Now they come in two different options. This is the drone itself. So if you already have the dji goggles as well as remote, you’re able to purchase just the drone itself and link those up – and this is the fpv combo, so if you’re like me and don’t, have the dji goggles or the remote controller, this is something you’re Going to want to get so let’s unbox both of these right here show you in a little bit more detail than i normally would in some of my other unboxings, mainly because this is so new. So i do want to get you guys as much information and close up detail shots of the parts that come in here so let’s get right into it, but first a quick message from our sponsor. So if you’re, looking at taking your content to the next level epidemic, sound has been my go to source for all my music in my videos, so whether i’m editing drone footage behind the scenes or some of my vlogs epidemic sound, provides high quality royalty free music To make sure that you never have to worry about any of the copyright claims or losing monetization on your videos. They have a couple plans to choose from whether it’s a personal plan for most regular content creators or if you want to get the commercial plan really geared towards freelancers and businesses. Both plans give you full access to over 32 000 songs in their library, as well as their sound effects.

So if you want to take your videos up by adding some sound design in your videos, make sure you check the link down below in the video description for a no commitment. 30 day. Free trial of epidemic sound and now back to the video. And if you guys, haven’t seen my first video of the full review of the fpv drone by dji, make sure you check out the link above as well as down below in the video description. So for the first box. Let’S open up just the drone itself. So let’s put this one aside and let’s unbox this right here, which is the dji fpv drone. This one does not include the goggles or the remote control, so it looks like it’s kind of a reveal style, so i’ll actually reveal it first with you guys, because this is the first time i’m looking at it as well, and there you go but that’s what It looks like in the box right there. Oh it’s it’s actually got some weight to it, feels good it’ll feel solid. First impressions. It actually reminds me of like a beefy dji spark, so it kind of reminds me of that, because it is a little weighty and it does have that nice thick body that the dji spark had. But, of course it is a lot bigger and the battery is a lot larger than the spark and man. This thing just looks really really stealth. Look at that feet right here, which is more likely.

The compass which i would assume is very similar to how we have on the dji mavics. We have the compass in the legs got some lights here up front. Of course, i’ll go through all of that and then on. The back here has some rubber pads that sit at the very bottom of the battery for it to sit down on a flat surface like that. So it’s just sit flat, but, as you can see here, the way the motors are actually turned a little bit. You can actually see how it is tilted and offset, so we have a little foam at the very top, and then you have a full set of propellers that are back here. Four and four so it’ll be, of course, two and two and then two and two replacements, but this is what you get on the standard fpv drone set you’re gon na get the drone you’re gon na get four b propellers as well as four a propellers. So basically, an extra set of uh propellers after you get in this one let’s now open up the fpv combo. This is the one that comes with the headset and remote control and there we go. This is what this one looks like when you get the goggles. So the goggles come right there on the side of it there’s the fpv drone right there get the drone out first and then we have the goggles god, the goggles look, so cool i’ve always seen my friends wear them when they go flying.

I have not and have yet to experience it so perfect for me to get situated with this whole new setup take out the top foam, and once you take out that top foam, you have the remote control sitting at the very bottom. A couple of boxes here: propellers b propeller, a remote control there’s the antenna sitting up. So this is the new dji remote control for the fpv setup. So we have all of that gear right here. The drone, the goggles, as well as the remote control replacement nose. I believe so looks like there’s one that’s already on the fpv drone, which is a smoky color, so this looks like it should be a replacement for except this one is green. We also have the quick start guide power cord. We have a usb to usb c, cable, usb c to the plug, which is going to go to the side of your goggles, a little small bag. We have a tiny little tool, antenna number one and two another set of antennas here. A couple extra sticks charging brick, which will then charge your battery on. Your drone also has a couple usb slots here. So if you want to charge the battery that you’re going to use to power up your goggles, so we have the propellers here that come in this box. These are the a ones with the red dot and then, of course, we have the bees, which is the propellers quick release propellers without the red dots.

These will go on to the motors that do not have that red line on them now getting back to the actual drone itself, there’s a bunch of stickers on here, that’s letting you know which propellers you’re going to need. So it has the red dot as well as a little red sticker. That says a on this one has b there’s, also a nose guard right here on the very front to cover your camera. So this is the gimbal guard on the bottom. Here we do have a few different sensors on the bottom, as well as two up front. There are no side: sensors, there’s, no rear, sensors and there’s no top sensors here. So, of course, in all of them is going to be towards the front of the drone. As this thing is flying around and the fly market is something i normally always recommend just because the fact you’re going to always want to have extra batteries when you start flying these things, especially when you go into sport in manual mode you’re, going to be burning. Those batteries a lot faster, so you’re definitely going to want to have some extra batteries and a fly more kit’s, just a better way to go. You get a couple extra batteries as well as the charging hub and there it is guys just want to do a full unboxing of the new dji fpv drone i’m, of course, going to have a bunch of separate videos.

I do want to take my time with a lot of this gear, mainly because it is going to be my first time setting everything up. So i do want to break these videos up into different segments, so make sure you guys check out my dji fpv drone. Playlist i’ll have a bunch of other videos in there as far as my full review, and also doing the full setup on this. For the very first time, as always, if you guys got some value from this video, a big like would be much appreciated and also don’t forget to subscribe, hit that bell to be notified. When i post new videos, this is aldrin estacio with i’ll, see you guys in the next one take care, and once again, thanks to epidemic sound for sponsoring. This video make sure you check out the links down below in the video description for a no commitment.