Tell the uh tell the viewing public what they're looking at in this car. This would be a pandora s15 radi, which is the lightning god competition body kit, so it's super wide over fenders whoa uh, you know front splitters a different front end. The intercooler on the front looks amazing, yeah and the little vented hood that you stick in there. So it supposedly has vents and stuff. It just gives it more realistic and then ganondorf mirrors for those guys that are into real car, japanese culture, stuff and then a nice splitter here, wow right, a big bottom end, so tell people what a splitter is for. So if you can imagine in real life, if air is traveling over something, you can maneuver and funnel that air into certain areas yeah, so it can all push the smoke out more and that's exactly what they did with this guy here they made the over finish. Super wide and very narrow in this area, so that they can funnel air onto the rear, tyre cooling it down and also blowing the smoke. You know more into the sky yeah. I haven't cut this guy out yet, but yeah. These are also obviously er yeah for air. I think, if you cut out all of them, it just you know, looks too complete. Oh that's, just me, you know one o'clock in the morning, not thinking straight but yeah. It looks great man. I smoked the rear, taillights there's no lights in this one there will be, there will be, there will be and then front, slitter yeah looks so nice yeah and then obviously the paint.

This is a couple of different cans that i was using. The first coat would be lame flake from taimir. I don't know the ps code off by heart and then metallic blue in there splashed, and then i took gold and sprayed it into a can top and then splashed it on it. And then i shook the body. So that it'll streak the paint so it looks like it's ran you know over the top and stuff and then there's a little bit of color change in it too. I see it there's a little bit of gold dust in it and then the roof. I laced with uh see through red and silver, and i signed it uh what else and then obviously pink and then red and then black, so here and there you'll see some red coming through it. Uh there's a specific spot where it came out nice here there you can see the red a little bit here and there yeah just you know just something that i thought would that would represent aussie sparks and then funny enough is beautiful, decal for it's. Exactly the same kind of color scheme that i was thinking of – and here we go look at this here here – is jordan's ride, new chassis, new body. All the way around this looks so good it's, just something about drift rsa. They just look so sleek Music, brian, hey, welcome to the show elbows. How are you man, good i'm, excited to look at the corolla yeah dude? This is one of the sickest things i've seen in a long time.

What is it we're, starting a new thing at afro rc with everybody started with hpi sprint, twos, they're kind of about right budget. All wheel drive get into have fun car that's. What i did yeah um, exactly we've, all gone to more high end, rear wheel, drive cars now, and we all have these spring twos sitting around. So we are now converting them to rear wheel, drive watch and uh gon na leave them brushed stock still got the stock hpi esc in it that's not really. Yes, i see it yeah anymore, but yeah yeah we're, just talking to uh, do super budget. Cheap, rear, wheel, drive drift club it's fun because not everything has to be expensive exactly exactly right. I haven't put a single penny into this thing. This is all spare parts i've been laying no way yeah and then my teammate carrie, he 3d printed all the uh front, end stuff for us. How long have have you been drifting? Oh it's been about eight years now. Eight years, eight years now we've been in the rc drifting yeah dude. It all started here. Actually, i was sponsored by a previous hobby shop here, um was putting on drift events out in the arena. Afro and a bunch of buddies from vancouver came over one day, randomly just came over to the event and that's how we met and brilliant rest is history. Yeah, as they say, the rest is history dude. This is also super sick.

This is unbelievable. I love the driver on the inside yeah shaggy he's, the best for a cruise in a in a right handed driver man, yeah, s15 dude. So sad. What car is this? Uh, that is a nissan s15 um yd2 uh e plus oh yeah, yeah, so it's the carbon version of the basically oh, the the light kit's in oh nice, yeah, that's, okay, oh man, there they are yeah it's gon na look so good man. I love these. These fans – hey they just look like a thruster. Oh they're, they're they're unreal, yeah yeah. They sound like a computer fan yeah man yeah. I look forward to seeing this today yeah. So i don't know look at this. So nice, the gummy bear car is dude. It is so nice. Thank you, hello, a mistake, what's, your name, i'm ben ben. Welcome to the show ben tell me about your drift car. It looks sick, um, well, it's an e30 wagon yeah e30 wagon. It was supposed to be champagne, yeah and then uh. You know how it goes. Yes, i do it's for the first time, yeah you mess up a little bit and one thing led to another and now it's kind of and now it looks incredible yeah. You went for one thing and it turned out way better. I wasn't going to put stickers on it, but when i messed up the paint i uh got in touch with drew from select rc yeah, he does a lot of graphics, yeah yeah it was like.

Can you just hide my terrible paint with stickers, and this is what his genius mind came up with it's brilliant man? I don't think it looks terrible at all it fit. It fits the bill. It was a very, very good outcome, i'm, very stoked with it. Oh yeah, so nice. Thank you, nice drift long and deep brother. That was epic Music. Look at this toyota corolla not set up yet, but he wants to get it out, show everybody because it looks sick, ah Music, world or something Music: Music, Music, wow Music.