Now, any time a new drone hits the market, we immediately begin searching for all the accessories being developed to support that product and we'll bring a bunch of the men we'll take them out in the field with us and we'll test them for a couple of weeks And really beat them up to figure out which products work and which ones don't. When I find something I like I'll, sit down and put a clip like this together to explain the value of the products now one of the first accessories we look to test is a protective case for the drone, because let's be honest. Buying a drone is a really expensive decision, and not only is it an expensive product, but it comes with a ton of tiny little parts that are gon na scatter all over the room. If you're, not careful so having a case like this, where you can keep the drone safe, keep all the accessories together just makes it a whole lot easier, and that way you know when you want to go out and fly for an afternoon. You grab the case. You'Re out the door and you're ready to go so we spent a lot of time looking at different cases on the market and I'll, explain why some of them are better than others, but fundamentally there's. Two types of travel cases on the market there's a hard case and there's a series of soft cases, I'm going to review the soft cases today and I'll review the hard cases in a different clip, and there are reasons why you'd go with either.

One of those typically a hard case is great, if you're doing a lot of traveling and you're gon na be on air planes or trains and you're going to be gone for a long period of time. It'S a very rigid case that will survive abuse out in the field. You can take into wet environments and get it soaked and it's completely waterproof and it's. Typically, a lot bigger. The challenge with a hard case for a smaller drone like this, is that the whole point of the Mavic mini is to have a portable drone that doesn't take a lot of thought to get out the door and fly so if I've got a case that's gigantic. For this thing, now, all of a sudden I'm carrying a suitcase with me for a tiny little drone. So I like the soft cases because they're small they're, portable they're lightweight, you can easily slide one of these in a suitcase or a duffel bag. If you're traveling for a couple of days on an airplane – and they just make it a lot easier to carry it around so I'm, going to show you two cases that we really really like, one of them are gon na call. The compact case it's the smallest case – you can get that'll, actually hold the drone, the controller and a bunch of accessories. Then I have another one we're going to call the lux case, which is a little bit bigger, but it holds a whole lot more stuff and just for comparison purposes.

I'Ll put it up against the DJI case. That comes with a flower combination, and you can see this one is almost exactly the same size it's just a little bit taller and that's, because there's a pocket in the top of this that it'll hold extra accessories. This one's a lot smaller. But again we were searching for one that was as small as we could get it to still carry everything with us, and this thing is tiny. I mean this will slide the suitcase it takes up less space in a pair of shoes. Now I will talk a little bit about the one that DJI released here. If you bought the fly more combination, you actually got this beautiful travel case and I have to compliment DJI because in years past you would basically buy a drone. You tear open the box and you'd end up with the drone, the accessories and a whole lot of cardboard, cellophane and styrofoam right. There was nothing to protect the drone, so you immediately had to go out and start searching for a case I feel like they did. An excellent job with this case for the flower combination, the challenge, is they aren't, offering the case as an accessory. Yet they've got another case they're offering as an accessory, which is bigger, it's, not quite as sleek as this one, so maybe they'll put it on their website later on or not, but this case does a really good job of holding your accessories.

The challenge is, if you bought the regular version of the Mavic mini you didn't get the case and there's really no way to add the case to it so that's why we started testing these other cases so inside the DJI fly more case again. Let me before I get into this too deep. All of these cases are water resistant, they're, not waterproof, so you can't dunk them underwater, but if they get wet they get snow on and they get mud on them. You can wipe them off with a towel and dry them off and you'll be fine. All three of these cases are crush proof as well, which is really important because a lot of the cases we tested that were soft cases, we're, not crushed proof cases and the challenge there is, if there's, no support inside the case to prevent this from getting crushed Inside of a suitcase all the pressure on top of it is going to be on your drone, which means it's going to damage the propellers and may Jam and damage the joysticks. So you want to find a case this crushproof. All three of these are crushed proof. So inside the Mavic mini flower combination, you've got room for the drone, the charging hub and the controller, and even underneath that you've got room for cabling and underneath this you've got room for a charger or extra battery. So they really do a good job of building. A case that everything fits into in a really small package.

Now again, if you can't get this these other two cases, I think, are a good alternative. So I'll start with the small one: first, the small ones designed really to hand the Mavic meeting the controller. So the Mavic mini fits in right here and the controllers Nestle's in next to it right there and you can close it up now, you're thinking. Well, what do I do with a los extra stuff? Well, the honest truth: is this one's not designed to handle a hub, but it'll handle a battery, so you can actually put batteries in this expanded case in the back here, you've got this little meshing on the back. That gives you a little extra room and you can stick two batteries inside there. You can even get a cable and a controller in there. If you want – and this I take with me an awful lot so if I'm on the road for a couple of days and maybe I'm a traveling on a trip or something and I'm not gon na be gone for very long I'll. Take this throw at my suitcase and everything I need is in this case. I also like the fact that I've got a loop on it, where I can hang it off a carabiner on a backpack if you're walking through the woods so it's a really nice little case, heavy duty, zippers they've got to pull tabs on it. So you can open it either way and that's the basic case now that's, the smallest case.

That was really the mission is to find the tiniest case. We could find to actually hold all the stuff. We want to travel with more often than not I'm using the deluxe case, because it gives me a little bit more room for extra stuff and I'll show you that in a second, so the deluxe case is really designed to handle pretty much everything. This case handles with a little extra room, so on the larger case, you've got room in there for also comes with a back strap as well as shoulder strap, because there are two little loops on the side where you can strap it and hang it on. Like a strap bag, you can also use a carabiner to hold it off a backpack, but inside the case, you'll see there's room for the drone there's room for the controller and there's room for the battery bank as well. So I can slide all this stuff in there plenty of room for the stuff to nestle down and there nice and neat again I've got some concerns about the propellers. You'Ve got to be gentle with those there's room on the bottom here for two batteries, it'll even hold the you can see the batteries fit in the bottom. There it'll hold the charging hub. You can even put cables underneath the controller on the top. You'Ve got an extra board right here. That'Ll hold things with elastic bands on it, so I've got the screwdriver on there.

I'Ve got two of the propellers on there. You could put SD cards in the bottom. You could put cables in here. If you want, then you have this nice pouch up top there's like a mesh screen here on the inside that's, nice and soft. If you open this up, you've got a pouch up top, where you can hide your power supply cables, whatever you want to put in there, you can put in there, so you could put extra batteries up there if you want and all that fits inside the same Case again, what I like so much about these is that their crushproof there they're not going to allow you to damage anything by pushing down this one, especially because it's got a little extra room on the top of it. So this could crush a little bit and still not even come in contact with the equipment, but I've used these in the field for a couple of weeks. I, like them an awful lot. This one's got a really nice handle on the bottom, and this one's got like. I said that little loop here for the carabiner, so you can hang it off your backpack and they're pretty inexpensive. Comparatively and again I know the case that's available in the DJI website is a couple of bucks. These are right in the same price range, but for me having a small case and that's the challenge right, you're, trying to find that Goldilocks zone where you don't want too big a case because then it's a pain to bring along and if it's, too small and Hold everything that's not gon, na work either.

So this is the one I go to for my compact case when I'm taking short trips. This is the one I use on the longer trips and again we have one of these, but I don't have two drones. So I've got ta have a second case for it, because I bought one fly more one non fly more and this one works really well for carrying all my extra gear, so that's pretty much it for today. Now again, I will be reviewing some of the harder cases and that'll be in a week or two we'll talk about those, because some people are asking about the harder cases, and I guess, having a hard case for drone this small to me. I don't know if it makes a lot of sense, but a lot of people like those kind of cases when they're going on long trips, so I've got two that I'm reviewing. I actually had five. We brought in two of them kind of made the cut I'm gon na talk about those in a second clip. Coming up a couple of things to keep in mind when you're, looking for a case like this again I'd mentioned, make sure that it's water resistant, a lot of these are soft kind of vinyl and they crush real, easy they're, not crush proof and they're. Also, not water resistant. So if you take your case out like this know that if you drop it and it gets wet or you drop it in the snow, you're not gon na get water inside the case and damage your quad and that's pretty much it.

For today, so both of these are available on the website. I'Ve got links below. If you want to check them out, we like them enough where we're gon na sell them on the website. So if you've got any questions of anything I've covered today drop those in the comments below as well. Now I do want to tell you again that we're just about to launch the twelve days of drone Valley Christmas and, if you're a fan of the channel, you know what that means. We basically give away 12 days of prizes to anybody that's watching the channel and subscribed. All you have to do is enter the contest. We'Ll pick a name at random. We put it in an envelope or a box if it's a bigger prize that's a hint that, if it's a bigger prize and we'll, send it to you free of charge. There'S no shipping charges no strings attached, no shenanigans. As I like to say. We basically just pick a winner and send you something for Christmas and it's a great time of year, I'm, a very happy guy. Every time Christmas rolls around. So please stay tuned, the channel and if you haven't, subscribed, subscribe to the channel hit the bell down there. I promise I'm not gon na post any clips in the middle of the night. I'Ll try to keep them during business hours, but that way, you'll know that new new clip came up. You can come back, you can enter the contest and maybe win something cool for Christmas and that's, pretty much it for today.