground at a very low speed, and they can just zip around like That and so yeah thats what thats the most efficient way to fly this jump. Thank you, Music, all right guys when the lights start to do that. That means its out of battery, so you kind of just stop, but it can still fly a little bit itll.