$18 dollar TRAVEL CASES for the DJI MAVIC 2 ZOOM & PRO and Parrot ANAFI

On the time this video was created, the 2 instances proven on this video can be found on the HOBBYINRC web site for $18 and some cents.

The product hyperlink :
MAVIC 2 CASE IN CAMO: https://www.hobbyinrc.com/p/Camouflage-Distant-Management-Charger-Battery-Single-shoulder-Bag-for-DJI-MAVIC-2-PRO-MAVIC-2-ZOOM-Drone_2517830.html

ANAFI CASE IN GREY: https://www.hobbyinrc.com/p/Single-shoulder-Bag-Purse-for-Parrot-ANAFI-Drone-Grey_2481403.html

The fb hyperlink

The shop hyperlink

CAMERA: Panasonic 4K Camcorder: https://amzn.to/2JYGFdx
LIGHTING: Studio Softbox: https://amzn.to/2GZTPX6
LIGHTING: FalconEyes SO-40TD: https://amzn.to/2N9pp7J

  1. Great, useful information as usual – many thanks!

  2. nice bag case for dji 👌👌👌👌👌

  3. Nice. I like the cases. Great price as well.

  4. Another excellent suggestion for my new Anafi. Noted & thanks

  5. Great cheap boxes for people's quad. Although Hobbyinrc seems to be a London company, the goods are shipped from Hong Kong which means that the shipping and customs duties to/in Denmark cost approx. the same as two boxes. That makes them not so cheap anymore. 🙁

  6. Still at almost $40CDN…. better than buying the name brand ones. I will keep them in mind. Maybe when I get my EVO2 they will have one for that 🙂

  7. Wow. Great find. ALMOST ordered. STILL a great case but Mavic 2 case is only available in camouflage color. Hmmmm. Bummer. Thanks for the awesome videos, I’ll keep checking on it. Will it be available in other colors soon?

  8. Great info and REALLY GOOD price.

  9. Is anyone making a case or bag to carry both mavic drones and loads of room for lots of battery's?

  10. I ended up getting an Apache 3800 case from Harbor Freight on sale for $29. It is a hard, water tight hard case. Of course you have to pinch the foam out and for good measure, spray the top of the foam with a$6 can of Plasti Dip Black rubber coating. It fits my Mavic 2, three extra batteries, charger ,filters and more. It is also lockable and pressure tight., which means you can hold it under water.

  11. I have the same case for the Parrot Anafi, but one ring for the shoulder belt has already been broken… :S Fixable, but expectable for the price…

  12. Captain! Thank you for the case review! I have been looking for a nice case for my Parrot Anafi for some time, and just have not located any I liked. I like this one, and already ordered one. Thanks again for your research and great reviews!😃🛩 A Captain Drone “fanboy”-lol!

  13. Wait this is not the Freewell Gear video giveaway is it.. LOL. If you happen across a good case for the Evo throw up a video for that sometime. I am not sure that a DJI case will hold the height difference of the Evo even though the shape is similar in size.

  14. Its prefect in Camo, The gray one It's nice to be able to carrie Done inside case inside case!
    Freewill Gear
    Coolest thing of this vid is your watch Captain

  15. amazing case for 18 bucks.
    do you have a picture without drone and accessories? I bought a small case for the mavic 2 only, with an extra case for the controller. The comtroller case isnt great, because their is no space for the buttons on the bottom, i am hearing a click everytime it moves a bit. I dont know if it will be a problem with the functionalty of the buttons travelling inside after several time.

  16. They must have been selling a lot of these. They have raised the price of the Anafi case to US $30.08. Think they are mid 20's on Amazon.

  17. does the anafi case have room for a tablet

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