Hey welcome back everybody thanks for joining me. I know its been eight long months since ive done a video. Any reviews uh those who follow me on my personal, social media or even the big drone social media will know that ive been struggling with severe medical issues, some of them blood clots in the lungs. So its left, my lungs partially collapse so ive been trying to work on getting them built up, so i can talk without breathing heavy. So a lot of those reviews you heard me breathing heavy – was because i had blood clots in my lungs at that time and i didnt know also. I have to have a few surgeries done on my esophagus in my stomach im having some pretty major issues there. So i will be probably down again once that happens, but i want to try to make some reviews and the main reason why im here too, is to say thank you to everybody. I hit the 10 000 subscribers mark, so i am gon na give away this uh zl uh rc quadcopter its the beast drone, its the pro version. I think thats, like the second or third version that they made of this drone. I cant quite remember offhand, but its a nice brushless gps drone, you guys so uh. There is some rules and the only rules are is what uh youtube wants to for me to uh include on here. So you guys know you have to be 18 years or older to participate in this giveaway im, not asking for anybody to subscribe.

You know if you want to hit the like button. Thatd be awesome, but you dont have to be a subscriber im going to do this giveaway by a random generator where it picks out the persons uh. You know someones channel from one of the comments, so i am going to use that program on that im. Not going to do the other program where you have to subscribe to the persons channel go to their facebook page, you know, like their facebook page im, not going to do all that stuff. This is just going to be a giveaway for everybody. The only catch is united states anything here in the lower 48. I will definitely pay for the shipping, but anything international or you know same with, like canada, anywhere outside of the us. All i ask is, if you are the winner to pay shipping on that its just at the moment. The shipping costs are just way up there guys and i apologize, but its all. I could do for now. So on the 30th thats the end of this month, ill pick a winner, then and then well go into more details on that on how to get the information to me for the winner, but once again got to be 18 years old need to at least be For free shipping in the united states outside the united states, you know, if you can, cover the shipping you know ill. I can go and figure out how much the shipping is and then maybe paypal me.

Then i can ship it out but, like i said, if its united states only ill cover the shipping, i think i could get it on a low rate box, maybe 13. Something like that. So all right, my voice is starting to go. You guys look forward to some reviews, uh thats, going to be coming up. I have so many products that sponsors gave me uh for the last eight months, so im definitely gon na be busy with products to review. For you guys, some of them will be now outdated a little bit by a few months or so six months. Maybe um. I just couldnt, do the reviews at that time, but for now i just wanted to do a giveaway. Tell everybody. Thank you. So much its been four years wonderful years of doing youtube, its been fun for me, rc cars and drones have been a big hobby for me, so its definitely definitely a fun hobby to get into and im glad. I was able to help so many people and i really appreciate everybodys support. Ten thousand subscribers is a big milestone for me, so big thanks to all of you out there. So if people havent seen the video, i have a link to this video on here, but its a its a nice little drone. You guys so you know its free except for paying for shipping outside the us. Like i said i apologize for that, but theres nothing.

I could do at this moment, so a big thank you to all of you subscribers out there non subscribers. Hey, consider subscribing! You know that way. You dont miss out on this hit that notification bell, but you do not have to subscribe to win its just at least subscribing hitting the notification will let you know when i do have new videos or giveaways so but its up to you guys ill leave that Your choice so anyways thanks so much everyone look forward to more videos here in the near future. I got holy stone. I got oh my gosh theres, so many the list. I should make a list to do a short clip video for you guys just so you can see whats coming up, but for now just hit the notification bell. You guys will know whats coming so all right thanks so much november 30th will be the drawing guys. So dont forget leave one comment: uh 18 years or older free shipping for anyone in the us outside the u.s. If you want to pay for shipping and youre the winner ill, send it out to you. But please leave only one comment because im going to use that comment that comment link generator so try only to leave one comment. You know if you want to say something or get in touch with me. I have my email down in the descriptions.