Look at what we have. We have the brand new jeep grand wagoneer and we are going to be showing you. This vehicle were going to do an exterior, walk around. Well, show you, the interior, were going to drill, were going to throw the drone up there and have drone footage and were also going to be taking this thing for a drive and im. So super excited this vehicle is amazing, so ben. Why dont you take it from here? Yeah, absolutely so, like gavin said, were super excited to have the 2022 jeep grand wagoneer here, of course, were coming out with both the wagoneer and the grand wagoneer. This is the grand wagoneer size, wise theyre, exactly the same between the wagon air and the grand wagoneer biggest difference is going to be under the hood here on the wagoner. You have a 5.7 liter v8 engine on this one. You have a 6.4 liter v8 engine. Now, just looking at the styling of this thing, theyve really gone above and beyond from the dual tone, wagoneer riding in the front here to this beautiful grill. You have multiple cameras here, but really you cant see them from the start. Youve got your front facing camera. There your night vision, camera there that well talk about youve, got your parking, sensors, your radar and then two functional tow hooks up front as well. Now this is the series three, so you have all of these chrome accents around the vehicle as well.

Moving on to the side again, you have your dual tone: copper, grand wagoneer logo right there with your american flag, because this is an american made vehicle now size wise just for comparison. This is actually four inches longer than the tahoe and a little bit shorter than the suburban about 11 inches shorter than the suburban. So it is a body on frame vehicle. So, even though it can perform like a truck well see during the drive it drives. Like a car, i mean its just super super smooth ride, uh. Third, three rows, obviously – and i did well go over a lot of the interior features during the drive, but i did want to show you just kind of the space that you have here in the grand wagoneer just plenty of space theres, a single button right here On the shoulder click that to give you access to your third row right there plenty of cargo space here in the rear as well. When i open up this lift gate, you can see when the seats are up just how much space you have here. You have additional cargo space underneath right now, that is, containing the cross beams for the roof rack front license plate bracket as well as your netting cargo netting back here as well. Whats nice, with these seats is they are, for the third row, their power fold as well as bring them back up as well. We already had the passenger side down there and then, like we talked about you, have that single button to move the seat forward.

You also have a folding button right here. Well, show you on that! Youve got your screen up right now, but you can have a full flat surface here in the back as well. So if youre not carrying passengers, you have a ton, a ton of cargo space, and even if you are carrying passengers, you still have plenty of space. This is the largest jeep that we that weve uh built at to this point, so plenty of uh cargo space, passenger space and uh really looking forward to taking it out on the road and showing those features as well yeah. Well, why dont we go lets, take it all right, guys were now sitting in the 2022 jeep grand wagoneer uh its gon na take some getting used to saying grand wagoneer, its pretty cool that we have this now. So, first of all, the big thing in the new wagoneer is all of this technology. So right here in the center, weve got our 12 inch fifth generation uconnect display just like youve seen in some of our other vehicles like the durango and the grand cherokee l. You can customize the page layout right here on the home screen. You have multiple different driver profiles where you can create different avatars. You know sports themed, all that good stuff right here. Youve got your music, which is nicely projected through our macintosh system, its a 23 speaker macintosh system, going back here to the home screen.

Again, you have your different layouts under your comfort. You have your dual climate zones. You also have dual climate zones for the rear. As well, youve got your heated, ventilated seats. This is a 24 way adjustable seat. Some of the controls are here on the screen for your lumbar and bolster all the other. Controls are going to be here on the left side right next to the driver. You have your massaging seats, so weve got those on right now. Gabby to my right also has hers on as well. You can set it to different algorithms and strengths, all that good stuff right here on the screen and then for those with young kids. You can also access your rear climate zones as well. Im sure kenny will show in the back there. You have vents for both the second row as well as the third row, as well as additional entertainment options, usb usbcs and then your hdmi ports for the screens, which talking about the screens here. This is a fully loaded series, three grand wagoneer, and so you have a total of seven different screens and the two in the back. There, you have your two entertainment screens on the back. Headrests youve got your center screen in the back there for your climate zones. For the second row, and then up here, you have this giant instrument cluster right here in front of me, where you can also access your night vision, which i just pulled up here.

The center weve already gone over the main uconnect entertainment center and youre wondering were still missing two different screens, so, first of all, im going to go with this kind of james bond esque sort of screen. Here, oh look at that. You got a screen right there that covers up your usb and your wireless charging pad again. This is to pull up all of your climate zones. If you want to have something else on the screen there, you also have a passenger screen which im going to click. This button right there very fast and thats, going to light up right there in front of gabby now whats nice. Is that because of the angle and the the way that its set up, i, as the driver, cannot see that screen right there. So, im not going to get distracted because gabby or whoever the passengers can pull up various entertainment options right there, whats really cool is she can pull up any of the driver controls? So if she wants to pull up a navigation, for instance, she can find exactly where we want to go plug it all in and then send it over to this screen right here, so she can truly be a co pilot right there on the right side. Additionally, you do have your digital rear view, mirror that we introduced back in the ram the grand cherokee l. You have all of your controls for your panoramic sunroof right up top there and then, of course, all of these come with connected services.

So you have access to your assist and sos sos buttons up there. Safety features wise, which well go over a lot in the uh driving portion of this. You do have your adaptive cruise control with assist. So this is a level two driving system to where you still have to have your hands on the steering wheel, but it will intervene with steering and maintaining uh, both within your lane, as well as maintaining distance between you and the car in front of you blind Spot monitoring on the left side, like i said the instrument cluster here, can be easily navigated to have multiple pages single pages. Digital speedometer trip information, all that good stuff right there accessible on the instrument, cluster im going to put this screen back up again. Just with that one button, you do have your wireless charging pad down there, your two usb usbcs as well as additional ones. There then, the hdmi for the passenger, if gabby wanted to plug something in and have entertainment right there on the right side in front of that, you do have your specially designed rotary dial shifter as well as your terrain management. Four wheel drive controls on the left side and then your quadrilift suspension here on the right right now, ive got it set to off road two mode, so youve got the maximum ground clearance. I can set this down if you have an owner of the vehicle that might have some health issues or elderly you can set this down to park.

Entry exit mode gives you almost four inches of lowering right there as well cup holders are right here. One really cool feature here in the center console. Obviously you have your sliding entry point right there, but below that here in the center very cool, you have a refrigerator to be able to keep uh drinks cool for long road trips, all that good stuff as well. So thats here in the center stack and uh – i guess at this point time to take it for a drive. Yeah lets go ben perfect way, alrighty. So now we just hopped on the expressway uh. One thing i wanted to point out here in the instrument cluster: you see a little flashing icon there. I had it like, i said in off road 2 mode, but once you get up to highway speeds its going to automatically lower itself down to aero mode aerodynamic. Give you best fuel economy and best ride quality on there as well, while im driving here i mean, obviously just the impressive amount of premium quality luxury in this vehicle from the french stitch right here throughout the vehicle. Real wood, grain interior premium, filigree and quilted leather seats that we have from the detail of the grand wagoneer logo right there, and even the vents themselves, have a dual tone on those as well. So they just really put a lot into the quality. The steering wheel itself kind of a call back to the wagoneer heritage.

You can see that its a dual spoke steering wheel. A lot of vehicles are going to have that. Third, one that goes right down here, but they chose to stay with the dual uh spoke. Steering wheel to match the original graham wagoneer, it does have the performance flat bottom steering wheel as well. Its got a very, very you know, good comfortable feel to it. Obviously, full leather wrap steering wheel with the wood grain accent in the center, as well as were driving talking about some of the safety features that this one is equipped with. We talked about the blind spot monitoring uh, both on the driver and passenger side. You have those little triangles on the side mirrors thatll, light up, yellow when someones in my blind spot, and then this car is going to come up next to us. Hopefully, here soon – and i can show you what the chime does if i were to turn my turn signal on so well go ahead and get that done right here. You hear that double chime, just letting me know, hey someones in my blind spot, dont get over. Quite yet talked about the adaptive cruise control with the assist is right here on the steering wheel. So itll maintain the distance between me and the car in front of me. So if i were to set the uh speed, uh to say 65, obviously the car in front of me is going about 60.

uh. I dont have to apply the brake its going to keep that distance between me and that truck in front of us and then, if they were to get over or if i were to get over and the path were cleared, get back up to the 65. And it does have the stop and go feature as well, so it can go on all of those speeds. Also have your lane management system as well. You can see that lit up in the right bottom right of the instrument – cluster everythings, green right now, meaning its sensing, the lanes and everything. If i were to start to veer outside of the line which ill do right here, see it lights up, yellow feel a little nudge on the steering wheel. Get me back uh center to where i needed to be as well up top here. We do have the uh panoramic sunroof were going to go ahead and open that just with a one touch, give you a little bit more sunlight coming in, so that one touch takes it halfway back and then one more touch well. Take it all the way back. There talking about the drive of this, so this is the grand wagoneer. The grand wagoneer is going to come equipped with a 6.4 liter v8 engine. The wagoneer comes with the 5.7 liter uh v8, with e torque on that, so this one definitely gives me gives you gives you the most performance right now.

Obviously this is a demo vehicle that weve got right now so im not laying down on it or anything, but plenty of ample power behind it as well. In the back, there youll notice plenty of accessories and equipment for the passengers in the back as well. Youve got a center console right there with plenty of storage space. You have your dual monitors for your entertainment right now. Those are off just because we dont have anything hooked up to them and then, in the center there right next to the center console, where your cup holders are. You have another display to control the climate zones in the back there, like we talked about at the beginning of this drive, you have vents both for the second row as well as the third row, as well as plenty of usb charging ports. So theres really no part of this vehicle that feels like it was a afterthought or left out its providing all of those uh bells and whistles for every passenger in this vehicle and im sure you can tell back there kenny that even with uh taller passengers theres Plenty of room again, both in the second row and in the third row as well yeah im showing my shoes here, ive got plenty of room uh, so whats really nice is on this one with the third row. You also have your third pane of glass. Your sunroof access in the back there now. Obviously this is going to be a family vehicle for a lot of people, and so we do have the fam cam, which we had in the have in the pacifica, as well as the grand cherokee l.

Now we have it, of course, in the wagoneer as well, so here on the main screen, if you have young ones in the back easily be able to see whats going on back there, you can click specific seats right there zoom into the third row right there. So a really really neat feature to have, especially with young ones, in the vehicle as well alrighty. This is not only a luxurious vehicle, but a very capable vehicle as well. This vehicle has equipped is going to tow just just right under 10 000 pounds. You have your trailer brake controller right here and then well show on the outside. When we look out there that your towing hitch is very neatly covered when youre not using it easily to easily accessible when you do want to tow, but again just going back to not only is this luxurious, not only does it have all the premium bells and Whistles that you would expect, but also has the towing and performance capability that you would expect from the jeep brand as well alrighty, so like we had talked about this, has the new macintosh system and at 23 total speakers um its nice too, as both the second And third rows have their own lighting and then speaking of just lighting in general and its going to be difficult to see uh here in the daytime, but this does have interior ambient lighting as well. You can change the colors on them, both the top uh lighting, which is going to be like right above where the grand wagoneer is, as well as on the door doors all around the vehicle as well.

You can also change the floor, lighting and everything. So just a really neat feature, one thing: im, hoping that we can maybe get a picture of it tonight after it gets a little bit. Darker is the side mirrors actually project a wagoneer logo on the light on the ground itself outside the vehicle as well. So again, during the daytime, not the best time to be able to see it, but at night it looks really really cool yeah. I also noticed that when you open the door, the wagoneer sign comes on the floor as well and thats cool. What a truly amazing vehicle this is the 2022 jeep grand wagoneer i mean this vehicle is made exceptionally well. Now, if you all have any questions, please let us know all of our contact. Information will be listed right here, thanks you all for watching.