This has two motors 111 horsepower motor in the front more in the back. No ones done. Any performance testing were thinking. It goes somewhere in the nines. Now its got more horsepower than the plaid lets jump in were gon na talk with sanjay. The owner of this car hes got a lot of experience with it. Go over all the kind of cool features and lets see what the lucids all about about a year ago. We did the first sf 90 versus 765lt. He is a huge electric car fan and gas fan hes got a whole host of amazing cars. He actually owns the plaid, the lucid air dream edition and the tycon turbo s reason to go through it, because he knows a lot more about the car, because youve been driving for a couple weeks now 800 miles on it. Now they have two versions of this. One has more range but less horsepower. This is the performance, so this is 111 horsepower. I think 470 is what they claim range, although im seeing 425 on the right fully charged and the non performance has 930 ish power. I think the range is 5 10 or 5 20., but you got to go for all the horsepower. You got to go right. I mean theres thats, not even of course, and you got to get the 21s if you want the 500 plus mile range, you got to get the 19s oh, so we got to get the big wheels all right, so lets check it out real quick.

Now its got a cool feature on the front when you turn it on. It has a kind of an opening sequence in the front. There you go, we got lucid, i could see a camera in the front, it does have autopilot features, but im told that those are not activated, as of yet so im sure theres, a full host of software updates. Coming from the car, you got the usual b pillar camera, but youve also got the rear view, mirror cameras. So when you signal left or right that will turn on and show up on the side of your speedometer. Okay, real cool yeah tesla just came out with an update for that, but you kind of got to look down center screen. This is the center screen. This does it on this on the center okay gotcha. So you got a camera there camera there. I saw a camera on the front im sure you got probably cameras up here as well. Yeah, i see a couple there, so this is definitely bigger than the model s. I would equate it to kind of like a 7 series, bmw and look at that. Its got a power front hatch that would be awesome to have in tesla weve wanted that for a long time you kind of got to close it and its kind of hard, because the motors are so tiny youve got way more space. Oh theres, a ton more space in here than the plaid wow, its kind of like an early p85 car, the rear, rear wheel, drive ones.

They had a big trunk yeah, so checking out onto the inside, well kind of open up both doors, and so you can see kind of the size that you get with this car whats. The color of this uh, its called eureka gold, your reconnaissance, unique only to the dream edition gotcha. So you can see we got some ambient lighting going on down there. Definitely a lot of leg room. I mean jumping in here and thats what the front seat and thats with the front seat back i mean i got a ton of leg room right here. It is a lot of space. We got a small screen down here. Oh, we got power. Sun shades on the side, side and rear okay ready yeah. Here we go so we got rear sunshade. So these are some of the features you see in kind of mercedes in bmw. That kind of decides something you have to do the side ones we have. Are they power as well yeah, another note on the wheels? Why would you want to remove the aero bits, i think maybe for track use youll get more radial. You know just cooling okay, so these panels actually pop off and you can kind of see the brakes in there behind there. You want to see the caliper you want to see its got actually got some pretty large brakes in there. There you go its a little more aggressive looking without them right, but you know, i wonder how much range you lose with those yeah that actually matters quite a bit.

They design a lot of these wheels. A lot of aero bits in in mind so now. Well, hop in the drivers seat and just check out some of the screens. I believe this is a 5k front screen all the way across the front, and we got a normal steering, which is nice, no yoke. What is your opinion yoke versus regular? You know i dont mind the yolk. I just want the capacitive buttons thats. What really? Oh, the buttons are bad. You know, especially flashlights as much as youre flashing left lane squatters in a plaid, no horn. I like to have a horn here too. I like this. Better yeah yeah, oh, i agree uh, the the autopilot equivalent will be here. They call it dream, drive okay, connected yeah, the software is not there, you got you and then this is your volume. Control looks to me. It reminds me of the k, n conical filter. Oh yeah yeah, look at that right, yeah, but whats. Nice is youve, got redundant physical buttons here, so you got volume and temperature and stuff like that, so its not all on the screen. Oh so this is your vol. Oh thats, a nice slider yeah like that. So you can see sliding up and down volume and dual zone climate control; okay, its just kind of nice thats, definitely nice, so its a mix of touch screen and buttons, which is nice, which is good because this is early software, but the screens a little laggy At times, okay, so, like i just clicked that look were still waiting, one one thousand two one thousand kind of okay, not super fast, then youve got massage youve got heated seats here.

Youve got, of course, all the usual climate controls dual zone. But then, if you want to go to its heated and cooled, obviously, then okay go to your massage its a little bit clunky you got to go here main screen, then you hit massage okay and then youve got its like an s class where you have not Just one massage, but all these different things: okay, there we go and then, when you start it it puts you on a timer. Oh, i feel it yeah yeah. Is it on both sides, its on both sides, yeah, so youre feeling it now? Well, i can okay im off, but i can turn it. Oh yeah, no, its uh, it feels nice. It actually feels pretty good, but thats cool when you combine it with the heat, it makes it really nice yeah – and this is a really nice resolution screen actually up here. I believe they said its 5k. Did you read that too? You can probably put your foot in the brake and signal left and right see if it puts the cameras on for you. This is the signal. Oh regular signals. Okay, im, sorry ill, probably close the door there we go. These have soft closed doors doors. Oh look see thats a nice touch too yeah very nice. Okay, just signal left and right. You should be able to see this. The camera no signals over here: yeah, okay, youre, not driving the rx7, oh yeah, or maybe put it in gear foot on break.

We might not with the front open lets, try it just put it in drive. Okay were in drive now that gives you. You got your phone, so this is nice. We got a full 360 view which you can hit the different buttons and see all the perspectives, and actually, when you move it actually animates the wheels the wheels actually spin thats cool. So you can kind of cycle through here yeah. This is kind of i mean with all the cameras that these cars have. This is kind of a must, have theres, no reason they dont. I mean teslas quite a ways behind with this kind of stuff, thats, really cool right and then uh lets see left signal. Yeah, i think, let me i think we have to close the hood now we can close the front remotely from here. Okay says its open, so we just shut it motorized there you go it should. When you signal left and right, you should get the yeah there. You go there, you go so you can either look out the mirror or you can look out right there and if i go right, where does it show up thats kind of him? This is kind of yeah, its blocking a little bit. That would actually make sense. There right it would right yeah i mean i could move my seat up a little bit and maybe move the steering wheel up to adjust for that, but uh yeah, not bad and of course thats.

Just like the tie can. Okay now it says driving power reduced. We dont want that huh. What does that mean? I dont know why its doing that im sure itll be fine. Okay, some of the infotainment here. So when you, when you start out youre on your home screen here, which just gives you you know your general stuff, when you go, you have a choice of nav or stereo or phone, and so this screen is kind of small. I find it not as functional as the tesla screen, but if you want more information, you can actually drag this down and then it brings it to the lower thats, a nice that actually a nice thing, which is a very nice thing. But what i would expect it to do is then, if i put nav up here, you would leave your radio down here, but for right now the software is kind of in its infancy. So you go to the nav. It takes a minute to load which is a little bit slow, but then it puts it on both screens. So you can do the same thing here. Where you can, you can drag the the nav up and down, but you should be able to have stereo and nap separately. Im sure itll come out an update, but for right now its yeah almost like, where you can move around different modules right and another interesting thing you can do – is your range map, because this car, the big claim to fame, is the range this is going to Show us that is the cloud i can drive.

You know halfway through oklahoma. There you go right now, wow i can make it in the you know. Almost to the alabama alabama mark there yeah that almost looks like a weather map right exactly. I always thought they should have with these all these advanced maps like, if you know, youre driving into a storm. You should see how bad it is and like how long its gon na be no reason you cant yeah. I bring up ways now i bring up like my radar, scope and waze and try and overlay what im doing on the flat. You just put your web browser on and put it thats yeah. You can does this have a web browser as well. It doesnt as yet im sure it will at some point, but not yet so down here, youve got your standard screen. Uh go back to the this so over here. This is your main thing: your driving modes, smooth it defaults to smooth every time it doesnt, like the plaid, will stay in plaid okay. This will not so you go back to so. These are like chill mode fast and like real, fast, okay, exactly and its actually tied into the suspension as well. So like what i like doing on the plaid or even on the titans, i want full power snappy throttle, but soft suspension right on this one. Right now, theyre linked, so you get. If you want sprint, you also get the stiffer suspension.

You cant unlink them, but again early software. Sure now does it change any displays when youre in different modes. It changes some colors and themes and things like that and then sprint it actually requires you to. The lawyers. Have their little screen here. Okay, sprint so enables maximum power and torque recommended by skilled, advanced drivers. Thats. Definitely you um and lucid summer, tires installed. Then you confirm it: okay and then youre in sprint, which is what well be using later. Okay, none of this changes, but as far as what youre asking earlier about the themes, yeah thats, where you so right now, you can see a little bit of the color. You got the the leds here right and theyre. Also, you can see them the door. The door pulls yeah down here, yeah in the dark. You see it better, so thats escape. Then you have wonder whichever oh look at this. This kind of matches, the outside of the car sure the color and the same thing up here you get yeah. You can see it changing in the back too its actually wow that really backseat big back seat back there and then so whats the power thats uh. I think that just turns everything on okay, gotcha and then space and then youve got all these different themes and stuff that you can do. Okay but and then thats thats, basically it here and then the only other thing is your charging menu and then the other thing itll do, which gives you some extra space so its it.

We started 4, 25 and sitting for a day were down to 3.95. The car hasnt even been driven its a little phantom drive a little bit of drain okay yeah and then, if you need some more space, one thing to do is retract this screen. Oh look at that. So youve got a little its kind of hard cubby see in there, but there you go, oh so its a pretty pretty good size. Okay! So for texas you keep uh standard texas stuff in there, okay and then got nice wood and the materials youve got this wood here, yeah and then youve got and what the other thing is. Nice is. I love having physical buttons yeah physical air, its not good with touch screen touch screen its got some interesting fabrics down here. I noticed that on the door, its got like a alcantara panel here, like a linen like a yeah like some kind of like a 1980s right or something, and then all nice alcantara up here. One notice is its got: a full glass roof here and they just kind of stick on the uh visors here in the x. I think they come up from the side which would have been nicer because when you fold it to the side the x you dont have this yeah. You got a little nodule right. There ideal right, yep, but still i mean inside not going to lie its very high quality. I mean, i would say its its definitely a little step up of luxury, above which you would expect in the tesla, its definitely a different take on it, and that also is translated on the road it just the impact harshness the surroundings, its just its solid.

It feels like a good, solid german sedan, a little bit smoother than the tesla. It feels fast if well, wed rather well find out. We drive yeah. It still feels fast clouds. Ferraris sf90s, i mean we got them all, but i mean with 1100 horsepower. I think it weighs a little bit more than the plaid, its 400 pounds, its 400 pounds heavier 100 versus 48., so with an extra 100 i dont know if that makes it up, but all of it, but it makes up for some of it yeah. I dont think it makes that much no its fast well, i think, thats a really good overview of comments. I think we should take it for a drive. Just get a little experience on that. How do you lower this pack down? You just touch it hit that button that little arrow that little arrow, okay, its almost like an ipad, just wow, very nice, and then of course, where do you go to the modes again to get the sprint that main button main button? Oh and were already there? So we go to themes, themes, im, sorry, we want to go to the modes so well go back to uh. There we go so were still inside were still in this bathroom, okay gotcha and then this is for parking thats. Your 360 view, which we kind of looked at that and then audio its got all the. So if i want to go to audio, see, go back, we close this out and we go so audio is essentially i see a radio button there.

So you click on that, so that then we got am fm bluetooth, spotify its got title title, which i guess tesla. Now we did just get that i dont even know if thats like a high quality streaming service, its better than its better than spotify, just okay. For the audio file gotcha, it looks like we have another page and then pocketcast and then, if you want to have more information, then you just slide it down and then you get it and then you go back over here. Lets go okay, gotcha and then, and then here this whole. This is all good. So this is basically it actually has things like facial recognition like okay, like an old iphone, would so what to drive. The car looks at your face yep, so you dont need a key thats right, really thats right its got a camera because its got a camera to monitor driver drowsiness, okay, so wheres that camera uh its probably up here. So you have to look up here. Have you tried it yet? I have the facial recognition. Well, i havent the facial recognition programmed itself, but because theres no autopilot yet okay hasnt been brought on okay, gotcha, all right, but it does have. If you go to safety and security, i think it has well not that one it has so for dream drive. You got your drowsy driver distracted, but i havent tried all that out. No good hasnt done blind spot warning.

Visual audio speed limit alert lane pressure protection, cruising speed, update lets see applications. Those are the kind of its kind of like stuff, so you can oh, its got: alexa, okay and then the one slight disappointment i have so far is the audio system. Its supposed to be just amazing, which the imaging is good, uh huh, but it doesnt have an equalizer. Yet so you cant adjust your frequencies and the base is a little weak. It doesnt have like the plaid stereo, and the ti can burmester, especially yeah is awesome. Okay, but the plaid is okay. This is not as good gotcha. Yeah plaids got like a 22 speaker, big solvable its got decent like mid bass in the doors where its like its a little lacking. Maybe they can fix that with some, probably in software. Yeah. Im sure they can easily add some some um, because even the tesla only got the subwoofer output later on with it right so yeah, so no autopilot yet yeah but thats coming did they tell you when they said january, but it has cruise control uh. Probably i havent tried it. I havent tried that so it probably has like a distance steering dont work yet so i dont none of these buttons work out. They just dont do anything yet. Okay, although we just got a new software update before we brought it out here, so okay, its possible, so these arent haptic theyre real buttons.

They look like they should they look like theyre optical and then i think that the the left wheel will be for the probably the distance, yeah thats, a nice feel the buttons have a nice and if you tap it, thats actually a button in the thing and Thatll pause, the music that pause, the music up and down and then theres another volume knob up here, which is kind of cool. I, like that, nothing on the back of the steering wheel and you got real stocks, so you can use certain signals without having to look for things and steering wheel. Adjustment is through the main menu, so you have to go here. Okay and you go to uh steer so then its all done via yeah kind of like the tesla kind of test, except you dont use the wheel buttons, so we got soft closed doors. This is a uh electrical release that pops out, but if there was a power problem, you would actually pull oh yeah. I could feel it theres another stop right there to open it all the way um, so thats, pretty cool too and of course, yeah soft closed doors, thats thats, a really nice car to have the sticker on this price was 168.. 168, 000. So, a little more than the plaid 15 000 20 000 more trunk is like this whole back piece. That kind of opens up, thats, remote, controlled as well, so a little less flexible, i think, than the tesla and not almost like the model.

Three because its not a hatchback right, but its got quite a bit of space because again the motors are so small. You got all this right. Oh yeah, its a big big big compartment down here and then in there and does that drop down to have a pass through. If you need it looks like yeah, it does and the seats fold down, seats, fold down, okay and then youve got redundant brake lights. So thats required by law because the other brake lights when the trunk lid is up. You wouldnt, oh yeah, look at that yeah its definitely a weird trunk piece like the whole trunk kind of pops. Up back there nice low, lift over yeah. We got a glass roof, looks like almost spaces for a roof rack. If you wanted to right there – and this is all aluminum no matter what color you get, the roof is all aluminum, okay, gotcha, all right, so the charging ports over on the left side. Here this is the kind of the charging port that everyone uses, but tesla. So if you use both sides, it goes up to how fast this is a j1772 port, so itll, because its a 900 volt architecture on a rapid charge. It could take 350., oh wow, 350, 50, okay, so electrify america, i think thats 350.. They do in theory. Although finding one is another story, is it yeah yeah, because the tie can was 800 volt thats that thats 300.

? That was a right thatll. Do i think 250 ish? Oh, but i thought they said 300 at the beginning, ive never seen any more than 250 and the porsche may say something different ive actually seen 250 briefly out of the plaids just real briefly, but the key. The key thing is its kind of like horsepower. Yeah yeah the peak its area under the curve ive definitely seen 250 out of mine, but only when its low on charge only for a couple of miles with electrify americas, even the ones that say 350 a lot of times, dont deliver it. I havent seen, but this is that was 800 volt. This is 924 volts right, so theres, the in theory. You can accept 350 watts, gotcha kilowatts of power. All right so were going to go ahead and test the lucid air, and then i mean look what we got in the back of me here we got john hennessy and he has hes going electric too right because of you. He just bought a brand new plaid and then sanjay brought his ticon turbo s. So three cars with almost 3000 horsepower thats crazy could possibly go wrong. I know right so i think uh. I think we might have to line these up. Lets see what happens uh after we get a test out of the lucid all right so im about to do the first test on the lucid air 111 horsepower uh. We have it in sprint mode tests with the launch control, basically theres, nothing to do theres.

No! Warm ups or waiting for the battery to heat up you just left foot, break it and apply the throttle. And what you get is this right here. It says sprint launch mode activated with a little bear and a flag, and then we will be off and running. Launch control activated, go! Oh it hooks its good go. Oh it hooks its good 30 60 quarter. Mile wow. It feels good. No doubt brakes were good. Got definitely got to get on the brakes. This car is going 150 right there all right. So what are the guesses? 985. 985. 972. 972. 9984. 10. 2. 10. 2. 10. 2, bring on the ticon yeah wow. So what was the mile an hour? 143.? Okay. So its got a lot more wind with a tailwind yeah a lot more mile, an hour than tycan its a lot more mile an hour, its just the launch, its just uh im telling you a little bit yeah you spawn yeah, but not a lot. 60. 00. 60 was 2.9 2.7 with the rollout. What did they say? 2.5 to 60. yeah, so its not far off what they say. He doesnt feel that much faster than tycan, and that was with launch mode. It had the little blueberry had the little blueberry and everything yeah.