Since i was a kid um and we have over 37 million views on my channel to date and 175 000 subscribers Music. I have flown thousands of drones and taught workshops camps. We started a drone curriculum back in even 2014, which the ama, the american model association wanted to have. A draft of. We have been involved with most every organization in the drone industry um for the exception of aviation industry type drone stuff uh. As far as personal drones um, we did have a brick and mortar store back from around 2014 to 2016, but the point of this video today, uh just establishing my background, is to talk to you about getting started in drones. Um, if you are someone who ha has the the idea to start a company or, if youre, just someone who wants to to fly a drone for the pure fun of flying, a drone and the enjoyment factor, um and hopefully in this video today. This is mostly geared toward um the enjoyment factor, but you know some people turn their passions into uh their their job and they turn their their hobby into a job. Ive done that many times in my life, ive actually thought about just doing a video solely based on um the evolution of my self employment since 2006.. I basically designed what i want my life to be like and financial life to be like around what is important to me: um and thats a whole nother video, but today were going to talk about entry level drone.

That is an 18 drone that you can pick up on the banggood website and actually on flash sale right now, im just going to go ahead and show you. The website, 18.99 uh looks like zero pieces sold, but this little drone is actually um. Five star review drone again from eachine, and it has 44 reviews already on this one. It has headless mode 360 rotation, which is it does flips, and things like that um. But the the most important thing about this drone is not that its just a cheap junky. Little drone its a drone that can basically put you on your journey towards uh, getting into our hobby and and and really having fun with it. One of my first drones ever was a little traxxas drone and yeah traxxas used to make drones back in the day. Imagine that but yeah theyre known for rc cars, but they also made drones and they made some pretty cool ones. I crashed it all over the house and eventually it uh. You know it ended up somewhere in the trash, but this one is one of those kinds that can get you started indoors or outdoors and it has an opposition hold, but it it does fly pretty stable in the air and if you want to add an fpd Camera on here later, you can also do that thats, a lot of fun, so im going to put a link down below for an fpd camera that will fly on this drone.

So really you have a ton of options, even though this drone is so cheap. You can do a lot of experimental type things with this type of drone. You can turn this drone into something that is live first person fpv view on there just by adding some goggles and that tiny little camera, but start out flying in line of sight and thats. The most important advice to me to you learn how to fly it. That means without the goggles first and then move up to the goggles later biggest advice that i can give you as an experienced pilot. So lets go ahead and lets do a couple. Experiments with uh, adding some dji on here and an analog camera which were total, fails but theyre a little too heavy, so its good that you know as the consumer that the e65h is not going to be able to handle the dji setup on there. You can put an analog camera on there and its a little tiny aio as its called um, and that little camera is is i mean its only a few grams so were gon na were gon na put a link down below for that. So if you want to start out line of sight and then move up to a little bit of fpv fun after that ill put some goggles in the in the links down below as well. And you can be on your way to to having some fun in the drone hobby, so lets go ahead with that further ado, still a little indoor flying with this little eachine drone.

Here we go power buttons here and the leds on this are so cool. Youve got an led in the very front as well and itll blink until we turn on the transmitter so turn on the transmitter lets see what this little dude will do, all right its ready to go so it sticks down and to the outside to arm and Were going to come up, and apparently this one does flips, it will fly in high speed mode, low, speed mode, one key return, and it also does headless mode but isnt that cool check it out really super stable, Music whoa. It has a lot of air coming out from under it. It just made that picture fall down. Although mess message board there little message on there from christmas. It says its the most wonderful time of year, so this is pretty much hands off right here and you can see how stable this drone is kind of crazy. It does move from the left or right, and you really dont need to use the trim buttons on here like an airplane because drones once they sit on the table, they calibrate the gyro. So if your gyro is properly calibrated, it should kind of hold its position, but this doesnt have any vision positioning on it. So if you dont have vision positioning i mean the drone is gon na drift and people its funny like new guys get a drone and theyre like man im trying to trim it and its not working its, not flying stable, happys, not sure what to think thats.

Our new puppy down there, her name is happy shes, a happy dog shes, a new drone camps, mascot happy. What do you think about that? Hap shes? Not so sure about that, but so stable i mean for 18. This is kind of fun. You can add a camera on this one ill put a super cheap, fpd camera down below that will work with this drone. You can put a little battery on it ill also put a little larger drone cheap toy drone down there that you can start with that. You can fly indoor or outdoor, i mean cheap fun, you know. Sometimes cheap fun is uh more fun than expensive fun because you dont have to worry about it as much and so right now, im in the low rate mode im going to go ahead and hit the high rate mode. Okay. Now it should fly a little faster. Its actually flying pretty good its very predictable. It also does flips and i dont know about inside the house, but we just give it a shot, just careful not to suck to the ceiling. Oh nice wow oh hit the ceiling whenever you hit the ceiling thats going to happen, oh boy, all right, so sometimes when it gets like out of order, it will like land itself like that and then itll reset. So im gon na go ahead and do a backflip again wasnt that cool it does not like it. It will uh kind of amazing that it has enough room in here to do a flip.

Oh this thing is crazy, durable. So this one, i actually got a while back, and this one is definitely one that i want to uh, let my kids fly. This is a great trainer for my son and my daughter and the battery might be telling me that hes just about done, but you know it looks like we still have some Music, some good flight time left Music thats, what its all about just pure drone enjoyment And you can train yourself, learn the basics, i always say to start out flying line of sight first and then learn how to fly fpv after get some goggles after you learn how to fly this with your hands years ago. I taught a course called the drone camps. Future pilot and future pilot course was basically from the just pure basics of flying, a multi rotor flying circuits and learning all the orientations. And if you learn to fly line of sight, first youll actually be able to recover a drone. You know a couple hundred yards out by line of sight, bringing it back it ive done it before, and if you learn how to do that, that will most likely save your drone um if it gets away with you gets away from you say year. Sometimes ive had an issue where the fpv camera went out and i had to take my goggles off my face really quickly and fly the drone back line of sight and its a scary thing when youre out there.

You know two football fields out and the drone looks like basically like a um like a small black dot, and what you have to do is figure out where the back of the drone is where the front of the drone is, and that takes a lot of Practice, you can you can kind of practice that in a ball field, take a drone like this out in the ball field mix it up turn it around spin it around and then see if you can reorientate it, to bring it back to you thats, a skill That if you master that youll youll absolutely um, be that that will benefit you later big time, uh and it may save your drone and it may save.