Its a sort of a budget naked gopro comes in at 129 dollars as similar dimensions to the bid fpv v2 case in this. This dimension right here on the side, so it will slide into a lot of these pre made mounts that are meant for the v2 case and thats what i flew on this one. I also flew it on the 95xv3, which comes with a different mount like this, and it does come with. This uh includes this mount here, which you can use your standard, gopro style uh, two prong mount like this, and the camera will just slide in like this. Well, go in this way and its a little tight another one like that. That works pretty well for the standard gopro mount. But if you have these other uh mounts for like the 95 xb3, you have to use the other side which is over here in the back, and it goes in upside down right there. You just use a screw, obviously to tighten it down and hold your angle, but then your image is going to be flipped. You can actually use a button press to flip your image ill show you that here in a second but lets just uh, show you how much this weighs first, because its a little heavier than your normal gopro or naked gopro. So let me take the nd filter off and its uh 34.2 grams. This is the hero 6 in the beta fpv v2 case.

This is 26.1 grams, so still heavier than a traditional nikki gopro. By the way, this um thats 129 without the nd filter, you can get an nd 16 filter thats made by this company and uh its uh. I think its like five bucks more or something like that. I forget. I did not get that so im using the beta fpv nd filters, its the ones that that fit the v2 case. They also fit this case as well. So if you happen to have these already um, then yeah these will fit onto this case yeah. So basically, they its kind of um making this useful for anything that you might be using in terms of this v2 case in comparison now, i think theyre different is, if you look at the back here, its a little bit longer and then, where this little um Back part here sticks out a little bit further. So when you stick it in this mount here, it doesnt go all the way in, like the b2fpb case, so thats the most itll go in. So your lens is going to be a little bit further off off axis compared to the v2 case. Im sure someone will create some mounts for this, something universe that will readjust for that. But if you use this amount, i think uh it keeps the lens a little bit more closer to the center and then uh this little mount piece here. Im sure you guys are wondering that weighs six and a half grams thats um not light.

So it does that fair amount of weight uh. You also get this lens hood. If you dont use the nd filter you can put this on and that will cut down in some of the lens flare. Obviously you cant, i dont, think you can use this and the nd filter together. Let me see here. Actually i havent tried that so put this uh hood on and then well stick the yeah. This nd filter does not go on, so you can use one or the other if you get this um uh connector here. This is a uh 1.25 millimeter pitch connector goes into the side here and seen it says: 5 volts, so theres, no bec on this uh naked gopro or on this particular camera. So it has to be supplied with 5 volts either. This cable, so dont make mistake and solder this to your battery leads like um, you would for the naked gopro. You will fry the camera. Its got to be 5 volts. Only so be careful that if you happen to use this, you have to solder us to 5 volt regulator on your flight controller. It does. I think this camera uses up to one amp, so you need a strong five volt regulator. Otherwise, it uh youll have problems with the flight controller resetting in the middle of your flight, so yeah that would be good, but what they offer here is this. They include this little vc adapter in the package, so this will work.

I think, two to six s. Batteries and then it opens five volts on this usb c connector, which is on the side of the camera. Here. This is also where the sd card slot is so um. This one is also a little bit tricky to use because you dont want to fry stuff. This these pins are not key. You put this in potentially backwards into your battery and youll have a really bad day. If you do that, well, let me uh, let me show you how much this weighs. This is all part of the flying weight. If you have to use it in this, this is also 6.1 grams lets say, put the camera on and this muff usually like this. This is uh 40, almost 47 grams, so yeah, and then, if you use an nd filter and now were hitting 48.4. So this is kind of more like a realistic weight of using all the equipment. Okay, but the way you use this bec adapter is theres a negative sign right here and a positive right there thats how it goes onto the balance leads. So, basically, usually your balance. Legally marked here the negative over here and then some other colors and usually the red on the right, and so you want to plug in the um this into the negative side here dont i dont dont dont. Do it like this? I did it like this, so you can also put it in backwards, which would be bad.

This is the one that worked for me uh, i dont know if theres any reverse polarity protection on the circuit board or not. I did not test that. I didnt want to start a fire, so i didnt do that. So put that in you get a green light, it does also show you in the manual that just how you should install it. So just do it like this and not any other way, theres. Four. Other sorry, three other potential ways you can plug it in and only one is correct. The other three are incorrect, so the incorrect way is either nothing will happen, youll have no power or at worst, youll have a fire. So just do it this way and you got a green light, means everythings working and then you plug it into the camera. The camera will turn on. So if you power on from the usb c port the camera powers on automatically as soon as you give it power over here, if you have this uh, if you use the other plug here, and you have powered off your flight controller when youre powering your quad, The camera does not turn on off this side, so you do have to press the power button to turn it on. So to record you just press the record button and it starts recording and then the green light is flashing. Stop recording press the green button again and itll stop stop flashing. It means youre, not recording theres, three resolutions on this uh, 4k, 60, 2.

7, k60 and 2.5 k or 1440p60. The only mode that has electronic image stabilization is the 1440 p or the 2.5 k mode at 60 frames per second theres, no 30, 30 fps. Today, as far as i know, there is a app you can connect to uh via wi fi, using like a like a android or ios app now the links that they give you in the manual. If you go to the google play store and try and search for it its not there, if you use the qr code to go to the google play store, it shows that cant find it. So you have to go to their website and download the app and then install it. Turning off your security, i i put it on like. I have like a tablet that i use specifically for like sketchy apps. I put it on that one to test it out. Just look at the app ill show you here what it looks like kind of quickly yeah you can change the settings. I think the settings that are default on this are probably the best and i would not even bother messing with the wi fi settings now. If you do want to happen to do that, like i recommend again so if you do turn the wi fi settings on, you sure press the power button, it should beep and you get a blue light here means wi. Fi is on turn it off short press and then the white file turn off.

If you want to flip the image you long press the power button and ill flip the image and then vice versa, if you want to use the mount upside down to switch the different uh resolution modes, so right now its in 4k 60.. If you want to switch it to the one other resolution modes, you long press the record button, not sure press requested. If you sure press it will record so long press it. You have three beeps thats, the 2.7 k mode press it again. Four beeps is the 2.5 k mode. Two beeps is the 4k mode, so the difference in terms of the field of view um so basically heres a comparison. The 4k field of view is similar to the 4k wide field of view on a typical gopro like oprah, 6 or gripper 7, but its less than super view on those. Now, if you go to 2.7 k on this camera, it simulates the field of view of the gopro 6 or 7 in super view, but the the bit rate is lower and the image quality is lower, plus the it does it doesnt do like a true super View it just does like a linear stretch of a 4 3 aspect, image across a 16 9 video container, so the center of the image is distorted. So i would not use 2.7 k. 2.5 k is electronically, stabilized and thats the only mode thats electronically stabilized, but it crops in the image like 20 percent, maybe 25.

So your field of view shrinks considerably in 1440, p, um and the image stabilization isnt very good. I still get a lot of jitters. Um and wobbles, so what i recommend is what i did is when i flew it on the cino up here, which is, i think, was what you are targeting here for these guys is some sort of a cinema of something. So you know something lighter because, obviously, if you, if youre going to put this on something bigger than carry heavier cameras, just you know carry rig of the gopro uh, its kind of just kind of pointless. So if youre trying to fly something like something something like a sono open, somethings lighter just fly it in the default mode. It comes in 4k, 60 fly it like that, and then i would use some sort of post processing image stabilization. So what i did here is i took the footage, which is not stabilized out of the camera, so you get a lot of jitters and wobbles, of course, and then in adobe premiere i use warp stabilizer. I think i applied like a seven or eight percent um stabilization to the image, and now it turns out it looks pretty decent. So it takes out a lot of those jitters when you do that and its decent now in terms of the image quality its not as good as a gopro. Its very typical in terms of the you know, chinese action, camera style way too much saturation way too much uh contrast way too much, uh sharpness, so uh and those cant be really reduced.

I think i think those settings are already at its optimum, so, whatever you know these guys do they just constantly are over processing the image. The image could be better if they applied less processing and theres no flat profile picture profile on this camera, like you, can in a gopro, so its lacking a lot a lot of things there. I dont you know, but this is a trade off right, youre. Looking for something thats going to cost you less money, 129, you cant expect to get the same value and quality that you get on a full size or sorry, a traditional gopro or, in this case a naked gopro. So, in terms of you know, um, you probably can see a lot of stuff in the comments theres going to be people that watch this video and theyve def. They definitely have uh exited the video theyre, not watching this point, but im sure theyre going to leave a comment saying that this camera is no good and you shouldnt get it because the naked gopros better and well yes, its better. But is it better in terms of value proposition right? So here let me you know. Let me just explain you know when we trying to get these little naked gopros they dont they dont, sell these at the stores you cant just buy them anywhere. You can buy them, you second hand from people that are selling them and they dont usually arent that cheap and then you can make.

Of course you can make these yourself. You can acquire a hero, six or seven from ebay or some other place and tear it down and make one yourself, but i can tell you that its not going to be cheap because ive done several of these ive done five of these. Actually, i i currently have only one and a half that are working, one that works well and one that kind of works. Well, half the time. So i have one and a half out of five one i actually had. I had three and i had two working and it crashed one and that one died and then two i attempted i probably should not have bought those gopros from ebay um. I converted them and, and one was dead on arrival when i as soon as i tore down didnt turn on anymore and then the second one worked for, like i dont know four or five flights, and then it stopped working and its probably because i got them From ebay, so all in all ive probably invested. I dont know dozens of hours of my time into creating these and ill spend a lot of money, uh, probably in excess of twelve hundred dollars total. In terms of all the cameras i bought, and i have one and a half working naked gopros right now, so is it worth it? No, it really depends youre to see people say in the comments yeah. I just buy for 120 on ebay youre going to take a chance.

I i dont i dont, i dont recommend ebay at all. Youre youre, its a you dont know what youre going to get over there and i i bought two and ended up with uh. Pretty much useless products that didnt do it. I basically just threw my money away, and so i dont recommend ebay at all um. You might be able to acquire them on amazon. They do occasionally come out on amazon uh, the the other three that were working. I didnt get i get from amazon. I obviously killed one and then i have now so the the two one and a half that are working still uh. I converted are actually from amazon that one i can trust. But right now i dont i checked today and there arent any uh available in terms of renewed hero sixes there you can go to the hero eight, but you know um thats a little. I think its a little bit more and then thats a whole other ball of wax like joining into that here in this video. But this is basically theyre offering this as a alternative to this its cheaper uh. You dont have to build it, youre, not spending a lot of money, uh wasting any breaking stuff, but the image quality is lower. The question is: is it good enough for you? It depends. You know if youre using youre posting to facebook instagram, you know, and maybe most of the people are watching your stuff is watching it on lower resolution screens like smartphones, etc.

This is gon na be fine. You know i i personally dont like the image its way over sharpened uh way too much contrast with too much saturation, but the upside is you: dont have to do any kind of uh, color correction or anything like that on this it just comes. You know nice and vivid out of the camera and way way way too much in my opinion, but thats a subjective thing anyway. Um last thing uh before i go, is this company? Is you probably know, as hawkeye and yeah its here? It is on the box. So its not the same hawkeye that you guys probably know in terms of the other cameras that they make and also theyre, like fpv monitors and stuff, like that, they are apparently theyve taken the branding and the name and including the firefly name. Theyve, created and theyve created like a whole like series of cameras and most people think its the same company but its not so. I actually know the owner of the real hawkeye company and he says that because of um well its confusing to me, i couldnt really get a clear explanation, but basically that other company started soon after the coronavirus hit, and there was like all these lockdowns over there And i guess he got stuck in hong kong and he cant go back to china to protect his trademark. I guess, or his name so yeah if youre wondering if this is the real company, its its actually uh another company that just uses their name and somehow thats going to probably get corrected at some point later, just letting you know um, yeah, thats, thats.

The whole background that i i dont want to get into the politics of all that stuff because im, i honestly dont fully understand everything myself. All i know is that thats, not the same company so ill just share that you guys can decide what to do on your own with that information. Okay, so more links down in the video description to the full flights and everything – and you guys can make your decision as to what you guys think.