But, unlike so many of the brushless budget, gps drones that we see, especially in these no name brands, which this pretty much is, this has a three axis mechanical gimbal on this guy and thats. What im excited about? Because if this works well and thats going to be a big, if it could be a heck of an option for somebody looking for a low cost drone that doesnt have the budget to buy a dji, mavic uh, you know mini 2 or even the mini sc, Because, right now, this is only 149.99 on banggood for the single battery version. I think they sell a two and three battery version, theres, also a ly zrc version of this drone. This is the x2 pro three, its called again theres, a l y z, r c cells, pretty much the exact same drone, its also 149, so ill, probably link you guys to both of those versions. Its the same drone just branded by two different companies, but im just curious to see how this drone does now. This is just going to be the unboxing and overview here on the table. So, if you want to see this fly, then just skip this video. If you want to know what this all comes with and get a closer look at, the drone then stick around for this video get this out of the way today. That means you dont have to worry about sitting through a boring unboxing or a table review during the flight review, which is what we all want to really see.

But here is you know i just come. This box is pretty beat up. My daughter ripped it apart because she wanted to actually get the drone out and show it to me the other day when it came into mail. So we can just see a few of the features on here and then well. Take a look at the drone. Of course it is foldable gps point of interest, so you know circle mode, waypoint flights uh, it says ultra hd, um thats a bit misleading. It can do 4k photos thats going to be probably interpolated or upscaled, but its according to the main good listing. I get two conflicting resolutions to get 720p and 1080p im. Pretty sure this would be 1080p, but it does just the hd so it may not be. It would be pretty disappointing. Even at this price point, thats only 720p im hoping its 1080p at 25 frames per. Second thatd be pretty standard nowadays, so well see what that is when we actually get it out and were able to actually fly it, it does save to an sd card. So at least youre not worried about you know wi fi feed. That would be those are terrible when youre recording those and the 3 axis anti shake gimbal. It actually has a gimbal on it and thats such a huge thats. Why i wanted to test this out, and it also says as eis or electronic image stabilization. So if the software is able to do that on board on top of the gimbal, you ought to get really good video.

I mean gimbal alone should do it, but sometimes these budget gimbals are just not perfect, so theres a little bit of a shake and eis doesnt have to do too much on top of it. It can eliminate whatever flaws the gimbal has. This combination could work out. Well, we just have to see this actually do it. You know any a decent job and doesnt even need this. You know and optical flow positioning, which is uh using a downward facing camera to help hold position. If you lose gps, lock, especially like if youre flying this drone indoors so lets, take a closer look at the drone itself. It comes in this soft carrying case and its pretty nice with the handle, and there is a strap up inside of here that you can take out and actually attach it to put it over your shoulder. If you want to carry this, throw around that way, so thats pretty nice as well, but here it is package – has this foam um, you know to keep everything in place, so it doesnt slide around inside lets. Take a look at the drum because it has its mavic pro style. Look to it now. I dont have my scale right here, but this i can tell you right now. This is definitely heavier than a mavic mini its going to be over the 250 grams, but it looks you know its pretty neat and it seems to be nicely constructed so thats, a good it doesnt feel cheaply made so lets go ahead and fold out the arms You guys will get a better look see.

This does have that mavic pro style look and put it down the table. You know it has these rear little feet that holds it up on the back and the longer landing gear here on the front. Just looks really nice, i mean it just really seems to be nicely built. It has a gimbal guard here. This is a bit of a pain in the butt to get off, but here it is, and there is that three axis gimbal you can see its. You got your yaw stabilization, your roll here and your pitch. You know it right here so, and it looks a lot like the two axis style gimbals that i used to see on like the f11 pro or the drcd22. But this is three axis, so if it would happen to be somewhere of that, then i would be pretty optimistic, because that gimbal was one of the best gimbals ive seen by any budget drone. It was pretty much flawless, and most of these are not like that, but this again is three axis. I think that is a 4k camera. It wasnt the greatest and of course this is just going to be at the best 1080p theres, some white – probably lights here in the front, as you can see, x2 pro 3 on the arm, gps, hd camera, drawing on the other one, the x, the l y Z, r c just says something else: zrc and again it looks pretty much identical to this.

Here is the optical flow camera. So if youd lose gps, it would look down at the ground the whole position, and hopefully that does work. You know sometimes those give me a bit hit or miss and heres your you know, fold out props and your brushless motors um. I dont know if theres any uh heres heres, i was gon na, say i dont theres any real lights, but here are some leds on all all four arms, so you should have some lights on all the arms and the front. Maybe we can see if this will power up lets, see if probably the power button is right here and there we go, and you have to hold it down red in the front green in the back kind of what i expected thats, the traditional chinese way of Doing that, instead of green front red rear, it usually reversed my old cx20, which i got sitting over to the side here, use that color combination and there is the gimbal. Now i had it upside down. So you want to make sure when you power this guy up, you get it sitting down quickly, because that gimbal is going to do a calibration. So, unfortunately, with it being the power button on the bottom thats going to be a bit goofy, because you want to get this thing, let me let me turn it off again, because i want to take a closer look at that and then its off.

So i think you want to power this. I would get my hand down get this guy, hold it Music and get it down there, because that gimbal it looks like its. It might be a little bit this way, but with it having that power button on the side, the gimbal didnt, look like it went through a calibration. Most will do their little thing, but it just. I worry about the gimbal getting off center on the gyro thats built into the drone and not being level so thats. One thing i would consider, but the gimbal seems to be well, i dont have it. My sorry guys, ive, been holding it up too far seems to be okay, but that can be misleading. The gimbal may work. Okay, that doesnt mean theres not going to be any shakes and thats. What im most concerned concerned about so lets go im going to turn it back off. You see there are all the white lights. I suspect those will be white in the front and weve got a battery meter here. So it says its about three fourths full on the battery, so thats not bad ill. Pull the battery out here just a moment and ill show you guys the battery on this guy, so yeah well have to see ive, not ive, skimmed the instruction manual but ive not actually read. The whole thing so well have to see what it gives them. Recommendations and powering it up, because i really dont like that power button on the bottom, because you got to hold it in you, cant just tap it.

It starts up if its a moment, you tap it like to test the battery, but it doesnt start up. So then, you have to hurry up, set it down, because you worry about again that gimbal getting messed up so well have to see how that works. Um i, the app with this guy, is gon na, be pretty generic. Its like, i think, its called the rc gps app. I think it was like its on my phone im using my phone to record this, so i cant look but ill put a screenshot up here, the app that app is used on like the metavish drone. I could tell i had that drone a few years ago, its pretty universal from what ive seen so i dont think its going to have any kind of like gimbal, calibrations and stuff in it is what im getting at so thats. Why its important to try to get this thing, this gimbal under the best conditions of startup, because the app looks like its been pretty generic so again, thats the drone itself. The drone looks really nicely built well have to see how it flies and how does that? Gimbal perform in the eis, you know its gon na be hard to tell if the eis works um or not, because you dont know how well the gimbal is working. You know initially, if the gimbals doing its job, then the eis is not even needed now. Here is your lipo battery.

This is a 2 cell or 2s lipo, its 7.6 volts here. So that means its a lithium polymer high voltage so its a little bit more power, and that is good. A little bit better power and its high voltage and its 3 000 milliamp hour they advertise 22 minutes on this. I dont expect that from a 3000 milliamp, sometimes even some of these manufacturers will put that on and theyll include two batteries and theyre combining the flight time. I dont think thats the case on this one, but i would think somewhere in the 15 to 18 id be more than happy with you can just see i can see by the little yellow here. This is just a regular two: two cell high voltage, lipo pack, just shoved in here, which all of them pretty much its, not a smart battery. You know the bottom tells you the power on this drone, but theres nothing special about this battery, its pretty generic, its gon na use. A mic. Uh looks like a micro, usb, connector and ill show you the charger in a minute to get the use for this. Guy to charge it up so its going to be rather slow, so that charger is inside of here. My daughter, of course, already pulled it out, but here is the uh. It looks like its just a regular cable, so maybe it does its not a smart battery per se, but it probably does have some light or something and it does cut its power off itself, but smart battery is one that can discharge.

If you let it sit to storage voltage, not so the battery doesnt get ruined sitting fully charged, and this doesnt obviously have that. So here is that that charger and youre just gon na plug it in right here i thought it might have used a different kind of charger that actually charged and the charger controlled the voltage and the cutoff. But it looks like this: one will have a built in well have to see. I dont dont see light, but the light could be inside of it or something its hard to see without plugging it in because obviously i havent charged this yet but youll use this and im sure it will. Let you know when its finished charging its conceivable, that you could put it inside of the drone and charge it. But typically, if you do that, youd be plug. Well, you wouldnt be able to do that. Take that back because the the charging port is going to go inside the drone. Some drones, like the mavic mini you plug the battery in and you plug into the drone and the battery lights on. The drone tells you the power and when its finished, but thats. Obviously not the case because the charging port would be hidden with inside the drone. Then you get a phillips screwdriver to take off the props and it looks like you get a full uh. I think you get a full set one two. Well, one two three four: it may only be three that would be really weird.

It looks like its three three extra props. It might be four. I cant really tell in the bag, but i dont want to pull them all and have them fall over the floor. But it should be a full set. Three would be an odd amount of props and lets go. Take a look at the controller. We got the app mentioned, so we got that covered. So we just want to go over the controller here and show you guys how this all works. Now it does have that same charging port on the back, so the controller probably will light up here and it will let you know at some point with either screen or a light uh combination whenever it is finished being charged. You dont have to put any batteries in this. It just has a fake looking battery compartment on the back. Here. Are your antennas and took a look at these yesterday and these appear to be phony, theyre fake. You can tell flimsy they are theres, no wire. What you want to do on these lower end budget drones? Is you always want to look and see on the hinges here? Is there a wire coming up on at least one side, and i dont see one it so these are just fake. So usually you can tell they will be a little harder to move at least on one of them, because its moving that wire inside there theres a wire thats important, but without that you dont these are completely useless.

They put them on for, looks again very common. The ly uh zrc drone has exact same controller, itd be the same way, but you had to pull out your uh phone clip holder, and this is where your phone will go. This will pop down here and your phone will go in there. So those antennas, obviously dont, have to be folded up. You could hide them behind the back here, but they cant be folded exactly the way they are stored because of the front clip holder, and you would obviously want to use that app. The transmission range on this drone is advertised at 1.2 kilometers for the control distance from the controller thatd be pretty similar to like the eachine ex4, but the wi fi is is 5g thats good thatll help out with no cross interference, but the 5g wi fi from The app in your phone you know to the drone is only rated 300 meters thats pretty common, so 300, maybe 150 to 200, more realistically, depending on the environment youre flying in. So you can fly this much farther than the app. But unfortunately, what good is that going to do once you lose the fpv wi fi signal youre going to be flying blind? Thankfully youve got gps to bring it back, but the distance you can fly. This drone does not matter because, once you lose your visibility, your eyes in the sky per se, then it doesnt matter but thats what its rated at.

So your screen here and i lets see if this turns on i did this it didnt even turn on, makes you think the band turtle battery is completely dead, so i turn it on. Like it. Doesnt come on, the drone had some charge. Youd expect this would have some charger thats. Why? I thought initially that, and it really is, the switch is not the greatest. I thought that it just needs batteries put in it, but that doesnt appear to be the case so im going to plug this in after i finish this video and cross my fingers, this thing starts charging so on the top youve got your photo. Video im sure its a short press for photo. Excuse me short press for yeah photo long press for video. This one right here is your rates. I believe this is your rates, probably low, medium high or low and high you just toggle this little wheel. This wheel will be your gimbal tilt thatll, let you tilt the camera on the three axis. Gimbal up and down, hopefully thatll be pretty smooth the lower end. Drones tend to be a bit jerky with that. This is your return to home. I kind of like that location, its easy to find and remember, youre, going to probably long trust that so you dont tap it by accident and send it home. It should come back, fly overhead, come on down and land close to, hopefully within a few, a meter or so to where you took off this right here is to turn your gps on and off.

So you go between gps and probably just out. Probably altitude. Hold mode is what itll itll toggle between, though its possible that it might switch to optical flow. Only i dont know exactly. I have to look at instruction manual and see. Does that go to optical flow, or does it disable all position hold just go to altitude hole because you know they all have altitude hold this right here. A quick press on this will do a gyro calibration if its sitting on a level surface like this youre going to press it its going to calibrate the gyro so that it knows what it level is. A long press will enter this drone into the compass calibration. Thats, where youre going to rotate it a few times the controller may beep or the app will probably notify you that thats done and then youll probably do it face up or nose down and then spin it again and then itll tell you that the compass calibration Is done you got to do that. The first thing in flight probably is a good idea to do it every time you fly this drone, but thats the way it knows magnetic north and that it can then fly the correct direction between the gps, coordinates to go home or to even hold its position Down here this is your auto takeoff and and if you do an auto landing, if youre just you know up in the air, and you want to call it to come down, you have to worry about the gpss getting home.

You just want to land where it is. You press that – and this is headless mode, which is kind of i dont know headless mode to me in a gps. Drone is ridiculous because it holds its position, so you dont need to worry about having those generic headless mode controls. What headless mode does is whatever direction the drone is facing. If this is rever, you know this is forward when you turn it the other way. You know its going to go the direction. The stick goes its going to not be reverse controls and it makes it easier for a beginner, but i dont, like it doesnt teach you how to fly and a gps drone it doesnt matter. If you get reversed, you just loft the sticks, correct yourself. If you cant figure it out, hit the gps and fly back home and land you dont need headless mode on the gps drone. I think thats all the controls on this guy, so it should be pretty close to wrapping up the table. A few for this again im excited this in the air. I dont have high expectations thats only because of my experience with this stuff over the years. Is it usually lets me down, but the fact that this is so inexpensive and literally theres, almost nothing at this price range with the accident three axis gimbal? Maybe the sj sg that 16, whatever that i cant remember the model number its the beast drone or something you know: theres almost nothing with a three axis gimbal at this price point in brussels, motors and gps.

So if this would happen to work good, hey, you know, then we know this and l y z. R c are both a really good option, but i got to get in the air. I got to fly it. I know theres going to be some faults. My anticipation is its going to not have very good range in the apps, pretty generic, but if it can just record good video, thats, stable and not full of bunch of shakes and a decent looking quality at 1080p, then this might be a really good option for People – and one thing i didnt mention here here – is that sd card slot right above my thumb here – that youll slide in there probably go up to 32 or 64 gigs well, have to see, but you definitely want to use that so that the video you get Is right off the camera and its not your wi fi feed thats flying into your phone and then, of course, we know that drops frames and its just a disaster, so im glad that they did include an sd card on this guy all right. I think that wraps up the table review if you watch this, i appreciate it stick around for the flight review, obviously for this portion of the video. Then you cared about the table review. If you care about the flight review, then you skipped the video long ago.