This drone came out. You know several months ago. I never reviewed it before, but swell pro sent me a version here. This one comes in a nice hard case, a lot of stuff inside youll see it in the unboxing and they want me to review it. So let me show you the drone. First up, this orange beast is the drone. Why is it so different from every other drone? Well for one thing: its 100 waterproof yeah, you can like dart this into the water and you wont damage it. Nothing. It can flip upside down flip around its a waterproof. Oh thats, not the only thing and the controller is waterproof as well and has a built in display. So all of you out there who keep asking me review a drone that has a built in display. Well, heres one right here, so you dont need a phone with this. Now you can use a phone to do certain things with the drone. If you use a phone then you can use an app that will do waypoints and points of interest. So you can just look on the map and send your drone off someplace, and you can also use an app too just like on a gopro set the camera settings. As a matter of fact, speaking of the camera, it is a 4k 30 frames per second camera. Its got a sony sensor, so its pretty darn decent here, let me just grab the drone.

The camera sits behind this piece of plastic up front, so you dont want to scratch that whatever you do, but obviously, if a camera is behind a piece of plastic, it doesnt have a gimbal. You know a gimbal like a three axis, to go side to side up and down and keep your footage stabilized, so what it does instead, since it has a sony sensor and they spent all the money on having a good quality camera, is it uses electronic image? Stabilization now ive mentioned that it records at 4k 30 frames per second, but it can also record at 2k, 60 frames per second and i believe, 1080p at 120 frames per second and even down to like 720p at 240 frames per second for super slow motion. Now, since this here controller is waterproof, obviously, if youre on a boat – and you drop it in the water, you dont want your phone attached right. Think about it. You dont want your phone attached, so what theyve done is theyve hard, wired, all the switches and the buttons. So if you wanted to follow you, you just press a button. If you wanted to do certain things, turn the gps on or off uh come back to. You all sorts of things its all here: change the channel everythings there its not a touch screen because you cant have something thats waterproof, be a touch screen because wet fingers, everythings gon na get messed up.

So now i havent flown this drone and im out here. This evening to fly it, the sun is going down over there, so i got ta hurry up, but i will tell you one thing: this is a hybrid drone now. What do i mean by that? Well, first, off take a look at the props. You know they sent me these props. These are not the normal props you put on it. These are the props you put on an fpv quad, so i stuck them on here, because this is a hybrid drone, its part fpv and its part camera drone both of them together. So what does that mean? That means i could fly this with my fat sharks. If i wanted to yeah so if you have goggles at home – and you have this drone – you dont have to use the display and look at it on the controller you can just put your fat shark or goggles on and fly around. Youve got an fpv drone. All right so were almost at the part where im going to take it out for a spin. Now this controller is rechargeable and i will say one thing, really cool about this im, not gon na do one of those uh demos in this video, where i return to home and see if it lands on the takeoff pad, because this drone is 100 designed to Always come back to where the controller is thats, because if youre on a boat and the drone takes off – and next thing you know the boat moves someplace else you dont want the drone coming back to where you were.

You want to come back to where you are so. The drone always comes back to the controller, all right so its time to take this for a flight, but one thing i have to mention: i cant show you whats on the screen. You know with a camera, because you know its, not my phone, i cant record it, but i did say it was fpv, so im going to record the video that goes back to here on my fat sharks and that way i can show you exactly what this Here screen is doing here. We go all right. I have the drone down here and the controller and i have a gopro, so i can show you how everything works so watch this. I go over here and i just press this button. This is the power button. It comes to life, it is on and then i come over to the controller. This is how easy it is, and i press this hold it down and watch what happens down here, swell pro and there we go theres the video feed so thats. What the drone sees? Can you see that there we go there now you can see it so its pretty bright, but i dont think out on a sunny sunny day. You would see that without some sort of sun shade so were ready to fly its that simple. All right time out time out steve from the future here i just want to show you the interface on the controller.

I tried to record it earlier when i made the video but my fat sharks right over here. I forgot to hit the record so im going to show you now really quick, so im going to put over top of this screen im going to put exactly what you see on the controller just so you can identify it later in the video when im showing The actual screen here we go all right top left. The screen would be the number of satellites, the p and the r thats your pitch and roll. So watch this as i lift this up. Watch the pitch and roll change. Theres, your roll and theres your pitch and the number should change as i do that next one down the left hand side of the screen is your flight speed. The bottom two on the lower left would be your flight time and the battery voltage going along. The very bottom, all those zeros thats your distance from the takeoff point, and if you go over to the right hand, side, the lower right hand, side, thats, your vertical height and the one above it is your vertical speed and looking at the top right, you have Three items: the lower one is the remote controller signal strength. Next, one up is your current throttle, so as you go faster that will change and finally, the top one is your flight mode. So if you look at the flight mode right now, im going to flick this switch so im in gps, it should say gps middle one is i want to do a circle and the bottom one is addy mode which on here just says altitude mode.

All right now back to the video next thing i want to show you up here. Is you have a switch says, gps circle flight? If you want it to orbit and down here, is adding mode. That means no gps. So if its windy out and you dont know how to fly a drone, never stick it in that, and then over on this side, we have normal mode thats. What im going to leave it in for flight and thats? How i get it returned to home over here i can start and stop video or take a picture and over here i have the follow me button. So now everything thats displayed on the screen. Now you cant really see it through the gopro right, but over here i have my fat jerks and its recording everything, so i should be able to show it to you over top of the screen, all right coming back down to the drone. First thing it tells you to do. Is you have to do a compass calibration, the very first time you fly it in gyro calibration? I am not going to do either because well its too easy. If its got this mode here – and i could take it out of gps mode – i can fly it. I dont need the gps, but well lets just see what happens here. We go all right. Its pretty simple lets. Look on my screen. It says gps right there on the top right and im going to put in addie mode just to take off.

So i have no gps. Pull these in or out props go im flying without gps. Here we go, take it up: Music, nice and slow there. We are so thats, no gps, so its moving with the wind im walking with it here now. If i want to turn the gps on so it stands still. I press this gps is on lets, see if a toilet bowls or sits still now its still still so that means its a quality drone. I did not do a compass calibration or a gyro calibration and check that out. That is pretty darn still. So, look at that its pretty darn stable in the air. I can walk around it now in order to change the camera settings on the drone. You have to do it with the phone app, so you power on the drone mines on you can see some little lights blinking and then, if you look at the very bottom here, theres a little button right there. If you press that button, it goes into wi fi mode for your phone, so im going to press it and then all you do is connect your phone to the wi fi of the drone. Here we go so ill press this. It changes colors and now watch my phone display im going to connect to the wi fi, all right, so ive connected to the wi fi on my phone and now im going to go into the app.

The app you want to use is swell cam. 2 click on the video camera, which is the middle one on the left and there we go so i click on resolution. These are all the resolutions i can choose. So ive got 4k 30. You can see, ive got 2k, 60 and so forth, and so on. You could read them all there. I can also change the electronic stability. I can turn it on or off right now its on. I can change the recording format so that its move or mp4 and i can change the video format to ntsc or pel. Now let me show you the settings for the camera photo size. I can take 12 megapixel photos at 4.3 or 16.9. I can do burst, shooting i can do interval shooting and i can do time lapse. Selfies. Finally, on the lower left theres a settings button, i can click on that and i have my exposure value. I can format the memory card in the drone. I can do reset everything to factory settings or go to about what the firmware is on this here device, and it should be telling me on the bottom yeah. It says its recording in 4k 30 frames per second, so here im in the shot. So how does that look remember? There is no camera gimbal on here. So, as the drone moves around, it has to use image stabilization electronic to keep everything still so its not perfect lets try the uh first item on here, which is the follow me so lets see what happens its the big f here i can hit that there.

We go it didnt. Follow me its supposed to follow this thing so lets see. If it does there, we go so im, looking at it its following its following the controller and it looks like it. Doesnt have an issue with hype because look at how low it is some drones. You have to go way up in the air for the follow me and this one just seems to be right. There so hows that video at following me. Usually when you do a follow me, you have a drone high up in the air, but i should be able to walk under stuff. So let me get over here, really quick ill. Just run im gon na go under this tree. Most drones, cant follow you under stuff, so lets see ill go under the tree. Im hiding, hiding, hiding, lets, see still gon na. Follow me: if i come out ill scoot along go to the other one. There we go there, we go so theres the follow me. It definitely is a sweet. Looking drone thats for sure all right lets. Try the orbit so im going to put this up and im going to put in orbit mode im going to hit this little switch here circle flight. Here we go circle plate, see what happens. It goes that way and its turning back to me and it should just orbit me there we go so as long as i have the camera pointed down, life is good.

I guess it wants me to stand a little bit more this way, but thats it circle. Flight is happening so thats pretty sweet that you could just hit one button and you have everything you want all right. So lets stop circle. Flight ill, put it back into gps. Now it does take 4k pictures. So i just press this red button here makes a beep and it took a photo Music. Now the photos that the spry plus takes are all 12 megapixels, so its pretty darn decent. Now one thing you have to be careful of is when you land it watch this. If youre flying and you hit the down and you want to go down, it goes down really fast and up really fast. Why does it do that? Because it doesnt know if theres, water below and theres no sensors on the bottom. So when you go up its very fast, when you come down its very fat, you can literally smash it into the ground or yourself so be very careful with that. So the range on this is about 800 meters, im gon na take it out over to the school the way down there. So there we go its flying out its heading over to the school over there and lets see how it goes. Theres a little bit of a breeze its gon na go over the water. The cool thing is since its like an fpv drone. As soon as your video signal craps out, you get snow on the screen, youll start to see snow developing, as my signal is becoming weak and thats.

The same thing that happens when you fly fpv see it happening now, im looking down at the school, and i can just spin it around there. We go spin it around. Okay. There we go ive got it coming back to me, so you can now see the snow on the screen as the signals getting weak, but its going to get stronger im coming over the water im going full speed im in gps mode. If i put it into addie mode, it would come even faster. So let me show you that right now, im gon na go right out of gps blink im in addie mode. So there we go thats like full speed forward, so now were really moving. It were booting it and were going the wrong direction. Let me just turn this way a little bit over to the left lets bank it there we go and coming over to me on the left. There we are, and if you leave it off with gps off, does the return to home work. You see the winds blowing it look its going away over. There see it moving im gon na hit it on return to home, see what happens. It should kick the gps in yeah, see it stopped and the gps is on now. So so, if you fly it with no gps and then hit the return to home, it turns the gps back on and its coming overhead and coming down for a landing.

And even if i move the drone as its coming down watch this ill move it forward. It should come back to me automatically as if i was landing on a boat and there would come down, so it always wants to come with. The radio is and look at that, and it should turn off im, not sure how long this flies for, but just to be safe, im going to change the battery and then fly some more. So let me show you how i change the battery just turn. This pull this here, water sealed case up and theres your battery. There is a strap on it right here, pull that out theres your battery and lets put in another one right here, so batteries in push that down push you back on and then you just spin. This dial and that locks everything in place were all done. Music. All right, let me show you one more really cool thing that i think youll use that you need an app for so watch this. So what were going to do is were going to connect our phone to the controller now because, even though you can fly with the controller, were going to add more features to the controller watch this so with your cell phone, you have to connect to the wi Fi of the remote controller of this thing, not the drone, so there we go on my phone. It is now connected to the controller, and now i can go into the app for the controller, so the app youre going to use is called spry.

Just click on that and were going to be in it all right so when youre in the app youre not going to see through the camera because its not an app for a camera, its going to show you a map of where you are so look at My screen, this is where i am right now. It probably looks like nothing so on the top right im gon na hit the button to zoom in on me, and there we go so you could see theres a little red arrow where i am and i can use my fingers and expand it and get down Even closer im in a park but look at the top right, youre gon na see a picture of the drone. It looks like a paper airplane and one point so im going to click on that and there we go now. It says: where do you want the drone to go so now im going to touch in the general area of the school which is over there and thats it thats, where the drone would fly to? So if i touch that little spot i put over the school there we go, it says: what do i want it to do? Theres my altitude, so i want it to go at 37 meters, flight speed, hover time and longitude latitude, and then i would say: okay and there we are and now quickly ill show you waypoints waypoints are the second icon from the right.

So i click on that and if you look at my drone, its right here, the red arrow and i can put waypoints around the field and go one two, three four five i can put as many as i want and for each waypoint. I can then tell it what to do so. If i click on waypoint number two, there we go. What altitude do i want waypoint number two to be and so forth and so on all my information, click, ok and were all done hit the up arrow at the right and it will fly to that location. Now. Id fly these waypoints and show you, but it is so windy out here that this drone without me, controlling it, uh id be a little leery because theres people playing out in the field and stuff. So i wouldnt want to do that. You can see here the controllers on and it is waterproof as well, so you could drop it in the water. You could be swimming and fly your drone, and now i got ta walk in the water to get it there. We go Music lets, try from higher up and drop it in the water, so up up up up up and here were going to go slam it down in the water Music. Not bad lets survive that that is pretty darn sweet. This thing is super super. Durable. Look at this, you can move it along in the water. I can drive it in the water here im not going to take off im just going to hover it in the water and im actually driving it.

So i could drive it forward. Slowly, spin. It around lift it out of the water and then take it for a flight. So in order to make this waterproof, they also have to make it durable and thats. Basically what it is. They advertise this as the most waterproof drone on the market, but i would say, probably should be advertised as the most durable drone, because its solid as a rock okay, the cameras wet, but looking at me, heres what it looks like when it goes into the water. Here ill just bring it closer, so you can see me larger than life there we go get down here there we are, and can you see me and now ive got the motors on while the camera is looking up and im going to spin it, so it Rotates around to look at me: there we go. This thing is so easy to control and now im going to lift it up there. I am there, you can see we are just coming out of the water and then under and then coming out easily easy easy to manipulate this and then uh go up higher there. We are now im just hovering above the water. Come closer! Look at that thats! Pretty cool lets bring the camera down a bit now that ive got it up Music, so you could really get some really cool shots with this drone, i think, honestly, all you have to do is make sure you dont get water on the camera lens before you Get the cool shots and then coming forward and over me, Music.

Now ive taken a look at the video of this drone flying around and i can see a little bit of jello. You know it is electronic image stabilization and usually when you get jello in a drone, its due to the props. So these are not the props that you would get if you bought it. You know the props are just the dual blade: props and um im wondering if this is the problem. These tri blade props because theyre more for, like cruising really fast and cornering so im going to take these off and im going to put the original dual blade. Props back on and then im going to do a follow me in flight and see if the jello is still there lets check that out. So these are the props that come with the drone and they appear to be designed for the drone vice these ones, which are like fpv props, but they were said to be so. I put them on so lets. Put these ones on. Take it up and see how it is now flies pretty much the same right. Those are the dual props on it. Now, not the tri props and lets try to follow me so lets. Take it up out here. Take it through the trees all right hit. The follow me button push this in f. So how is the video from the drone? I have it pretty low to the ground, its not high up there im walking, you can see here nothing, exciting and uh turn and look at the drone its right there.

Just seeing if the props are providing any less vibrations to the actual camera, because anytime, you get jello in a drone, its always the props thats, the problem, its just one prop – is less balanced than another, prop thats all it is all right, the spry plus from Swell pro really durable, you know one of a kind drone ive, never reviewed anything like this. That is this durable and waterproof. So if it was a rainy day right now, i could fly if it was a snowy day. I could fly because this thing is totally environmental proof. You can fly it in all types of weather, well, every type of weather, actually with uh no issues. Now the flight time ive been trying to figure out exactly what the flight time is that ive been getting. I have three batteries and ive used each battery and each time i had a different flight time so im not really sure what it is, but im going to say its around 15 minutes. I could be wrong if im wrong ill post it below what the flight time is or what the advertise flight time is for me, the type of flying i was doing with going up and down really fast, moving forward and backwards. Sometimes i thought i was getting 20 minutes, but other times i thought i was getting more like 15 minutes, so the flight time is between 15 and 20 minutes with this thing.

So if you get one of these, you might want to get two batteries. I think, honestly, this drone meets a lot of requirements from a lot of people, because i get a lot of people asking. I want a drone that has a display in it, so this has the display in it, and i also want a drone that is good for water and i want to go fishing and attach fishing line to it, and this you could attach fishing line to it. Somehow that way, if your drone crashes into water, because you have too much fishing line or whatever well, then its waterproof itll just take off again so its not an issue, if you own a boat, this is the drone. You probably should have the smoothness of the video is totally up to you since theres no gimbal on here. The last thing you want to do when youre flying this is make it go like this. You know forward backwards, stopping starting just smooth movements on the joysticks, and you should get smooth video its its that easy all right, im going to put links below to where you can find this drone, the spry plus on the swell pro website and any other place. They asked me to show you where the links are check it out and see if its for you, i know its currently on sale right now. So if you want to pick one up for a christmas gift, now might be a good time so check it out.

Itd be pretty cool. Somebody would love this because just power this on power, this on and you go fly nothing else required and if you have questions on this baby, post them below and ill get back to you. But more importantly, if you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up. I would appreciate that very much. There is an unboxing coming next and ill show you everything that came in the box that swellpro sent me and im slowly learning that not everybody gets the same thing, so i think they might have sent me some extra goodies, so anyways watch the unboxing check it Out and yeah thumbs up catch you in the next video hope you enjoyed this one bye and now a super quick unboxing of the spry plus waterproof drone. Here we go turn it sideways. You can see. It comes in a nice case with a handle on top, which is great for taking all over the place, so lets open it up inside we have well, we have the drone. The case has multi level, so the top level has the drone in it, and this is how it comes its basically all set like that all solid one drone and you can pull this off thats just some protection for the front, and here we can see everything So lets take a close look. You can see its not a foldable drone and you can see its a bright orange.

So on every leg you have a nice little rubber dampener for landing on all sorts of surfaces. The bottom looks like it has a venting system, but no thats, all waterproof, so no water can get in there, thats, probably just a cooling heatsink. You have two antennas on this drone, so one is right here and one is right there. You also have what looks to be a little light here and it does sort of click and it shows a wi fi type communication system on there. You can see right here, theres brushless motors. They are designed to get water in them. So theres no problem theyre made out of metal, probably something that doesnt rust. You have the nuts on top for attaching the propellers they are. If i look at the marking on them, theyre 1600 kv 2206 motors. So that means they dont spin super fast, but they are very powerful. They have a lot of torque and heres where the battery goes that comes off, i just pull it its very tightly sealed and there you can see inside so in the very back thats, where your battery is going to hook into to provide power. You do have a usb port right there and in here, is where you put your micro sd card. The battery compartments. A locking system has two little tongs here. You push down on those get it nice and tight, and then you can rotate this top part.

Moving to the front of the drone, this is your camera system. There is a piece of plastic protection ill get rid of that. You have to be very careful not to scratch this up, because, even though your lens is below it for protection, if you scratch this up, youll have to replace it because thats what your camera is going to see scratches inside you see the camera and it does Move up and down in this little protective housing that does not let water in alright lets see what else is in this case lifting this up? What do we have so heres the controller? The battery charger looks like some batteries back here and some accessories. So lets look at them one by one. First item in the box is the controller you can see down here: thats, where you charge it usb plug, and you have to get this in nice and tight because it is waterproof power, button and thats to change your channels because it is a wi, fi type. Drone everything is protected here on your gimbals really good, and your switches are nicely labeled exactly what they do and on the back. We have nothing just this piece of aluminum here, thats, probably rust, proof and as well. You have this section here where you attach your two antennas, so it actually tells you on here 5.8, so thats, video and 2.4. So thats your telemetry, and it warns you right on the screen.

It says please do a compass calibration before your very first flight. So my drone – i dont – know if they all come like this, but my drone came with three batteries so lets. Take these out lets see. I got three batteries here. Taking a look at the back of the battery, you can see its 11.4 volts, so that means its a three cell battery in here at 3600 milliamp hours, so thatll give you some flight time. It just depends how you fly and having three batteries. Well, then, you can get lots of flight time next. We have the charging system for the batteries right here and you can see on one end youre going to plug that into your wall outlet. It comes with a cable for that and on the other end is for your batteries and im used to these. This looks like a normal charger, so youve got a two cell, three cell and four cell charger, and on the front it should tell you. You should have some little lights here that work. So you do get this goodie bag and theres a lot of items in here, and i do see the cable you need for charging your battery, which is this one right here. So this unit here goes in your battery charger. You would plug the big end into the appropriate spot right there and the small end goes into your battery. Also in the goody bag. You get a wrench and it is made out of metal, and you use this to put your props on and off.

You also get some spare parts in here and some other goodies. They do include a usb cable. You use this to charge up your radio controller. You get a nice manual here with all sorts of instructions. Interesting goodie here i dont know if everybody gets this because of the packaging, but this is just another piece, a locking mechanism. It looks like for your radio controller if you want to replace this one with a locking one speaking of the radio heres the two antennas, and they are nicely marked a power cable is included for your charger. Now you do get two full sets of two blade props but whats interesting with my kit. Mine came with tri blade props. These are the type you use on fpv drones, so yeah these would be much cooler than the two blades. These are tri blades, im gon na put the props on and the battery in here and give it a quick wane all right. So im gon na use the tri blade props, because im used to flying fpv drones, and apparently this flies a little bit like an fpv drone. All right props are on the drone im gon na install the battery should fit in like this push down there. We go and put the cover on there. We are and lets check out the weight now with the battery and everything on it. Its going to be kind of heavy lets see what we get so were at 814 grams.

Is that correct? Let me try that again. Thats, a lot of weight, try that again yep 814 grams. If you have questions on this drone post them below – and i will get back to you if youd like to buy this drone well, the links to where you can buy it are below check it out. I dont know if theres a discount code, but if there is it will be below. I know its on sale currently so check it out its under a thousand dollars u.s. I dont know how much under a thousand dollars, but you have to check that out yourself and if you enjoyed this review, please give it a thumbs up. And if youd like to see more videos on this drone.